Beast Boy stretched as he woke up that morning. He took a deep breathe trying to remember what he had done last night. He yawned hugely and looked over to his left his arms behind his head, his jaw dropped when he realised he wasn't alone.

Raven lay next to him, her violet hair falling around her pale face. She was smiling just slightly and she seemed like an ordinary, every day, teeen age girl. Beast Boy looked down and breathed a deep sigh of relife realizing he was in a tee shirt and shorts, what he usually slept in. Raven, he noticed, (after picking up the blanket when curiousity got the best of him), was wearing what she usually wore, her cape was folded neatly on the chair next to his bed. He smiled at her sleeping figure for then went into the bathroom looking for something to wear.

He looked himself over in the mirrior once again disatisfied by what he saw. Why do I have to be so green? No one else is green. Every one else is nice normal colors even Cyborg but no I'm green.

" Being green... ya it sucks."

" Colud be worse you could be blue." Rave's voice found his ears and all of last night came back to him.

' Beast Boy was as usuall hanging out in the Teen Titan's house but no one else was around, they were all out doing something... he had been a little preoccupied with the video game he was playing to listen...

' Oh well,' he thought looking out the window, the sky was dark and ominous looking. ' I'll just crank up the t.v. and try not to think about-' he shook his head.

" Come on B.B. get her out of your head. She's happy now. She's finally free." He ran a hand through his dark green hair.

" Hey. I didn't know any one was still here. Thought you'd be off with Cyborg at... where ever he went." Raven's voice was a relief to the small and suprisingly loud silence.

" Oh hey Raven." He smiled again a big goofy grin and sat down on on the couch.

" So what you and Cyborg don't have any big plans for today, no epic food battle or seventeen hour video game war?" Raven's voice was still a flat monotone, like it always was.

" Nope just planning on hangin out here today if that's okay with you. I don't want to disturb you." He rubbed the back off his neck looking down sheepishly.

" No. It's fine. I'll be alone in my room most of today any way." She shrugged indifferently.

" Oh." He looked down again, his face falling. He couldn't explain it but he was suddenly sadder, lonelier. Raven caught the look on his face and felt bad she hated it when he frowned and was sad.

" Unless you want-" She was cut out by the sound of a heavy rain, a boom of thunder and a crack of lightning. The whole room was comepletely white and it was all Beast Boy could see as he jumped off the couch. The light faded and then it was black, the power was out.

" Raven?" Beast Boy called out panicked.

" I-I'm here." He jumped when her voice appeared beside him. Her voice was shaking, she was obviously scared.

" You okay?" B.B. asked finding her hand in the darkness.

" Y-Ya I'm fine." Another crack of lightning went by and again the room went white. Raven shrieked, (sometime Beast Boy had never heard her do) and jumped hiding in his chest.

" Hey. It's okay." Beast Boy put a very hesitant hand to her hair. " You're alright Raven, I'm not gonna let anything get you. It's just a little lightning nothing to worry-" A huge boom of thunder shook the room.

" Make it stop." Beast Boy realised he had never seen Raven like this- well techinically he couldn't see her but still- she was scared, he could feel her shaking. She was unwound and tottally letting her emotions show, something very dangerous for her.

The whole house was reflecting her fear, shaking and ratteling, only adding to her fear. Here and there there were even a few explosions.

" Raven you need to calm down. It will only get worse while your scared." Beast Boy whispered in her ear his voice steady and calm. " You need to take a deep breathe and relax. I'm not gonna let any thing get you, besides it's lighter now right?" He made a lame joke.

" Right. Just breathe." She took three deep breathes her hands still tangled tightly in B.B.'s shirt. He hadn't let go of her and he had a feeling he wouldn't be for a long time. " I'm okay. I'm okay it's just a little lightning nothing-" Another flash passed through the windows this time though it was a little farther away and a little darker. " Just a little flash. That's all." Her breathing was back to normal and the house had stopped shaking.

" Are you alright now?"

" No, but I'll be fine eventually."

" Should I-" He started to untangle himself from her.

" No! Don't let me go. I'll lose it if you let go." Beast Boy knew that if she lost it the place would come down on thier heads.

" I woln't let go." He tightened his arms around her. He finally realised she was shivering and he pulled her over to the couch, if he hadn't known the house so well he wouldn't have been able to find it, throwing a large blue comfoter from the back of the couch around their sholders.

They were quiet listening to the rain and the thunder; each time lightning hit close and the house went white Raven would hide in his shirt.

" Raven... are you alright? I've never seen you be afraid of anything before and now... well..." He trailed off.

" Back when you know... Slade had me captured he tortured me with electrical shocks and when he did all I saw was white... The lightning well... it's not a good memory." She stopped.

Beast Boy rembered when they had found her, he had been so worried and when they shined the simple flashlight on her, Rave had started to scream. Beast Boy had immeditely turned the light off and ran over to her. She was still screaming, thrashing around like she was possesed. He picked her up ignoring the others for the moment and carried her back to the Teen's house. She would scream every time she was any where near a light for the rest of the month. He gussed she still wasn't over it.

" Oh. I..." He had nothing to say.

It was silent and Beast Boy felt her breathing grow more even and he realised she was asleep. He smiled as he felt her head move even deeper into his sholder and he put his cheek over her ear wanting to enjoy this.

They woke up hours later-by then it was late- and Raven was so tired Beast Boy just deicded to take her to his room to tired to find hers. He stumbled into his room in the dark and laid Raven down on his bed going into the bathroom to change. He came out and unhooked Raven's cloak slowly pulling it out from under her and folding it up placing it on the chair he always kept handy.

He crawled in and felt her shift leaving him half of the pillow. He smiled and felt her curl against him as the lightning continued now barely inturrupted. Then he slept.

" Beast Boy hello?" Raven waved a hand in front of his face.

He shook his head and smiled again. " What were you saying?"

" I said the storm's over and every one'll probly be back by now." Her eyes were as warm as he'd ever seen them.

" Oh... right..." He looked down dejectedly.

" I didn't say I had to leave..."

" You do though. The others'll start to wonder where you are." He wasn't smiling for once.

" Well...thank you... for last night." He noticed she was blushing.

" No big deal and dont' worry." He flashed her one of his smiles that always seemed to leave her breathless. " I'm not gonna tell any one."

She turned to leave and before she could think about it ran over and gave him a tight but brief hug.

B.B. turned into a puppy, a little green one but still, and waged his tail. " Just think of me as your own loyal little-" He didn't get to finish the sentance because the door to his room was pushed open and Cyborg walked in.

" Hey B.B. it's time for- woah." He noticed the room and Beast Boy changed quickly back into his human form. " I'll just go... I'll be back... later... much later..." He left the room.

" I have to go. I'll see you at breakfast." Raven smiled and left the room.

" Ya... see you..." Beast said suddenly feeling light headed. He shook his head and headed down to breakfast. It was sunny, the house was full of windows so no one had noticed the power outage. the kitchen all ran on its own generator that was always fully functional.