It was night

The stars twinkled like diamonds, even if there were only a few

Pollution hid the full glory of the heavens

She had been around long enough to see them hide

Nights back before heavy lights, stargazing in hidden fields, gazing at the glory

Times so far gone



The beauty of the s t a r s masked by what used to be called p r o g r e s s

Everything in her life was a double edged sword. Love was lost. Life floated by.

But not for her

Never to be laid under the beautiful s t a r s she had soso loved

John loved her and the stars. She loved him, and freedom. So they stargazed together, hidden away in a field under talltall grass and she'd fall asleep to the w o n d e r f u l cadence of his voice, named the groups of s t a r s

Alone and free.

Now she was alone

But she wasn't free

She felt a little kinship to the stars

Watching the earth spin on, growing older but not dying.

But soso pretty. Loved.

But all the astrologers die. All the happy couples stargazing break apart. Stars are tamed through constellations.

Watching kingdoms fall. Kingdoms rise.

Watching new stars be born and old stars die.

Dying, exploding into fire, raining ashes over what was once peaceful space. Disappearing into nothing, leaving the others stars behind, reeling over this beloved source of light that had been eaten by darkness-

Maybe she had more in common with the stars then she thought.

A/N Hey guys. It's been a while, hasn't it? Missed writing (and reviews) so I sat down and wrote this little free verse mess. At midnight-o-clock. Yerp.