"Kelly wants me to go on tour with her…" Beau whispered as we laid in bed, his arms tight around my waist. We weren't sleeping just yet, but the windows were opened a crack, letting in a light breeze and the soothing sound of crickets.

"I'd expect no less…but…wait- doesn't she still have a month left? I thought you said-"

"They pulled her out…her…husband pulled her for the tour," he said. I knew that he didn't agree. Beau had faced his fair share of trouble with drinking. But he was four years, three months and twenty three days sober. And he just wanted to help others be the same. He was one of the good ones.

"Oh…" I said- not knowing much about it and there was definitely nothing I could do to fix it. Beau was a healer- and someone had interrupted his process. "But…does this mean you're leaving?" I asked, my hand gripping his more tightly.

"Maybe…" He drawled, "I ain't been officially asked yet…her husband don't seem to like me much…"

"That's insane…" I mumbled back, slowly being taken over by sleep, "Everyone loves you, Beau…including me…"

And that was the last thing I remembered.

When I woke- Beau was not lying next to me. Not that I was surprised. I slowly rolled out of bed and headed into the kitchen of our small apartment. He was cooking. And he looked really into it. I ran my fingers through my tangled hair and leaned against the frame, "You're playing downtown tonight, right?" I asked, giving a yawn.

He nodded. His white wife beater protected his perfect chest from being damaged by the crackling bacon on the stove top. "I've got a feelin' that James Canter will be there…" he said.

"You nervous?" I asked. He shook his head. But I knew he was lying.

"Save me a seat at the show tonight?" I asked. I had to get dressed for work.

At first there was no response. But slowly, I saw a smile crack slowly across his features, "Yeah…yea always…" he finally looked at me.

I smiled back, "You bet your sweet ass, always," I said. "I'm going to get ready for work…"

"You takin' a shower?" he asked, moving the bacon from a live burner to the back.

I nodded, "Yeah, why- you need it first?" But his next look told me everything. I slowly smiled and motioned my head in a sultry manner towards the bathroom. He followed without question.