Maybe its love?

Okay, I really don't want to describe the characters.

I think we all know how Kiba, Shino, Hinata, Shikamaru, Chouji, Ino, Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, Sai, Tenten, Neji and Rock Lee look like in Shippuden right?

If not then well then this isn't the story for you. And see the show!

So I'll just tell the story, it's an AU.

Konoha High School or KHS or simply KH.


No one was excited to go back to school, even if they had had a two week break for spring. Sure it was their last year of high school, but it was Monday which meant five days until Friday.

"I can't believe we're back-" grunted the lazy Nara Shikamaru "-what a drag."

"Just three more months Shika-" Chouji told his best friend while he ate some barbeque chips.

Shikamaru looked at him and nodded "It's still a drag!" he told him, Chouji shrugged as they began walking, he looked around for her.

"Think she's running late?" Chouji asked, Shikamaru yawned "Probably, you know it take Ino an hour to get ready."

Ino Yamanaka, their closest and bossiest and scariest friend ever. Her long blond hair swung as she ran towards them, yes she was running late.

"Hey, wait up!" yelled Ino at them. Shikamaru with his hands in his pockets sighed and Chouji smiled "Hi Ino"

"Hey Chouji" she said catching her breath.

She smiled and told her lazy friend "-I see you're tired Shika." he yawned (again) "-when aren't you?" she asked him, and he shrugged "Let's just go, already."

"Make friends with Sasuke Uchiha, it is very important" Danzo told Sai before he left the house.

He nodded "I will grandfather" he said as he left the house.

"Hurry up Sai!" Sakura yelled.

"Coming" he said. Sai smiled, "Good morning Sakura." He looked around "-where is Naruto?"

Sakura shrugged "I don't know. He's probably going to be late."

As they walked down the road they saw him, he was waiting for them.

"Ramen-" Naruto said as his stomach growled "-I want ramen!"

"Didn't you eat before you came here?" Sakura asked him, he shook his head "- thought I was going to be late."

"Morning Naruto" he told the blonde, Naruto made a face and grunted "Hmm"

Sai had been new last year, he had a hard time to fit in and make friends and then Sakura and Naruto began talking to him.

They way he spoke was weird, as if thought he'd never talked to anyone his entire life, as if he had been homeschooled or in prison all alone.

"Has your appetite affected your emotions again?" he asked.

"Yes, I'm hungry!" he said as his stomach growled.

Sakura giggled, "Come on, if we hurry we can get breakfast at school"

"Akamaru, you can't come, I'm sorry!" Kiba told his giant white dog, he whined as he grabbed his bag. He was trying to fit inside.

He laughed "Akamaru, you can't fit like you did when you are a puppy" Kiba told him, Akamaru whined again.

He didn't like the fact that Kiba was leaving and wouldn't come back until 3:20, what was he going to do?

"I'm sure Hinata is waiting for us, hurry it up Kiba" said the silent Shino, who only watched as Akamaru tug his back in order for Kiba not to leave.

"Akamaru-" he heard Hana "-he'll be back" Akamaru sat down and gave a half whine and growl.

"Go be fore you're late Kiba" his sister told him, "Bye Shino" she told him with a smile.

He waved at her "Good day Hana," he said as they headed to school.

"What a youthful day!" yelled an excited Rock Lee.

Tenten raised an eyebrow "It's Monday Lee, there's nothing youthful about that" she told him as they headed to the Hyuuga house hold.

Neji stepped out and began without saying anything, Tenten and Lee behind him.

"Neji where's Hinata?" Tenten asked her.

"School" he told her.

Lee smiled "Is she doing alright?"

He nodded "Better"

Tenten couldn't help but frowned "It's been a year already?"

"No" he said sticking to small words; he wasn't a big fan of long conversations, thought when he's with Tenten he feels comfortable, he'd known her for four years now.

"-it will be a year next Monday"

"She is strong," Lee told them, as they nodded they walked the rest of the way to school in silence

She sat on the bench reading and waiting for her friends.

"Hey Hinata, sorry we're late, Akamaru wanted to came and you know how stubborn he gets, he was so used to having me around for break and when we had to enter again, he wasn't so happy."

"Its okay" she told them with a smile as she closed her book.

Her long indigo haired shined with the morning sun, as it also made her pale white pearly eyes show their thru color; a light lavender.

"Good morning Hinata" Shino told her, her smile never left her face "Good morning Shino"

She loved spending time with them, every Friday afternoon all four of them (that mean Akamaru) would go to the open field and research bugs.

Thought Kiba didn't like picking them from Akamaru' white fur.

"I see I have caught up to you Hinata" Neji told his cousin "Morning Neji, Tenten, Lee"

"Good morning Hinata" both Rock Lee and Tenten told her.

All six walked inside as they heard the mornig argument between the second and third loud mouth, Naruto keeping the first loud mouth of KH.

"Billboard brow!"

"Ino pig!" they heard in the hallways.

"First day back and they're already at it?" asked Tenten herself.

Neji shook his head "-seniors and still so immature"

"I don't understand them. Aren't they like best friends?" Tenten asked Neji.

"-I couldn't care less."

As the rookies headed to there class after the small show in the hall, lucky and unlucky for some all nine rookies plus Rock Lee, Tenten and Neji were in the first period class.

English class with Mr. Umino Iruka, and during English class, Mr. Umino would have you pair up with some one for a whole week, having someone different every week.

This time she didn't know who she was going to be with, hopefully Kiba or Shino or even Naruto.

"Take your seats-" he told them from the front of the class, "-we have a new student today"

The class was silence "Come on to the front" he said as the class looked around for the new face.

He'd gotten up from the back of the class, in hands in his pockets.

"Omg, he's H-O-T, hot" most of the girls squealed, Hinata was quite still blushing from earlier, Naruto wanted to see her dance.

"Introduce your-self to the class-" Iruka told him.

His eyes wondered the class, all the girls were drooling over him, except one, she was looking outside the window.

"My name-" the girl didn't look at him "-my name is Sasuke Uchiha."

Iruka waited to see if he said anything else. No.

"-take a seat nest to Miss Hyuuga." Hinata looked up and finally saw him, he looked at her and she looked down and sat next to her without saying anything.

The new guy was sitting with her; she took out her book and looked at the teacher.

"-Okay well since it's the first day of class, and a new week I have the teams for this week-" he took out his book and began calling names.

"Ino Yamanaka and Chouji Akimichi"

Ino smiled "Well at least I'm with you Chouji-" she said wondering why all of a sudden she felt butterflies in her stomach.

"Yeah," he nodded as he opened another bag of chips.

"Hinata Hyuuga and Sasuke Uchiha" he said the next group, and she looked at him; she was with the new guy?

Great, she was blushing but nodded. She diditn do well with new people.

He looked at her, she was blushing and he smirked. She was a shy one.

"Sakura Haruno and Sai"

"It looks like we will be in a team" Sai told her.

"Well, it not like I have a choice" she told him.

"Tenten and Neji Hyuuga" he continued.

Like always Neji said nothing, and Tenten smiled.

"Kiba Inuzuka and Shino Aburame"

"Well, looks like we are together this week" Kiba told him.

"Looks like it" Shino said.

"Nami and Katsu"

They both smiled, Katsu looked at Nami and nodded.

"Perfect" she thought.

"And finally our group of three is Shikamaru Nara, Rock Lee and Naruto Uzumaki"

"Ah man, what a drag!"

"Yes, I have an amazing team with youthful friends!" yelled Rock Lee.

"I have bushy brows? And a lazy genius" Naruto smiled "-sweet!" he said.

"Well for the remainder of the period, you may move around but please keep it quite" Iruka said taking a seat.

Hinata felt very uncomfortable with him. He was looking at her.

Hinata grabbed her bag and got up from her seat, and walked towards Kiba and Shino just in time because all the girls rushed over to the Uchiha.

"Im Nami"



"I don't care, leave me alone," he said to them as he got up and walked out the door.

Iruka looked up as Sasuke had left, confused he looked at the girls who simply pouted "Did I miss something?" he asked himself.

"What a jerk!" Naruto said "-who would talk to the pretties girls like that?" he asked looking at his as he called it his-future-wife Sakura.

"Give it a rest Naru-dork!" Kiba told him.

"Ki-Kiba d-don't be m-mean" she told Kiba.

Naruto smiled "Look dog-boy-"

Kiba growled "-who are you calling dog-boy!"

DING! Saved by the bell, Hinata grabbed Kiba by the wrist and pulled him out of the class.

"C-come on K-Kiba" she opened the door and headed out when she bumped into "S-sorry-"

"Why don't you watch were you're going" she heard a cold voice.

She looked up at him, Sasuke Uchiha.

"Hey man she said she was sorry!" Kiba barked at him.

Sasuke looked at him, they locked eyes. Kiba stood his guard and now had Hinata behind him, in a brother protective way.

Neji and Naruto saw what happened and came out as well "-Uchiha don't mess with my cousin, or you'll deal with me" Neji warned him.

Sasuke smirked "-just say when." he replied and began walking down the hall

Hinata had seen his eyes. Sadness. Guilt. Loneliness. Something she saw in her eyes everyday she saw herself in a mirror.

"Man, Naru-dork was right. He is a jerk." Kiba looked at Hinata "Come on Hina"

"I'll have to keep a eye on him" Neji told him, Hinata smiled "Thank you" as she and Kiba left.

second period was Math with Mr. Sarutobi Asuma

The rookies were in there as well, except for Sakura. She was in advanced math with Mr. Ebisu.

Math was Shikamaru' least favorite subject thought he was good at it he'd always sleep.

Mr. Sarutobi always threw an eraser at him waking him up he'd say "Man math is such a drag" or "Man this class is so troublesome"

Third class she had Gym with Mr. Guy or as he called himself Mighty Guy, again all rookies including Neji, Tenten and Rock Lee were there.

This was Lee' favorite class, and Shikamaru' least favorite, well all his classes were his least favorite, so he'd go to the school roof and sleep usually during forth as well.

The girls had Dance with Mrs. Yuuhi so they danced and stretched most of the time.

Guy always caught Naruto taking a peak in there, and Guy would always make him run 50 times around the gym.

Plus Sakura and Tenten along with Mizuki and Kokoro would always beat him up, eventually he learned his lesson after three years.

Fourth period was Chemistry with Mr. Hatake Kakashi along with all the people in her first class. Naruto' favorite class because he liked burning stuff.

Last year he had brought a cup of ramen and burned it, making the fire department show up.

Hinata sat near Sasuke again, and like first period she didn't say anything.

She just took out her book, but this time she forgot it when she went to Kiba' desk.

"-I really didn't plan anything so just do whatever" Kakashi said to the class as he took out his "College books" Make-out paradise.

Hinata sat down next to Kiba then she looked at him, he looked irritated with all the girl drooling over him "He's in all my classes?"

"You okay Hina?" Kiba asked her, he looked at the same direction she was looking "He's in all your classes?" he said angrily.

"K-Kiba, ple-please don't make a s-scene." she said holding on h to his arm and holding (almost hugging him) down.

Sasuke looked in the direction of the Hyuuga girl, she was holding onto the boy with the red fang marks on both of his cheeks.

He was looking at him, and she was looking at him.

Sasuke simply turned around and didn't even bother on turning back at him, however he looked at her, and how she looked at Kiba as she held his arm.

Kiba eventually nodded "Okay, but if he gives you anymore trouble-"

"-thank you" she told him.

"He will not give her anymore trouble" Shino told them.

"Shi-Shino not you t-too!" she panicked.

"Do not worry for me Hinata" he told her looking at the Uchiha guy.

DING! The last bell rang, waking up a sleeping Shikamaru.

"What a drag, I was just having a nice dream" he said out loud.

"Let me guess. It was about clouds" Chouji told him, Shikamaru nodded.

Getting up Shikamaru stretched and he and Chouji left the class.

"Mall time!" yelled the girls, now that there was a new hot guy they had to look good.

"Alright! Let's go to Ichiraku ramen!" Naruto yelled heading out the door as Sai and Sakura nodded.

"Are you coming, Hina?" Kiba asked her, Shino was already out the door.

Hinata grabbed her bag and looked for her book, it wasn't there "Yes, umm let me j-just get m-y book" she told him heading back to her seat near the window.

"-I'll catch u-up in a s-second" she told him, Kiba nodded "Okay" he said as he caught up to Shino.

The door closed "Looking for this?" she heard, she quickly turned around "-S-S-Sasuke?"

He smirked at her "Am I making you nervous?" he asked her, she shook her head "N-no I just umm…I'm just…c-can I have my b-book please?" she stuttered.

He shrugged "-you're an interesting one, you know?" he told her slowly walking towards her, she was frozen in place unable to move.

"No, I…umm I'm j-just m-me" she said.

"Exactly" he told her, "-first day here and you made an impression"

"H-how?" she asked, all she did was sit next to him, well Kakashi sat him next to her but that wasn't the point.

"By ignoring me" she looked at him, he was now inches away from her, he was talker than her.

She reached his shoulders "-you're not like the others"

Hinata didn't say anything else, she saw his shoulder move, he was lifting an arm "Here" he said handing her, her book.

"T-thank you" she told him, smiling she grabbed her bad from her desk and headed out the door.

As she sat on her bed, when she received a text from Naruto "It's him!" she said with a smile on her face.

Naruto Uzumaki the boy she liked since her freshman year, the boy who had caused her to have many good friends, and the boy who only saw her as a friend.

Hinata I was wondering if you want 2 hang out 2nite? She read the message and thought, hang out with him? She smiled and replied Sure.

Less than twenty seconds came Naruto' reply ^_^ a smiley that made her smile as well, her stomach felt the slight movement of butterflies, she was nervous and happy.

"N-Naruto" she smiled as she began getting ready.

No matter what she always wore big clothes, not even if her body was petite and well developed as she thought of it.

After what had happened to her two years ago, she couldn't ware reveling clothes.

"Okay" she said as she looked herself in the mirror, she wore her navy blue sweats, a pink long sleeved shirt on top of cream tang-top and white shoes.

She found her father, who was reading the paper, "I'm g-going out dad,"

Her father looked at her; she had her long black sweater, as always, "Where?" he asked her.

"With Naruto-" she bit her lips "-and maybe with Kiba afterwards"

"-I will have Kuro be with you-" she nodded but her father said "-be careful" she nodded again and smiled "I will" as she headed out the door, when she saw Kuro, her father' one year old Doberman.

"Hi Kuro"

"Arf" he said grabbing on to her sweater.

"I'll be fine-" she told him, Kuro looked at his big brown eyes "-I'll be at Kiba's" and with that she left, with Kuro watching behind her.

Everywhere she went he went. he didn't need a leash he simply walked beside her.

"Hi, Hinata!" she heard his voice "H-hi N-Naruto-" she told him.

"I see Kuro is with you, again" he grinned, she nodded "Yeah"

"Hi Hina!" she heard Sakura' voice.

"Hello S-Sakura" she said, her eyes sadden, thinking that it would only be her and Naruto.

"Where is he?" Naruto asked, Sakura gave him a questionable look "Who?"

"The jerk!" he said.

"Who?" Sakura asked again "Sasuke!" Naruto yelled. Sakura smacked the back of his head "Don't yell at me!" she yelled.

"Ow!" he said rubbing his bump "-sorry"

"Why is he g-going to be h-here?"

Then Kiba appeared with Akamaru "-to apologies"

Hinata' heart jumped "D-don't t-tell me... that umm y-you-"

"No one talks to my best friend like that!" Naruto told her.

Best friend, all of a sudden she hated those words, who was ever going to see more than a friend?

"-But how did you-"


After Hinata left with dog-boy Naruto was waiting for just outside, he didn't ask and simply began walking.

"Want to hang out tonight?"

"With you? No!" he told the blond.

"Come on!" Naruto nagged at him even more, he'd noticed that Sasuke furrowed his eyebrows "No!"

"Come on!"

"No, I don't even like you!" yelled an aggravated Sasuke.

"Please!" he begged again, his patients were running low "Fine!"


"I followed him" Naruto said before Sakura finished her question.

"That's not stalker-like" Sakura told him.

"Our point is, he's going to apologize to you Hinata" Kiba told her, "-and if he doesn't-"

"K-Kiba, Na-Naruto p-please d-don't," she begged them.

She just didn't like the fact of them in a fight, with Sasuke, with anyone.

"Naru-idiot" they heard his cold voice, Hinata turned and saw him, Sasuke Uchiha, the school jerk.

Naruto frowned at him "Uchiha-jerk" his emotionless eyes looked at him and at the dog-boy.

Next to dog-boy and his mutt, was Sakura the pink haired annoying girl and Hinata.

"S-Sasuke-" Hinata whispered "-p-please l-leave" she told him. He raised an eye at her "Why?"

"-p-please!" she told them turning to face Naruto and Kiba, Kiba looked at Naruto, who gave in "Fine"

"Okay" Kiba smiled "-you know you are a good friend, Hina"

She sighed "T-thank you" she whispered.

Sasuke had no clue what had just happened "Hn, I'm out" Sasuke told them walking back.

"Wait-" Kiba growled "-the reason why we brought you here was to apologize to Hinata"

He turned and stared back "What for?" he asked.

"What happened in the hall" he reminded him, Sasuke looked at Hinata, who was simply standing between him and Kiba "Are you serious?"

"Very" Kiba told him, as he took another step towards him, but Hinata stopped by hugging him. he didn't know why but he felt angry.

"Sorry" he told her, she smiled "Its fine" she said with smile still on her face.

"She so different, she's like no other."

I just had this in my mind for a while ^_^