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Harry was stood in a mirror sighing at his reflection. How did he let Hermione talk him into this. He thought that after leaving Hogwarts, he would live a somewhat normal life. Not long after the newspapers cooled off him a bit with defeating Voldemort. They started up again and constantly followed him around hoping to catch a picture of him and his date when he came out to the wizarding world. At the age of nineteen, Harry felt ready to dating as he couldn't do it at school like most people did.

Wanting to start dating, knowing he was interested in men only, Harry decided to go to the daily prophet and tell them he was gay and give an interview. He felt it was better that way then go on a date and get caught by the media, snapping pictures and writing their own version than the truth.

To Harry's surprise, quite a few wizards came out after that. The one wizard that surprised Harry the most of his coming out was Draco Malfoy. Harry was always under the impression that he was with Pansy Parkinson. Draco Malfoy coming out came at a price. He lost all contact with his parents.

Coming out and not having anyone to turn to, Harry felt for him and invited him out for a drink. From that moment on. Harry and Draco became good friends. Although they both lived together at Harry's house in Godric's hollow, they both went on separate dates, either cheering the other on, or coming to the rescue of a disastrous date.

It was now three years later and twenty two year old Harry found himself sighing at his own reflection. He wore black trousers, a dark pink shirt, a cream waist coat, cream tie, black jacket and a pink rose on his lapel.

The door opened and Ron walked in wearing the same as Harry. "How did I let Hermione talk me into this? Why couldn't I be the one to give her away?"

"Hermione wanted me to give her away to Blaise because I'm one of her oldest friends."

"I'm one of her oldest friends as well." Harry protested.

"Yeah. But I'm straight."

Harry narrowed his eyes at Ron. "Me being gay has nothing to do with this. Why is she doing this to me? Even in the muggle world, a maid of honour is female."

"I know that as you have told me dozens of times mate. But she talks to you about everything and you are always there for her."

Harry sighed again. "I have had the media all through school, known as 'the boy who lived' or 'the chosen one'. I was in the media for months when I defeated Voldemort, then again when I announced that I was gay. It's all going to start up again when Hermione and Blaise show off their wedding photos pointing me out as the maid of honour."

"Why do you think she asked you?"

"I don't know. That's the worse thing. I know she is up to something. I just don't know what."

Ron looked at his watch. "It's time. Let's get the bride married." he said, walking out of the door with Harry following.

Draco was stood in the church beside Blaise looking nervous. "Why are you nervous? I'm the one getting married."

"You know why I'm nervous Blaise. This has to work. Did Hermione say that he would do it? Because he never said anything to me."

"I can't tell you Draco because even she doesn't know. She said that she was having Ginny as her bridesmaid and that he didn't have to, but it would a mean a great deal to her if he was her maid of honour. I know she has been laying it on pretty thick. We won't know until my gorgeous bride walks through them church doors. Now can I stop comforting you and try and keep you calm? It's my wedding day and you're my best man. You're supposed to keep me calm."

The church doors opened and the music started up and Draco held his breath as Hermione made her way up the aisle with her arm linked in Ron's. Blaise beamed at his bride and had to hold back a chuckle when he heard Draco beside him whisper. "Bless you Hermione." Draco had spotted Harry following Hermione whilst Ginny walked behind him in a strapless, down to the floor, pink dress.

Hermione caught Draco's eye and winked at him. Everything was going to plan. So far.

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