Chapter 1: The Book, And the mysterious Kiara

In the Great Hall a few days before the Third Task, Everyone was busily chatting and gossiping. You see a few days ago, Harry Potter forfeited his place in the tournament to in his words "Take Care of an Emergency at home." With a BANG! The great oak doors closed shut keeping its occupants inside. Immediately, the professors and school heads drew their wands and ran up to the doors. Trying many spells, curses, hexes and jinxes, the doors would not budge. With a flash a book fell from the air into Professor Dumbledore's hands. And along with it, floated down a note.

Hello Professor Dumbly! (Yes you allow me to call you that) This may come as a shock to every single person in the Great Hall, but could you read the rest of this letter outloud at the staff table please?

With a clearing of his throat and a quick wordless Sonorus Charm, Dumbledore read the letter allowed to the students and guests.

"Hello everyone! There is no Dark magic afoot I assure you! This letter and book are from the future!" There where some mutterings of disbelief about that claim. "I assure you its true! The book you are about to read/listen to is about Daddy and Mom's life that takes place in the past and present in your time. If you haven't figured out who Daddy and Mom are I'll tell you. There names are Harry James Potter and Nala. And I am their daughter Kiara. Yes auntie Minnie, its true." The Headmaster read as Minerva let out a scoff of disbelief. "I have nothing more to say except that a few guests from the past are coming to join you!"




A younger looking terrified Harry and a full grown lion and lioness are standing at the oak doors.

"Mom?" Harry asked in disbelief. Harry looked a few years younger than he did now. He had been living with Timon and Pumbaa for a few years and he hadn't seen his mother since the day in the gorge.


"Mufasa?" The lioness asked in disbelief at the confused lion. His son looked older as did his mate. He was more confused when his son ran into him with a fierce hug and his mate nuzzled him.

"Daddy." Harry whimpered. "I'm sorry."

Those who didn't know (which was everyone) What had happened to his father where saddened by the display.

"What's going on?" Mufasa asked outloud.

"I believe I can explain." Albus said to the human and two lions who started growling at the unknown human.

After a round of explanations about many things. (Including where Harry came from) The small family settled down at the head of the Gryffindor table as the Professors went back to the staff table with the guest Heads. Harry settled down between his parents to try and avoid the uncomfortable stares he was getting.

"Chapter 1," Professor Dumbledore read, "A New Prince."

Harry perked up from Mufasa's mane. His parent's had never told him about how they found him.

To Be Continued...

Younger Harry will be written in italics. I may bring in older Harry after Scar is beaten. He'll be in regular type.

I thought this would be a fun companion piece to The Order Reads The Wizard King.