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flashback and/or dream sequenses

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Sirius' Adams apple rose and fell with a nervous gulp. Across the table from him, Harry's heated glare seemed enough to melt steel as Sheka and Neville sat on either side of him, only present to make sure harry didn't attempt to kill him as he had threatened multiple times in the last hour.

"...Hey, kiddo." Sirius mumbled when a finally clam harry had taken a deep breath. The reaction was immediate. A holler of rage was heard by the entire school and harry was under a leg locking hex before he could leap at the man. That hadn't stopped him though. His eyes were crazed and looked even more deadly in their bloodshot state, making him look like a demon crawling out of hell as he clawed his way over the stone floor, snarling like a rabid hyena.

"I'm~. Going~. To~. KILL~ YOU~!"

Sheka rubbed his temple as harry forced himself to calm down a second time. He was positive now that his Carus was bi polar. There was absolutely no other explenation for his mood swings as of late. Sirius had sat down by now and was looking very guilty as he and harry silently stared at each other; harry, glaring daggers and attempting to keep his cool, while he himself was just wondering what to say that wouldn't send his god son off his head again. He was wondering about the boy's moods as well. He'd never known harry to be so...vicious. Was it something to do with being maried to a snake? Whould he turn out like that if he married Anwen? He shuddered at the thought.

'Maybe he's just really, really pissed off at you!' his inner conscience chastised.

"er...so..." he was tired of the silence and attempted to speak again, not noticing the visibly throbbing vein above harry's eye. "How have you been?"



And that led him to his current location at the top of Harry's steadily growing "to maim, torture and keep barely alive for three months in agony before killing" list.

Harry finally leaned forward, as he linked his fingers on the table in that dreaded "you got some 'splanin to do." way.

The silence rang on, and sirius gulped once more when his godsons, now, red rimmed eyes glowered into his very soul.

"Do you even comprehend" harry said slowly, as if speaking to a child who needed to be chastised. "...how greatly...I suffered...because you were 'dead'?" he emphasized every syllable, over articulating each word. Sirius' gaze fell to the floor, hoping to escape the pained furry in those eyes.

"I expect a better explanation than I received in the letters you sent to the Headmaster." he sneered. "Be thankful I'm giving you this chance to gain back a sliver of the trust I had in you before you faked your death." he continued. "But, if I had my way, you wouldn't need to be pretending any more." Sirius felt as if someone had stabbed him in the chest. The harry he used to know would have forgiven him...his Prongslett would have understood. Had harry changed so much?

"I'm waiting." Sirius took a deep breath.

"What do you know about Horcrux's harry?" sheka noticed the boy's tick grew larger.

"They are the broken pieces of a murderous soul." he said plainly. "i know a lot more than I used to Mr. Black." Now that stung the man hard. "Get to the bloody point."

Sheka placed his hand on harry's leg and caressed it softly, hoping that would ease his temper just a bit.

::Remove your fingers from my person before I break them, Sheka. I am NOT in the mood.:: Sheka's hand snapped away instantly. Wow...for harry to be so stern with him, he'd never experienced it. He had never been this cross, even during the Lupin affair. This was serious. He thought a moment on his own unintentional pun, but wisely chose not to react to it in any way.

"Voldemort..." he twitched at his own mention of the name out of habit. "he has seven...and Dumbledore wanted you to be able to finish your schooling before worrying about him." Harry lifted an eyebrow, but nodded to signal him to continue. "He asked me to take care of them, so when the day came that you had to face him. It would be simpler for you."


"..." Sirius gulped again, praying harry would understand even a little. But when the boy's eyes narrowed, he took that as a 'no', expecting the worst.

Harry glared at his godfather contemplatively. Sure enough, his reason for leaving was valid, and his efforts were indeed helpful; but-

"That does not explain why you decided to falsify your death," he said. "and effectively left me feeling like a murderer."


"If you even think that an apology could come within a thousand miles of solving this you are sorely mistaken." harry's throat rumbled threateningly. "I suggest that you skip any thoughts on the subject and get on with your so far pitiful attempt for redemption."

"I don't know what else to say ha-"

"You lost your first name basis with me, Mr. Black." harry's eyes had reverted to slits now, and everyone in the room knew this went far beyond anger and betrayal any more. This was loathing at its purest form. "Or did you not take my hint?"

"..." Sirius couldn't even bring himself to say anything further...it was as if he was speaking to a completely different person; and calling harry "Mr. Potter" was so painful on his tongue, he never managed to bring it past his lips for fear of choking on it. He fought to hold back his feelings, and was only just able.

Harry nodded, seeing how this was going to be. Just by his godfathers body language, he could see that being cast out of his heart so thoroughly was tearing the man to pieces. This would be good punishment.

"...I want to see you every weekend that you are available, Mr. Black." harry said, standing up in a business like manner. It was the only way he could cope at the moment as he was still absolutely livid.

"I see no reason why this ...mountain, in the way of our relationship cannot be leveled over time." Sirius nodded, thankful that harry was willing to try to forgive him, but the formality was maddening. Where had his little Prongslette gone?

"Good day, Mr. Black." harry nodded curtly and left the room, not really caring that he all but slammed the door in Sheka's face.

Several minutes later, Sheka stormed into harry's bedroom with a scowl written clearly on his face. Enough was enough. He could understand that his husband was in a foul mood, but to take it to the level he had today with anwen was unacceptable. He was getting very tired of the constant mood changes...very quickly. One moment harry was happy as a bloody clam, and the next he was attempting murder left and right. What was up?

::Alright, Harry. What's going o-:: he spotted his mate curled up in the corner of his bed, facing the wall with his head in his knees, body shaking in an effort to hide his sobs. ::Harry?:: the boy turned around to look at sheka for a split second, bloodshot eyes watery and pained, before turning away again.

::I'm a terrible, miserable excuse for a godson!:: he wailed at the top of his lungs. Sheka looked at harry as if he were insane. Now he was crying? How the hell did he go from happy, to depressed, to happy, to murderous, to happy again, then to murderous once again, calm, stark raving bonkers, confined, and now sobbing his bloody eyes out? He had, had it! He knew harry was under stress but this was ridiculous!

::SNAP OUT OF IT!:: harry froze and spun around, looking shocked. Sheka was not amused. ::GOD FUCKING DAMMIT HARRY! WHATS THE MATTER WITH YOU?::

Harry blinked, silent as stone as he comprehended what had just happened forgetting why he had been crying in the first place. Had sheka just...yelled at him? He watched as his mate forced himself to gain back some calm.

::I don't understand why you're behaving like this harry.:: sheka continued as calmly as he could. ::But honestly, you have me baffled.:: harry blushed and looked at the floor, looking cowed.

::I'm...I'm sorry...I don't know either...:: he murmured apologetically. ::I suppose I'm just moody lately.::

::Harry.:: sheka said, sitting down by his mate. ::Calling yourself moody right now is like saying "Voldemort's a bully".:: harry snorted half heartedly. ::I could understand if you stuck with yelling and maybe a thrown punch; but this is just insane.::

Harry nodded and leaned into Sheka's shoulder, nuzzling it softly as a strong arm wrapped around him.

::I'm sorry, Amante...:: harry whispered. ::I don't mean to be such a bother.:: sheka frowned.

::okay. now you're just being silly.:: he insisted, looking directly at his mate. ::You have been having some serious mood swings. But that does not make you a bother.:: harry looked unsure, and he cupped a forlorn cheek in his hand, stroking it with his thumb. ::You're just having a rough patch and...:: he stopped in mid scentence, quite suddenly noticing that something was very off. He couldnt quite place it...but he knew his eyes weren't ...fooling...-oh merlin...that was it. His EYES had CHANGED!

::harry...:: he said, his voice cracking in terror, excitement and worry all at once as he gazed into two yellowish green, slit pupiled eyes. ::...i think we need to take you to Madame Pomfrey.:: harry looked at him strangely.

::Right now?:: he asked, confused as to why Sheka looked as if he were about to have heart palpitations.

::right now.::

"Mate this is fantastic!" ron practically whooped as he sat next to his best friend in the hospital wing. "You're going to be a mother?" Harry scowled and slapped him at the same moment Sheka, Anwen and Neville did the same. "ouch!"

"I'm not a bloody woman, Ron! Of course i'm not going to be a mother." harry insisted, sounding very much like Hermione. "im just..." he blushed. "pregnant."

"How exactly is that supposed to work?" Neville inquired. Anwen sighed happily, though there was a tinge of irritation in the way her smile twitched. She was growing tired of explaining this.

"Harry is going to be going through some serious changes for the next two months before the eggs are even fertilised." she said, sounding like a national geographic special. Harry smiled as she explained, never having grown tired of hearing about what was going on inside him. She had since forgiven harry for assaulting her. Given the circumstances, and having experienced something similar several times when she had been Salazar's chamber maid of sorts; she knew where her friend was coming from...though she made a mental note to stay out of his way when he was in a state.

"We cant really say what he will look like, other than he'll appear very snakelike, and act it." she continued. "but once he's completely transformed the eggs will develop and he will, in all sense of the word, slaughter anyone but Sheka who comes within forty feet of him once they have been laid and until they have been hatched. Harry's instincts will have taken him over as a precaution to protect his young." Dumbledore, bless his meddling little heart, had just walked in upon hearing the news, his twinkle bright and blinding as ever.

"I must say this is indeed unexpected." he said. Harrys smile quickly reversed, though happiness still shone in his eyes.

"I'm still mad at you." he said, still too jubilant to really be all that upset.

"And yet, I am here to congratulate you regardless." he said with a grandfatherly smile. "What a strange world in which we live. Now," he continued as he took a seat amongst the others. "It's quite obvious that harry will not be able to function properly at school after the first month of his change." Poppy nodded.

"Quite right. In his condition," she sounded dreamy as she spoke those three words. "he will need to be away from harm and away from prying eyes."

"But what about when harry's still at school, professor?" Ron asked, sending harry a worried glance. "Even in the last few minutes I can see he's changing." sure enough, when harry looked at himself reflected in the food tray on his lap he could see that in a time span of an hour his eyes had gone completely yellow, save a trace of green flecks around the edges, and his skin had grown smoother, almost glass-like. If he was changing this quickly, what would he look like in two months?

{::We will have to reveal their secret to the public very soon.::} came a soft trill as Fawks perched beside harry's cot. Dumbledore promptly cast a translation charm. {::It will not bode well for the Wizarding community to know their hero has gone missing.::} harry blushed embarrassed. Ron raised an eyebrow and muttered a short "did you know fawks could speak?" out of the side of his mouth to Neville who shook his head. {::the truth is the best option. I say the week after Yule holidays, Sirius should have destroyed the last of the horcrux's by then and harry will be in much less danger.::} everyone tensed at the mention of the boys godfather, but surprisingly, he nodded; completely fine with it.

"Then were going to be telling everyone what I am?" Sheka asked worriedly. "What Harry is?" Fawks nodded, understanding his dilemma.

{::The basilisks have been in hiding long enough, Lord Slytherin.::} she said. {::Your people have multiplied and spanned out since you were born. It is time for you all to be unafraid to walk out amongst the public.::} Harry and Sheka beamed proudly.

"That reminds me." Neville cut in. "Harry wouldn't your last name be Slytherin now?" Harry tilted his head to the side.

"Hn...I suppose if it were by Wizarding laws. How does it apply in the council Lady Fawks?" he asked, remembering to address her by her title.

{::By the traditions of the Council you are indeed, Harry James Slytherin. But it is only a ceremonial title. Legally, you are still a Potter until you decide to formally change it with the Minestry.::}

"What of when harry lays the eggs?" Sheka asked the Headmaster. "is there anyone who can offer us somewhere to live during that time?" Ron smiled.

"I know a place."

"Bill!" harry all but lep't from where he sat and proceeded to tackle the man to the floor. Bill lifted his head up in surprise to see harry nuzzling his chest like an overgrown kitten.

"he-hey harry." he stuttered, blushing softly. "er...I-" he coughed, beckoning Sheka over to pry the overly affectionate teenager off of him. "I got the owl as you can see."

"Harry give the man some space." sheka insisted and lifted harry in his arms, bridal style and set him back on the bed. Harry pouted and crossed his arms, but gave bill an apologetic look.

"Sorry bill." the read head chuckled and waved it off.

"It's fine. How are you feeling?" he asked sitting down next to his brother.

"I feel really good" harry beamed. "And everything's been great." Everyone who wasn't in harry's circle of vision shook their heads frantically mouthing "no its not." Bill smirked, knowing exactly what they've been going through.

"Well that's fantastic harry." he said, feeling positively evil. "You know, Fleur is about four months in. perhaps you might like her for company." everyone, even Dumbledore looked as if the world was about to end. Harry was bad enough to deal with alone, and so was Fleur when she wasn't pregnant; but to put them in the same room together while they were both with child? Was he mad!

"I'd love that." harry said with a deceptively sweet expression. Sheka knew that smile; it was his "I'm Armageddon just waiting to happen but I'm still so very innocently adorable" smile. They were in trouble.

"Ron tells us you have a place we might be able to stay at after the new year?" Sheka asked, praying this so called "shell cottage" mentioned earlier, was far away from the public eye.

"Yes, its this little place on the coast. Its small, but it will be perfect for you two. I'll be there to help out after the kids hatch until Harry's able to return to school."

"I wont be." harry said. Everyone but Sheka gasped.

"Harry you have to finish your schooling." poppy said placing a hand on his shoulder. Harry just shook his head and grinned.

"I know the criteria, I'll study while I'm on maternity leave and i'll take the finals at the end of the year." Dumbledor nodded and smiled in approval. His prodigy was growing up.

it was nearly midnight when the clouds finally dispersed over the horizon. And two gleaming red eyes gazed up at the moon with an expression...almost one of inner peace. She was such an enigma to him. His goddess...his protector...his boon. It was because of Her that he had become so successful in his endeavors. It was not merely by his own strength or power. He owed it all to Luna...Iua. And tonight was her festival.

Voldemort glided over the grass as it swam in waves with the breeze and a small smile peaked at the

corners of his lipless mouth. With a fluid motion, he cut a Seigel rune into his palm and let the blood drip into the grass as generously as it could flow.

"Dux mihi, Luna domina." he whispered softly and let the feeling of euphoria take over his senses, the moon glowing brighter, and redder. "Dirige me in quod ago."*

(lead me, mistress moon. Guide me in all that I do.)

Voldemort slowly sank to his knees, shivering in his spiritual ecstasy and gazed up at his goddess in reverence as the visions began.

Tonks was ready...that much was certain. Any of the death eaters present could see this. Once a bundle of clumsiness, Narcissa had taught her of grace and stealth. Once a mediocre duelist, Bellatrix had grudgingly instructed her. Once terrified of harming a living soul, Crouch had taught her the delights of torture and the satisfaction that came from another's pain.

She was now a force to be reckoned with. Strong, agile, and deadly, she had become the perfect assassin in a manner of weeks.

Yes...she was ready.

Of course, nobody outside the inner circle knew of her identity. And even less knew her reasons for turning on the Light. She refused to divulge. At first, none had belived it when she had come stubling like a bufoon into the Dark lord's mannor. But she had by far proved her worth.

And now that she stood at the edge of the Hogwarts grounds, she was about to save the Dark from failure. She only needed the signal from the Young malfoy.

Two boys cuddled silently on the leather sofa furthermost to the back of the Slytherin common room, one trilling softly under his breath, the other pretending to be smug while Draco scowled down at his potions thesis.

It was getting quite difficult for the blonde to concentrate on his apprenticeship application; what, with the constant presence of a very abnormally behaving potter. Why again did he tolerate this?

'...oh yes...' he thought contemptuously, remembering the new bit of information he would be sending to his master tonight...and his assignment. 'thats why.' he side glanced over to the overly affectionate couple and hid a smirk under his no longer gelled but loose, shoulder length hair. (Since the discovery that his master preferred it that way, he had happily obliged.) there was something going on with Potter that transcended the eye...as well as capturing it.

Over the past three weeks, even as he had slowly began to interact politely with the Gryffin-whore, and in recent days, moderately friendly; he had observed some very...odd, changes. No longer was his serpent like behavior limited to his actions and personality. Now, it had begun to spread into his appearance. His eyes had become the same shade as his boyfriends, and the pupils had narrowed into a catlike; no, snakelike shape. His skin had become...well, it was quite difficult to place a proper description. Perhapse...sleek, yes. That would be it; sleek in texture and appearance. His fingers appeared longer, thinner and much more delicate. Even his facial structure was beginning to change. The two were passing it off as a spell gone wrong, and of course, the entire school was buying into it. Even the Ravenclaws; tch and they were said to be intelligent. No spell could cause a gradual transfiguration. No spell malfunction could do so either. He had been giving the Dark lord tabs on whenever a more visible change took effect, the most recent, being Harry's new Parseltongue accent, a hiss at almost every syllable, and his vowels were lengthened when enunciated. That was the bit he was providing tonight, and he was sure this would finally allow his master to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

The two shifted, and he watches as harry muttered something into shekas ear, no longer draped over the Slytherin king, but straddling his lap, grinding into it. Draco scowled, a faint blush over his cheeks and he decided this would be a good time to give them the invitation to the ball next Saturday, which would be Christmas Eve. Then he would send for her.

::merlin i'm bored.:: sheka murmured under his breath. The night had been miraculously mood swing free, and as grateful as he was, it made their time together a bit mundane. Had he grown accustomed to harry's behaviour so quickly? Harry pouted a moment, wondering weather he was the one to cause such boredom.

'well that's just stupid.' harry chastised himself. 'If he's bored is it not my job to entertain him? I am his mate after all...hmmmm.' he licked his lips discreetly. 'Draco wont mind, will he?' he asked himself mockingly. 'of course not.'

with a liquid like movement, he slid his legs over and sat on sheka's legs, facing him with a mischievous gleam in his eyes.

::Bored are you?:: he smirked, very slowly rotating his arse over sheka's hips. 'oh merlin he's already getting hard?' he was a bit surprised, Sheka's growing erection wasn't very prominent yet, but it was already poking him. Ohh he couldn't wait to get Amante alone. He may have been a serpent's lover, but a dick was a dick, and knowing that one (even if it wasn't the shape or size he liked) was hard for him? He liked the feeling. Sheka's throat rumbled softly and harry could practically hear those lips begging to be licked. He leaned in and whispered into his mate's ear, licking it softly, praying he could keep himself under control long enough to get away from prying eyes. ::what should we do about that?:: he asked as he grazed his lips over his cheek and stopped them only millimetres over a softly panting mouth. Sheka growled in response and his tongue reached out, wetting harry's lower lip as a second probing muscle came out to meet it, flicking once or twice.

::You think you can cure the boredom, love?:: harry shuddered at the deep, abnormal over-husky tone. Oh damn, that was a beautiful sound. He could read this accent like a book; that slight Portuguese hiss, mixed in with a prominent Scottish twang, which Sheka knew made him melt like chocolate on a summer day. He was in the mood for kink.

::mnnn yeh in the mood fer role-play?:: he asked, purposefully dirtying his accent into a lazy, cockney drawl. Sheka snorted and his laughter filled the room.

::So long as you never speak like that again.:: he chortled when harrys lips formed a distraught pout, ::i find that accent to be a bit disturbing coming from you carus.:: which turned into a frown.

::You are the cruellest beast I've ever met!:: harry hissed with a nasty bite to his mate's lips. ::I have a right mind to-::

"ah..." the two turned around to see Draco looking a bit embarrassed. "I hate to interrupt."

"well...ya did." harry sneered. Draco may have been nice to him lately, but he wanted sex dammit! and this little prick-ette was stalling it.

"sorry." draco rolled his eyes. "I don't suppose you two would be interested in attending the Malfoy Masquerade this year." he offered. The two looked stunned, but even harry appeared to be happily so.

"We'd love too." Sheka nodded, knowing harry was probably already planning who they'd be going as. He could be such a female at times. Draco nodded and handed them a formal invitation, which harry took and scrunched into his back pocket, making the blonde wince. Those cards had been expensive...even for him. Potter was such a damned slob! How could he still behave this way after hanging out with him and Slang? Hadn't they rubbed off on him at all?

"Right well." Draco shuffled away. "carry on I suppose." Sheka shook his head and smiled. That Malfoy brat may be a right bastard, sending that monster a constant flow of information (he wasn't an idiot. He knew the blonde was a mite. But there was little he could do under the watchful eyes of his house.) But he could be a pleasant fellow, if only in farce. He wondered if he might be able to influence him over to the Grey. There may be hope for him. But that wasn't very important at the moment. Oh no...he had an arse to dive into.

::Your chariot my lady.:: he reverted back to that accent harry loved so much and slung a struggling harry over his shoulder.

::akk! No! I can walk sheka! I'm not an invalid!:: sheka ignored him and gave him a firm slap to the arse. ::Ouch!::

::Pipe down and enjoy the ride.:: he snickered. Harry slumped limply and sighed, rubbing his eyes when he saw draco smirking at him.

::I hate you, you know that?::

::Yes.:: Sheka turned them around the corner and down the stairs into the boys dormitory. ::Now shut up.::

::Yes master.:: harry teased. Sheka's throat vibrated in a deep throaty growl.

::Mnnn I like the sound of that.:: he said tossing harry onto his bed the moment they had entered their room. He landed onto the mattress with a loud thump, and was instantly pinned down by two strong arms on his wrists, being taken into a deep, rough kiss, far more dominating than usual. Harry keened into it, liking this sudden show of aggression and opened his lips for the tongue that had immediately begun probing none too gently, letting sheka plunge it in with a feral snarl.

::mnnhh:: he lifted into the chest above him, begging for some contact as he ground his hips up into the throbbing erection that had been humping his leg. Fuck, sheka must be really horny! He'd never been so enthusiasti-shit he needed air! He attempted to pull away but his mate only kissed him harder.

'Dammit, don't suffocate me!' he thought half jokingly...but in every way serious as he bit down on the tongue in his mouth just as it curled around his own.

::ow! Shit! Harry what was that for-oh.:: he watched as harry gasped for breath and laughed, bending back down and stroking his cheek ::oh. harry love, I'm sorry.:: he chuckled. ::Should I go-ahh!:: harry flipped him over onto his back with a hiss and attacked his neck.

::mnnnffh you bastard.:: he growled, muffled by his own sucking. ::don't you dare go soft on me.:: he ground his hips into his lovers and moaned softly ::mnnh I just needed a little ai-ah!:: in a split second he was on his back again, his mate above him with a crazy gleam in his eyes as he took the hem of harry's collar and tore the shirt in half down the front, all but pouncing on him as harry gasped in surprise biting the boy's lip with sharpening teeth. Harry writhed under him with a high pitched whine and dragged his nails over the bare chest above him, feeling the soft flesh harden under his fingernails as his tongue was drawn from his lips and sucked. A rough, domineering hand pulled his head back by a fistful of hair and that mouth latched onto his once more the moment that hand slithered out of existence and into the end of Sheka's tail. The tongue changed shape inside his mouth, just like that day they had been reunited and and he moaned, wrapping his hands around his mate, raking his now claw like fingernails down the ridge of his back, a great shudder travelling down his spine,followed by a trail of goose flesh.

::merlin, I love when you do that.:: harry gasped, bucking up into the mound hiding Sheka's most intimate parts. The basilisk gave harry his best take on a smirk as he slid his abdomen around harrys chest, making sure to brush up against the soft, pink nipples as they began to perk. Two toned legs tensed on either side of his half sized body and pressed his fore scales against harry's scrotum.

::you seem impatient, carus.:: he whispered huskily, flicking his forked tongue into the shell of his ear. ::are you that eager for me to take you?:: Harry shook his head and ground upwards, which sheka met with a violent thrust, his scales scraping against harry's member almost painfully. A loud whine escaped harrys throat, egging him on as sheka grazed his teeth down the center of his chest, leaving several angry welts behind.

::nnhh ahh! Oh, wow.:: harry bit his lip and laughed nervously in an attempt to keep from biting his lip too hard as his cheeks flushed a deep tempting pink. ::shit, you're really aggressive right now.:: sheka breathed heatedly over his now abused nipples making him arch reflexively. ::Mnhh ahh fuck!:: he panted and forced himself to relax again, only to scream out in shock when the flesh under his ear was bitten followed by a slick soothing tongue. ::Ahhh!::

::You bet your pretty little arse I'm aggressive. This is what happens when you deprive me for a week.:: sheka watched as yellow eyes glazed over into a golden brown, tearing up when his tail whipped across his thigh in a firm slap. Harry's surprised yelp flowed into a high pitched groan.

::Do that again!:: he ordered. Another slap, in the same spot and harry whined.::ahhnn yes!::

::You liking this?::

::Loving.:: sheka's laugher rolled out in a sinister, dangerous purr.

::I could do more...:: his gaze was met with a smirk from his human lover.

::Then bully me, why don't you?:: sheka grinned, or a snakes interpritation of a grin and pinched the boy's thigh between his scales.

::mnn you want me to slap you around a bit, harry?:: he licked his cheek slowly and wrapped the tip of his tail around his balls and squeezed. ::call you names?:: he ghosted his tongue over harrys open panting lips as harry lifted himself up off the bed. ::Make you do dirty, naughty things?::

::Yesss...:: harry gasped, reaching for shekas tongue with his with a begging whimper. ::ahh...mnnn :: he tensed up again when his lips were forced open by a thick, forked tongue, all but choking him as it slid in and out of his mouth with vigour, gliding over his tongue encouraging him to suck. But harry wasn't giving in that easily and promptly bit down, just enough to taste blood and ran his hands down sheka's underside, rubbing over his mates, fore scales in order to draw him out.

::Arent you the sneaky little bitch?:: sheka squeezed tighter on his balls and purposely nicked harrys lip with one of his sharper teeth at the same moment he lifted the tip of his tail and pressed it over harrys weeping tip.

::mnnn ahh! Sheka oh!:: harry ground up into the body above him and threw his head back, tears spilling as he came in a dry orgasm. Oh gods, it hurt! The intensity made it all the worse, but hell if he didn't want to feel that again. ::oh go-ahh!:: teeth nipped down his chest as Sheka's body began to glide over his skin again, slowly unwrapping as he reared up to watch harry writhe under him as he continued to stroke harrys cock.

::heh. just listen to those lewd sounds ur making:: the serpent hissed admirably bending down to give harry's nipples a tentative lick. :: mnn i could cum just listening to you.:: a sudden spark of inspiration hit him and he pressed the arch of his mouth over harrys nipple...just barely small enough to fit and sucked experimentally. Harry moaned intensely at the new sensation, his legs locking together as his toes curled into the sheets. Sheka awarded himself a mental pat on the back. Seemed like that had almost been too much for his Carus. He chuckled darkly the moment harry's panting had calmed a bit and sucked again, this time harder. He was glad he had yet to move his tail, because once again, harrys body literally vibrated with the force of his orgasm, his crys of rapture tearing from his throat when he was unable to cum.

::ahhh sheka! Fucking hell!:: harry's voice lowered into a pitiful mewl of desperation. ::please let me cum! shit please! It hurts!::

::Not until I'm inside that tight little arse of yours, harry.:: sheka licked his lips and gyrated his torso against harrys backside, just to make a point. ::I'm not even hard yet.:: Harry scowled, unbelievingly.

::You're just holding back.:: the snake shook his head.

::No. i'm just not as easy a cum as you are.:: Harrys eyes flashed with rage-only to be stopped by a comforting lick. ::i'm joking, love. Yes. I'm trying to take my time.:: Harry nuzzled his cheek against his mate and gasped at yet anther flick of shekas tail, though this time to his inner thigh.

::Nhh I thought we were going to role-play.::

::Then what, pray tell is your fantasy tonight, carus?::

::i already told you.:: harry nipped at shekas snout and smirked. ::I want you to bully me.:: sheka lifted an eye ridge.

::Bully you or abuse you?:: he asked. ::Because on my side it looks like ive been treating you pretty rough considering we haven't done anything in a while.::

::Mnnn I want you to force me.:: harry hissed seductively, rubbing over shekas underbelly again. Two pairs of golden eyes met and a sense of mutual agreement passed through.

::well then.:: sheka growled, no longer sounding warm, but cold and dark. Harry would have giggled if it hadn't been for the fact it had sounded very genuine. :: I think my pet had better pay for keeping his master waiting a week.:: before harry could register what had been said, he found himself thrown onto the floor, just soft enough so that it wouldn't hurt him...too much. Harry whimpered, barely able to hold back a smile when he watched as his "master" rear up in the most threatening way, eyes aglow with wicked intentions, the forked tongue flickering out in a somehow more animal like way than usual. Tremor ran through his entire body when he felt a dark aura of foreboding embrace him, and he couldn't help but wonder what he'd gotten himself into.

Draco drummed on the desk as he chewed on the end of his quill wondering how he would phrase the concluding paragraph to his thesis when he heard a great wail of pain.

"Draco, you really need to ask Slang to at least cast a silencing spell on himself and Potter." crevey announced as he stormed from his bedroom below. Malfoy sighed.

"Crevey, it is in no way my fault or responsibility to make them quiet down." he shot the first year an annoyed glance. "If they bother you so much, you tell them to stop. I have a thesis to write." the other blonde huffed and turned on his heel.

"fine! I will!" draco's eye widened impossibly large when he heard him and looked up wondering if he should let him fall into the snakes pit, or tell him to just ignore them for his own goo-

"Draco! Holy shit come quick you have to see this!" gavin waved at him from the corner of the starecase whispering as just loud enough for draco to hear him.

"I told you, Crevey im not moving from this-"

"No. Draco." gavin was looking at him very seriously. This caught Malfoy's interest. "you. Have. to. See. This." Draco lifted an elegant eyebrow and set down his quil.

"This had better be worth it." he said striding past the boy and down into the seventh year dorm. Placing his ear against the door, he frowned, not hearing much. They couldnt be very busey anymore. He glared at creevey and he only jerked his head, directing him to look in.

He sighed again and rolled his eyes, opening the door a crack...and sucked in an astounded breath.

::Mnn ahh...:: harry was on his elbows and knees, stark naked and bent over with his hands around a massive, weeping organ. Nimble fingers stroked it lovingly as he drew his tongue up from the base to the tip collecting the milky liquid on his tongue before taking the violet tinged mushroom head in his mouth as a few tears leaked from the corners of his eyes. ::Nnhh Sheka mnnahh:: And if this wasn't enough, just above Potter's dazed, mindlessly wanton face was a serpent, reared a foot or so off of the floor, looking directly at him, watching as that tongue flicked out and lapped up the cum that dripped from the other, equally large appendage, abandoning the previous to give it some attention. Though by the looks of it, the boy was contemplating the possibility of taking both at once.

::nnhh fuck, suck harder.:: harry's shriek was muffled as a tail seemingly from under him, pressed down over his messy head of hair and forced his mouth over the entire length deep enough to swallow. Plump lips closed tightly around the base, visibly sucking as his throat contracted around the over-large tip, drawing a fresh stream of tears as a heavy blush took over his cheeks.

Draco was stunned. Potter was clearly embarrassed by what he was doing, but from the way his eyes were glassed over with elated delirium, he was enjoying every last second of it. In the back of his mind, he had already figured out what was going on here. This had to be Slang, the eyes said it all. They were identical. But at the moment nothing mattered but the aching bulge in his pants and weather or not he would stay and watch, or go to the privacy of his room to end his suffering.

Harry fought as hard as he could against his gag reflex. Even with sheka down to a more indoor friendly size it was miraculous how large he was. Even now, as his head was being forced into shekas groin, he was wondering how on earth he had fit both of these inside him at full length. It was mind boggling.

::take me deeper.:: sheka ordered. Harry whined in protest, half from the ache in his jaw, half just to irritate his lover enough to get a reaction. With a threatening glare, sheka's cruel tail practically ground his face back down, finally succeeding in choking him. ::mnhhagh!:: he relaxed his throat and swallowed repetitively, massaging the head with his tongue as he pulled the other to his lips just as he felt them both twitch. Oh shit he wasn't ready ye-

::mnnha ahhh:: harry gasped as he was torn away barely in time to receive two face fulls of sheka's semen over his open lips and cheeks, and he shivered at the pleasant, wet feeling over his face. Sheka was silent, though the dazed, dizzy look to his eyes said it all, even when his voice remained steady.

::Merlin...:: sheka panted and watched tentatively as harry brought his fingers up to lightly touching the sticky liquid, in a curious manner. He growled and took the small wrist by the tail and squeezed, causing harry to whimper in pain. This worried him; was harry truly enjoying this? It looked to him as if his mate was uncomfortable, perhaps even hurting. But he allowed himself to relax when he saw the blush return.

::Leave it there.:: he ordered softly and lifted the hand up to his mouth, licking off what had stuck. ::It's sexy.:: harrys face could have fried an egg it was so hot with embarrassment when those eyes hadn't left him for a full ten seconds.

::master,:: harry lowered his eyes and pouted, turning his face away and biting his finger to hid the snort of laugher he was containing. He didn't realise this had only added to the entire effect, and someone else was blushing just as hard. ::please dont stare at me so...::

draco's eyes were popping out of his skull as he watched this. He couldn't understand a damn thing that was being said, but it wasn't as if he needed too. Harry bent over like a little whore for that beast? It was enough to bring him close just to watch, if not for the sexual part, but for the blackmail materia-no...fuck he couldn't do anything...not without his master's permission. This was important information! He had to send it off right n-

::ahhhhnnn ohhh, master!::

...aaaas soon as he was done watching.

Harry bit his tongue when his finger was drawn into the small opening between sheka's hard lips. Merlin knew how his mate had figured this one out, but this new sensation of being sucked on was out of this world. Just his finger, his finger being sucked was sending rivets of pleasure up his arm and into his entire body, and that didn't count the two newly hardened members that were thrusting against his own as he lay there pinned by shekas muscular form.

::mmnnhh:: sheka smirked and licked the small digit before letting it go and dragging his tongue up from harry's stomach to his chest taking a nipple once more and sucked gently, only enough to draw out a moan from harry's abused throat as his back lifted completely off of the ground.

::mnnhh i wonder what other things i can make this little slut do.:: he purred scraping his teeth over harrys now welt covered chest.::hnnn what do you think?:: harry either didn't answer, or couldn't. His head was too far up in the clouds and it was unlikely that he would come down without some incentive. ::I may just let you cum tonight if I like your answer.:: harry only moaned, purposefully teasing him, testing his patience and lifted a leg wrapping it around his torso as he continued to rub up against him mindlessly. Sheka bit down onto his collarbone and snarled impatiently, perhaps too into his role as the master...or perhaps not. To harry playing the slightly sadistic master was the hottest thing his Amante had ever done.

::i had better get an answer.:: the snake warned with a threatening growl, positioning his jaws over harrys neck. He would never do it...but it was all part of the game. ::You wouldn't want to make master upset now would you.:: harry whimpered and shook his head.

::n-no...i dont want master upset with me.:: he said in a high fearful tone. ::please...I'll do whatever you say...just don't hurt me, master:: Sheka noticed the mockery and sarcasm in that last phrase and strained not to smile. Harry couldnt help himself could he. He just had to defy authority...even when it was pretend.

::Too late now, pet.:: he sneered snaking his tail up around the boys arms, grinding his hardness into harrys. ::I already have something in mind.::

::sheka...:: the snakefroze instantly and by the time harry realised his mistake it was too late and he was being thrown face first into the bed, bent over the edge.

::You'll pay for that.:: harry whimpered when he felt the two massive erections press into his arse. Ooooh, that would hurt and he knew it. He was completely un-stretched and unused for over eight days. But that was exactly why he wanted it so badly that he was about to toss the whole foreplay thing out the window and jump that basilisk's bones.

'sheka you dolt just shove them in! Please!' he roared angrily in his head. 'Just do it!'

::I think im going to take my time with you now.:: harry panicked. Okay one last attempt...then he was done.

::nnn noo...:: he whined looking up at him over his shoulder with wide watery eyes. ::master, dont be so mean. Please …:: he wet his lips with his tongue. ::Please put them inside me.:: sheka smirked maliciously.

::...Mnn Very well...:: harry sighed with relief, but way too soon. :: but you dont get to cum tonight.:: oh, that did it. Harry was done with this shit. He was gonna cum tonight if it killed him! And Morgana be damned if sheka tried to stop him!

::Sheka ahh oh! Hell!::as if sheka knew exactly what he was thinking, he had slapped his tail over harrys arse, leaving behind a very painful looking mark. Harry growled angrily and turned around, scratching at shekas face, missing only by an inch before tackling the massive snake to the ground looking absolutely furious as he rammed his arse down over the two weeping members to the hilt with such ferocity that Sheka found himself unconsciously slamming himself back up, meeting his rhythm as best he could, unable to think at all.

::ahhhh fuck yes!:: harry threw his head back practically hollering every curse word that he could think of. The boys sudden lapse of sanity only intensified as he rose and fell in wild, mad passion. Harrys hands were pressed against Sheka's underside, steadying himself as he threatened to topple over with every forced and heavenly painful penetration of his backside. Ohh he felt as if his entire body were aflame! Every movement just made it all the better, all the more satisfying as he ever so slowly drew closer to the edge.

Without warning sheka propelled himself forward, forcing harry to fall back, his bum lifted into the air as he ripped and tore at shekas back, growling and panting in time to each hit to his prostate. Stars exploded before him, completely blocking out his vision as what little sense he had left him and he was begging all over again.

::ahh sheka ahh fuck me ha- ohh gods! Right there! Fucking hell shekaaaaa! :: harry felt himself being flipped over, his chest and face pressed into the ground by his own weight as he was jarred back and forth, as his arse was stretched to its limits. He clawed frantically at the ground, screaming in protest when he was pulled back by his hair, his back forced into a dramatic arch shekas body wrapping around him to keep him in that position. It wasn't long before the pleasure intensified, building up in his aching tightening balls at the sensation of sheka growing ever so slightly inside him, oh gods he was gonna cum! But the moment never came and he finally noticed that the tightening was more from the tail that had constricted the base of his cock.

::You bloody fucking prick! Let me cum! Let go! Please!:: sheka's voice vibrated into his ear, taunting him as he dared to stroke him while he begged so.

::beg once more and i'll let you...i want to hear you beg.:: Harry whimpered; the rage completely dissipated, now replaced with desperation and need. Had he a shred of dignity left in his mind frame, he would have held out, no matter how badly he was tortured. But this was not the case.

::Sheka please! Mnn sheka I'm begging you! please let me cum! Please! I have to cum!:: immediately the pressure over his length was gone and his entire body erupted into great spasms of all-consuming rhapsody, and he spilled himself over the floor.

Sheka gasped out as harrys arse squeezed and throbbed around him sending him over the edge as well, he slumped over, unable to hold himself up as what felt like all the energy in his body rushed to his groin, emptying out into harry's tight little hole. They were in their own, special corner of paradise that consisted of only them. Both were gasping out in short, sharp panting breaths; their bliss washing over them followed by a wave of exhaustion. They fell asleep where they lay almost instantly, peacefully snuggling into each other without a care in the world.

Anwen walked cautiously up to the gasping lump on the floor, wary and unsure weather or not to approach. It wouldn't be good to wake someone from such a fretful sleep, even if they were in the middle of the hallway.

"Hey...hey wake up. oh ew!" she winced when she saw that the lump was indeed not asleep but in fact catching its breath after, by the mess over the floor and his hands, a really good wank. It was Malfoy. ::...you nasty pervert.:: she hissed stepping over him to see what he had been peaking on; what with the cracked open door frame it was a bit obvious. She opened the door, hoping that whomever was inside had at least finished.

::oh no...:: she muttered seeing harry and sheka curled up in all their nude and snakelike glory. It didn't take an idiot to figure it out. Without a second thought, she whipped out her wand and turned around, ready to utter an Obliviate when she saw nobody was there.

"wha-?" suddenly,a blast came out of nowhere, bashing itself into her chest, rendering her unconscious and sprawled onto the floor.

"Hn..." draco stepped out of the shadows and beckoned for the figure in the darkness opposite him to reveal themselves. "That was easier than expected." the cloaked figure lowered her hood, revealing the face, of a second Anwen. "you understand your mission...correct?"

"yes. It will be done within the hour." tonks's lips spread into a grotesquely innocent smile.

A sickeningly sweet giggle trilled out in satisfaction as she dragged the Cayne's limp form out of the room past a grinning Draco malfoy.

"Some people just cant seem to mind their own business." he drawled mockingly.

chapter 1 will be up probably within the next six hours. if its not it means i fell asleep on my keyboard. XDDD