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The trees rushed past Harry in a blur as he lurched forward, his body singing as he slithered at full speed through the forbidden forest, a gargantuan serpent at his side. They made little sound, avoiding broken branches and low lying vines as best they could. It was crucial they were silent and blended in to the forest. Their prey was quick and jumpy, and it would not do for them to loose track of it, not after chasing it for the past hour.

Sheka however, was more focused on his now, very pregnant mate. Harry had changed so very much in the last week. He was progressing far faster than anyone had anticipated. Even Anwen seemed puzzled as to why he was developing so quickly.

Within two days his hair had grown into a feather-like texture which acted like a cross between a lions mane and the body feathers of an owl. When angry or agitated, and if he felt threatened, they would bristle around his head, making him look much larger than usual. His eyes had developed into a completely snakelike quality. He could no longer see normally, as his eyes now focused on heat. Harry often described it as "rainbow vision". Sheka himself saw in this way in basilisk form, so it had been quite amusing when harry had woken up to his new abilities.

After the third day, harrys skin had become sleek and smooth, and patches of scails spiraled over his body, especially around the contours of his face. His nose had flattened almost completely and his arms had formed several blade-like scales that fanned out like armor. Ronald had been especially impressed by this and often commented on how harry could easily take down Malfoy if he gave him trouble. Harry had only smiled in a gentile fashion, showing no desire to use them for any such thing.

And over night between the fourth and fifth day, Harrys legs had gone completely, suddenly replaced by a serpentine tail.

Yes. It was all very shocking to him how easily harry had been handling these changes. Sheka however had been in a nonstop panic. Even during calm moments, he always worried about his Carus and weather or not he was comfortable. Of course, when he fussed too much, harry only grew angry.

That was another thing. His already bad temper had become a weapon of mass destruction and he was set to explode at anything that mildly irritated him.

In a desperate attempt to calm harry down during history of magic, which had been taken over by professor Snape, he had attempted a cheering charm from across the room. Only to have it deflect off of harrys scale hard skin and hit snape himself, straight on.

The result ended in five points to slytherin, an unexpected but much appreciated quiz warning, and a full half-inch off of their required report length.

But after the class was over, harry cornered sheka and proceeded to warn him that if he ever pull a stunt like that on their poor, hard working professor snape (ron had overheard this and fainted in shock) that he will find himself on the broken half of a vanishing cabinet.

After sheka had revived ron, harry had already gone to Snape and patted his shoulder in a disturbingly motherly way, assuring him that if he ever needed someone to talk too, he was there to help. Snape had sneered; but after eyeing the blades on his most despised students arms, simply nodded neither accepting, nor admittedly declining the offer.

This hunt, in fact was yet another tactic to let his harry blow off some of that pent up moodiness. And it was working. His mate was focused, determined and hungry. His fangs bared, wrist scales extended and his eyes blazing, he bulleted through the brush like it was nothing.

Their current target? Something harry had been craving for days: Acromantula.

At first he thought his mate was joking. Surely he wouldn't be craving something as obscene as that! But harry had been most insistent, and urged sheka to take him hunting.

The only reason he had given in was because of the ball tomorrow night at Malfoy Mannor. He wanted harry to be calm and focused, ready for anything. They both knew that Voldemort would be there in disguise. But they also knew that with several light ministry wizards, several reporters and even more Aurors, invited, he would probably wish to use it as an opportunity so spy, rather than attack.

Harry had seen this in a vision not too long ago, but they now happened so frequently that he rarely paid them mind.

Sheka growled, still not liking the idea. His job was to keep harry safe, and even thought harry assured him it was, his doubts remained.

::Gotcha!:: harry pounced on a sudden flash of brown and black, a large crunch emitting from under him as he savagely bit into the back of its neck while he dug his arm blades into its sides with a satisfying grunt. Sheka glided over the brush until he had wrapped his body around harry and their catch protectively, and kept watch as harry began to feast on the carcass like a starving savage.

::You seem to be enjoying that spider a bit too much.:: he chuckled when he heard a particularly long slurp.

::sooo gooooood...:: harry managed to gurgle out as he continued to devour his well deserved meal. ::you have got to try this!:: and within a split second, sheka had been slapped in the face by a thrown piece of spiders meat. He sighed and threw his head back, swallowing the chunk of meat whole and shuddered. It was awful! Dear merlin, it tasted like...he didn't know, feet? Arse? It was putrid!

::Ugh! Harry! How can you be enjoying that?:: harrys only reply was the slurping and chewing sounds of him and his food. And sheka thanked that he was no female. He had no desire to be driven to eating, let alone craving something so foul.

He shivered in disgust when the noises continued and he had no doubts, harry would be eating the whole thing...it was going to be a long night.

Her arms ached, her legs groaned and her throat burned, all from her efforts to force a way out. Hermione could scarcely breathe she was so exhausted. Her hands felt like they were on fire, and even though she knew it was only an illusion, her hands were broken and bleeding, from scratching on the walls she had managed to create inside her mind scape. She was getting stronger. She knew it. She was no longer in a swirling mass of white mist. She could now see definite planes above and around her. She had been able to create a room...now she just needed to make a door. But she was already so...so tired.

She didn't know how long it had been; hours, days weeks? It didn't matter, she had to get out...she had to find a way out before it happened...

but right now, she had to rest. Let herself "heal". Or she wouldn't have the strength when she really needed it. She lied down on the floor, gingerly and looked up at the "sky" where she could see everything going on outside.

"hermione! Your back!" ron's grin widened impossibly large when he spotted her walking through the porthole with her luggage. Hermione smiled back, tiredly and dropped her things to walk over and hug him. "Merlin I missed you!" he exclaimed. "how was your vacation?"

"oh it was wonderful." hermione sat down on the sofa and sunk in, as if trying to become one with it and purred in appreciation. "all but the plane ride. Twelve hours on that wretched thing both ways. Australia is way too far for a holiday." she clenched her eyes shut and stretched her arms. "how's harry?" she asked, suddenly looking worried. "is he still angry with me?"

ron cocked an eyebrow at her

"hermione. He was never mad at you, he was hurt that you couldn't see his side of things. But he was never angry." hermione nodded, not looking too reassured.

"I feel awful about it...i did a lot of studying on werewolves on holiday" ron looked incredulous. "yes ron. I studied on my break. But that's besides the point." she sighed. "I overestimated lupine"

"what do you mean?" ron asked. Hermione, looked forlorn.

"Well...all I saw was a misunderstood man. And he was...but I almost forgot the true nature of a werewolf, and what it does to you." ron nodded and reached for her hand, who took it as her lips spread into a small smile. hermione didn't move. "maybe if I had...if I had seen this never would have..."

"no...now you just stop." ron gave her one of her own stern looks. "even if you had seen. What could you have done? Lupin was already lost. We still couldn't have helped him."

"..." hermione sighed and shook her head. "I still feel like..." ron held up his hand and interrupted.

"well you will have plenty of time making up for it." hermione watched as ron suddenly took on an expression of worry.

"whats wrong?" ron hesitated a moment, but then began to explain.

"well...harry...harry is pregnant." hermiones smile froze, her eyes sharp and daring.

"what was that?" she asked slowly.

"harry" ron said, not liking the flames that were slowly igniting in hermione's brown orbs. "is pregnant."

sheka smiled and brushed a strand of hair from harrys face as he slept in his arms, tail wrapped around his torso. He had been carrying his mate all the way home. The poor thing had exhausted himself and then gone and ate himself stupid. His eyes crinkled with content as he carried him into the Gryffindor common room, muttering the password so as not to wake him, when he suddenly felt a sense of foreboding that sent a violent shiver of fear shooting up his spine. What was-

"so..." sheka whip lashed his neck around to face the female who had been waiting for him, ron under her feet in a body bind, his eyes screaming at sheka to run and run fast. "you just thought you could knock harry up did you?" her eyes were ablaze and sheka wondered how it was possible that he had not been incinerated on the spot.

"uhhh..." he said dumbly, not sure how to react to this. He was in deep shit, and he knew it. His bloody demise was written all over hermione's face. She began again.

"care to explain what was going on in that thick skull of yours?" she growled, standing up. Sheka was silent as stone. "I'm waiting for an answer."

sheka's mind was racing at full speed. What should he say? That it was purely accidental? That harry was happy carrying his eggs? She wouldn't believe it for a second, even though it was the truth. And if she did, the fact that they weren't careful about it would set her off again. So he went with-

"can I at least get harry up to bed before you kill me?" hermiones pupils dilated as they did a double-take from the boy in his arns to his face about three times before-

"THATS HARRY?" she shrieked, effectively waking said boy with a jump.

::wa-what's going o-:: he spotted hermione not at all registering that she was currently glaring white hot daggers at his husband. "hermione!" he leaped out of shekas arms and tackled her in a warm hug. "You're back! Merlin! I've missed you!" she tried to speak up, but harry began bombarding her with questions. "How was austrailia? What happened? Was the food good? Did you go swimming at the beach? How are your parents?" he dragged her over to the couch, not even seeing nor caring about the poor redhead, whimpering on the floor. "you have to tell me everything!"

"not until you tell me what happened!" she urged, angrily. "how could you two be so irresponsible!"

"what do you mean?" asked harry, honestly confused. "sheka and I have been great! Oh merlin! I have to tell her!" he faced sheka. "can I tell her?" he didn't even wait for a response before turning back to hermione. "I'm pregnant! Isn't it wonderful?"

the bushy haired brunette's face blanched. Harry was...happy?

"you mean...you actually want this?" she asked disbelievingly. "harry how could you want this? Your only sixteen! You cant have babies!"

"and why not?" harry pouted angrily. "I knew what I was getting into when I married him, hermione. I knew that part of the deal was to have his kids." his pout disappeared, replaced by a scowl.

"but so early? Cant you...you know..." she didn't want to say it. "let it go...and wait ….for a while?" harrys face went dark at that moment, but hermione was too wrapped up in her chastising that she didn't notice.

"what are you saying hermione?" he asked, his words dripping with venom. Sheka knew that voice. That was the "if you say the wrong thing you're my next meal" voice. Ron had been victim of that voice several times a day, among other things...and he wasn't about to let this conversation any further.

"harry." he took his husbands wrist in his hand and pulled slightly "you are tired, and you need to go to sleep." he should have known it wouldn't work, but what man knows how a pregnant mother's mind functions.

::sheka, you have two seconds to take your hand off of me before I put YOU to sleep.:: harry hissed menacingly. Sheka recoiled and backed off. He knew he was being a coward. But he would rather not risk loosing a limb...or five.

"what exactly...are you implying I do?" he shot back at hermione, who was looking cowed but determined to get her point across.

"why ...why don't you abort?" she said concernedly. "i just think that this is too mu-ow!" her head spun to the side quite suddenly, accompanied by a severely stinging cheek. She placed a hand to her face and looked at it...bloody. Her gaze fell on harry as tears welled up in her eyes from the pain.

"wha-." she was speechless. Harry had...he had slapped her.

"If you EVER talk about my babies like that again..." he hissed out slowly, as if talking to a child. "i will do much more than simply hit you..."

sheka was surprised. He could see his harry practically vibrating with furry. And all hermione got was a slap in the face? That showed just how much he cared about the girl. Had Ronald or some other foolish person decided to suggest an abortion, he had no doubt their heads would have rolled.

Harry's eye's narrowed dangerously. "are we clear?" hermione nodded, her hand cupping her injured cheek responding in little more than a breath. Sheka couldn't even hear her.

"...I'm sorry..."

he was a horrible human being...and he knew it. She hadn't deserved that, especially after just arriving back at hogwarts. She had only been concerned about his well being...

harry wish he hadn't been so harsh on her...after he had hit her, she had become very seclusive and quiet. But he hadn't yet calmed down, and could not have cared less. He hated these mood-swings...he couldn't control himself, especially now that he was stronger.

He curled up into sheka's embrace as he fought his guilt. He would apologize tomorrow. He would buy her chocolate, and new parchment or whatever else she wanted to make up for it. Hell if she wanted half of his trust fund, he would give it to her if it meant she would forgive him...

gods he was never going to get to sleep feeling like this.

Dracos body was shrieking. That was the only way he knew how to describe this deep, all consuming burn that spread through-out his being. His back arched through the air dangerously as it spasmed up and down his spinal chord. His limbs twitched uncontrollably, as if electricity were shooting through them. His eyes rolled back and all he could see were those familiar yellow stars framing the blackness. Something was moving inside him, he could feel its brutal force as it thrust within him, tearing him open without mercy. There was no mercy, no tenderness, no kindness left in the world. All there was, was the pain, the white hot agony...and oh, how he loved it.

::louder, pet...:: whispered a voice in his ear. He could barely comprehend it, but he recognised that pattern of hissing. He wasn't sure exactly what it meant, but he knew it was his master wanting him to be more responsive. He screamed louder, moving his arse in time with the painful pounding inside him, forcing himself back into the hips that slapped against him. ::ahhh...much better.::

Draco felt something pressed against his neck, something blunt, but narrow.

::~~~:: he couldnt understand what was said, he was screaming too much, but suddenly the pain was almost too much. He couldn't even feel his master anymore. Oh he knew he was still there, but his focus was no longer on that. no...he was far too close, far too ready to spill himself that he couldn't force his attention away. His master knew him all too well. When it was taking him too long, his master would place him under the cruciatus. After that it only took seconds.

"MASTER!" it was the only word he could get out. He wished he could say more as the pleasure of all this agony peaked, to sing his masters praises, to thank him, to say those dreadful three words he knew would never be reciprocated. But this was enough...it said it all.

But all too soon, it was over. He collapsed in exhaustion...and knew no more.

Voldemort watched as his little toy passed out on the bed, beneath him, and despite his usual self control, a ghost of a smile momentarily spread over his lipless mouth.

Draco was perfect...

he knew exactly how to please him, and he did so flawlessly. He relished in the pain that only he could cause him, he revered it as if it was his god.

Of course, the boy was useful in other ways, but slytherin be damned if these moments weren't the most...dare he say it...precious.

He knew this was a bad idea...becoming so attached to the little malfoy brat. But in all his years, of all his lovers, Draco was on a grand pedestal above the rest.

It wasn't just the sex. It was his attitude, his spunk. His intolerance of his own failure. He refused to make mistakes, and so he perfected himself beforehand, in order to cast all chances of such away. Best of all, he knew what Voldemort's position required. It had happened before. Voldemort trusted no other man but himself for a spying mission. It had been difficult, and he ended up sleeping with that reporter woman, disgusting creature that she was. But draco felt no jealousy. And if he did, he kept it to himself, knowing that it was all for a purpose.

He was so beautiful in every way...and try as he might, he couldnt help but to brush a strand of hair out of the boys clear blue eyes as they began to flutter open again.

"master..." he purred. Oh, but if that wasn't music in his ears. The reverence, the worship in his voice was unparallelled. "mnn do you wish for me to clean up first? Or shal I report now?" of course. Always eager for business. Always ready to move on to the next important matter. He was a hard worker this one.

"no, pet. I rather enjoy seeing you disheveled like this. Go on and make your report." voldemort almost broke his stoic mask when a feint blush covered those cheeks.

"of course My Lord." Draco sat up and took on that familiar, business man state of mind. "i have discovered some very shocking news about Slang Rodrigo." voldemort went over and sat at his desk, pulling a robe over his shoulders. "and it may explain why potter has taken on the appearance similar to that of a lamia."

"go on."

"i had just invited them to the Masquerade when they retired to Rodrigo's bedroom, like they do almost every night." he began, almost too eager to get to the most important part. He was determined to find out what was behind all of it. "Creevy went down to ask them to quiet down, as they were becoming a disturbance. But he ran back upstairs like a madman and urged me to come and see what he had."

"and what did you see?" voldemort looked up from his paperwork and lifted an eyebrow.

"well at first-" voldemort scowled at him, and he decided to skip right to the point. "i didn't see Rodrigo, all I saw was harry fucking an enormous snake and-"

"a what?" the dark lord's red eyes snapped up, looking at nothing in particular.

"a snake,." Draco repeated "a hideous, massive serpent."

Voldemort's expression remained blank, but inside his mind was a writhing mess of disbelife. It couldnt be...not Sheryshka...the creature wouldn't dare. He had taken steps long ago to bind its will to himself. Force it into unquestionable loyalty to him and him alone. It wasn't possible!

But the more he thought about it, the more it made sense. Draco had mentioned that last year, potter had disappeared into the Chamber and never came out. Slang's reported eating habits, the spotting of a gargantuan serpent by his werewolf contacts in the Forbidden Forrest. How could he have been such a fool! It was all right there! And potter!...potter...he was changing...his moods were unstable, he could feel it in their connection. His body was shifting into something more serpentine. Tonks...he needed to contact Tonks...he had to make sure.

But if the boy was...if he was pregnant...

"the children of my forefathers..." he muttered. It all made sense now. The boy was carrying eggs. The children of his forefathers, the basilisk.

The key to bringing down potter was his children...

"Draco...wait here." he stood and began to walk to the door. "i will not be long."

Draco nodded obediently and Voldemort exited the room, gliding down the hallway and into his private library, where he began to search.

It was several hours later when the dark lord set down his quill, a smirk on his face as he leaned back into his comfortable chair.

The open book in front of him had given him all the information he needed. When he had performed the bonding ritual on his basilisk he had come ti this book for the method. And now that he had reread it...he realized just how fortunate this relationship between potter and his pet could be.

It stated here, that although the bonding ritual was permanent, if the subjects of the ritual were separated for long periods of time, it would become dormant, albeit weaker, but nothing irreparable.

The heartfelt loyalty could never be returned. In fact, it would be irrevocably replaced by deep seeded hatred. But, the most important part of the curse remained...

Voldemort was beside himself with glee. A change in plans were in order. Not a dramatic change...no, he wanted to take this slowly. The slower the better. Let sheryshka stay with the boy...for now. Let potters life fall apart on its own...all it needed was a little push.

It was the night of the masquerade, and anyone who was anyone had arrived hours before. Everywhere you looked, the guests were dancing to the refined orchestra, eating daintily at the dinner tables or making small talk on the sidelines. And all of this commotion was making harry uncomfortable.

He had never been much of a social butterfly, so he felt quite a ways out of his comfort zone, especially with all the attention he was getting from the other guests.

All night, he and sheka had been hounded with questions about themselves and their political views on the war. Sheka had done most of the talking, inevitably saving harry from embarrassment. Harry despised politics, his life had been like a game, dictated by such politicians. So it was only natural that he wished to avoid them. Unfortunately, sheka couldn't protect harry from everything.

"what of you Mr. potter?" asked Mrs. Bulstrode as she swirled her brandy. "surely you must have some insight on the current movement to infiltrate the British muggle parliament." Harry's eyes nearly crossed with confusion and looked to sheka for help. Sheka shrugged, not even knowing what parliament was. In desperation harry wracked his brain for an ounce of knowledge and found nothing. So he spewed out the first thing that he could think of.

"well...in my opinion." he began, hoping that they would buy it, "The muggle parliament is beginning to fall apart at the seams. However, with the appointment of the new prime minister coming up, there may be some difficulties. Perhaps rather than infiltrating..." he bit his lip discreetly searching for something to say next. "er...we should make ourselves known to him, and only him. That way we can keep tabs without spending too much effort on the failing muggle population?"

everyone at the table looked at him silently, eyes narrowed. His eyes shifted over to sheka in panic when-

"I've never really thought of it like that..." commented one of the more finely dressed men. "but that certainly makes more sense than what the fool Andervitch has been trying to push on the ministry."

several nodded in agreement and once more the conversation picked up. Harry sighed with relief and sipped his drink while sheka patted him on the back.

"That was a most interesting suggestion, Mr. Potter." harry glanced to where the comment came from and his breath hitched. There stood a captivating young man in 18th century french attire, chocolate brown eyes gleaming in approval as his perfect lips peaked into a smile. "You must have contemplated this for a while."

harry grinned sheepishly and nodded.

"I'm not the most politically inclined, but I try to keep up." the man took a seat directly next to sheka and held out his hand to harry. Harry was surprised at such a gesture. Most of the guests tonight had avoided touching him. He knew he looked frightening, and he didn't mind, but it was nice to have someone who didn't care.

"Lord Bikendi Ambrosie, at your service" harry took his hand and shook it before looking over to sheka. "and who, may I ask, is your dashing gentleman caller?" harry smiled politely and gestured to his husband.

"this is Slang Rodrego, my fiance." slang held out a hand to shake but found his hand being lifted to the mans lips with a kiss. Harry watched this partake, and narrowed his eyes at the obvious flirting, just after stating that sheka was his.

"charmed...im sure." sheka took his hand out of the other's noticing that he was not going to let go himself.

"likewise." he said blandly, very put out by the gesture. Ambrosie seemed unfazed and proceeded to sweep his eyes over shekas form. Harry was very glad they had gone to this party in Renaissance style clothing rather than their original plan of offense by dressing in more eastern, scandalous dress. Harry quickly formulated a plan to draw his attention away from sheka. Talk him into a stupor.

"so, lord ambrosie-"

"please, Mr. potter. There is no need for formalities here." Ambrosie said with a kindly smile in his direction. "Ambrosie or Bikendi is fine."

"well, Ambrosie," harry said, trying to hide the bite in his voice. "I've noticed that-

"oh my." the man interrupted excitedly, looking over at the band. "it has been ages since I have heard this piece played." he turned to sheka and took a refined sip of the wine in his glass. "do you ever listen to Tchaikovsky?"

"I cant say that I have." sheka replied, glancing at harry with a reassuring look. His husband relaxed a little and nodded. He had to be polite. Harry grudgingly abandoned his plan of action, assured that nothing would come of the flirtation; sheka was indifferent to it. "i prefer something more modern in the way of music."

"really?" harry tried not to watch as the ponce swirled his finger over the rim of the glass in a most provocative way. "what artists do you like?"

"to be honest I prefer muggle music." sheka answered truthfully. Hermione had introduced him to an American phenomenon she called- "Dub Step specifically. Have you ever heard of it?"

"I cant say that I have. What does it sound like?"

"It's rather hard to explain to someone who isn't familiar to it." Ambrosie shook his head and smiled lifting his wand out.

"mind if I-" he gestured, asking if he could borrow a memory of it.

"no-go ahead." harry glowered as the young lord placed his wand to shekas temple and drew out a small strand of silver...very slowly. The snake was completely oblivious, but harry had seen enough of this at school to know that exchanging memories was extremely intimate. Something that wizards and witches did not do without complete and utter trust for each other. And when Ambrosie let that string of memory into his own mind, he was overcome with rage...he wasn't sure he could handle this much longer...and it had been less than five minutes.

Sheka watched as Ambrosie closed his eyes and hummed sensuously as the music filled his ears.

"How very sinful." he purred with a sensuous smile. "the ...drop? Was it? The drop is so intense..."

"The dub you heard is one of the more mild tracks."

"Really?" the mans eyes glimmered. "I would most love to dance to it." he then looked around "Unfortunately most of us here are a bit too straight laced. They would find it provocative." he suddenly looked up at sheka as if having an epiphany and turned to harry, who was practically chewing through his tongue to keep from reaching out and strangling the pervert.

"Harry, do you mind if I steal him away for a dance?" harry's eye twitched and he had to physically restrain from letting the sharper scales on his arms from unfolding. Sheka looked uncomfortable with the idea but nodded at harry. It was the polite thing to do. Harry was about ready to just throw politeness out the window and shred this man to ribbons...but sheka mouthed to him from behind ambrosie.

"Keep an eye out for Voldemort." harry sighed and nodded with a roll of his eyes and waved his hand at Ambrosie.

"Go ahead." the young lord grinned and without saying a word, dragged sheka out onto the ballroom floor.

Harry growled and stared at the table, practically burning a hole into the floor beneath it. Stupid Fops and their stupid smiles with their stupid perfect teeth and their stupid-

"Why Mr. potter." harry looked up to see Lucius Malfoy looking smug as ever. "Where is your fiance?" harry hissed under his breath and jerked his head over towards where he and Ambrosie were dancing, not bothering to watch.

"oh my. They certainly seem to be getting familiar with each other don't they?" harry's eyes dilated and snapped his gaze over to them and his mouth dropped. Sheka was doing next to nothing, simply swaying in time to the music, stoic mask in place. Nothing wrong with that, except for the fact you would think he would be trying to stop Ambrosie's tentacle like hands from wandering all over his chest as he pressed their bodies as close as they could get.

Harry stood up violently and his chair clattered to the floor loudly, making lucius jump.

"I have to relieve myself, sir." he sneered through clenched teeth. "Where is the lavatory?"

"Down the east hall, first door to the right." he replied softly. Harry glanced up at him, expecting to see him with one of his more well known malfoy expressions, only to find something along the lines of pity and understanding. "shall I alert Rodrigo when they are...finished?'

"yes...please..." harry pivoted on the spot and began to storm out of the hallway.

When he arrived at the bathroom he stooped in front of the sink and splashed water on his face.

Gods...if he ever met that fucking slut again he would clarify a few things to him...the more painfully the better. He wondered if he could manage to bury him alive without getting caught. He was sure that there was plenty of unowned countryside. Nobody would find him. Yes. That was a lovely thing to imagine. He grinned sadistically to himself and looked into the mirror, where a pair of grey eyes shined from behind him

"holy shit!" he jumped in surprise and turned to face Lucius who looked sternly at him.

"no need for such language Mr. potter. I apologize for startling you." harry nodded. "but I feel I have the duty to warn you about Ambrosie."

"i think I figured out what a slut he is on my own." harry sneered off to the side. "but thank yo-"

"no, you do not understand, Mr. potter." lucius urged. "Lord Ambrosie is notorious for his hatred of half breeds." harry lifted an eyebrow, did Lucius know something about sheka?

"Go on..."

"Mr. potter. I do not know what has been going on with your recent changes, but Ambrosie will not care, he will see you as a thing to be disposed of. Him advancing on you're fiance is the least of your worries." harry narrowed his eyes at Lucius. This was unlike him. Wasn't he against harry? Why was he telling him this?

"And since when do you care about my well being?" harry spat. Lucius nodded in understanding.

"we both are on opposite sides of this war, Mr. potter. But for the moment the dark lord wishes you to be kept alive. It is on his bidding that I warn you of this danger."

"so he IS here." harry stated, more than asked. Lucius nodded again.

"Do not attempt to find him, Mr. Potter. He is well hidden, and only wishes to-"

"I already know this, Mr. Malfoy." harry held up a hand and interrupted. "I am here for similar reasons...thank you for the warning. It is much appreciated." he began to walk away. "if you'll excuse me..."

"I would advise not going back for a while. Seeing him will only fan your anger."

"I can control myself..." harry hissed.

"I am very sure you can. But please, take a walk with me in the gardens. Only for a moment, so you can collect yourself." Harry's eyes were slits now, contemplative and conniving. What was Lucius up to? Was he really just following orders? Or was there something he was missing?

"I will make an unbreakable vow of your safety if that pleases you." Lucius offered. Harry was taken aback. One did not just throw an unbreakable vow around as if it was nothing. Lucius was serious...

"...do it." harry said, nos sure he believed Lucius would actually do such a thing. He was surprised once again when Lucius took out his wand and swirled it around himself, silver mist curling about his form as he spoke.

"I, Lucius Abraxas Malfoy, swear on my magic and my life that Harry James Potter will not be physically harmed tonight in any serious manner, and if danger presents himself whilst I am present, I shall follow my masters wishes and defend him with my life."

the mist faded away silently and for a split second, Lucius glowed bright gold. With a smirk he held out his arm, and harry hesitantly took it. It was better than watching sheka being rutted against by that slut of a Lord.

Sheka sighed and tapped his fingers in the table impatiently. When he had seen that his harry was no longer at the table, it had taken much of his willpower to keep from panicking. They were sheep in a lions den here, and should their present company decide to do so, they would easily be taken out.

He had asked several people where harry had gone, they all had shaken their heads, saying they hadn't been paying attention. He had been ready to start throwing curses when Narcissa malfoy mentioned that harry had mentioned something about going to the bathroom. He had nodded, finally able to relax. But it had been nearly ten minutes and harry had yet to return. He thanked the gods that Ambrosie had chosen to speak with a few other guests for the time being. He didn't need the man molesting him at the moment when he was so worried about harry. But his relief was short lived as he watched ambrosie walk over to him with a loom of determination. he sighed. Enough was enough.

"Lord Ambrosie, listen we need to-"

"Come with me, quickly." he urged, his brown eyes frantic. "its Harry!" Sheka stood up and grabbed his arm firmly.

"what about him?" ambrosie began to drag him through the crowd, towards what looked like an entryway to the gardens. "ambrosie! Tell me whats wrong!" he wrenched his wrist out of the mans hand only to have it grabbed again.

"I just got a tip from one of the others. Lucius is planning on taking harry." he said as he pulled him into the maze.

"what do you mean 'taking'?" sheka growled.

"use your head, rodrego! What do you think that means?" realizing what the man meant, sheka rushed ahead, worry and furry filling his mind.

"where are they?" he hissed menacingly, now dragging ambrosie along behind him.

"hes going to lead harry into the center of the maze. If we hurry we can get there first and stop him."

sheka was momentarily struck with suspicion. Why on earth was ambrosie helping him? What was harry to him?

"why are you helping me? I thought-"

"I'll explain after Harry is safe." ambrosie cut him off and pulled him back. "watch out" he lifted his wand and blasted a hole through the bushes, making a straight path to the maze center. As they walked through, each layer of bushes grew back behind them until they were in the circular confines of the center. The only thing inside was a massive stone bench, very much large enough for two people to lay upon.

Sheka looked at it and growled, eyes blazing.

"when will they be here?" his question was met with silence. "ambrosie, when will-aah!" he shouted in surprise as he was suddenly thrown against the wall, hands pinned above his head. He opened his eyes and saw ambrosie holding him up with his wand.

" Pullanullis." a jet of purple lightning shot at him, hitting him squarely in the chest as he screamed out in agony, his whole body twitching as a severe burning spread throughout his body, focusing mainly on his eyes. Slowly, the pain died down and he went limp.

"I must say...for someone who is known as the prodigy of slytherin...you sure are an easy catch." the man chuckled darkly lifting shekas head with the tip of his wand. Sheka growled and wrenched his arms in attempt to free himself. But his strength was gone...he had to use his eyes.

"oh and don't bother trying to kill me with your gaze." golden eyes widened in shock. "i have nulled all your magical abilities you posses for the time being." ambrosie grinned sadistically as sheka stopped struggling. He knew he was powerless at the moment. "I'll have finished by the time it wears off..." There was no pint. Best to find out what he wanted...gods he hoped harry was okay...he would never forgive himself if anything happened...

"what do you want?" he asked slowly. Ambrosie's expression only grew more gleeful.

"Is that any way to treat me, slang?" he purred, pacing back and forth in a seductive manner. "Oh forgive me. Sheryshka..." sheka lifted his head in shock. Voldemort? How did he...

"It's been a long time pet." blown eyes flowed into red and a hand came up to caress his cheek. Sheka hissed and snapped his jaws at his hand, only to receive a slap in the face. ::Behave.:: he winced and writhed as the compulsion to calm down fought to overtake him.

::Bastard! What have you done do harry!:: the dark lord chuckled darkly and patted his cheek.

::its not what ive done to him, sheryshka,:: his lips spread over his youthful cheeks and he leaned into him, lips ghosting over shekas ear. ::but what you're about to do...:: sheka quivered in disgust as something warm wet trailed over his ear.

::i would prefer not to have been the one to do this.:: the dark lord continued pulling back and removing his wand from shekas chest, who fell from the maze wall to his knees on the floor. ::but unfortunately lucius would not be able to. He lacks the bond we share.:: sheka's breath hitched as he felt his body begin to move on its own, his legs pushing him up into a standing position.

::what are you going to do?:: sheka mumbled through gritted teeth as he fought his own arms, which began to remove his Renaissance style jacket. ::you cant force me to kill my own mate.:: voldemort raised an eyebrow. ::i've been studying that same curse, tom...:: he spat out voldemorts muggle name, hoping to hit a nerve...for thats the best he could do at the moment. :: I cannot harm him...no matter what you try and make me do.::

voldemort cackled softly and twirled his wand between his fingers, watching as sheka was forced to remove his shirt, revealing his toned chest, which goosebumped in the cold.

::Not harm him physically, perhaps.:: he smirked. ::But imagine if you were young potter, watching with jealousy as another, albiet gorgeous man began to move into his territory, tempting his husband until said husband...simply gave in to his feral desires...betraying him utterly.::

Shekas eyes widened in horror as he finally understood what voldemort was implying, when he heard someone approaching.

::ahh that would be him now...:: before sheka could react, voldemort was on him, spelling his cravated shirt off and casting it on the ground as his hands began raking over his chest. ::come now sheryshka.:: he whispered watching gleefully as shekas hands began to move of their own accord around his neck and into his hair. His expression was priceless; horror and pure, unadulterated hatred radiating from him just as his eyes were forced to close. ::you want to put on a good show for your mate do you not?:: sheka growled in protest when those lips closed in on his, fighting the urge to respond with every ounce of his willpower. :: a little more feeling, pet...kiss me like you would your harry.::

voldemort felt a violent shudder go through his servent, smirking against his lips in triumph, and allowed himself to be pushed down onto the bench; a loathing, unwilling tongue entering his mouth.

Harry huffed in frustration as he and lucius wandered through the maze. He had been ready to go back to the party a while ago. But somehow, the blonde had gotten them lost in the damned thing. They had been searching for the exit for quite sometime now and harry was ready to just blast through the hedges, despite lucius' protests not to damage his garden.

"are you sure a simple Defindo wouldn't be repairable?" he asked for the ninth time. Lucius rolled his eyes and shook his head.

"it would take weeks for the bush to grow back, potter. I'll not have it." he sighed, rubbing his temple. "I'm sure were getting close. I hear voices nearby." harry looked at him, and strained his ears. There it was, a feint mumbling...he wondered why he hadn't heard it before.

"i suppose we follow them?"

"that would be the intelligent thing, yes." Lucius replied with a drawl. "run on ahead, ill follow you out." harry nodded and slithered faster through the grass and around several corners. He was getting close. He could almost make out what they were saying.

::~~~not?:: he could understand a little bit now. It was a bit hissy, like they were whispering. Almost there. ::~~~ little more~~~~kiss me~~~~~harry.:: harry stopped just short of turning the last corner. Did someone just say his name? He leaned against the wall and listened, not sure he wanted to interrupt just yet.

::yesss...ahh!:: the voices grew louder, a small amount of moaning accompanying them. ::...dont...::

harry flushed deeply. Whomever it was, he was damn well sure he shouldnt walk in on them. He slowly began to go the other way when he heard something that stopped his heart.

::sheryshka!:: with a gasp and wide eyes, he spun around and shot around the corner.

Sheka shuddered with disgust as his own tongue worked inside that foul mouth. He had to stop! He had to fucking find a way to fight this!

::Don't.:: voldemort commanded. Sheka growled urged himself to snap off the hand that was currently wandering up his thighs... and...and...oh gods he could smell harry! He. had. to. Fucking. Stop!

::Sheryshka!:: came the firm threat and he felt a hand grab between his legs, not for arousal, but for restraint. And without warning, golden eyes turned flaming red.

Harry cried out as the moment he stepped in, something large, colorful and heavy slammed into him, propelling him back. In a daze he shook his head and looked up to see his husband, eyes ablaze and radiating deep seeded hatred as he strode over, too slowly, too calmly to match his deadly expression. His nostrils flared in his now, flat nose, and the scales that framed the contours of his face shimmered and flashed dangerously, like the hypodermic fangs that peaked from his barred lips.

Harry shrank back, almost forgetting this was his husband and whimpered in fear as two clawed hands reached out to him. He closed his eyes, readying himself for whatever happened.

And a hand grasped his throat and he shrieked as they tightened, a wand pressing into his jugular.

::dont come any closer pet...or I kill the boy now.:: harry's heart dropped and his eyes opened to see ambrosie...no voldemort, grinning at him sadistically. ::hello potter.::

::Let. him. go.:: shekas voice left no room for argument. But the Dark lord took orders from nobody. Harry felt the wand's end dig deeper into his neck. Harry wished he could still use his wand in this state, but his magic had changed, and it couldnt channel his powers properly. He bit his lip to hold back a growl as he, ever so slowly, and silently let the claws on his arms unsheathe.

::Hello tom.:: he hissed, giving sheka a look. He didnt seem to notice and advanced further. Voldemort's wand began to glow green.

::Don't test me, pet.:: he warned. ::I would rather this come to fruition at another time. Don't make me ruin all my own plans.:: the serpentine hellion above them only raised his wand.

::Get. Off. Of. Harry...or I w-::

::Avada...:: Harry flinched at the sudden heat that radiated from the wand tip. Voldemort had only said the first half...it was only a threat... for now. Sheka growled and lowered his wand, giving harry an apologetic look. Harry gazed back at him understandingly.

::Thats a good boy.:: voldemort smirked and slowly, the green tip of the wand returned to normal as he whispered into harrys ear. ::look at how obedient my little pe-AGH!::

voldemort porpelled off of the boy and Harry stood up, panting as he lowered his now bloody arm. Without warning, voldemort rolled to his feet and shouted something illegible, a beam of crackling red darting in his direction. Harry dodged and ran towards sheka, who shouted out a "crucio" back at the dark lord, who ducked, cackling as he shot a killing curse. The two separated again in order to avoid it.

::Harry! Aparate out of here! Abscidit!:: Voldemort deflected the curse and harry only roared out and lunged at voldemort, claws barred, only to be thrown back by a blasting hex.

::gah! Im not leaving you!:: harry shouted over his shoulder as he slithered and dogded several successive stunners. He was surprised at the gentile and generally non aggressive spellwork. why was voldemort not trying to kill him?

::Harry! Leave! Thats an order!:: voldemort cackled and sent a swirling mass of blue at harry.

::Better do as he says, potter.:: he taunted. ::Dont worry, youll see him again when i send his corpse to Hogwarts for a proper burial.::

::Go to hell!:: harry shouted as he shot himself at the man again.

::Senavirus!:: harry was hit by a burst of orange, that splattered off if his chest like liquid. He collapsed onto the ground and began to scream, writhing and clawing at himself as the agony slowly spread from his heart. Sheka dived for him without a second thought, scooping him up in his arms and cats a defindo at the maze wall, running through the opening. He didnt know if voldemort was behind him, following or not, but quite honestly, as he shot into the air in smoke aparation, he couldn't care less.

The castle hallways sped past him as he ran full speed to the infirmary, harrys screams of pain stabbing his ears like white hot pokers. Whatever voldemort had hit him with was still affcting him...badly. His eyes stung with tears as he burst through the doors, startling madame pomfrey.

"Harry! Help! Now!" he shouted placing harry onto a cot. The matron didnt need to be told twice, what with harry seizing and shreiking as he was. In less than an instant, she was above harry, casting a diagnosis spell, and frowned before casting a stupefy on the boy, rendering him unconscious.

Sheka looked at her, surprised as she looked at him with worry.

"how long has the boy had you're venom running through his veins?" sheka lifted an eyebrow.

"what does that have to do with anything?" madame pomfrey bit her lip.

"everything...whatever happened too him...you will explain later, young man, make no mistake." she added firmly. "but this spell...did you cast it?"

"Why would I cast a curse on my harry?"sheka growled at her angrily.

"its not a curse."

"what are you talking about?" he practically roared. "What else would cause him so much pain?"

"its not a curse, mr. rodrego." she insisted. "its a healing spell." sheka stood there dumbfounded.

"i...i dont understand. Why would voldemort-"

"VOLDEMORT DID THIS?" she shrieked at him. He nodded and watched as she placed her wand at her throat.

"HEADMASTER! COME TO THE INFIRMARY! NOW!" her voice boomed, shaking the walls with its volume. Sheka groaned and shook his head out of irritation, just as a small pop filled the room, dumbledore now standing by harrys side.

"What happened?" he asked calmly, though his eyes lacked their usual luster. Madam pomfrey spoke before sheka could open his mouth.

"voldemort cast a healing spell on harry..." dumbledore stared at her.

"a healing sp-"

"its designed to purge all venom's and poisons from the body." she looked at sheka pityingly. "How long has harry been infected with your venom, rodrego?"

sheka sat down on the side of the bed, fighting to stay calm as he brushed a strand of hair from harrys clenching eyes. He was still in pain...despite his slumber.

"...since his second year." pomfrey bit her lip, eyes filling with panic. This was not missed by him. "why? What does that mean?"

"...basilisk venom...as you know..." she explained, her voice shaky as she attempted to remain professional. "if it doesnt kill the victim, fuses with the blood, becoming a vital part of their system."

"so what is happening now?" dumbledore asked.

"harry...he...the spell is attempting to dissolve the venom...but by now its already conjoined with his very core of magic...he is quite literally part basilisk."

"hence the changes and his ability to carry my young." sheka spoke slowly. Pomfrey nodded. "so...what will this do to him?"

"...i dont know..." she whispered.

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