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Rory didn't think he'd ever run so fast in his life- especially not through such treacherous territory. But he couldn't help it. Something in his gut was gnawing away at his calm and bleeding panic into his blood- like he'd already run out of time. The Doctor could be dying, and Amy was with him. Rory's instinct told him that was not a good thing. Tunnel after winding tunnel felt like he was getting lost inside of a giant maze, one he was starting to fear would swallow him before he could get back to the Doctor and his wife. His heart in his mouth, Rory started to panic as he rounded another corner and hit another dead end.

Breathing deeply and closing his eyes to try and calm down, Rory turned around and took another path, his heart leaping with relief when the TARDIS came into view. Running for the familiar blue box, Rory pulled the key out of his shirt where it hung on a dog tag chain and turned it in the lock, bursting through the doors as he felt the seconds drain away- and he stopped in his tracks. The TARDIS was lit and glowing, but it wasn't the warm, honey gold it normally was. It was a bloody, macabre red. The air was frosty cold, and as Rory steadied himself against a railing his fingers slipped on a layer of frost. His breath heaved out of him in a cloud of frozen vapor. The hum of the TARDIS seemed low and sinister.

Swallowing his fear, Rory pressed on, not knowing what to do but go after the supplies and get back to the Doctor and Amy. If he was lucky, then the TARDIS only looked strange and wouldn't go after him. As he raced through the corridors, his shoes skidding on the frosted glass floor, he couldn't help but think that he was hoping in vain. Lights flickered in their sickly red behind him, and a dark liquid oozed like congealing blood down the walls, the floor shuddering slightly and a sinister rumble following the determined human as he raced for the much needed supplies.

"Doctor- what's going on? What's wrong with you?" Amy asked, trying to keep her voice from thickening with frightened tears.

The Doctor looked up at his name, but not with recognition. He looked much the same way a newborn would look just because there was a new sound- not because he actually realized that 'Doctor' was his self-given name. Suddenly, his face changed to one of demonic recognition and he moved forward, crawling on his hands and knees, his movements lithe and panther like, his eyes levelly staring at her. Amy skittered backwards, desperate to keep her distance from him and his burningly red eyes. She hugged her knees to her chest and closed her eyes, tears streaking down her face as the Doctor suddenly settled next to her, poised over her like a curious predator. "You meant me." The Doctor's voice said near her ear, as he suddenly sat back and mimicked her position, with his knees drawn up, his forearms resting on them. His voice was still recognizable, but the beautiful, deep, reassuring voice she'd always loved had been replaced by one icy and smooth, his breath a cold chill raising goosebumps over her skin. "I often forget my new title when I move." He said nonchalantly, as if the fact that she was Amy and he was the Doctor and that was all that mattered mattered little.

"What do you mean, move?" Amy asked, her voice quivering.

"Skip, move, transfer. It's hard to sustain a life like mine when you don't have a solid body anymore." The creature said, almost sadly. The Doctor's haunting eyes board into Amy, looking for a twisted kind of sympathy. "The bodies don't last very long, and then I have to find a new host."

Amy bit back a panicked whimper.

"This one though-" the thing said, running its hands down the Doctor's chest. "This one may last a bit longer." He tweaked the bowtie and smiled, in a sick imitation of one of the Doctor's own habits. "Excellent metabolism. And the tissues are MUCH better at absorbing massive quantities of energy." He shrugged, settling his head back against the wall again. "He would survive longer if he had some kind of nourishment to sustain him though."

Amy felt her heart jump and she skittered away from him, pressing herself into a corner of the chamber, trying to get near the door.

The Doctor didn't seem to notice. "How about it Pond?" He asked slyly, finally turning his head to face her, his eyes twinkling with mischief. "Are you willing to give up everything so he can live just a little bit longer? I know you care about him; I can see it in your eyes. I can feel it in his head." He said, tapping his temple with a long finger.

Amy was trembling so badly she could barely keep herself steady as she reached for the entrance to the cave, realizing with a drop in her stomach that the sonic screwdriver was still sitting on the floor near the far end of the cave. She would have to cross in front of him to get to it, and without it she would be in total darkness. Her eyes darted to the small lifeline, and the Doctor's ruby orbs tracked her movement.

"I'll give you thirty seconds, Pond." He said, freezing her in her tracks right as she began to move towards the sonic. "How you use them is totally up to you. But I think it's fair to warn you that I can see in the dark quite brilliantly. The light would only make my job simpler."

Amy hesitated for a moment, her fear holding her hostage as her brain raced for what to do.


She glanced over to him, then at the entrance.


She didn't know what to do.


Had that much time passed already? Or was he toying with her?


With one last agonizing look at the sonic screwdriver, Amy tore away into the darkness, the silhouette of her beloved Doctor outlined by the once friendly green glow of the device he always carried.

Once out of the cave, Amy realized she was now forced to her hands and knees so that she could feel her way through, the sharp stones and crystals cutting into her hands. Reaching the ledge, Amy dropped down as carefully as she could, still completely blind. As she fell, her foot landed wrong on one of the fallen Vell and she stifled a cry as she twisted her ankle, falling to her hands and knees and scraping her palms. Bringing them up as she tried to stand, she felt something hot and sticky and realized she had cut herself. Trying to get her bearings, Amy looked all around her in vain, the pitch black making her quest impossible. And she knew that the Doctor would be following her any moment. For all she knew, the blood would make her easier to find. Rubbing her hands on her jeans to try and get rid of some of the wet substance, Amy suddenly froze as part of the cavern came into view. At first, she couldn't figure out where the light was coming from, but then she looked down at her feet, astonished to find some of the diamonds coating the floor glowing a dull red. Looking closer, Amy realized the diamonds were glowing where her blood had touched them. Suddenly sensing hope, she darted over to the far edge of the circle of light the diamonds afforded her and picked up a chunk of the gem that lay loose near the cliff face she'd just jumped from. As she picked up the peach sized object it began to glow. Using the bloody rock for light, Amy struck out into the massive cavern, bolting away just as she heard the voice behind her, echoing into the eternal night.

"Come on little Pond, come away with me. Come away with your Doctor."