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(IMPORTANT NOTE: The story I have prepared is one that I thought out in a specific fashion. In this story, there will be connections from this new world and the world of Eternal Sonata. It will all match up in the end and all will be explained through out the story. After completion of this story, if people are confused by the ending, I will explain it and how it all matches up. YOU WILL HAVE TO READ THE PARTS INVOLVING FREDERIC CHOPIN; THEY ARE KEY TO STORY DEVELOPMENT AND WILL HELP WITH YOUR UNDERSTANDING OF THE STORY OVERALL!)

P.S.: I'm curious to see if anyone can figure out what's going to happen in the end…

1827, Warsaw Conservatory, Poland

Frederic Chopin, a 17 year old, had awoken to the sound of a piano being played. He got out of his bed and began to prepare for the day. He kept in mind the dream that he had had the following, as it had been peculiar case for this specific dream.

(Look, I'm not an expert on Chopin's history, so if I get some information wrong or change some things to benefit the story, don't get mad.)

"Is something wrong, Frederic?" asked a man.

Frederic turned to see a friend that he had had for a while.

"Hello, Balthazar. I'm doing quite fine this morning, thank you." answered Frederic in a simple manner.

Frederic pulled out some paper and started to write notes down. (Not musical notes.)

"Frederic, what would you be writing right now?" asked Balthazar.

"I'm writing down the dream that I had last night. It's been running through my head for a while." said Frederic.

"Why would you need to? I thought you said you've been having the same occurring dream ever since your sister…"

There was an awkward pause. Frederic had stopped writing and Balthazar stood there, regretting his already spoken words.

"My apologizes, Frederic. I didn't mean to…"

"It's ok… I understand…" Frederic paused a little longer, than continued his writing.

"So why are you writing down your dream?" asked Balthazar.

"I had a different dream." stated Frederic in a simple manner.

"Really? It wasn't about… what were there names…"

"Polka and Allegretto. No, it was different." stated Frederic.

"Hey, didn't you say you were never in those dreams?"

"Yes, I was never actually in them; it was more like I was standing to the side, watching the events occur as an invisible barrier was between us."

"That's interesting." commented Balthazar.

"Yes. I can't even imagine what it would be like if I was personally in the dream." stated Frederic.

"Were you in this one?"


"Now why would you change dreams from what you've been having for a couple of monthes?"

"I don't know. But it's interesting to get a new dream all of the sudden. I just watched the same events occur over and over again; but it's interesting to see the couple of changes that are made each time." said Frederic.

"Ok, well I'm going to go now. It was nice talking to you, Frederic."

"I'll see you another time, Balthazar." said Frederic.

Balthazar stood up, grabbed a coat, and headed out the door. Frederic, on the other hand, became extremely enticed in writing the events that had occurred in his new dream. It was something fresh, something exciting to write about and to remember. He needed to get everything down before he forgot, in fear that overnight, he would forget the dream and return to the Eternal Sonata he once knew…

The Town on Vivace

Obbligato was a boy who lived in the town of Vivace. It was a rather small town and everyone pretty much knew each other. Things were easy going and simple. It could get rather boring at times; that when Obbligato would pull his old friend, Rococo into some pretty crazy situations. Obbligato was just about to head over to Rococo's house when he saw an unfamiliar face. It was a new girl. She was around 15, with long, blue hair, a long sleeve blue and white striped shirt, with a dark blue skirt and white shoes. Obbligato was also 15, wore a dark, button up shirt, he kept the top button un-buttoned, grey slacks, black, shiny, shoelace-less shoes, and his hair was long and brown.

"Hello. You knew around here."

The girl smiled at him.

"Yes, I am. My father, sister, and I moved into town today."

"Ok! My name is Obbligato, but you can just call me Gato; everyone around he pretty much does." said Gato with a wide smile.

"Nice to meet you; my name is Cadenza… I would prefer it if you didn't shorten it, please."

"Will do, Cadenza." said Gato.

The two shook hands.

"Would you like to stop by my house real fast?" asked Cadenza.

"Umm… could I grab my friend first? I'm sure he'd like to me you." said Gato.

"Sure thing." said Cadenza, smiling.

"Be back really soon!" Shouted Gato as he ran to get his friend.

Obbligato hurried over to Rococo's house as soon as possible. (Yes, I'll be switching between calling him Obbligato and Gato… ok?)

"Rococo!" shouted Obbligato, knocking on the door as loud as possible.

No answer.

"Rococo!" shouted Obbligato even louder.

"…Nobody's home! Leave! We don't allow solicitors!"

"Get out here you spaz!" answered Obbligato back, with a smile.

A 16 year old came out. He was a couple of inches taller than Obbligato, he wore brown, worn out pant, a light brown vest with a white long sleeve shirt under it, and a pair of black shoes. He had short, spiky red hair.

"What's up, Gato?" asked Rococo.

"There's a new girl in town! C'mon, you have to meet her!" shouted Gato as he was already running to Cadenza's house.

They headed straight back to where Cadenza was.

"That was surprisingly quick." stated Cadenza as they came back.

"This is my friend, Rococo. I call him Roco for short." said Obbligato.

"Nice to meet you; I'm Cadenza. I think I would prefer to call you two by your full names. So, would you like to visit my house, Obbligato and Rococo?"

"Sure thing! As long as you're father doesn't mind." said Rococo.

"He won't."

The three headed over to a house. It was slightly bigger than most of the houses around Vivace, but not too extravagant. They entered the house, being greeted by a golly looking man.

"Hello! Who would these be, Cadenza?" asked her father.

"This is Obbligato and Rococo. They've lived here for…"

"Forever." said Obbligato.

"Nice to have you two around! I see you already met Cadenza, I'm her father, and her sister, Cadence, isn't here right now."

"It's nice to meet you, sir." said Rococo.

"Well, I'll finish getting the house ready; how about you kids go and have some fun?"

"Ok, thanks father."

Obbligato and Rococo said goodbye as they left.

"What do you do for fun around here, anyway?" asked Cadenza.

"We go to A Cappella Forest." said Rococo.

"Yeah! You should see the kind of things we find in there!" said Obbligato.

"Alright, which way?" asked Cadenza.

"Just south of the town entrance. Let's go there now." said Obbligato.

The three headed out towards the forest; nothing exceptional happened. They just explored for a while and Rococo would point out the landmarks to Cadenza to let her know how to find her way out if ever needed. Then Rococo had some news he needed to let the two know…


"Yes… it's true." said Rococo.

"You're seriously moving to somewhere else?" asked Obbligato.

"I'm sorry… I'm going to miss you, Gato." said Rococo.

"Well…" Obbligato started… but then he ran away into the forest.

"Obbligato!" shouted Cadenza.

The two started to chase after Obbligato. They continued to run, but couldn't find him.

"What're we supposed to do?" asked Cadenza.

"…There's nothing we can really do… I guess we'll just have to go back to town. He'll show up eventually." said Rococo.

So the two headed back to town… not knowing the danger that Obbligato was in…

Deeper in A Cappella Forest

Obbligato now saw himself face to face with a wolf creature of some sort. It had sharp teeth, glistening silver fur, and it's eyes screamed for blood. It stared Obbligato down, clearly not going to allow him to leave without a fight. Obbligato picked up the branch that he found on the ground; it wouldn't be too effective, but he figured that it's thickness could serve for a more defensive purpose. The wolf leaped at him, he jumped to the side and avoided the deadly claws. Then, in the inner confides of his brain, he felt a voice screaming out to him… to speak words.


Obbligato struck the wolf multiple times, slamming the last attack on the ground, causing a small field of light to strike the wolf. Obbligato stared at the wolf as it lied still. He look at his hand to discover that his branch had now become a sword. Above the handle was a treble cleft symbol and the blade proceeded out of it. He noticed that he was standing in the light. As he took a step backwards into the shadows, the wolf leaped back at him, with more anger than it had before. More words came into Obbligato's mind.

"Phantom Wave!"

A blast of darkness proceeded from his sword, knocking the wolf against a tree. Obbligato had no clue what was going on; but he did realize that these… powers he had changed depending on whether or not he was standing in the light or darkness. What this could possibly mean, he was unable to realize, but he knew that he would have to get back home, because it was starting to get dark outside… the forest was more hazardous in the dark.

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