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Light Yagami locked the door behind him and smiled. It was the first time in a long time that he had any real privacy. That was another reason to be glad that Ryuzaki was gone; being chained to the detective had been torturous.

Ryuzaki, he still thought of him as Ryuzaki. But who was he really? Ryuzaki, Ryoga, L; those were all aliases, all lies. He smiled as he remembered the conversation they had in the rain shortly before the great detective's death:

That's right, Ryuzaki, the majority of what you say isn't true. If I believed every word you said there would be no end to it. I know that better than anybody else.

That's true Light-kun … but the same applies to you.

What do you mean?

Have you ever said something that was completely true since the moment you were born?

Now that was an unfair exaggeration, not to mention it was the pot calling the kettle black. L had lied to just about every person he met, in more ways than using an alias. Light had done the same thing L had thought that he was doing: he was hiding the truth that would endanger him so he could make the world a better place. Unfortunately for L, that hadn't worked very well, had it? The Shinigami eyes could see past the lies L had given out and see his true name. Light had worried: for a while he had wondered if L had a real name or had simply been left nameless from birth.

He took out the Death Note that Rem had dropped and the Task Force had overlooked. His curiosity was demanding that he open the notebook and see the detective's name with his own eyes.

It would be the last name, Light thought to himself. There were plenty of names to look through; as a Shinigami, Rem had written them for a living. Finally, Light reached the last name.

At first he was shocked. Then he smiled. It wasn't the fact that the name was so unique that had surprised the murderer, though he had expected a normal English name. No, what had surprised him was its … honesty. Light considered the name written in front of him.

L Lawliet

Who would have thought that L would have been so straightforward, so casual, and so honest, that he would have addressed the world with his first name?

Author's Note: Like I said, this idea had been floating around in my head for some time now. I was inspired by the scene mentioned above and the fact that L is called a liar by Ohba in "How to Read". For anyone who only read the manga, the scene above where L questions Light's honesty is from the anime, and the name is from L, Save the WorLd. The name has been adopted into canon.

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