The small blond tottled down the red carpet, flower petals littering the floor behind him as he walked. His steps were measured, but hesitant as always and his eyes kept glancing to the right where another small child was walking. This child held a tiny pillow in his chubby hands (or hand, his left was plucking at the bow tie that was wrapped tightly around his neck, a little tighter than it normally would have been, but that was because his father knew the kid would be yanking at it even as he traveled down the isle) and his feet crumbling rose petals as he stepped. He was taller than the first, but both had blond hair and blue eyes, though the firsts' were more of a violet than blue.

The man standing at the front of the room motioned for the flower boy to speed up a small amount, gesturing with his fingers while flipping his long blond hair over high shoulders. The child moved quicker, sprinkling petals a bit more haphazardly than he had prior and stopped beside the man at the altar. The other boy had sped up as well, keeping in time with the shorter, but instead of walking to the man, stood off to the opposite side.

Suddenly, another man, also blond (how this entire thing happened, neither adult was really sure – fate maybe?), appeared in the doorway. He walked himself (too proud to have one of his many brothers, who were watching from the pews, do it for him) down the flowered isle and stopped, turning to face the man who was already there.

Within minutes, the two were wed.
Within hours, the four were a legal family.
Within days, the family was moved into a new house.
Within weeks, the children had started playing small games together.
Within months, the two were inseparable.
Within a year, the eldest of the two youngest was gone.

It happened one bright day in the park, like many other incidents that have such been noted for the same thing that would soon be happening. The young family had gone to the park for a family outing. Alfred, the younger of the two small children, was forever a small packet of energy refusing to be tied down no matter how much his father (the biological one), Arthur, tried to do so. Matthew, the older of the two, was always shy and quiet (despite the fact that his biological father, Francis, was the biggest social butterfly ever known) and no one could have ever guessed that, given the two children as a choice, it would have been him that disappeared.

"Alfred! Don't go too far from the swings, ok, Lad?"
"Yeah Daddy! I heaw ya!" A pause before the younger grabbed the elder child's hand and dragged him away with him, "Come on, Mattie! Let's go to the swings!"
"O-Ok, Alfred." The two kids ran off as fast as their five year old legs could take them towards the bush grove that surrounded the hedges.

Twenty minutes later, Alfred fumbled his way to his father crying and rubbing incessantly at the back of his head. "Daddy! D-Daddy! H-he tooked Ma-Mattie!"
That got the attention of the two adults.
"What, mon cher? Where's my son? You're brother? Where?"
"The man to…tooked him! Tooked him away! He hitted me on the head too! Real hardly!"

The adults ran off (well, after Arthur had scooped his son up and into his arms) towards the swing sets where, unsurprisingly, neither managed to spot the elder child.

For minutes, the parents talked to the police about what happened.
For hours, the adults tried to find their child in the park.
For weeks, the parent's dealt with interviews and nervous telephone calls.
For months, the adults had to deal with people saying how such 'bad' parents they were.
For years, the parents never gave up or moved on even if everyone else had.

The family never really stopped trying to find their son (or brother, in Alfred's case). It was years later, however, when life through a curve ball at the small family.

This is a multi-chapter story. A multi-chapter story that was really done on purpose this time.
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