They weren't even kissing any more, just lieing together enjoying how warm it was.

They had heard the knock on the door and heard Cyborg's voice but didn't have plans on ever moving again. They had just descovered the other (no they have not been doing any thing naughty) and weren't quiet ready to go back to what they'd been before the past two days.

His arms were around her and she had a very small smile on her face, his lips were on her ear and every now and again he would whisper something. The conversation was never more than a whisper and never more than a few words. They both knew they eventually would have to come out and face the others. Starfire would be exstatic dancing around and making promises to make them the special meal of couples for her planet, Robin would be furious telling them this was not how they should have spent the day. Crime had been reallly heavy lately and things were just starting to settle down with most of the criminals locked up in jail. Cyborg would smile and taunt them. Just an ordinary day in a house full of teenage super heroes.

" Logan." Rachel whisped, he had been silent for a long time now and she thought he was sleeping.

" Nu-uh." He shook his head.

" You gotta get up so we can go down stairs. We gotta go see how every body else is. Come on get up." She nuzzled his neck.

" Nu-uh." He sat up and ran a hand through his hair. " Alright let's go face the fireing squad." He smiled the one little tooth sticking up as it always did.

Cyborg sat on the roof letting the warm wind wash across his face. B.B. wasn't up here but all his memories were. Each different place he looked he saw a different after noon he'd spent with Chloe. He sat back and relaxed decideing as long as he was gonna rip his heart out again he might as well enjoy it.

Victor woke up underneath Chloe for the billionth time. (Once again no they did not do anything naughty) She was still sleeping a wide smile on her face. He pushed her curls out of her face and tightened his arms around her.

" Chloe." He whispered, his lips at her ear." Chloe."

" Vic not now I seeping." Her voice was slurred and sleepy.

" I need to ask you something. Something important but you gotta wake up first." He kissed her ear.

" What ya gonna ask?" She was slightly more awake.

" Chloe Moniquea Ray... will you marry me?" He paused and then the rest of the words came out in a rush. " I know you're only seventeen and everything but I love you more than any thing in the world and I want to know that no one else in the world gets you. Please Chloe Moniquea Ray marry me?" His gray eye found her choclate brown ones.

" Victor! Of course I'll marry you! Yes! Yes! Yes a thousand times yes!" She coated her face in kisses.

" Yes?"

" Yes!" They were both laughing and excited as he slipped the ring on her finger. " You know how much I love you don't you?"

" I'm learning." He smiled.

Cyborg smiled and fingered the ring on the chain he always wore. It was a wedding ring... his ring. He hoped some where that Chloe'd gotten the letter and had kept the ring. He still loved her even if he rarely thought of her, he drempt of her every single night. Her face, her eyes, he laugh. Every thing about her.

" Robin? Any word from B.B. or Rae yet? Robin hello you there?" He asked into his small yellow communicator.

" Robin? Any word from B.B. or Rae yet? Robin hello you there?" The communicator beeped from Robin's utility belt.

" Dammit." Robin cursed and pulled out the communicator. He pulled away and pressed his forehead to Starfire's pointing the communicator toard himself, so Cyborg wouldn't see Starfire. He wasn't ready to tell any one yet. " We're here Cyborg and we just switched the power on. We're gonna check Raven's room now."

" All Titans meet me in the living room." Raven's voice came through the communicator.

" Oh and no worries no big deal, no one's trying to blow us up or any thing. We just wanna hang out as a family for once." Beast Boy's voice followed after Raven's it sounded like they were using the same communicator.

" All right Cyborg out."

" Beast Boy out."

" Robin out." Robin put the communicator back and looked deep into Star's eyes.

He was still wearing his mask but when Starfire's hands found it he didn't pull away. He closed his eyes and she stopped refitting the mask.

" Starfire?" Robin was confused.

" I love you Robin. I know how very important you take the fighting of the crime and keeping your identity in the hidden." She shot him a breath taking smile and he couldn't help but kiss her again.

" Come on the others will be waiting." He took her hand and led her back up the stairs.

Starfire gave her one long, tantalizing kiss; one that made him want more, and smiled at him.

" Robin... are we more than just the friends yes?" Her lime green eyes were wide and her crimzon hair fell in her eyes.

" Ya something like that Star." He pushed her hair behind her ear.

They walked hand in hand down each hallway and Robin was suprised when his anxiety never grew, even when they got closer and closer to the living room.