Noah opened the door setting down his things just as a dark haired little boy ran down the hall shouting "Daddy!" Noah scooped him up with a laugh spinning them in the alcove then locking the door.

"Hey there runt where's your papa?" He asked since Kurt hadn't popped up like he usually did. Noah wondered if he'd suddenly gotten a big project.

"He was on the phone with PopPop and shut himself in your room." The seven year old said squirming to get down. Noah frowned and hung up his coat.

"How long ago was that?" He asked his son as they entered the living room. "Not long I'm only half way through the first part of my show." The kid just plopped right back down. Noah shook his head. Kurt would have a fit when he realized television had won in their attempt to raise Brian without it. Noah went to his and Kurt's room opening the door. Kurt was sitting on their bed a black ring box in his hands. Noah hated that ring box. It meant Kurt was thinking about Blaine. Noah walked over and sat down waiting for Kurt to talk.

"Dad called. Eve passed away yesterday morning." Kurt said voice hallow. Noah closed his eyes. Eve and Kurt were very close. They often spoke and she just adored Brian. She was like a third mother to him. "Andy couldn't find my number so he called dad." Kurt sniffed.

"I'm sorry babe I know how much you loved her." He reached up and rubbed Kurt's back.

"I just spoke to her Monday." Kurt closed his eyes tight. "She had told me they were thinking of letting her go home. How could they be thinking that and then she just…?" Kurt covered his mouth to cover a sob. Noah pulled Kurt to him and hugged him tightly.

"When's the funeral?"

"This week end. But I…we…there's so much to get done. I have to finish my article and the layout and Brian has a project due for school. Oh my Gucci I totally just left him out there by himself!" Kurt squeaked.

"Kurt he's fine." Noah soothed. "It's a family emergency and we're going to take the time off and fly down so you can say your goodbyes." Kurt just stared at him.

"You're perfect you know that." Noah chuckled.

"Naw I'm just doing what's right. Now why don't you wash up a little and sit on the couch and watch TV with Brian and I'll go cook dinner."

"But it's my turn." Kurt pouted.

"You can cook while we're at your dad's. He still won't eat my food." Noah pouted making Kurt laugh.

"You just had to tell him about the pot cupcakes." Kurt replied leaning in to give him a kiss.

"I thought it would be a funny story something we could all bond over."

"Well you were wrong and now you don't get to cook around my dad. I still tell him I cook every meal." Kurt laughed and got up heading to their bathroom. Noah chuckled yeah it was his own fault. He stood knocking the little box to the floor. He bent down and picked it up. Holding it for a moment before putting it back in Kurt's bedside drawer. He never mentioned it. Kurt never did either.

Kurt had the occasional nightmare usually if he saw too much bad shit in the news or watched an action movie. It hadn't happened in a couple of years but Noah had a feeling it was going to be a late night. He was going to have to call into work and call Brian's school in the morning. They'd have the earliest flight they could make the next day. Kurt would always miss Blaine and Noah had come to terms with that. But it was his ring on the fashonista's finger and their son in the living room. Noah and Kurt had decided on a surrogate and mixed their sperm. In reality he could be either of theirs the kid took turns favoring them. Not that they had ever wanted to know, Brian was theirs till he moved out and married someone. Then he was their problem. "Noah what's the matter?" Kurt asked with a light frown.

"Just…thinking." He replied.

"Don't hurt yourself darling." Noah snorted then threw the smaller man over his shoulder. Kurt squealed and Noah went out into the living room. Brian looked up at them curiously. "Noah Puckerman if you don't put me down this instant you Neanderthal I swear I'll…" Noah dropped him on the couch making Brian laugh and hop right on top.

"Alright I'm cooking tonight so you two stay out." They both looked up at him bluegreen eyes in stereo. He was a sucker for those eyes. Both had him wrapped around their fingers and they knew it too.

"Use the chicken I took out." Kurt said as he left his two favorite men in the living room. Life was good.