The Secret Affair—Chapter 1

*Disclaimer: I do NOT own these characters or the show, Huge. This fictional writing is just for entertainment.

After the sharing circle session, where George saw Amber holding Ian's hand, everyone went back to their cabin, except Amber. She decided to sit by the lake and observe the moonlight. She knew she was breaking curfew, but she didn't care. She needed some time to think things through.

At around 11:00pm, George went outside of the Boys Cabin to clear his mind. He couldn't even look Ian in the eyes without feeling a sharp pain in his heart. George also had to make sure no one was sneaking out, so he decided to take a stroll.

A few minutes later, while he was walking down the path near the lake, he noticed Amber viewing the glimmering moonlight. George quickly felt his heart pound faster and he could feel a shortening in his breath. He didn't have a chance to confront her about what had happened during the sharing circle. He needed to know why she was grasping Ian's hand. He needed to know what went wrong.

George realized that this was the perfect time, so he quickly ran up to her. Amber was startled by the sound. George quickly said, "Don't be afraid, it's just me...But, we need to talk."

Amber was silent for about a minute until she turned around, sobbing. "George, I am so sorry! When my mother was leaving, I saw you talking and laughing with Katie's older sister...I can't compete with that. She beautiful, funny and...thin. A girl like her is perfect for a guy like you...I just can't." Amber cried.

George was shocked, he had no idea that that was what Amber thought. "Amber, no one is asking you to compete. You are beautiful just they way you are. I love this Amber...I always will..." George said softly. He never felt like this for any girl before.

"" Amber asked.

"I do. I honestly do." George answered. Once again, he took off his chocolate-brown sweater and wrapped it around Amber. They sat there for a few minutes, cuddled up together, staring into the mysterious sky.

All of a sudden, a canoe rocking with the water, brushed up against them at the shore. George and Amber glanced at each other at the same time. "Why not? It could be romantic!" Amber laughed.

George quickly pulled the canoe onto the shore and sat inside. Amber followed his movements and sat down between him. They both laid down at the same time and gazed at the moonlight once again. She loved having George's strong arms wrapped around her, protecting her. For once in her life, Amber felt secure.