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Chapter 11: Rubik's Cube

Black Rock Shooter stood motionless; her eyes gaze at the barren land in front of her. Her concentration went full alert for any signs of Black Gold Saw and her 'friend'. Ever since she sense them coming, something was bothering her. It was the presence of the unknown third party, the same presence as the one who attack her and Dead Master with the giant boulders. If they are the same person then things will be a lot more complicated than before. Her memories were still blurry but there was one thing she remember the most; she knew Black Gold Saw and they fought once before. Of course Black Rock Shooter lost the fight and these scars decorating her midriff are proof of her own defeat.

While Rock remains cautious, Dead Master in the other hand look a little bored. They have been standing here for almost thirty minutes and there were still no signs of the two other selves. Ron knelt beside Rock in his humanoid form. He hasn't move ever since Rock and Dead Master came down from the castle. They waited another few minutes and soon it turns into an hour. There were still no signs of them and Dead Master was starting to lose her patience.

Silently, a portal slowly appeared right behind them. The portal elongated horizontally without making any sound and within it was Black Gold Saw. Her red eyes stared at Black Rock Shooter's back. This is too easy, she thought. Gold Saw held her King saw high, ready to cut Rock in half. She narrowed her eyes and swung her sword only to be stop by Ron's metallic arm. Rock looked over her shoulder to stare at Gold Saw. She already expected a sneak attack so she had warned Ron to watch their backs. Ron grip King Saw and pulled Gold Saw out from the portal. As soon as Gold Saw exited the portal, Strength leapt out and punched Ron. Her ogre arm resonated with it's metallic body, sending Ron flying back over the distance. Strength slowly turned to Rock, her expression was hidden behind her blazing pattern scarf. Without a moment to lose, they both charge at each other. Strength held up her ogre arms and slams them to Rock who manage to caught them both with her own hands. The ground beneath Rock crack and the wind blew furiously around them.

Seeing Rock struggling against Strength, Gold Saw tried to attack her from behind but she was interrupted by Dead Master. Her dead scythe readied in hand as well as her two skulls. Gold Saw narrowed her eyes in annoyance whereas Dead Master smirked in a taunting manner. Both other selves did not waste any more time as their blades clashes with one another. Series of strikes followed one after another, both did not show any signs of fatigue. Dead Master flipped backwards and swung her scythe against the invisible air, three to four chains appeared behind her, heading towards Gold Saw. Time suddenly stopped and the world around them was colored in gray. The chains that were aiming at Gold Saw stop as well. She gripped her King Saw and charges towards the chains, slicing them to pieces. Time flows back and the color of the world around them reverted to its original form. Dead Master found herself face to face with King Saw. In a flash, one of the skulls flew behind her. Dead Master grab hold of it's eye sockets and flew out of the way before the king saw could slice her, the ground where she once stood crack into a large hole. The skull flew above Gold Saw and Dead Master released her grip and drop down towards the red eyes woman. Gold Saw twisted her King Saw with both hands and swing her blade in an upper cut while Dead Master gave a down ward slash. Both attacks connected and a flash of light engulf them.

Meanwhile, Black Rock Shooter was still caught in a hand lock with Strength. Both tried to push the other into submission. The competition did not take long as Strength managed to push back Rock. The blue eyes girl slide backwards leaving trails of dust at her wake. With a sudden move, Strength released her right hand from the grip, Rock trip and fall forward. With the same hand, Strength deliver a powerful punch to Rock's stomach, sending the girl back until she hit one of the large rocks. Clouds of dust covered the area and soon, out came Ron charging towards Strength in his motorcycle form. When he was within few feet apart, he quickly transforms into his humanoid form and gave quick punches at her. Strength raises her ogre arms to shield herself from the onslaught. With these continuous attacks, Strength would surely lose.

With that in mind, she quickly devised a plan. She looked over at Ron who does not seem to notice anything yet. Strength narrowed her eyes, she concentrated the power behind her and within seconds, another pair of ogre arms appeared from her back. Those pair grabbed Ron by his leg and before he could do anything Strength lifted him up with incredible vigor and smash his entire body on the ground until a crater was form around them. After Ron wasn't moving anymore she threw him away like a ragged doll. Strength clenches her four fists, despite the increase in weight she still feels normal.


Strength quickly turned to see a huge bullet speeding right towards her. She hurriedly swatted the bullet away but four more bullets were headed towards her. Strength shielded herself with her ogre arms. The bullets took direct hits but she didn't flinch. Black Rock Shooter stops her assault, she felt her rock canon over heated due to the extensive used and this provides Strength the opportunity to attack. She extends her ogre arms at Rock and her fingertips mechanically opened. Within seconds thousands of bullets, much smaller but faster than Rock, spitted out from them. Black Rock Shooter quickly covered herself with her rock canon, the bullets hit and sounds of bullets hitting her weapon echo throughout the battle field. She peeked and saw Strength still shooting at her with all her might. Rock could feel her rock cannon weaken at the relentless impacts and she needed to escape from this predicament as soon as possible or else she will be caught in the attack.

Black Rock Shooter narrowed her eyes as she glanced from the corner of her rock canon, planning a path to run towards Strength. After awhile, everything was set and Rock started to run in a zig-zag pattern headed towards Strength. The girl waved her arms around to follow Rock's running figure but Rock was moving too fast that she didn't realize that Rock was getting closer. She was too late to act when the rock canon swung vertically down her arms and to her stomach, sending her flying back. Before Strength could hit the ground, her other pair of ogre arms slam itself on the dry floor and flipped Strength back up. Rock sense her rock canon already cooled down and ready to fire. She raised her weapon and flash of blue light slowly gather at the end of the barrel. Strength grunted and slammed all her ogre arms on the ground, the ground shook violently and cracks followed after.

Dead Master and Black Gold Saw stopped what they were doing when they felt the ground shook and within seconds, the entire floor collapsed. Below was a sea of flame like lava and a cube shape piece of land floating far above the lava. The four of them landed on it at the same time. Black Rock Shooter and Dead Master stood side by side facing their respective opponents. The sound of lava flowing viciously below them obscured any other noises. The entire place shook and somewhere near them, the reverberation of eruption signal the start of the second round battle. Both party charges at each other but their paths were interrupted by slabs by building blocks that rose from the ground. Dead Master swung her scythe and slice through the blocks, heavy dust covered the entire area. Dead Master swung her scythe once again and four black chains emerge from behind her and went straight to Black Gold Saw. Gold Saw sense this as she dodge the first, second and third chains. The fourth chain was coming right at her, with the smoke covering the entire area it was hard to pinpoint her opponent. So the best way to find her enemy was by following the direction of the attack. Gold Saw jumped and landed on the fourth chain and proceeded to ran on top of it. Dead Master, who was unaware of Gold Saw's plan stood still, waiting for any signs of Gold Saw. She was surprise to see the red-eyes girl running on her chains and uninjured. Dead Master held her scythe back and when she and Gold Saw were close within their weapons reached, they slashed down their scythe and sword. Their attacks connected, the dust around them dispersed immediately by the force.

Black Rock Shooter rush towards Strength when one of the blocks abruptly thwarts her way. Rock immediately stopped herself before she could crash into it. Strength suddenly appeared at the side of the block, her right ogre arms pulled back and then release her devastating punch in a parallel swing. Rock quickly made a small jumped before it hit her. The ogre arm hit the stone and at the same time Rock landed on the ogre arm. She quickly aim her rock canon to Strength's head but the left ogre arm punch through the remaining block, throwing Black Rock Shooter to the side.

Rock skidded till she stopped, she raise her rock cannon and it quickly transform into a giant sword. If shooting takes time, then using sword might be more effective. She ran towards Strength and slashed her sword down while strength raises her ogre arms to shield herself. The attack connected and the floor beneath Strength crack at the impact. Rock once again pulled her sword and tried to stab Strength's expose stomach but the tip was caught by one of her extra pair of ogre arms. Strength twisted it and threw Rock to a nearby block.

Before Black Rock Shooter could crash at it, she spun around so that her foot landed on the block. She bent down her body for a few portion and then sprinted back towards Strength who was caught by surprise. Strength uses all her ogre arms to catch the giant sword before it could pierce through her, she slide backwards a few feet before they completely stopped. Rock landed on her feet but she did not tried to pry away from Strength. Instead they only stared at one another. It was then that Rock sense something familiar about Strength and for a few seconds Mato took over.


Strength narrowed her eyes as she release one of her arms from the sword and punch the floor beside her. Black Rock Shooter sense something moving beneath her and before she could register what was going on, the floor beneath her rose in light speed and she found herself being flung up and away over to the edge. Rock flew few meters high and then drop down at full speed. She looked down and saw the flaming lava ready to melt her. She stretched her arm and managed to grab the rim of the cube. Her body slammed hard at the metal surface but Rock did not flinch at the pain, her rock canon disperse immediately as she lose her concentration. Rock looked up and saw Strength stare down at her, they stared at one another for awhile before Strength decide to finish her by stepping on her fingers. Rock flinched at the pain. The situation she was in was worst, if she let go then she will surely died. She quickly tried to think for a way to escape this situation until she heard the familiar sound of engine roaring nearby.

Strength looked up in shock just in time to see a huge black motorcycle falling down on her. The motorcycle slammed her to the side and it quickly transform into his humanoid form, Ron knelt down to help Rock get back on the solid floor. Strength slowly rose up to her feet, she held her ogre arms up and slam them on the metallic floor. The cube shook violently and it tilted to the side as if rotating like the Earth. Debris and chunks of stone slide to the edge and fall down to the melted lava. Ron and Rock followed suit, both tried to hold something but it was meaningless. In an act of desperation, Ron turned back into his motorcycle form. Rock quickly hop on, twisted the handles for the engine to ignite in full burst and drove to the opposite side.

Black Gold Saw stood still as the world around her shifted. Dead Master in the other hand loses her balance and slide down as gravity was against her. She tried to grab onto something but it was no use. Without any other way, she swung her scythe to the stone floor, stopping her from sliding further downwards into the flaming lava. Gold Saw walked leisurely to her, her footsteps echo at every step she takes. When she was an arm length near Dead Master, Gold Saw raised her sword. Instead of attacking Dead Master, she cut her scythe, breaking the tip of the blade. Without anything to hold on to, Dead Master fell. The world around her suddenly went into a slow motion, her mind was blank and then there was a sudden realization that this will be the end.

Then out of nowhere, Black Rock Shooter appeared in her motorcycle. She quickly caught Dead Master in her arms, feeling relief that she made it in time. The motorcycle move upwards, passing Gold Saw who raise her eyebrows in amusement. When they were almost at the top, Rock flip a switch open and two huge black chains shoot upwards. The tip of the chain was shape like a harpoon and it went through the ceiling, the tip caught it selves on the rough surface. When they reach the top of the cube, Rock pulled hard at the handles and the bike flew up using the chains as a support. Dead Master wrapped her arms around Rock's neck, she curse internally at the daring plan Rock had come up with. The inner turbine that connected with the chains started to spin and they were pulled up in a fast pace. When they neared the ceiling, Rock summoned her rock cannon and shoot, creating a large exit for them to fit.

And in just mere seconds they finally escape from her hell hole. The motorcycle leapt out and landed roughly on the ground. They skidded a few feet before finally stop. Rock placed a foot on the ground as she tilted her motorcycle to the side. Her breathing became heavy at the adrenalin rush. She felt Dead Master loosen her grip and she found herself being glared at by those green eyes. Then without warning, Dead Master slapped her hard at her left cheek. The girl quickly hop off the motorcycle and looked around their surrounding, she froze at what she saw. Rock who touch her cheek with a bored looked felt something was wrong as well and when she looked around, she too stiffen. They were surrounded. Hundreds of black machines that were as tall as Ron looked at them with bloodlust in their red defective eyes. Their claws and jaws were long and sharp unlike Ron whose mouth was conceal in mouthpiece armor.

A mysterious figure stood amongst them.