"Please," he begged on his knees, groveling. "I don't know anything about the phantom source!" He looked up at me, I smiled, he just compromised himself, "Really?" he shook his head, "Because I never said anything about the phantom source," He looked horrified, he knew he had just compromised himself, maybe even his whole organization with any luck. "I… I…," he stammered. "You, You, what?" I mocked, slowly walking away from his position in the middle of the black room. I gently raised a large cylindrical vial of Serum-C to eye level, ready to inject every drop of it into the veins of this traitor. "I don't know anythi-," I rushed over to him closing the distance, swiftly injecting him with Serum-C. His eyes rolled back into his head and blood gushed from his mouth. The serum worked. I watched as he slowly started slipping into convulsions, suddenly silver liquid shot into the previous container of C. He slumped to the floor as I picked the vial out of him. I found it funny. That in less than one minute, I had moved a whole beings consciousness, into a glass container, bubbling and oozing inside, I would soon know what it was he knew, by injecting in to my own mind. And then I'll take my army of Nexts, and I will take them to the Phantom source, and I will extract and inject it, into my being, and then. A loud buzzing sound interrupted my thoughts. "Sir, we have a promising new initiate that we would like you to see," the lady on the other side said. "Name?" I inquired. "Samuel Dacx"