Hello readers, here another Naruto stroy. THis thought came to me in a dream, yes a dream. Naruto, immortal, god like, every lady after him. THen after many, many fanfic's, i decide to type it out. Some of teh ideas behind this came stright from my girlfreind, so bare with me as i sort out her crazy ideas.

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In the back streets of Konoha's market place; a little boy; no older than five was running for his life. Chasing him was a mob of civilians, and a few shinobi's. The boy ducked under a cart, hiding as the mob ran passed him. He looked down at the puddle of water next to him, and stared at his reflection. His spiky blonde hair and bright blue eyes; but the thing that made him mad was the six whisker marks, three on each cheek.

"Demon, come out, come out where ever you are." Yelled one of the civilians in the mob, "I promise I'll end you quickly, after we share the pain you gave us."

"No!" the boy yelled as he ran out from under the cart, "I rather face the council, then you." The boy took off down another back street; the mob gave chase to him.

Boy made a turn down an alley way, which came to a dead end. He came to stop, looking at the three story tall wall, and looked back. The mob gain a few weapon during the chase, the sun was now just low enough to give the all a dark glow as the approached. The boy dropped to his knees, tears began to build up in his eyes.

"What did I do to you?" He asked.

"You killed every one we loved demon!" Yelled one of the few shinobi in the crowd.

"But I never killed anyone?"

"Shut up demon and face you sins." The shinobi went through a series of hands sigh before breathing in, "fire style; fire ball jutsu." He blew a ball the size of a little boy at the cry boy. (A/n: Irony, the size happened to fit Naruto's size.) The mob began to cheer as the fire engulfed the boy, until one saw in the fire was a person, too tall to be the boy.

"What the hell!" the man said, "Who the hell are you?" The mob got quiet and stared as the fire died down, showing a young woman with snow white hair and bright blue eyes wearing white robes.

"Poor child, who attacked him?" She asked quietly as kneeled down in front of him, "Are you okay child?" the boy looked at her smiling face and gave a small nod.

"D-d-did you save me?"

"Yes, that fire jutsu would have killed you."

"Duh, the demon should die, don't you agree?" yelled the shinobi that gave the attack.

"Demon? Wait…are you Naruto Uzumaki?" She asked.

"Y-y-yes, I think that's my name, why?"

"Nothing my dear child, nothing." She stood up and turned to face the mob, "Divine Judgment!" she roared. Her hair went half black as time began to slow down around the mob, "you dare threaten one of my vassals, the daughter of Kami and think you will survive. Think again." The lady produced an orb of blackish-purple light and slowly began to crush it. The mob began to gasp for air as the ladies hand came to a complete fist, crushing the orb. She looked at them before letting out a laugh, "It seems that Fate has plans for you." The attacked canceled as she went back to normal. She walked over to Naruto and kneeled down in front of him.

"You should keep a better eye on this boy Sarutobi." The women said, behind her were the village leader, the Hokage and behind him were six AMBU guards, "the child of a demon his is, but a child of fate he has become." She looked at Naruto who was now asleep in her arms, "He has a kind spirit and soul, no corruption from being a child of Sin."

"And you are my mysterious lady?" the Hokage asked.

"Sorry," She stood up with Naruto in her arms, "My name is Kami the divine, ruler of the court of Kami."

"My lord?"


"Then the Kyuubi?"

"Was a child of mine? For long I thought she was looking for a mate, to think she was sealed into the boy; sigh at least she is safe." She looked down at Naruto's sleeping face, "He will be a lady killer when he gets older, such a fate his parents faced, but I'll see to it, that he is cared for."She before to walk away when the AMBU guards appeared in front of her.

"Drop the boy my lady." Said the captain, his hand reached for the blade strapped to his back. He went to draw it, when he felt a blade pressed against his neck. The five around him went tense before reaching for their blades.

"You dare draw a blade to my lady." Said a low and harsh voice. Kami looked passed the AMBU captain to see a little boy with a purple hood holding a claymore to the captains neck.

"Bahamut?" she said.

"You know this guy?" the Hokage asked.

"Yes, he is another child of my, Bahamut Drake, leader of the Drakes and possible summon. Let the guard go Bahamut."

"But my lady, he was going to strike you down." He said quickly, "Let me show these mortals true pain."

"Do it!"

"Sigh…As you wish my lady." He lowered the claymore from the captains neck, "Shiva and Ixion are currently MIA for a while."


"Yep…and it seems he calls for me." The boy took a step back, "touch my lady and I'll end every last one of you." He gave a bow, turning into a fierce dragon and took to the skies, vanishing into seal trigram.

"I will take the boy Sarutobi, and you know you really can't stop me."

"Yes…but the council will have a field day with it." Kami let out a little giggle.

"That simple, just tell them that Naruto was taken in by an outside force, in hope of training him to be the weapon that they desire." She shifted Naruto in her arms and reached into her pocket, pulling out a scroll, "give this to them if they ask who took him." She tossed it to the hokage and vanished from sight. Sarutobi opened the scroll and looked at it before rubbing his temple.

"Damn Kami, just what they fear would find him." He pocketed the scroll, "AMBU, take the mob to Ibiki, may their souls rest in peace." He vanished from the area.

Kami sat on her throne, Naruto curled up in her lap. She had a smile on her face as her brother and sister came into the room. They took their respected seats on their thrones as Naruto began to stir. She looked down to see his bright blue eye staring up at her.

"W-where am I?" Naruto asked.

"In the majestic court of Kami." Kami said.

"Damn it…I died." Naruto cursed, "Old man isn't going to like this."

"Naruto you're not dead." Kami said, shocking Naruto, "you here, because I want you here, in hope of training you."

"Say again? You w-w-want me?" Naruto said pointing at himself.

"No shit Blondie, my sister doesn't just take a mortal for nothing." Said the man in the room.

"Kira, show some respect fort eh boy." The other female in the room said, "I've seen his life, and it is fucked up. He has a hard time accepting that someone wants him. Beside, you were the same way at one time."

"You lie Fate!"

"Really Kira? I lie?"

"Shut up you two! Father you guys argue more than a married couple, and Kira you was." Kami yelled scaring Naruto, "Now Kira, go and find the Acolyte's tomes and robes. I have a new son to train."

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