I'd had two days to pack my bags. But it had gotten to be 6am the morning we were leaving for the tour and I was nowhere near ready. We had two hours left to sleep which Beau, Mr.I-Packed-My-Stuff-On-Time-Because-I'm-A-Guy-And-Don't-Need-Anything was fast asleep wheen I started bustling around the apartment like a maniac.

What does a girl bring on tour? It was like a long vacation…but the key word long was there…I could not even pack light on a three day weekend get-away to a rental cabin two hours away…how was I supposed to travel the country? I emptied my bathroom supplies into a plastic bag, grabbed my make-up bag and tossed them into the suitcase I bought special for this occasion.

Finally- it was time for the closet. I creaked open the doors and peered in. Now, it was not going to all fit in my suitcase…but I had to pick and choose…make a decision.

Not one of my strong points.

"Babe, what are you doin' to that suitcase?" Beau drawled, shifting a bit as he started to wake up. He'd caught me. I was lying on top of my suitcase, trying to force the sleeves of my clothing into the bag and make the zipper enclose it all. "We're bonding," I replied sourly, frustrated at my task. Finally, in defeat, I rolled onto the floor and stared at the ceiling, "I can't go, Beau…"

I heard him roll out of bed and before I knew it he was casting a soft shadow over me because of the sunlight that was creeping through our cheap blinds. He flipped open the suitcase and rifled through it.

I couldn't watch.

About a minute later, I heard the zipper zip right into place. I finally opened my eyes and sat up, "How did you do that?" I looked from the suitcase to the man, amazed.

Beau smiled a little as he shuffled towards the bathroom door, "I promise you do not need all three pairs of your Converse. One color's enough," and the door clicked shut.

I looked back at my enemy; Hmm….guess he's right… "Sorry I hurt you," I apologized, patting the suitcase lid, "I was just mad at myself…"

== A Few Hours Later ==

When we pulled into the parking lot, I saw the grand ol' tour bus parked for all to see, a crowd of reporters, some fans and the van that we were going to be taking from city to city.

I pulled my suitcase close. "We have to stick together in times like these," I whispered to Lou (my suitcase).

"What?" Beau asked, he hadn't heard me but I'm pretty sure he'd thought I was talking to him.

"Nothing," I replied, "I didn't say anything…"

But Lou heard me… and that was all that mattered…

[Author's Note : There is great stuff in store for this story- but I thought I'd come back from the hiatus with a little humor. Stay tuned!]