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Mistakes I Haven't Made

"It's harder to be friends than lovers."

You learn from the mistakes you make. Isn't that how it works?

Not for him. He learned from everything he didn't do. From the chances he didn't take when he had the chance. From the mistakes he hasn't made. From the mistakes he won't make.

There's times when he wishes he would have taken a chance. He wishes he would have stopped her before she turned and left. He wishes he would have kissed her then instead of waiting to see if something would change. He wishes he could have changed how he introduced himself, the impression he made on her.

But it's a little too late to change that now that she's left.

You learn from the mistakes you make. That's how it works for him now, just like everyone else.

He messed up on all the conversations he had with her. He hasn't learned from them yet, but it's inevitable. It's bound to happen and he's hoping that it's sooner than later. He wants to see her again. He wants to fix their…whatever it was.

But he's left staring at the mess he made.

Knowing he can't change it.

Not now.

Not ever.

But it doesn't change that he still hopes it will.

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