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The Beginning


It was raining, of course rain was to be expected in Seattle. It was a rare day that the sun would be shinning. I wasn't going to let it damper my enthusiasm. Today was my first day at The Carlisle Corporation. I had actually worked for this company for ten years, since I was a student, but I just transferred to the Seattle office. I moved around the country to various divisions of the same corporation. I thrived on new experiences.

When the elevator door opened on the 7th floor a small woman about my age greeted me. "You must be Bella Swan?" she announced.

She was petite, dark, and very stylish. Her suit was a designer label and I recognized the shoes right away. She was so bubbly she was actually bouncing. I couldn't help but smile at the energy emanating from her.

"I'm Alice Brandon and I get to show you around. Did they tell you which team you were on? We were so thrilled to get you on our team….but today is not really a good day since we will be presenting."

Her forehead wrinkled into a frown and she leaned closer to whisper, "We have one of the visiting V.P.'s on our team for this campaign, so we are going with his concept and it really sucks. I am sure they won't hold you responsible, since it's your first day."

Without waiting for a response she grabbed my arm and began pulling me down a hallway of offices. She would stop and open each door looking for its inhabitant. After a brief introduction she would begin pulling me to the next room.

She stopped halfway down the hallway and turned to me before opening the door. "This will be your office. You are replacing Rosalie McCarty, who is having a baby. She decided to stay home after the birth and I guess I should warn you, she is not one of those happy, glowing, pregnant women." She opened her mouth to say more, but decided against it, instead turned to open the door.

Sitting at the desk was a gorgeous woman; tall, tan, blonde and apparently very irritated. "Damn, Alice, can't you knock."

"See," Alice laughed as she jumped up to sit on the edge of the desk. "This is bitch Rose," she nodded toward the woman. "And Rose; this is Bella, who is replacing you and making our lives so much better."

Rose gave me a curt smile without even looking in my direction. "Get your ass off my desk. Who knows where it has been!"

Alice jumped off the desk but not because of Rose's order. "Hey, Edward," she called to the man walking past.

He stopped and leaned his head into Rose's, or my, office. I felt my heart speed up. Alice introduced us and I never took my eyes off of him. I had to remind myself that I do not get involved with coworkers. I actually don't get involved with anyone, but coworkers couldn't become sex buddies. Maybe Seattle has more like this one. I was suddenly excited to get into the night life here.

"Edward, this is Rose's replacement, Bella Swan." I smiled and put my hand out to shake his.

"Bella," he nodded quietly.

"Edward," I replied just as stoically.

He glanced at Alice and Rose uncomfortably and continued down the hall.

"I know. I know," was all Alice said as she pulled me to continue our tour. After making our way down two hallways of offices she led me to a conference room. A tall blond man with long hair was leaning over a table looking at several conceptual drawings.

"Hey, babe," he said to Alice. "This stuff is shit!"

She skipped her way over to him and hugged him from behind as he continued looking at the drawings.

"This is Jasper, my reason for living," she laughed. He turned to look at her and then noticed me standing in the room.

"Hello," he nodded. "You replacing the wicked witch of Seattle?"

Alice hit him playfully. "Jasper is under contract to do our art work. He actually works for a different firm but we use him, don't we baby? And don't call Rose a witch," she teased.

"Hi, Jasper," I finally spoke up. "I think Alice prefers we call Rose a bitch, not a witch."

They both stared at me with wide eyes and then broke out into laughter. "Oh, I like this one," Jasper announced.

Alice led me to the Human Resources office so I could fill out paperwork, telling me to return to the conference room when I was finished. I was a little sad to see her leave. I enjoyed her energy and she made me feel welcomed. One of the many secretaries handed me a folder of things to fill out. I hated this part. It was the same at every office I transferred into and I just don't understand why they can't transfer all my information along with me.

By the time I made it back to the conference room my entire team was assembled. I got to finally see the minds I would be working with and competing against. They were all talking and strategizing for the big meeting where they would present their concept for an orange juice company wanting to stress their products use for things other than breakfast. It would have to pass an in-house presentation before the client would be asked to look at it.

Alice was right, it really did suck. I wasn't sure if I would have the nerve to speak up on my first day but surely the other team would voice enough concerns for it to go back to the drawing board.

When they finally had everything in place the conference room began filling up. I instantly noticed when Edward entered the room. He gravitated to the back and didn't make eye contact with anyone. He picked up his packet and began looking through the materials. I did notice his brow furrow. He knew this was crap and it made me smile.

Each member of the team presented parts of the concept and I noticed Alice's enthusiasm was almost non existent. "Stupid office politics," I thought. "What did they expect these people to do when a V.P. was pushing his ideas onto them?"

After the presentation the room was uncomfortably silent when the office manager, Mr. Newton, cleared his throat and finally spoke. "Jasper, you did a nice job with the artwork. Thank you again for your expertise." Jasper just nodded.

Are you fucking kidding me! Is that it? Nobody was going to say anything? I was trying to get up the courage when a voice in the back of the room spoke up.

"This is just…..beyond unacceptable." Edward didn't look up as he spoke but continued flipping through the packet. "If fact," he continued, "this is shit."

Mr. Laurent the V.P. looked at him with a shocked expression. "Would you care to elaborate Mr. Cullen?"

Edward finally looked up and sat back in his chair while crossing his arms in front of himself. "Shit, crap, useless, stupid, amateur."

The room erupted in stifled giggles and Mr. Laurent's face turned bright red. I didn't know if he was embarrassed or angry. Edward's eyes met mine and I smiled and nodded hoping he would understand I was supporting him.

"I think we need to hear some other ideas before we present this to the client," Edward offered.

Rosalie instantly tensed and lifted her chin. Speaking very softly she murmured, "Like hell I'm working all weekend."

I was suddenly overcome by an idea. Without even thinking it all the way through I blurted out, "I think the use of an animated orange reiterates the whole 'orange juice for breakfast' idea. I would suggest we use situations that are familiar but add an unexpected component. Like kids playing in a park and a group of dad's calling them over to hand them some juice. Or a little league football game and at half time the helmets come off and they are little girls running over for the juice."

The room instantly started buzzing. Ideas were flying everywhere. Tag lines were being shared back and forth and even Mr. Laurent was giving suggestions. I felt my heart rate slow down before I had even realized it was racing. Rose caught my eye and blew me a kiss. The wicked witch of Seattle actually blew me a kiss!

Jasper began gathering his story boards and yelled above the noise to give him a call when we decided on the mock ups.

By the end of the day I had somehow transformed into the office savior. People on both teams were welcoming me to the office and inviting me out for drinks. I think I'm really going to like living here.

I never stayed too long in one place and I never kept in touch with people when I left. Facebook and Twitter was not in my vocabulary. I learned from my mother, Renee, that life was to be enjoyed to the fullest and attachments were nothing but ways to pull you down.

I worked along side Rosalie for two long months as she complained about every ach she had, every pound she gained, every slight her husband made. I rather liked her husband, Emmett. He was a happy go lucky, teddy bear of a guy; huge and ominous with deep dimples and a quick smile.

I attended her baby shower, a first for me and found the whole concept a little weird. "Here, Bella," a young woman instructed. "Smell the diaper and write which type of candy bar you think is melted into it."

"Sorry," I said looking directly into her eyes. "I don't smell shit."

The woman looked flustered and assured me it was only chocolate. I stood and made my way to the buffet table. I made a face at the pink cake decorated with a pair of sugar baby shoes. Who wants to eat cake thinking about feet.

Alice appeared at my side carrying a basket full of gifts. "I couldn't decide what to get so I sort of cleaned out the store," she giggled. "What did you buy?"

"Nothing," I admitted. "I put a hundred dollar bill in a card."

"Bella, that is not very creative."

"I spend ten hours a day being creative. Sorry if I don't worry about a baby who is only going to spit and shit on whatever I buy."

"Please tell me you are infertile," Alice demanded.

"Oh, believe me, you will not be receiving an invitation to one of these from me. When this is over lets hit the Grunge."

The Grunge quickly became my favorite hang out. Alice, Jasper and I usually made it there twice a week. It wasn't too far from the office and I began recognizing many of the regulars.

This particular night was unusually warm and the rain was only a mist. It felt like you could actually breathe water instead of air. The club was packed and I was in my own little world as I danced alone on the dance floor. Every once in awhile some random guy would come up behind me and take hold of my hips to dance with me, but I never acknowledge their presence so they all eventually lost interest.

I was holding my Heineken bottle in one hand while my other hand swayed over my head in rhythm to the music. I could feel the sweat dripping down my back so I gathered my hair in my hand and lifted it up to place the cold beer bottle to my neck. It was at that moment I noticed someone starring at me.

He was leaning against the back wall with a drink in his hand. When my eyes met his he moved deeper into the shadows so I could no longer see his face, but I could still feel him staring. I dropped my hair and continued looking in his direction as I swayed to the music.

I had never noticed Edward come here before and wanted to believe it was to see me. We saw each other at office meetings, but never worked together or even had a conversation one on one.

I slowly moved on the dance floor closer to where he was standing. He was my entire focus as I began dancing just for him. My movements were becoming more and more suggestive but I couldn't help it. It turned me on to think of him staring as my body writhed in time to the music.

"What the hell are you doing Bella?" a voice spoke into my ear as a pair of arms circled around me. "Do you want me to arrest you for indecency?" My eyes turned in shock to see Emmett, Rose's husband, pulling me closer.

"You know I'm a cop, right?" he smiled.

"Emmett," I laughed. "Is Rose here?"

"Naw, she home going through all the presents. I'm here with my brother just having a drink and I noticed you hanging your 'come hump me' sign."

"What?" I teased as I slapped his arm. "I was just enjoying the music." My eyes wandered over his shoulder and I saw Edward step out of the shadows. He knocked down the rest of his drink and set the glass on the closest table, while he continued to stare directly into my eyes. I wanted to say something or motion him over but I was still being held by Emmett.

His eyes narrowed as if he was contemplating something, then he abruptly turned and walked away. I lost sight of him in the crowd but he was headed toward the exit.

I mentally took note not to let an opportunity to hook up with him slip by again. It was against all of my rules but Edward seemed like he wasn't the clingy type. If things got too deep I could always transfer to another office. It didn't take long for my opportunity to come.


I was walking down the hallway dying for a drink when Alice called my name. I knew it had to be something trivial because Alice never asked for anyone's opinion except Jasper's. When I stuck my head in the office she introduced me to a new employee.

I wasn't surprised by the face in front of me. Of course, she was beautiful. They needed another face to replace Rosalie. I'm not saying Rosalie wasn't talented. She was on Yorkie's team and he needed a looker to make up for the fact the guy had zero personality. Eric Yorkie and Ben Johnson were hard workers but the creative side of their team was definitely Alice and Rosalie.

I nodded hello to the new face and headed into my office, closing the door behind me. I stared at the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet and waged an internal battle between the bottle of top shelf vodka and my more noble side. This time my noble side won.

When I was called into the conference room to sit through an in-house presentation I was in a very bad mood. I made my way to the back of the room and opened the packet of materials lying in front of me. I was stunned. Alice and Rosalie were more creative than the crap I was looking at in front of me. Nothing made sense until I saw Mr. Laurent, company Vice President, standing with the presenting team. It was obvious they were pitching his idea.

After they made their presentation the room was silent. I couldn't sit still any longer and voiced my opinion. It was only then I noticed the new girl. She was biting on her bottom lip and nodding for me to continue. I couldn't expect her to speak up since it was her first day, but she was in agreement with my assessment of the presentation.

When I suggested we hear more ideas she threw one on the table and knocked it out of the park. She was fast and sharp. I envied Yorkie getting to have her on his team. She was going to be a great replacement for Rosalie….if they could survive the next couple of months together.

I got home that evening and left the lights off when I entered the house. Sam was pacing by the back door so I grabbed his leash and took him for a run. It was totally dark by the time we returned so I turned on the back porch light so I could see enough to pour him a dish of dog food.

I didn't bother making myself any food. I grabbed a bottle and lay across the couch. I woke up the next morning in the exact same position, only the bottle was almost empty.

"Don't give me that look," I said to Sam.

He whined and tilted his head to the side.

"I know, it's not a weekend," I defended.

I don't know why I felt I had to explain to a dog, but it made me feel somewhat better that I had him watching out for me. "I'll eat actual food tonight, I promise."

Sam followed me to my bedroom and watched as I dressed for the day. At least I didn't look like a drunk….yet. I was tenacious when it came to my appearance. After splashing on the latest fad in cologne I headed to work.

I went right to my office and shut the door, where I remained for the entire day. I rarely spoke with my co workers. I went to lunch once in awhile with Jasper but he technically didn't work for the Carlisle Corp. He was on contract to work certain campaigns, so I felt he wasn't really "one of them".

I had been working extra hours on a big national campaign for about a month when I noticed I didn't have the latest art work. I called Jasper and he said to bring the CD by the Grunge and he would take a look at what I had and add the stuff I needed.

I wasn't there long when I noticed a woman dancing alone on the dance floor. Some random dick came up behind her and tried to impress her with his dance moves, which consisted of rubbing his pelvis on her backside with his hands holding her hips. She totally ignored him. It was priceless.

I couldn't take my eyes off of her and when she lifted her hair to place her cool beer on her sweating neck I thought I would cum in my jeans right there. It was then she opened her eyes and looked at me.

"Shit." It was the new girl. I moved back into the shadows and hoped she didn't notice me staring at her. She made her way slowly to my side of the room and continued staring in my direction. I wasn't sure if she could see me or not, but I felt like an electrical current was running straight from me to her. Her body continued to move to the beat of the music and I felt like she was my private dancer, every sway and gyration was meant just for me.

A large man walked up and pulled her towards him. I leaned forward ready to rescue her but she laughed and appeared to know the man. I looked closer to see it was Emmett McCarty, without his uniform on.

I stepped away from the wall and finished my drink. She looked past the large man holding her and right at me. I stopped, frozen to where I was standing. I wanted to motion for her to come over, but she didn't make a move towards me and I wasn't about to try to pick up on a coworker. I decided to catch up with Jasper another time and hit the door.

"Edward," someone yelled. "There you are."

"Hey, Jasper, I wasn't sure you were here."

"Yeah, I came with Alice and Bella."

Bella… that was the name of the new girl; how could I forget a name that meant beauty?

"Would you like to join us?" Jasper asked.

I reached in my pocket for the CD. "Naw, I really have to be going, but thanks for working on this for me."

Jasper looked at me for a second, probably trying to judge my degree of sobriety. "I'm fine Jasper. I've only had one drink all evening."

He smiled lightly and promised to have Alice bring me the additions I was asking for. I headed out into the night and felt lonelier than I had ever felt in my life.


Hook Up


I was not happy about working on Saturday! It wasn't even my fault I had to be stuck inside this awful building when it was so sunny outside. I had my work ready for the big conference next week. It was others who were dragging their feet.

I just finished the last portfolio and threw it on top of the stack in the work room. I was outta here!

The sound of a door closing somewhere down the corridor caught my attention. I looked up and down the hallway and noticed light coming from under one of the doors.


He was tall, lean, and gorgeous, with long legs, and a great ass. He was a man of few words and sexy as hell.

"Maybe today wasn't a total loss."

I opened his office door and stepped inside, closing the door behind me.

He looked up and pushed away from his computer, turning his chair to face me. "Bella," he nodded. Then looked slightly confused and tilted his head to one side.

"There's the boy," I laughed.

I had a theory. Every man had an inner boy. The only thing that differed was to what degree the boy ruled the man. Here he was, in his own office, looking at me like I needed to explain something to him.


My boy comment had confused him further and I really didn't feel like explaining my whole "men are really boys" philosophy.

I interrupted his question by placing my foot on the edge of the chair between his legs.

He stared at my shoe like it was the most fascinating thing ever.

Men loved stiletto heels. They thought it meant women wanted sex but I wore them to even out the playing field. The glass ceiling didn't seem so high when I was eye to eye with the men in the office. It also made them less comfortable staring at my tits.

But who am I kidding; stiletto's make my ass look great!

When his eyes finally broke away from my shoe and up to my face I gave the chair a hard kick sending it reeling back against the wall behind him.

I placed my hands on his knees and lowered myself between his legs. He still looked confused, so I bent over, staring directly into his eyes and breathed hot air over his crotch. Not that I was trying to tell him he was going to get a dry blow job. I just wanted him thinking in the right general direction.

His jeans instantly became tight.

"And there's the man," I teased. Again his head tilted to the side in confusion.

I reached for the buttons at the bottom of his shirt. Most men couldn't pull off yellow, but Edward rocked it! His tan skin was the perfect compliment against the yellow cotton.

After unbuttoning the bottom three buttons I pushed the shirt tails to either side exposing the zipper on his jeans. I was careful with the zipper in case he was going commando.

Boxers, huh, didn't expect that. His ass always looked so tight in pants I assumed he wore briefs.

I reached into the opening of the boxers and pulled out his cock. He was glorious. I don't understand how men can be so cavalier about their bodies. If I had a dick of my own I would never leave the house. I smiled up at him but his head was leaning back against the wall and his eyes were shut.

I had meant to tease him and maybe make him beg a little, but I lost control just looking at his cock twitching in my hand in anticipation. I immediately took him completely into my mouth, right down to where my lips met his boxers.

"Shit, lipstick." I had just applied a fresh coat thinking I would be leaving. It would be rude to pull back and wipe off my mouth. I would just have to let him deal with it later.

He moaned loudly as I took him deeper into my throat. Thanks to a severe bout with bulimia in high school, I had almost no gag reflex. And who said nothing good comes from eating disorders?

His hips automatically thrust up as I flattened my tongue against the back side of his cock and began a sucking motion. His hand went instantly to my hair.

Oh no you don't. This was not going to be some pseudo hand job passed off as a blow job. This was going to be a top of the line suck job.

I wrapped one arm around the back of his waist and held him tightly. My other arm knocked his hand away from my head and then moved up to his chest where I splayed my fingers wide and locked my elbow, pinning him to the back of the chair. Then I opened my throat wide and pushed down further until he was halfway down my throat.

"Oh….fuck….." He yelled.

I kept him pinned and sucked long and hard, my tongue messaging his cock and using my throat to tighten and release around his head.

"Shit…I …oh god…."

His body strained to move instinctively. I kept him tight against me, arousing him just that much more. My own moaning added vibrations up and down his pulsating member.

I felt him push on my shoulder cautioning me his was close. What amateurs were giving him head? This man deserved so much better.

I ignored his warnings and pulled back just slightly so I could impale him further into my mouth. That pushed him over the edge as he exploded in my throat. His entire body went into convulsions and his breath was coming in heaving spasms. I hung onto him, continuing to suck while he rode out his orgasm.

He finally went limp into the chair, no longer fighting my hold on him. I pulled my arms from around his waist and off of his chest and backed my mouth off of him. I gently returned his spent organ to his boxers and zipped up his pants.

Using his knees again, I lifted myself off of the floor and bent over to gently kiss the soft flesh below his belly button. God, I love that spot. Then I turned to leave.

"Hey," he called. I turned smugly to look at him.

"Isn't there something I can do for you?" he asked.

I rolled my eyes, "And the boy is back," I said with a laugh, then turned and walked out.

I was a little nervous about crossing my very defined lines on who I would or wouldn't hook up with. Coworkers were a definite no, but Edward intrigued me. He didn't really fit in with anyone here at the office and as far as I could tell nobody showed any particular interest in him…aside from commenting on his gorgeous looks.

After this afternoon I was certain it would not be the last time I hooked up with Edward Cullen.


I had been working on Saturdays for a few months now. The place was quiet and I didn't feel guilty having a drink while I worked. I was shocked to hear my door open and thankful as hell I didn't have the bottle out of my drawer.

"Bella," I said as I moved away from the desk. I was surprised to see her, but more shocked to see her in my office. Besides the night at the Grunge we never even made eye contact.

She said something about a little boy. I wasn't sure if she was talking about an account or not. Right when I began asking her why she was in on Saturday, and in my office, she placed her foot on my chair and pushed it against the wall.

Before I could think straight she had her hands on my knees and was kneeling in front of me. I must be dreaming, or maybe I had already finished off a bottle and this was a drunken hallucination.

She leaned over and blew her breath over my jeans. The sweet scent of her breath mixed with the heat of the air she blew made me instantly hard. I looked on as she began unbuttoning my shirt. I was totally convinced this was a drunken dream. Who comes into work and gets a blow job from a new colleague? I had to admit this was better than the blackouts I usually had. I really hope I don't forget this dream.

When she put me in her mouth I felt the wet heat and grabbed onto the chair in a desperate attempt to stay conscience. It was the most amazing feeling I had ever felt. I put my hand in her hair, not to move her along but to see if it felt real. Her hair was soft and silky and she reached up and pushed my hand away.

I felt like I was having some wild reaction to tequila. I tried to stay away from that stuff and actually could not remember having a drink at all today. I also knew it wouldn't be the first time I drank and couldn't remember.

I was gone….totally lost in what I was feeling. I had no control over my thoughts, or my voice, or my body. I knew I was close and I only prayed she was not going to pull away. But I had to warn her. The last thing I needed was Bella spreading around the office how I came all over her face.

I tapped her shoulder lightly but she ignored me and pulled me deeper into her throat. I lost it. I only vaguely recall screaming out in my release as she continued sucking on me. Time stopped as I struggled to regain my composure. I fell limp into my chair as she rose to her feet.

When she leaned over to kiss my stomach I wanted to pull her into my arms and thank her over and over again. I wanted to throw everything off my desk and ravish her right there. I mostly wanted to beg her to be real and not a drunken illusion.

I finally found my voice and asked her if there was anything I could do for her. My ears were ringing and I didn't even hear her reply. I only saw her condescending smile as she left the office. The bitch!

I reached for the lower drawer to pull out my bottle.




It was torture…sitting in this hot room listening to every management prick prattle on about company goals. The clock would not move… it sat there, taunting me. I felt anxious and sitting still was uncomfortable.

When we finally broke for a two hour lunch break I decided to go for a run. I had to get some fresh air and get rid of this pent up energy.

I walked quickly to the bank of elevators; one advantage to having long legs. I entered the first open door, not even bothering to see if it was going up or down. I hit the number 6 and turned around.

Shit. A large group of women were headed towards me. There wasn't enough time for the doors to close and make my get-away, so I hit the "open" button on the panel.

"Hello Ladies." I tried not to show my irritation. "What floor do you need?"

"Hi Edward," they answered in unison, and began calling out different numbers. One voice caught my attention and not just because she called out 416, her room number instead of just the floor.

"Bella, the elevator doesn't take you to your room," the robust secretary laughed.

"Sorry," she said looking directly at me. When the other women turned to stare forward, as is customary in an elevator, she winked at me.

The day was suddenly getting interesting.

I made my way to my room and took off my suit coat and tie. I pulled my shirt out from my pants and then stopped. Maybe running wasn't what I needed. I grabbed my keys, and walking past the elevators, I headed for the stairs.

412…414….416. I quietly knocked.

She opened the door and stepped back for me to enter. She was wearing a terry cloth hotel robe and had a hair clip between her teeth. One hand was holding her hair up and the other took the hair clip and fastened it behind her head.

"I was just jumping in the shower," she announced.

I reached out and took hold of the tie around her waist and pulled it gently to undo the bow.

"Want some company?" I asked.

She smiled and nodded toward a chair, "You can hang your clothes on the chair." Then she turned to walk into the bathroom.

I quickly threw out my hand and caught the back of her robe holding her in place. I pulled the hair clip out of her hair and dropped it to the floor, then whispered into her ear, "I think all of you will be getting wet."

Her breath hitched and she pulled away without retrieving the clip.

I hung my pants and shirt carefully over the chair and then placed my shoes, socks and boxers underneath.

When I opened the shower door she was rinsing conditioner out of her hair. Her head was tilted back, eyes closed, and running her hand through her hair as the water beat down on her. She was completely shaven, I didn't think I would like that, but now I couldn't wait to find out. I could get off just watching this.

I grabbed her hips and backed her up roughly into the shower wall. Her eyes flashed in surprise and then closed as I pushed my erect cock against her stomach.

"There's the boy," she murmured.

What was with this BOY shit? I'll show you boy, I thought, as I ducked my head into her neck sucking on her wet skin.

Then it hit me like a bolt of lightning. I was planning on fucking her hard and fast right here in the shower….just like a stupid teenager. But I wasn't a boy. I was a man. And damn it, I could fuck like a man.

I let go of her hips and backed up a little. She moaned and tried to pull me back into her. When she opened her eyes and looked at me I was hoping I didn't have a light bulb over my head. I took her hands and placed them above her head against the wall.

"Don't move these unless I tell you," I demanded.

I reached past her and picked up the body wash, emptying a large amount into the palm of my hand, then began exploring her body. Every place I touched I also kissed. Slowly, methodically, I moved from one part of her body to the next. Amazed at the different sounds she made as I touched different parts of her.

I lingered on her leg gently sucking right below her center. My nose would lightly brush against her shaven lips making her gasp. Yes, I definitely liked this!

Her breath was becoming more and more labored. "You're killing me here Edward," she moaned as she began running her hands through her own hair.

I hit the faucet shutting off the water and stepped out of the shower. I grabbed the second hotel robe and put it on my dripping body. Then I turned and held my hand out for hers. She removed her hand from her hair and placed it in mine. I pulled her from the shower and put her robe around her shoulders backing her into my chest. I used a towel to massage her scalp and damp dry her hair.

I dropped the towel onto the floor and brushed her hair to one side so I could softly bite the skin below her ear. God, I love that spot.

We began walking forward while I still held her to my chest. She leaned her head back onto my shoulder and let me lead her to the bed. I stopped just as her legs touched the mattress and continued to hold her upright against me.

"In the pocket of my robe," she whispered.

I reached in the pocket and felt a condom. Smart girl, now I wouldn't have to find the right time to make my way over to the chair and dig through my wallet.

Tossing the condom on the bed I pulled the robe from her shoulders and let it fall to the ground. I took her left hand and placed it on my thigh. "Leave this hand here," I said in a husky voice as she shivered in my arms.

I placed my right hand on top of hers and began moving it slowly down her stomach. Her fingers were so slender and small compared to mine. I could still feel her skin with my fingers even though hers were right under mine.

As we got closer to her center I tapped her leg with my foot. "Spread for me, love," I asked seductively.

"Oh…god….." she moaned as she took a step to the side.

I continued pushing her hand down with mine and as we made contact with her clit she yelled out arching her back against me.

"So fucking good," I whispered into her ear. "You're so wet for me," I moaned as I slid our fingers up and down.

On the next pass I pushed with my middle finger taking both of our fingers into her.

"Fuck….Edward," she cried.

I began moving my thumb over her clit as she moved her hips to the rhythm of my fingers. I used my index and little fingers to hold her hand tight as I pumped our fingers in and out of her.

I felt her knees begin to give out as her body reached its limit. I pushed them against the edge of the mattress with my own legs to steady her and tightened my grip around her waist. I felt the walls of her clamp down and a new surge of wetness all around us.

She collapsed in my arms and tried to slow her breathing as I pulled her fingers up to my mouth and began sucking on them. I sucked and licked like a starving man eating the sweetest nectar in the world.

Her head turned against my chest as she watched me clean her fingers.

I was not finished yet with my whole "fuck like a man" plan, so I pushed her forward until she was straddled on the edge of the mattress, her wonderful ass right in front of me. She knowingly arched her back allowing me perfect access.

I had the condom on in two seconds flat. Okay, slow down, I had to remind myself. I placed both hands on her hips and slowly entered her.

She moaned loudly and I had to hold myself still for a moment. The feeling was so intense and my mind wanted to be lost in the hot, tight, wet sensations surrounding me. A smile slowly spread across my face as I gained control.

I began moving her hips forward very slowly and then back against me. I kept up the slow pace until I felt her fighting me for control. "Faster…..harder….." she begged.

I didn't pick up speed, but I did oblige with the "harder" plea, slowly moving her further forward and then pulling her toward me as I thrust hard into her.

"God…yes!" she screamed.

I was moaning and grunting as I continued slowly pounding into her when she suddenly dropped her forehead onto the bed. Her body tensed and I finally picked up the speed.

Together we cried out and I had to place my hands on the bed to keep from collapsing myself. She fell onto her side, and I instantly regretting letting go of her hips. Both of us were gasping for air.

I had to will my legs to move as I headed for the bathroom to dispose of the condom. I caught my reflection in the mirror. I had to restrain myself from pumping a fist in the air yelling, "You're the Man!"…..but that's what a boy would do.

Just when I was about the return to the other room something dawned on me. I couldn't just walk out like she did because I was bare ass naked. Would she expect me to stay? What excuse should I use?

Shit, shit, shit.

I couldn't just stand there, so I decided to play it by ear.

I walked over to the chair where my clothes hung and finally looked up. She was sitting in the middle of the bed, her robe back on and grinning from ear to ear.

I couldn't help but grin back at her.

She jumped off the bed and grabbed a brush and makeup bag off the dresser. "See ya," she smiled as she walked right past me.

Thank God!

I dressed in record time as I heard the blow dryer humming in the other room.

The bathroom door was opened about a foot, so as I reached for the exit I glanced over at her. She turned to look at me, still wearing that grin, and turned off the blow dryer.

"What?" she asked as I stared at her.

"What's the smart ass smile about?" I inquired.

"I can't help it. I've finally been fucked properly. I'm…..happy." She shrugged her shoulders and the huge grin returned.

I rolled my eyes and said, "You're such a little girl," and walked out the door, wearing my own smart ass smile.


I wanted to scream from the highest rooftop. I wanted to call every man I had ever had sex with and tell him what a loser he had been. How was I going to sit through the remainder of the conference with any semblance of concentration?

My entire body was tingling when I walked back into the large room. "How was lunch?" Eric asked.

"Good," I smiled. I noticed Edward look in my direction. "Great, actually," I clarified.

"Did you try the grille across the street?" Eric seemed way too interested in my lunch menu.

"No, I just had something sent to my room, best I ever had," I smiled.

Edward smiled too as he headed back to his seat. We were acting like school kids experiencing our first love. I couldn't keep my eyes away from him and he kept winking and smiling at me. Of course, this wasn't love…..but it was something I wanted to make sure I kept while I was here. Edward would definitely be my sex buddy.

We went on like this for almost nine months. We didn't talk much and that suited me just fine. We had sex….often, in cars, in parking lots, in stairwells and in each others offices. I did notice how Edward's breath always smelled of alcohol. It wasn't the reason I never kissed him, as long as the alcohol didn't interfere with his performance I didn't care if he spent twenty four hours a day drunk.