A/N: It's a little different from the way I usually write but... I hope you like it.

Platinum shines sharp on my wrist.

It kisses the soft flesh of my skin.


As if it know it is the key to my release.

It grins it's teeth gleaming.

For a moment I can see my reflection.

Just for a moment.

Then silver floods my veins unlocking the door to paradise.

My paradise.

A trail of paradise dances across my palm onto the floor.

I slump against the toilet once white now stained pink.

Crimson pulses running pretty pink patterns on the floor.

That probably won't ever come out.

I admire the scarlet gift I have left behind.

Then I die


I should have died

But I don't.

For know I will never know if there really is a light. Nor will I discover if heaven or hell truly exist.

Because I hear footsteps.

It all happened so fast.

The door creaks open.

My little sister sticks her head inside.

She screams.

Poor Hanabi.

To little to understand.

Death isn't something to fear.

It is freedom.

More footsteps.

Nanny rushes in.

She shrieks.

Her face is the color of puce.

Her eyes seem to protrude from her socket.

Or maybe it's just the loss of blood making me see things.

Her instincts kick in.

Grabbing a towel she stifles the doorway to my paradise.


She asks the dumbest of questions.


If I had the strength I would have laughed.

She knew why.

Everyone did.

Hanabi is still screaming.

Whatever little blood I have left forms a knot in my stomach.

I feel guilty.

But not enough to make me regret it?

My scarlet trail lessens.

Nanny whispers to me.

Everything is going to be okay.

I hate her for being right.

A/N: I got the inspiration for this story from the book Impulse by Ellen Hopkins. Please please please review.