A.N. This was originally done as a prize piece. I'm typically not into yaoi, but I thought this one came out okay. I don't own Yu Yu Hakusho.

Fire licked at the blue haired male's skin, stirring his fight or flight response. He knew what the other male wanted. What he always wanted. He fled.

As if the fire user knew what he would do, he pounced on the one who dared flee him. "Submit." His fangs came out, knicking the ice youkai's throat over and over as his youki flared and attemped to overpower his.

Struggling vainly, the weaker man concentrated, trying to send the chill of his power through the youkai who held him. Fire versus ice... An ancient battle. And yet, as he attempted to use his ice, it was suddenly turned back on him. His eyes widened at the realization. His ice could be controlled by the hybrid.

Dominating his body as he had his aura, the crimson eyed male pushed the weaker one to the ground, making sure he was in his favorite position. "Hn. You are mine, Touya." With that, he thrust his hips forward.

Youki pulsed and danced around them, moving with the intensity of their lust. Their auras glowed, embracing in the age old dance as well.

And suddenly, it was all over as the dominant male cried out his pleasure, sinking his fangs into the other's collar bone. It was a mark, a bond. All would know the weaker youkai was his and his alone.

Moaning softly, the blue haired man could only ride out the pain and pleasure. "Hiei..."