Alright, alright, you convinced me.

Time: Epilogue

Her mouth was dry. Her throat was even dryer. Her saliva felt like a wad in the back of her throat; her hands were cold.


Nerves for a first date with her ex-boyfriend with whom she spent the entire night and morning making love with. Leonard, across the hall, went home to shower and dress. And make reservations at a little bistro down the street.

Leonard. The Leonard who loved her, the Leonard who she stomped all over, the Leonard she had pined for, confusedly, the last number of months. Their relationship was complex. It had pitfalls, downfalls, but was on the up now. Grievances were aired; honesty was a priority.

Last night and this morning, in their blissful reunion, they lay awake between their lovemaking, talking. Both disoriented, tired, but absolutely elated, they came clean: their bullshit circle dance was over, and they wanted to be with one another. Neither of them using the sensationalized façade of declaring true love, they were truthful about how they felt about one another.

They drew on the past, but last night, chose not to dwell on it. Many discussions would be had about the past, present and future of their relationship. Leonard was to be over in ten minutes – they were absolutely capable of having a conversation about their feelings in ten minutes.

Because there was no hiding, no running away, no being evasive. This knowledge filled her with relief.

Penny waited for Leonard on the couch, a glass of pinot grigio numbing her sweaty palm. This was it.