Maybe its love?

Okay well I was re-reading some chapters and well in chapter 4 it said that she (Hinata) was turning seventeen, the other chapter said sixteen. I wanted Hinata to be young and well she's sixteen, just wanted to get that of my chest.

Sasuke didn't say anything for a while "You're a…" Itachi nodded "Yes. I cannot say anything else, it's confidential" Itachi coughed out blood as Sasuke held on to him as he fell to his side "Itachi" he was out cold, 'He's lost to much blood!' he thought.

"Itachi-" he called his name again "Stay with me, damn it Itachi! Stay with me!" Itachi had lost too much blood but he was still breathing, so that was good. He had clothes in the back of his car, he need to stop the bleeding.

"Stay with me" he was in the darkness but he heard his brother voice 'Sasuke?' "Damn it Itachi stay with me!" Sasuke grabbed Itachi and tossed him over the shoulder and with the spare hand he grabbed the four suitcases and headed to his car.

'She'll know what to do' he set Itachi and buckled him in the passenger's side, opening the back trunk he threw the suitcases and bandaged and headed to the driver's side. Sasuke drove to her house, Hinata; she'll know what to do. He drove and the 'utter crap feeling' came back again "Fuck-"

He then remembered he'd said "It's nothing, Hinata, I promise." with a kiss on the forehead, he left. He'd left her and he was 100% sure she was and still is worried and on top of that he'd lied, well not really he honestly had no idea he's find Itachi like this.

He however knows that the Hidan bastard is alive but he was not going to tell her 'I don't want her to worry' he was going to find Hidan and kill him himself.

"What time is it?" Neji looked at the wall clock "Almost 11" Tenten got up from his "Still early. Hey umm Hina, where did Sasuke have to go?" Hinata slightly shook her head "I don't k-know" she sat down and saw Kuro acting weird "What's up with him?" Tenten asked, Neji shrugged "Don't know"

"Its Sunday isn't it?" Tenten said, not a question thought Neji nodded "My uncle arrives tomorrow before dawn-" Hinata smiled "It's been a week a-already?" she thought, Tenten nodded "It's been a week since you and Sasuke-" she saw Hinata' face flush "-hmm well you know" with a motion (twist) of her hand she finished "Talked and well ended up dating."

Yes Tenten knew, after well before she had gotten the restricted call from Itachi she had called her to tell her the big news.

Neji looked at her, but didn't say anything not until Sasuke gave him a death glare, who he quickly glared back at "There's nothing to worry about Hina, I promise."

"O-okay." She said leaving but still leaving uneasy. Both Neji and Sasuke waited until Hinata was inside.

Neji knew Hinata wasn't the kind of person to be peeking through the window or anything, no matter how serious the situation was.

"What?" Tenten said over the phone "So Sasuke is outside your house with Neji?" Hinata biting her lip she answered "Y-yes" on the other side of the cell phone line Tenten said "Neji isn't the type of guy to just fight" I mean she has known him for like ever!

"Tenten?" Hinata said trying to change the subject, thought she herself was still worried "Yes?" she wanted to share her big news with her best friend "Well umm S-Sasuke he umm he asked m-me to be h-his girlfriend"

"Ahh!" Tenten squealed "Sorry Kenta. I kind of scared him when I yelled" she had a smile on her face "I'm so happy for you Hina!" she knew her faced was flushed "T-thank you, Tenten" she'd tell her.

Tenten still couldn't believe that the serious-don't-talk-to-me-Uchiha had asked Hinata to be his girlfriend. That was then and well now is now, and now Hinata was worried about where he was.

Tenten looked at Neji "Overprotective Hyuuga-" Neji rose an eyebrow and looked at Hinata "Tenten If you thought I acted over protective how my uncle Hiashi will would react to this. To all that has happened to Hinata because on Uchiha" feeling his arm sting "Really?" Tenten (had) punched him; yeah he probably should have kept quite.

Hinata face went pale but Neji had to let his girlfriend know "Tenten If you thought I acted over protective how my uncle Hiashi will would react, will compare nothing to me" those words sunk like a ship that she had been, still is on and will be with Sasuke "I almost forgot!" Hinata said walking to the kitchen.

Tenten ran after her "Hinata, I'm sure your father-"death glare at Neji, maybe he should have not mentioned his uncle Hiashi "-will be reasonable and won't interrogate him like Neji did" Hinata took a deep breath "Neji' r-right, Tenten t-there something I haven't told anyone-" all of a sudden she felt sick.

Neji wasn't going to lie either, Hiashi was pretty strict about Hinata and boys "Hinata I don't want you to stress and worry about it, just be prepared for anything" Hinata nodded "Yes"

Looking back at Tenten again and sat down, Neji as well as the dogs standing right beside her. Kuro rested his head on her lap "Is everything okay?" Tenten asked feeling worried all of a sudden

"-Umm well-" she looked over her shoulder and saw Neji light creamy white eyes looking down at her, he nodded and gave her a rare smile. That smile, that gave her courage "Hinata?" she looked at her friend who by now had concerned written all over her face "I'm f-fine but when I was f-fifteen-" she let out a shaky breath.

Tenten kept quiet and listened to what she had to say "When I was…well I wasn't e-even s-sixteen when umm-" she healed back some tears "When I w-was r-raped" finishing she closed her eyes so the tears wouldn't fall. Hearing a small 'gasp' she opened her eyes to see Tenten crying.

'Raped?' she thought "Hinata?" what was the only word, well name that had come out of her name "It's been h-hard on m-me but-" she didn't want Tenten concerned I mean it was nice of her and all but this is what she didn't want from anyone.

Sasuke; he was the first person she'd told and he'd told her with a soothing voice "It's going to be okay" he'd said. It had been great and all until…two days ago.

Sasuke has been there through all, through the first 'beat down' to Neji and more Neji topped with even more overprotective Neji along with Kiba and Naruto and Neji, yes Sasuke had to and still deals with an overprotective Neji, thought Neji nor Sasuke (in her mind) both don't want to say that they had grown on each other.

That was beyond the point; it's not like being with Sasuke was and hasn't brought any good things but…

She mentally shook her head 'Being in the organization doesn't have to do anything with this right?'

She didn't want to have doubts him but it's not like it's being jolly; she'd been kidnapped by the guy that had raped her now almost three years ago, she loves Sasuke but she doubted she could handle something like this again!

"-but my f-father, Hanabi and N-Neji have been here for me-" she took another breath and smiled "-now S-Sasuke and y-you. I'm sorry I didn't tell you Ten-"

She wiped the tears away "Don't be okay" she looked at Hinata and more tears fell down her cheeks "I know it hard, keeping it all in and having to live with it all your life-"Neji saw the change in Tenten eyes "-and all but you're not alone" she smiled.

Kuro still had his head on Hinata lap and he whined and whimpered whipping some tears she asked "What's wrong?" he lifted his head and ran towards the front door and back "Something is up with him" Tenten said changing the topic.

He kept whining pacing back and forth with his brothers Kira and Kilo; all three began walking towards Kimi and the pups checking if they were okay then walked back to the front door.

Hinata stood up and walked towards her beloved Dobermans and they began to growl and bark at the front door "K-Kuro what is-" the door opened and revealed Sasuke with an injured Itachi "Sasuke!" he was breathing heavily "Itachi needs you!"

Hinata saw Sasuke, he had Itachi over his shoulder, and he had blood, both of them "What happened?" she asked she ran towards the sofa indicating to follow her, he did and set Itachi on it.

Neji and Tenten were now with Hinata, red collar Yuji half walked and half wobbled his way towards Itachi, his hand had fallen and was hanging "He was in a fight-" he wasn't lying.

Tenten ran towards the bathroom, she needed to get bandages and sanitizer after returning she handed them to Hinata "Here, we need to stop the bleeding" Sasuke didn't look at her "I already did, I didn't want to waste time bandaging him so I brought him here, I didn't know what else to do"

His eyes sting with the warm liquid that had fallen earlier, now they were read and somewhat puffy he felt a warm hand on his shoulder "It's okay, we'll h-help" Hinata reassured him he nodded "Thank you" Hinata saw that his shirt was already cut and well she began cleaning the wounds.

"Is he going to be okay?" Tenten asked, she was 89% sure Sasuke wanted to ask but could find his words to ask "Yes"

Yuji was licking Itachi' hand, he sat there licking and whining, whining and nibbling his hand. Neji had given the Uchiha a 'what the hell happed?' but right now everyone needed herb tea. Tenten watched the man who was laying there, out cold.

'My wounds, they sting' Itachi thought, he was in obscure…loneliness; he was in complete darkness again, he felt his wounds sting and burn 'I'm alive?' he asked himself feeling something warm, soft and 'puppy breath'

Sasuke looked at his brother and at Hinata, 'Even though Itachi threaten her, she aided him' he saw Yuji, the puppy that he had named licking, whining and biting his hand presiding to a face licking "Sasuke-" his eyes looked at the man who called his name "He's awake" Sasuke' legs didn't budge with him, he couldn't move.

"-this puppy, what's h-his name?" Sasuke saw Itachi' hand move touching the young Dobie' round muzzle, he was coincidence again "Yuji" Sasuke said.

He didn't see light, but he could feel puppy breath 'Come on Itachi open your eyes' the dim light was now a straight thin light and it soon began opening even more "Brave" he said Yuji' English translation of the Japanese name.

"Itachi, can you get up?" Sasuke asked looking down at him, yes he was able to moved and he didn't even notice as he looked at Itachi' red crimson eyes.

Sasuke; he was the one he saw when he finally gained the strength to open his eyes "I think I can-" was his answer to his question.

"Hello I-Itachi-" leaning back on his elbows he saw her; her eyes, never really noticed, maybe he missed it but her eyes, they were light lavender they softness of her eyes really suited her "Hinata?" wearing a smile on her light porcelain face she nodded.

"How a-are you feeling?" she asked with concern with both arms Itachi moved to a sitting position "Be careful" Hinata told him, she didn't want the bandages to rip or worse, his wounds to open.

"I've had better days" no lie, well hmm days with Deidara those were the worse days, this, this he could deal with. He would rather deal with blood and scars than the annoying loud mouth so called artistic Deidara.

"Would you like some tea?" Hinata asked, however Itachi shook his head "I don't want to be a burden, I'll be taking my leave-" he tried getting up but fail, he was still too weak to get up, guess that Kakuzu had done more than he thought "Itachi, you need to rest" she told him "-you're family, not a burden. Please stay Itachi" she finished.

'Family?' he thought, that word, he's never heard or even used that word in his 22 years. Isn't a family suppose to love and care for their kids? The man never cared for them 'Sasuke and I were never a family with them.' He had raised Sasuke all by his himself. "We have spare rooms and-"

"Doesn't your father arrive at dawn tomorrow?" Sasuke asked, Hinata nodded "He'll u-understand"

Itachi couldn't help but smile 'I'm sure he would' he shook his head again but before he said something

Sasuke had beaten him to it "He could stay with me, after all it's our home" Itachi looked at his younger brother 'Did he say our home' "You see Hinata I have a place to stay, I appreciate the offer thought" he thought she would be disappointed and on the contrary, she smiled "Okay b-but you're still s-staying for tea?" he nodded "Thank you" he told

Tenten couldn't keep the some of the many questions she had "Okay major block in my head of pure confutation right now" she said to mostly herself, everyone looked at her "So you're Sasuke' brother?"

"That is correct" Itachi answered the brown bun girl. "Why are you like-" with the motion of both her arms going up and down she finished saying "-this?" Itachi wasn't complaining about her curiosity, after all he was bleeding in what he assumed her best friend's house couch "I was in a fight" like Sasuke he tried to do the small talk.

"How come Sasuke hasn't talked about you?" Itachi looked at him and back at him "That question shouldn't be directed at me, I don't know if Sasuke speaks of me" he got her there looking at Sasuke Tenten asked "Why you haven't said anything about having a brother?"

Might as well let everyone know and by everyone he meant Itachi "Because I didn't consider him a brother-" Itachi felt a stab in his heart but he didn't blame him "-there had been bad blood between us for years-" Tenten was afraid of asking anymore questions she felt that weird and scary vibe in the air.

Neji looked at the man who was now sitting on the couched bandaged, the man sure looked like Sasuke, thought the older Uchiha had what seem to have stress mark just below the eyes 'Itachi, why is he here?' Neji wanted to know so it was his turn to ask the mysteries Itachi.

"Are here to visit?" Neji asked "Yes" he simply answered, he didn't want to complicate things for his brother I mean he didn't want Sasuke to be interrogated thought he had a feeling from the pale white eye boy he had already interrogated Sasuke before.

"-I came to visit Sasuke" Hinata didn't say anything, and it was for her good and well the Sasuke and Itachi' good, if spoke of anything that had happen…would she dare tell Neji or Tenten? Her father? Anyone? She still had to think about it but right now keeping quite was better, she doesn't was hell to break lose right her here and now.

"Neji-" Hinata said wanting to break the bad vibe between them "Sasuke, Itachi and of course Tenten, would you like s-some tea?" Itachi nodded "Please" he really didn't want to play 20 questions with the white eyed boy named Neji.

"Tea sounds good" Tenten said Sasuke only nodded "We'll be there in a second" Sasuke told her, she nodded as she and her cousin and Tenten walked towards the kitchen.

Itachi felt something wiggled by his leg leaning forward he was a pair of brown eyes "So this is Yuji?" the puppies backside began to shake, indicating a 'yes' to that question. He yawned 'Guessing he was sleeping during the 20 questions'

"What do you mean Jashin is still alive?" Sasuke whispered "Zombie combo is still breathing the same air" Zombie combo, that's what Kisame refers to both Kakuzu and Hidan as. Jashin is and has been a codename for Hidan, only Akatsuki members knew about the religion Hidan is in, he worships Jashin.

He was off topic "I thought-" Itachi rose a hand to stop him "We cannot talk about it here-" Itachi was right, they couldn't let Hinata hear. Itachi got up and followed Sasuke to the kitchen, Yuji wobbling right beside him.

"Seems that Yuji really likes you-" Tenten told Itachi "-he wasn't left your side, he was the one licking your hand and face" Itachi looked at his reddish fur and brown eyes 'So the puppy breath was Yuji'?'

"He sure is cute-" Hinata smiled, that gave her an idea "How old are they?" Itachi asked "Hana said about three weeks" Hinata answered "They've grown pretty fast" Tenten commented.

Neji hadn't said anything for awhile now, after Hinata and Tenten had given them tea they were all now sitting down at the table, all Neji did (now) was stare at the Uchiha' older brother who sat just across from him, Tenten of course beside him.

Hinata had chosen to sit with both Itachi and Sasuke "This is good tea-" Itachi told Hinata, of course he blushed there "Thank you" she told him "-it's Gyokuro tea" Itachi really admired Hinata, his brother had chosen a fine girl. 'Was it fate that they met thought?'

"How did you meet Sasuke, Hinata?" his curiosity asked. Hinata held on to her white porcelain tea cup which had the Japanese Sakura (Cherry blossom) since it was a family antic, her mother had bought it a few years back when they visited Japan the tea cup has no handle it was simple but strong, elegant and beautiful, "Like you Hinata" that's what her mother would say every time they drank tea from them.

She looked at the cup and tried to hold the tears back, 'Tomorrow will be a year since she left us' she looked at Sasuke and smiled "School-" she said "-he was kind of umm-" Tenten finished for her "He was a jerk" Sasuke look at her and didn't say anything.

"Tenten!" Hinata said embarrass by her outburst, the bun haired girl shrugged "What? It's true Hinata" she looked at Itachi and continued "Hinata wasn't looking where she was going and well" she smashed her hands together "-bumped into Sasuke"

"Hinata of coursed apologized after quickly getting up with Kiba' help" Hinata listened to Tenten, she was glad Tenten was telling her story. "Why don't you watch were you're going" Tenten tried imitating Sasuke cold voice, she heard a chuckle coming from the older Uchiha and to her surprise Neji.

"Of course one of Hinata' friend Kiba had barked back at Sasuke" she continued telling the story "Hey man she said she was sorry!" Tenten took a sip of her hot tea "They locked eyes and well Kiba hid Hinata away from the now not-so-much-of-a-jerk Sasuke" another glare from the now quite Sasuke and another chuckle from both Itachi and Neji.

Tenten smiled and looked at Neji "That's when Neji came out and said-" she cleared her voice and imitated her boyfriend "-Uchiha don't mess with my cousin, or you'll deal with me" Neji was now quite and both of the Uchiha' chuckled at Tenten' impression.

Tenten with a small blushed continued "Sasuke smirked and well answered" the last impression of Sasuke came "-just say when." Sasuke couldn't help but smirked as he recalled all of that "-he left after that" Tenten told Itachi "I'll have to keep an eye on him" Tenten impersonated her boyfriend for the last time. "Which he has, up to right now" she wasn't lying there.

"Sasuke could be fierce as a tiger but he's gentle as a panda bear" Sasuke eyebrow twitched 'He's comparing me to a panda bear?' Tenten and Hinata giggled "Well this panda bear sure like his bamboo" Hinata blushed at Tenten comment knowing she was the bamboo.

'So fate has brought Sasuke to the same school as Hinata' Itachi sighed thought he didn't want to think about it he did 'Sasuke being an ex-Akatsuki and Hinata suffering because of one of them'

"Sasuke-" Itachi said his brother's name "How are your wounds?"

'So he was the one we were texting?' Neji thought "Better" Sasuke told him, Hinata looked at him "Do you want me t-to change your bandages?" he shook his head "I'm fine Hinata, thank you."

"Uchiha-" both Uchiha turned and looked at the white eye man. Neji got both pair of eyes, right they're both Uchiha, guessed this meant he had to address them by first name "Itachi-" he got the older Uchiha attention thought he still had Sasuke eyes on him "You were the one texting if he were okay, am I correct"

"Yes-" Itachi recalling that he didn't want to tell him Sasuke condition, Neji nodded "You didn't know of his whereabouts did you?" Itachi didn't even blink "I had just arrived to the village, it was been years that I haven't come, so I didn't know where he was-"

"How about we talk a walk" Tenten suggested out loud. With the glaring and the questions, it made her feel like a criminal "-enough with the 21 questions."

"Maybe it's best if we leave, Sasuke and I have a lot of catching up to do" no lie there, and it really wasn't catching up it was figuring all this crap out. "You have to r-rest too" Hinata told him, Itachi nodded to that "I will."

As everyone finished drinking their teas Itachi and Sasuke said their thanks and goodbye to Neji and Tenten, and they said their goodbye to both Uchiha. Tenten helped Neji clean the table so that Hinata could say her goodbyes to both Uchihas.

"I'm sorry we can't stay longer-" Itachi told her but they were here for over two hours, it's was now 2:30 in the afternoon "-Sasuke and I have something things to clear up" she swallowed and asked "So is the b-bad blood umm over?" the bad blood was still there, but it had become thinner, that was for sure.

Sasuke didn't say anything. He still didn't know but thanks to him Hinata was back home, so it had gotten thinner "I don't know but its thinner, thanks to you" Itachi told her.

Hinata heart beat nervously but smiled "Thank you for everything Itachi. Sasuke g-gave me the good news-" Itachi looked at her "-he said that t-this is finally over. Thank you"

'Over?' Itachi heart sunk and he knew Sasuke heart sunk as well '-it hasn't even started, knowing Zombie combo is still alive anything can happen' Sasuke looked at his brother 'We have to end this'

"I'll call you later okay?" Hinata nodded "Take care, both of you-" Sasuke leaned in and kissed her softly "I love you, Hinata" their forehead touching she replied "I love you too"

Hinata watched as Itachi and Sasuke walked towards the car "I can't find Yuji!" she closed the door and walked back "W-what?" Tenten looked in the bathroom and in the kitchen "He was here and now he isn't?"

"Here-" Sasuke threw a black shirt towards Itachi who caught it with one hand as he opened the car door with the other one "-your shit is dirt and bloody, I don't know how they were able to drink tea" Sasuke complained or commented either way he said it.

"Foolish brother-" he said taking off his shirt and letting it fall on the floor, carefully he put on the clean shirt and finished "-they were to curious asking questions they didn't see the bloody shirt" he looked down and saw the shirt was gone 'Weird I thought I-' he mentally shook his head.

Getting inside the car he heard Sasuke turn on his car and that's when the angry questions came out "Why the hell didn't Kakuzu kill Hidan?" Itachi didn't know himself "I don't know-" then he remembered and said "-but Pain has to know about it-" he took out his phone and called him

"Pain-" he said his name as soon as Pain had answered "What is it, Itachi?" Itachi didn't even hesitate "Hidan is still alive, Kakuzu set him free" Itachi informed him "What?" he instantly hear shock and anger in his voice "I fought Kakuzu myself; I wasn't able to kill him because he fled"

"Okay" was all Pain said before he hung up, he never was a person to say good bye so he simply would hang up.

"I don't understand you Itachi" Itachi knew what this was going to lead to "If you're an ANBU-" so he cut him off "I cannot talk to you about this right now, everything will be explained when the time is right"

Sasuke gripped the steering wheel that his knuckles turned white "When? When Hidan gets Hinata again, is that when you're going to tell me!" Itachi looked at his brother's ghost knuckles and said "When Captain Hatake-"

"Hatake?" he knew that name 'Where have I heard that name?' then he got it "The lazy Chemistry teacher?" Itachi looked at him 'So that's it huh?'

"Achu!" the silver haired, laid back Kakashi sneezed 'Wonder who could be thinking of me?' he looked up at the blue sky "What a perfect day to be outside" he said as he read his Make-out paradise under an oak tree. "Enjoying the weather?" the silver heard man heard a voice and peeped his only visible eye from his book "Hn, Iruka-"

Iruka seems like a normal high school teacher but his background was something different; his back ground was both Military captain and Mission Assignment Desk, where he (under the Hokage) would assign and file the reports of the successful missions if he himself weren't in any.

Turning down the position of Jounin (Major) he decided to be a high school student teacher, an English teacher. As much as he enjoined the Military life he liked teaching the minds of the future of Konoha.

Every rookie at KH knew military (AMBU) life would suit some if not all. Iruka would be assigned (and was gladly to know it was) to 'his' nine rookies, Tenten, Lee and along with Neji would be under their gym teacher Mighty Guy; yes if you must know all the teachers are Jounin (Captains) capable and had already been assigned to a team.

"I assume you're curious about the squads Iruka, am I correct?" Kakashi asked, Iruka scratched the back of his head "Guilty, with the report I filed and Lord Hokage speaking to me about being a Captain again-"

Kakashi as well as every Jounin knew Iruka was a fine Captain, leaving to be a English teacher "You don't seem happy-" Kakashi said putting his book down and giving his full attention to Iruka "I am happy for Kurenai' pregnancy-" Kakashi eye closed indicating he was smiling "Who would have known Asuma could make a catch which our Kurenai huh?"

Iruka nodded "So you're a replacement?" Iruka interrupted him "Temporarily replacement. I enjoined my days as an ANBU Captain but-" he shook his head and Kakashi nodded "-Right the squads, well if it makes you feel any better, I have the loud mouth blonde"

Iruka couldn't help but grin "It does. One more thing, General Ibiki has informed that 'the Weasel' has returned" Kakashi kept his eye on Iruka "Uchiha?"

"Captain Hatake is laid back that's for sure but-" Sasuke remembered him; the man with the bottom of his face covered as well as with his left eye. His expression was generally lazy. He seemed aloof not really caring of what his class does or did. The first day back, I guess he really didn't have anything plan for the day he just read his book.

Anyway he couldn't believe that Hatake is Itachi'…"Captain?" Sasuke said again "-he's your captain?" Itachi nodded and answered "Yes" Sasuke didn't ask anything else 'Weird' Sasuke thought say as he pulled into the drive way of his house.

"Grr" Sasuke parked the car and turned it off "Itachi, did you just growl at me?" he asked "I was going to ask the same thing" Itachi told him "Grr" there it was again. Itachi looked in the back seat and noticed his shirt 'My shirt?' "Grr" Sasuke raised an eyebrow "You're shit is growling" Itachi reached for it and pulled it off…

"Yuji!" Hinata looked under the table, after all she last saw him with Itachi "Yuji, where are you?" Tenten looked in the downstairs bathroom "He must have gone outside when the Uchihas left" Neji said looking underneath the sofa.

Hinata took her phone out and dialed Sasuke "S-Sasuke is Yuji-" she put her hand over her heart "I'm glad, I'll go p-pick him up so he doesn't give you t-trouble?" she bit her lip and asked "He w-what?" She needed to go pick him up but…"A-are you sure it's alright with Itachi?" she smiled and was reviled "Thank you, that's fine. I'll see you tomorrow"

… "Yuji?" Itachi said as he saw the reddish Doberman, Itachi reached for him and got out of the car with the pup in hands "-how did you get in here?" Sasuke closed his door and said "I think I should call-" he didn't even finish when his phone rang "-Hinata" he picked it up "Hinata, Yuji is here with us. I guess he followed Itachi" he heard her sigh in relief "I'm glad, I'll go p-pick him up so he doesn't give you t-trouble?"

Sasuke didn't want her to come all this way, I mean he would like to see her again and all "I don't want you to drive all the way over here and I can't find my keys, Yuji umm lost my keys-"

He heard her gasp "He w-what?" but Sasuke added "-he's not a problem plus I think Itachi likes Yuji' company, if it's okay with you Hinata, I can take him to you tomorrow?" again she sighed in relief "Thank you that's fine. I'll see you tomorrow" he nodded "Bye Hinata"

They were now inside, Itachi sitting on the two seat couch he smiled "I'm sure you just misplaced them" Sasuke shook his head "Unlikely-" Yuji was smelling the house and wondering around "Was Hinata upset?" Itachi asked referring to Yuji "Worried not upset, she sounded happy Yuji was with you-"

Yuji walked his way to Itachi; Itachi couldn't help himself and picked Yuji up. "Hm" Itachi said "Never thought I'd set inside this house again" to his brother how was still looking for his keys he said "Never thought I'd see you again and look, here you are-" he didn't see his brothers face, he was still looking for his damn keys anyway, he knew his brother was smirking.

Which only anger and frustrated Sasuke more 'Damn it where the hell are my keys?' he thought "I'm looking outside" he said as he put on his left one, shoes when he felt something, looking inside his right shoe he had found his car keys "Told you" Itachi said.

Sasuke didn't say anything just for the fact that he was tired "I'm sure you know your way around the house-" Sasuke told his brother "I do, are you going to bed already?" Itachi asked "Its only 2:48 pm" Sasuke nodded "After a shower I will-" he told him "-it's been a long day." And with that he left upstairs.

"Thank you for everything Itachi. Sasuke g-gave me the good news. He said that t-this is finally over. Thank you" those words…he clenched his fist 'Hinata' her words stuck and he couldn't but feel guilty 'if only you knew that it has only begun-' he knew Zombie combo would strike him and his family; meaning Hinata' close friends and Sasuke.

He wasn't too worried much about his parents they were in some other place far away from here.

"Heading home already?" Fugaku asked "It's been years since you've seen the boys" a both happy and worried Mikoto said driving to Konoha and well hoping to get the affection of their sons after long waited years was Mikoto dream. Fugaku on the other hand wasn't so pleased.

Sorry forgot introduction…

Mokoto Uchiha, mother of Itachi and Sasuke Uchiha. She' the type of women who would love her husband to have a nice relationship with his sons, it hasn't happened because with all the business Fugaku has became obsessed with.

There has never been time for the boys, I mean young men. After all it has been a couple of years, maybe too many for her liking.

Fukaku Uchiha, father of Itachi and Sasuke Uchiha. He's the type to worry more about work than his sons, that' what Itachi had told him after he said he was away for business.

Chief of Konoha police, he'd left the KPD (Konoha police department) due to the orders of the Hokage to teach young officers in all the five great nations. They were currently in Suna but they were heading back to Konoha.

"You know this K9 training center with Suna' Kazekage will only strengthen our alliance with Suna and their Shinobi. Hyuuga sure surprised me by being head of the K9 center as well as the head trainer-"

Mokoto nodded "You went to high school with him didn't you?" Fugaku" he nodded "Hiashi and I went to high school and college together, haven't seen him since I felt Konoha a few years back-"

"His younger daughter sure was cute?" Mokoto said, Hiashi sigh and looked at his wife "Mokoto I'm sure the boys will not be happy to see his old man-"

Hiashi knew that Itachi and Sasuke would be happier to see Mokoto than himself; sure he was really never there for them it not like he's the man to say 'I'm working hard for the both of you because I love you'

Anyway where were we…right five great nations, he's toughen many young minds and now with the K9 center in progress with Hiashi Hyuuga. He knew returning to Konoha would be both a time to relax. He was sure that Hiashi would inform the Hokage, so all he needs to do was relax after many years of being away from home.

"Itachi is fierce as a tiger but-" Hiashi finished for her "-he's gentle as a panda bear. Mokoto only you would say that saying." Mokoto smiled "Itachi always used that saying with Sasuke-" Hiashi shook his head "I'm sure he's stopped using that saying…"

The week in Suna had been a wonderful and a successful trip for Hiashi. Hanabi had spent time with two of the three sand siblings; the purple faced painted Kankuro and the four ponytail blonde with a feisty attitude Temari. The third sibling being Gaara of course being the Kazekage he'd been too busy.

"So you went to college with him?" Hanabi asked his father who was now packing "Yes" Hiashi told her referring to Fugaku "As well as high school, I was surprise to see him here in Suna. Last time I heard he was in Kumo."

Hanabi didn't mind listening to her father, she liked spending time with him but she knew what tomorrow is "Father-" Hiashi looked at her youngest daughter "Yes-" he said "-will we visit mother tomorrow?" he noticed sadness in her voice and with the same sadness he responded "Yes"

Hiashi was staying in the Kazekage' home, he was generous enough and he was grateful, it had been years since he's been in Suna. Though last time he was here, Gaara' father the fourth Kazekage was alive. He went to the academy (middle school) with him and of course Fugaku.

He smiled at Hanabi and said "Would you like to take flowers from Suna to mother tomorrow?" Hanabi smile "Temari and I saw some beautiful flowers on our walk through the village last time" Hiashi nodded "Buy as many as you'd like but don't forget that we leave at 10 pm" Hanabi smiled at that and nodded.

"I will be saying my farewells to the Kazekage. Temari and you could go to the flower shop in the meanwhile" with that said both left towards the Kazekage tower. It wasn't far but Hiashi didn't want Hanabi to wonder alone, yes over-protective-father mode, plus Kira and Kilo were in Konoha with Hinata.

Thinking of her, for the past three days following by the cool night here, he felt as though something wasn't right. As if thought she had in danger, but he prayed it was just a bad over-protective father feeling. Arriving to the Kazekage tower both of the sand Shinobi who were guarding the door allowed them passage inside.

"Hanabi" they recognized the voice that was coming out of the four pigtailed blonde "I was just going to look for you" she said happily, Temari smiled at the petite white eyed girl who she now saw as a small sister "Same. What's up?" she asked "I was wondering if we could go to the flower shop and buy some flowers?" Temari looked at her; she couldn't help but smile "Sure-"

I mean she too had to buy flowers for them tomorrow would their mother 18 year death anniversary. She had passed away a few hours later after Gaara was born prematurely… she had lost to much blood and her father couldn't do anything to save him, and just three years ago his their father was K.I.A, protecting and trying to do what was best for their village…

"-I'd love to" Hiashi satisfied that Hanabi wouldn't wonder in Suna alone he excused himself and headed upstairs to the Kazekage office.

He didn't even get a chance to knock when he heard the Kazekage deep voice say "Enter Hiashi" he did and bowed "I came to say my farewells and my thanks" Gaara turquoise eyes looked at the man would was still standing. With the motion of one hand he said "Please, have a seat" Hiashi nodded and sat "I want to thank you again for accepting to open a K9 center here in your village, Lord Kazekage"

He lifted up his hand and corrected Hiashi "Call me Gaara. Lord Kazekage was father-" Gaara of the desert, the youngest Kazekage known to the five great nations. He was chosen to be the five Kazekage by his once General, General Baki, his older brother Kankuro and eldest sister Temari as well as his village elders.

His father, the fourth Kazekage cared deeply about the well-being of Sunagakure' so much that we was willing to ally with a well known criminal and ex-Akatsuki member Orochimaru. His father who had been ally with Orochimaru was planning to attack Konohagakure to bring their village resources back.

However weeks had past and his father had turned out missing. ANBU had found his body miles from Suna and Gaara headed out by himself; he was out to kill the snake man. He himself was shock to hear he was dead.

Which brought both pain and anger knowing that he wasn't the one who took the life of Orochimaru, the man who had killed his father? After returning home from the failed mission he had gotten the kanji tattoo of 'love' in the left side of his forehead, in honor of the great man; his father.

Born with distinctively tanuki-like black eye rings around both his turquoise, he'd had them since birth and well no eyebrows, might have been the fact that he was born prematurely it doesn't bother him though according to Kankuro "Makes you look tough" something is wrong with that guy. He may have no eyebrows but compare him to Kankuro and he is the 'normal' one.

"Of course" Hiashi told him. Gaara fingers entwined and were placed on the desk and looked at the man in front of him. Hiashi knew better than to show fear, but with one look from Gaara the chills couldn't help but fall down his spine.

"Hiashi-" Hiashi paid close attention "-my siblings and I have planned to visit Konoha-" the chills soon ended and with a nod he told Gaara "Our home is always open to you and your siblings" this time it was Gaara' time to say "Thank you."

"Temari was looking for your youngest Hanabi-" Hiashi nodded "They headed to the flower shop-" Hiashi told him "The flower shop?" Gaara said as his fingers soon entwined with more pressure making his knuckle white "Yes, she's going to buy flowers for my wife-" he cleared his throat, it was feeling somewhat dry "-tomorrow will be her one year anniversary of her death. A year has pass and it's still not easy for Hanabi or Hinata-"

Gaara eyes widen "Tomorrow?" Gaara was shocked; his eyes looked at the small picture frame with a small baby, her sandy brown hair, her lovely face everything about her, even though he had never had the chance to met her he knew she was; kind, lovely, supportive. "I see-"

"So they got you huh?" the loud blond commented "Shut up, Hidan" the aggravated Kakuzu said 'He has my money' Deidara could keep that comment to himself "Empty handed I see huh?" Deidara mocked the green eyes man; he was quick enough no move from having a hand around his neck.

The village was growing dark, dim lights would soon covered the silent village among their eyes "Looks like we can't be in the village for some time" Kakuzu looked at Konoha one last time "When we return the Uchihas and the Hyuuga brat will pay"

Hinata sat on the coach; her legs crossed "Kuro-" her Doberman looked at her "-do you think Sasuke is alright?" he whined and barked at his brother, Kira raised his head and tilted it to the side. Hinata smiled as she stood up "I'll make dinner-" and walked towards the kitchen. Kuro and Kira took the opportunity of Hinata sleeping to check of the Uchihas.

A whine escaped Kuro, Kimi licked his muzzle. Yes she was staying and was going to protect her new family. Kira waited for Kuro and headed out.

Mama Kimi wasn't worried for Yuji; he was with the older Uchiha and Sasuke, neither of them smelled bad meaning they were allies not foes. Yuji really seemed to get attached to that human. The minute Sasuke had walked in with a older man that smelled like blood, not foe but his own blood, her mate Kuro and herself noticed Yuji' small round thumb tail wag. What was so special about that human?

Kira growled as both dogs walked through the village, he stopped and looked up; pass the village walls that divided the outside woods from the village. Kuro barked telling Kira to follow him, which he did all the way to the Uchiha compound.

Sasuke had closed his eyes, and began to listen to the crickets as they began to play their song, the winds scatting leaving on the ground. He recalled everything that happened with Itachi, Sai…speaking of Sai, he hadn't seen or heard from him 'Is he dead?' he asked himself, know he was stronger that he looks. Anyway 'Wonder if he's okay?'

He was recovering in a place no one knew existed or has visited before; his so called home. After Sasuke had left wounded to find Hinata, he and Shin had finished the Black Ops; to their bad luck Danzo had fled. Both Sai and Shin were now recovering, and the only person who would be able to help them was…

"So you really aren't going to tell me what happed huh?" a frustrated Pink haired girl asked "I cannot I apologize Sakura" he told her.

She finished bandaging Shin and now was finishing bandaging him "Its fine. So he's your brother?" she asked referring to Shin. Sai smiled "He is" Shin smiled "Nice to meet you Sakura" she nodded "It's nice to meet you too"

Sasuke didn't like him but still he couldn't help but wonder about the Black Ops or Ex-Black Ops, I mean he had fought against his own. He guessed that is a big no. hearing the crickets and dogs? Sasuke opened his eyes as he heard dogs barking.

"What is it?" Itachi asked the small four legged fur ball that was somewhat growling at the front door, "Someone there?" he asked fully alerted as he walked towards it, Sasuke walked down the stairs "Open it-" Itachi opened the door and Yuji wobbled his way to this father Kuro and uncle Kira.

"Hinata' Dobermans, is something wrong?" Sasuke asked ready to leave. "I don't think so, if something were wrong I'm sure they would be barking, it looks like they are just checking in."

Kuro was impressed by the intelligence of the oldest Uchiha, feeling that nothing was wrong with the humans or his pup Yuji' his own orders on checking on them were over. Kuro saw that his brother Kira was licking Yuji who was enjoying it.

Kuro looked at both Uchiha humans, specially the one known as Itachi and back at his nephew Yuji and growled. Yuji' ears immediately went down in shame; Kuro growled at Yuji because he made Hinata worry over him, Yuji was curious and followed him and knowing human boys like them, he'd blame Yuji.

He looked at the oldest Uchiha again "What?" Itachi asked Kuro, who gave him a look and growl "Look if this is about Yuji-" he bent down and petted him "-it's not his fault, curiosity killed the cat but not the dog" Kuro sat down and looked at Yuji, he couldn't stay mad at him after all he is his son.

"The Doberman sure are smart" Kuro took great pride in his intelligence. He is smarter than most dogs; he was breed to be smarter. As a young pup the human who so happen to be his master' father, lord Hiashi had trained him to protect and kill.

He didn't understand why and didn't ask (not like he can) anyway he didn't understand why lord Hiashi would train him to protect one out of two human girls he has. He'd train him to be alert to those his master would be shy or nervous around, he did.

I guess she'd been in her shell a lot and ever since, well he guessed ever since he has been with her, she'd come out. Having a lot of mates (friends) to play with have made her happier, which means he and his brothers are happy. He was most attached to Hinata, sure Kilo and Kira also followed Hinata around but they also followed their youngest master, Hanabi or stay at home and guard.

He was a 24/7 thing, well that was until he met the young female Doberman outside the village. She was pregnant with his litter of pups and he had to protect her, he was counting on Kilo and Kira. When she was do to give birth, he thought it would be safer within the barrier (wall) of the village, he'd hide a few yards away from the small shop that smelled like ramen and other delicious food, and he had to feed his mate.

It was going great; she had gone into labor and so he stood outside to watch for any unwelcome visit. Thought he was happy of being a father he was upset for failing on being with his master. She however is kind and he was hopping she wouldn't hold him for not being there with her.

A few weeks had past and well he was with his little of four and his mate. He was happy to see his pups wobble to feed when he sensed danger; he immediately stood over his mate and pups as a dog, much larger than him growled.

He didn't want to risk and put in danger his family in what he knew would be a battle. He made the first move and managed to push him out the small shack threw the hole in the door, and the battle began. He ran away from his family in order to protect them, it work the male dog had chased him and they began fighting over the role of 'top dog' he'd won but that had cost some bites and blood.

After minutes of fighting the opponent fled and with these injures there was only one person that could and would help him…and that was his master, Hinata. He headed home, Kira and Kilo weren't there but at this point he only wanted to see Hinata that is if he didn't make it.

She was happy to see him; she had kindness in her voice when she said "Hi Kuro" he felt guilty now, he hadn't been here with her but she was kind just like he had know "It's o-okay K-Kuro." However he dropped his ears as he enters "K-Kuro!" she cried and he knew why.

He was covered in blood and injured "-what h-happened?" he'd laid down and whined because he was in pain. He'd closed his eyes for a few minutes, next thing he knew he was in the home of Kuromaru, the largest extant member of their dog family and his three siblings. He was feeling better, a bit weak but defiantly better.

He was put in a room with his mate and pup. He was happy to be a father and was playing with his pups."K-Kuro-" he heard that voice, her voice. His ears stood up and he saw her, and like a baby or his case a puppy he began crying and wagging his thumb tail at her, he was in her arm. He was happy to see her, and promised he's always be with her to protect her.

He whined and come back to reality he stood up and bark, Yuji made his way over and licked his father's muzzle "I'll take him tomorrow okay?" both Kira and Kuro barked, he looked at Sasuke, nothing wrong and with this done he and his brother left.

Kira and Kuro walked down the streets and Kuro couldn't help but feel as though he was being watched "Arf" they heard the white dog familiar bark, it was their friend Akamaru with is human, the fanged boy with red fang marks on both his cheeks "Hey Kuro"

Kiba walked down Konoha, he had just come from Shino's house, they had finished the paper the same day it was assigned but, right now he didn't want to be home, Hana…a shiver ran down his spine…boyfriend was there. Akamaru whined "Yeah I still can't believe it's my English teacher Iruka who's dating my sister"

He stopped and remembered…"Kiba I'll leave you in change I have to go." Hana told him, Kiba didn't even ask "Okay" she left and Naruto smiled "I think she's going on a date, Kiba" Kiba' eyebrow twitched, "So what? She's 21 she doesn't need permission Naru-dork"

Sure Hana is 21 going on 22 this year but his teacher, really? He was guessing Iruka was hmm 24 good ages and all but…another shiver ran down his spine…Iruka is his teacher, well I guess this is their last year and all and he'll not see him and all still it was weird.

Akamaru walked next to his friend when he smelled the similar scent "Arf" he barked getting Kiba' attention "Hey Kuro" he smiled as they wagged their tail "Hinata!" Kuro barked and ran before she began to worry. Kiba followed him; the house was only a few blocks away.

Tenten and Neji had gone out to eat both asked Hinata to go with them, though politely she said 'no, thank you' she rather stay at home, she had been tired after a long day. As much as Tenten wanted Hinata to go with them she understood, it had been a long day for all them. She however liked spending time with Neji.

Kuro and Kira had entered through the back doggy dog "There you are" Hinata said in a cheerful voice "Food is almost ready" she told them. She turned off the stove when she heard a knock at the door 'Wonder who it could be?' Kira and Kuro didn't bark because they knew it was Akamaru' human.

She opened the door and smile "Kiba-" her eyes widen as he hugged her "I'm glad you're okay Hinata" that's right; she hadn't seen him after her return. She had spent the whole time with Tenten, her cousin Neji, Sasuke and his brother Itachi.

She had asked Sasuke to inform Shino and Kiba that she was alright. She smiled and hugged Kiba "Kiba-" she said as unwanted tears fell "I'm s-sorry I made Shino and you worry" Kiba pulled her so he could see her eyes, which by now were drowned in tears "Hey don't cry-" he looked down, he knew better than to ask 'Who took you?' he knew Hinata and he knew that she would talk when she was ready.

He grinned showing his canine like fang "I thought I'd come and visit you. It's not too late is it?" she shook her head "No I was just m-making dinner. Would you like to stay for dinner?"

"I don't want to intrude on the Hyuuga dinner. Just, that when your Uchiha came over and told me that you were back home safe-" he smiled "-I wanted to see you but something come up and well I came right now"

Hinata smiled as she whipped the tears "Actually Neji and Ten are out, so if you stay-" he smiled "I'd love to have dinner with you Hina-" he also really just wanted to talk to someone. Shino, he's a quiet guy and it would be kind of weird that he would share his 'feelings' to another guy. "Thank you"

This totally beat his mother cooking! "This is really good Hina-" Kiba commented, she blushed "Thank you" she told him. She had cooked some beef and broccoli, with some rice and a sweet red bean soup. She had some extra for the dogs. Before you say anything she only fed them human food once a week and the dogs love it!

"Wished my mom' cooking was this good" he teased, somewhat. When his mom was upset, which was 80% of the day the cooked tasted bad! So if his mom Tsume isn't happy the food is crappy! "It can't be that bad" Hinata commented, Kiba grin "You haven't tried it, that's why-"

He sighed "Hina-" Hinata looked at him "Yes?" Kiba hesitated a bit "Do you-" he scratched the back of his head "umm do you mind if we talk, I mean-" she put her hand on top of his "Sure" the dogs had finished eating and were now playing in the living room, Kiba offered to help and pick up the dogs bowls, while Hinata washed Kiba and her dishes. Once done they headed into the living room.

"What is it you'd like to talk about?" he again hesitated "My sister, Hana" was something wrong? "Is something wrong with her?" Hinata with concern Kiba shook her head "No, she's fine-" she felt relieved "I'm glad" Hinata said "She's dating Mr. Umino… I mean Iruka, I don't know what to call him" he would have guessed that her eyes would grow a bit or a small 'gasp' would escape her lips but none of that happened "I'm happy for her" she said with honestly in her voice.

"Aren't you surprised?" he asked her, she slightly shook her head and then tilted a bit to the side "Should I?" Kiba wasn't frustrated at her, he was just frustrated in general "He's our teacher" he told her as if she had forgotten "I know that Kiba-" she knew where this was going "Does it bother you that your sister is dating a teacher in our school?"

Did it? "Yes! No, I don't know-" he said scratching his head "It was a shock. I mean he's a teacher!"

Hinata smiled "That doesn't mean he can't love. Kiba he's a teacher but he's human. I know that to you as well as others it may seem weird because we see him only as a teacher but look beyond that-"

Kiba took a breath and listen to her "-I'm sure he'll still treat you the same, he wouldn't be giving you any special (unnecessary) treatment only because he's dating your sister" Hinata had a point, I guess he saw him as his English teacher, I mean teachers have a life after school right? Kiba smiled "Thank you Hinata, for listening" he said. She smiled and nodded "Anytime"

It was now growing dark and Kiba stood up "I guess I should get going-" Hinata stood up and he hugged her once more "-take care Hina" of course she hugged back "Good night Kiba, bye Akamaru" the giant dog wagged his tail "Arf"

She watched them leave and she closed the door behind her, with yawned she looked at the wall clock 6:45 pm, time sure had gone buy fast and Neji had not returned home which only meant he was staying over at Tenten' house.

They sat in few of the many stairs of the public park. Stars slowly began to show in the dark sky over them. Hana eyes fell "I'm sure this is awkward for Kiba" with his hand he lifted her chin.

Dark eyes met her dark yet soft eyes and said "I-" he sighed but smiled "-I know." his thumb traced the bottom of her cheek, she closed her eyes as she felt this gentle touch "I love you-" she told him. Iruka smiled and sealed it with a kiss "I do too" he told her as he kissed her again.

"Let's go to bed" Hinata told her dogs. She opened her door and was shocked to see him "S-Sasuke?"

"I couldn't stop thinking of you-" he didn't lie there, after Kuro decided to stop and check on him he thought of Hinata and well he was restless so he had to stop by.

"How did-" she asked "I climbed the tree-" he told her as he walked towards her. She smiled and ran towards him and hugged him "I'm g-glad you're here with me-" he gently wrapped his arms around her neck "I'll always be here. I love you"

Three words; the three words every girl wants to hear…'I love you' those words made her feel special. Her smile soon faded as she knew tomorrow "Hinata is something wrong?" she was out of his embrace and walked towards her bed sitting down she said "T-tomorrow-"

Sasuke saw as she sat down on her bed "If it's about the paper, I finished it-" she looked at him "You f-finished it? Sasuke I didn't e-even-" Sasuke smiled "Its fine Hinata, you had been through a lot so the paper would have been too much" he sat next to her and asked "What's wrong?"

She looked at the picture frame. There in the picture was her mother; she was standing next to her father, Hanabi and her in the front of them. Sasuke looked to were her eyes had wondered and saw the picture frame "It that your mother?" Hinata nodded. "You sure got your beauty from her" he commented.

Sasuke looked at the picture and noticed that Hinata had gotten her fair skin from her mother as well as her dark indigo hair color. She was smiling having each of her girls to both of her sides. Hiashi had his arms crossed but you could see the happiness in his eyes, they looked happy.

He didn't know but I mean I guess…"Tomorrow will be a year that she p-passed away" Sasuke heart dropped "I'm sorry" Hinata didn't say anything "She w-was there f-for me after I t-told her I was raped. She slept with Kuro and me when I h-had nightmare." she wiped the tears that fell.

Sasuke wrapped his arm around her and as much as it pained him to hear he listened, he was here for her. "She died in a car crash-" the tears re-accumulated in her eyes and fell "-it was a few day before my junior graduation" she closed her eyes and dug her face onto Sasuke chest; she brought up her legs as he hugged him "Hinata-"

After she had fallen asleep in his arm, he had to, not that he wanted, he had to let her sleep and he had to, again he didn't want to he had to leave because in just a few hour Hinata father would arrive and well he wanted to live. He would be dead if Hinata father found a guy who he hasn't heard or seen in the same bed with his daughter. It was 4 am and he had to leave.

He remembered what Hinata had asked of him after she was calmer and wasn't crying anymore "Would you like to v-visit my mother tomorrow?" he nodded, he felt honor that she asked him to go to her mother's grave and finally met her "Of course" he would go to school and turn in the paper and leave, of course letting Iruka and them know he had to visit someone special.

Arriving at the not so lonely house, Itachi and the little rascal who had misplace his keys were sleeping upstairs, he didn't even make it to his room as he fell on the sofa…sleep had beaten him.

Itachi was use to waking up around this time; 4:30 am. Why? Well when Sasuke was a baby he'd wake up to feed him and burp him, yes waking at 4:30 had been a routine and it had stuck up to today heading downstairs he saw his brother had crashed in the sofa. He got a blanket from the closet down stairs and covered him "Knowing him he'll wake up in just a few hours-"

Hinata was now up, she saw the clock and saw it was now 6:05 am, "I miss you mother" she told herself. Getting up she went to the bathroom to take a shower, Kuro and them were in the room, still sleeping but alert. Once done taking a warm shower she headed to her room to change.

She was brushing her wet hair when she heard a knock at her door "Come in" she said "Hinata?" the reflection in the mirror didn't lie, it was "Hanabi" Hinata set the brush down and ran towards her and hugged her, Hanabi hugged her back "I missed you" Hanabi smiled "I did too" Kuro, Kila and Kilo were all over her "Hey boys-" she said.

In the corner of her eyes she saw a big bundle and three bundles near her sister bed "Oh are these them" Hinata nodded "Yes. Ai is the one with the purple collar. Eiji is the one with the blue, Yuji has a red one and Keiji is the one with the green collar. Kimi is the mother of them four"

Hanabi looked at them, 'Four?' she counted out loud "One…two…three…where is the fourth puppy?" Hinata smiled "Umm my-" she wasn't going to lie "-boyfriend h-has it" she blushed. Hanabi smiled, her sister had a boyfriend "Oh Hina I'm so happy for you!" but she had to add "Let's just hope father is okay with him"

Hinata smiled "Is he-" Hanabi nodded "He's downstairs" Hinata excused herself and Hanabi nodded as he petted Kimi and played with the pups. Hinata walked downstairs and saw his father drinking his usual black cup of coffee and reading his morning paper "F-father?" he moved the paper to the side when he saw her, Hinata. He set the paper down and got up "Hinata" he was so happy to finally see her.

He was received by a hug and "Father" Hinata walked towards him and had given him a hug, Hiashi closed his eyes enjoying this moment "How was your trip?" Hinata asked as she released her father "It went well. Gaara has accepted to open a K9 training center. They have begun building the training center."

She looked at her father "Gaara?" she asked "The Kazekage" he sat back down "He's the youngest Kazekage of the five great nations"

"Father-" he heard Hanabi "-look at the puppies!" Hiashi looked at his younger daughter "They sure are cute" he said, Hanabi walked towards him one puppy at hand.

Kimi looked at the long brown haired man in front of her who was now holding Eiji "I see they have names already" Hinata nodded Neji, Tenten, Sasuke and I named them" Hinata said, yes she had said Sasuke I mean he has to know right? "Sasuke?" he raised an eyebrow.

Hinata nodded "He's-" she took a deep breath "-he's kind of my boyfriend" she looked down and waited for him to yell or something "Boyfriend huh?" Hiashi said "-I'll have to talk to that boy soon" Hinata looked at him "He's umm w-well he's coming to mother's g-grave" she said. Hiashi looked at her "Okay, I'll meet him then" Hinata smiled "Thank you"

Changing the subject Hiashi who still held Eiji said "So have they shown any personality" Hinata nodded "They have-"

"You're up-" Itachi told him "-why aren't you getting ready for school?" he asked with curiosity "I'm not going because I'm going with Hinata and her family to visit her mother grave" he said. Itachi looked down "Oh" he thought about her, about Hinata; the girl who had changed his brother for the better, and had made the thick blood between himself and Sasuke thinner.

Neji woke up and smiled as he saw Tenten sleep. Okay before you get the wrong idea, both were dressed and nothing had happen, they had both knocked out after they went to visit Lee (after dinner) and like always Lee had 'challenged' both of them to races and all that crazy Lee stuff. He didn't want to wake her up but she opened her eyes "Morning already?" he nodded "Yes"

It was now 8:30 and everyone was getting ready to leave. "Ready?" Hiashi asked her two daughters who were dressed in black. Hanabi held the flowers her and Temari had chosen back in Suna. She had some Alkali Mariposa lilies, Rose Heaths, Desert Peaches and some Desert Sunflower, simple yet pretty to the eyes. The dogs stood by the door ready as well.

"Itachi would you like to come?" he Sasuke asked his brother. Itachi was surprised that he asked him "I'm sure she would have asked you to go if you would have gone with me to see her" he saw Sasuke put on his black shoes 'So that's where he went all late about it' he nodded "Of course" he was now heading upstairs to get ready, Yuji struggling to get up the stairs but following him.

Tenten was just finished tying her hair in her usual buns "I have to say, bringing your clothes here was smart" Neji looked at her "I knew I wasn't going home" that made her blush she shook it off as Neji asked "Ready" she nodded and both walked out the door.

It was now 8:55, Hanabi still held her beautiful desert flower bouquet. Hinata just looked at her picture frame. The dogs were lying down in the back of the truck quite; they could sense the sad atmosphere.

As Hinata and they finally arrived, opening the car to the pearl Cadillac escalade "Hinata look" Hanabi said getting her attention. Hinata looked up to see…

Sasuke, Itachi with Yuji, Rock Lee, Tenten, Neji (of course), Naruto, Sakura, Chouji, Shikamaru, Ino, Shino, Kiba with Akamaru. Ino father' Inoichi, Shikamaru' mother Yoshino and father Shikaku. Kiba' mother Tsume and sister Hana along with their wolves and Iruka. Shino' father Shibi. Chouji' father Chouza. Even Ayame and her father Teuchi, owner of Ichiraku ramen.

All their teachers were there; Kakashi Hatake, Asuma Sarutobi, Kurenai Yuuhi and Guy Might.

Shinobi from her village and it seemed as though Shinobi from Suna were there as well. She recognized most of the ANBU shinobi and of course the Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen all were around her mother's grave.

"Hinata" she heard his voice, tears fell "Sasuke-" she said. She didn't know what to say, this…everyone was here "The Hokage-" he stopped "He'll tell you" Sasuke looked at him…

Hiashi saw the boy with the jet black hair with her daughter and saw his eyes, he saw Hinata with such love and Joy. The same way he saw Hanako, his wife. "Hello sir-" Sasuke said stretching out his hand, Hiashi took and shook it "I'm-" what was he going to say 'I'm Hinata's boyfriend' he was sure Hinata had said 'friend' it didn't bother him but "Call me Hiashi. So you're my daughter's boyfriend huh,"

Sasuke looked at him "She told me" he looked at Hinata and back at him "We still need to talk but I want you to take care of her, do you understand?" he told him, sending goosebumps down his spine "Of course" he told Hiashi.

Hanabi had been held the flowers as they walked towards the grave, everyone moved to the side and as the Hyuuga family, which meant the dogs, (Itachi had released Yuji who happily walked back to his mother and father as well as his siblings and uncles) walked pass them the respectfully bowed their heads.

"Lord Hokage-" Hiashi spoke up "Hiashi, they are here to visit Hanako. Hanako was well loved and is still loved in your hearts. Everyone is here today in loving memory of Hanako Hyuuga. May she rest in peace" Sarutobi finished.

"May she rest in peace" everyone present said in a union. Hinata tears fell 'Do you see this mother?' she said as she looked up in the sky 'They are here to visit you'

Sasuke hugged her and comforted her. Hanabi took this opportunity to see the flowers down on her stone. "Hanabee?" she heard one of her friend's call her, she turned to see "Konohamaru" he gave her a sad yet comforting smile and hugged her "I'm here for you" he told her.

Hiashi could see that his girls are growing "You okay?" he heard, he nodded "Thank you Kurenai" a long time friend of the Hyuuga family put her hand on his shoulder "Anytime"

"We are also here in loving memory of Karura of the Desert and their third Kazekage. Our allies of Suna have joined us today in memory of our Hanako. We thank them, and both rest in peace" again everyone bowed "May both rest in peace" all of the people and shinobi who were present said in union.

Hinata who was now in Sasuke arm' saw a boy with auburn hair (somewhat reddish), she could see the loneliness. After paying their respect to Hanako and Hiashi they had left leaving only the rookies and their fathers "She was a great woman-" Hiashi thanked Shikaku and watched him leave along with Inoichi and Chouza.

Gaara stood just a few feet from where the leaf's Hokage had made his speech. He watched as shinobi left, his turquoise eyes roamed the area but stopped when he saw Hanabi standing with a bunch of dogs and a girl with long Indigo hair who was crying in a guys shoulder. He saw her open her eyes 'She's a Hyuuga?'

Kiba had offered every rookie to go to his place and just be together, Hinata thought it was a good, idea plus the dogs would get to play with the HT and Kuromaru. Everyone was there…Sasuke and Itachi of course, Neji, Tenten, Rock Lee, Naruto, Sakura, Ino, Shikamaru, Chouji, and Shino. Sai was missing but he had a reason only Sakura knew; sever injures but not death sever injuries.

Hinata was quieter than usual, everyone was that is until Lee spoke "I am grateful to have such a youthful and strong as you Hinata-" Hinata was wrapped around Sasuke arms, Itachi simple rose an eyebrow. "Thank you Lee" Ino and Sakura giggle as Kuro jumped on Lee "You are youthful too Kuro"

Night was hear, it come quicker than any other day. The day had come and gone and hid between the mountains. The Rookies had gone home after tea, a few Itachi question, well interrogation and happy laughs everyone called it a night.

Sasuke and Hinata were now sitting outside in her backyard, under the big tree. Hinata between Sasuke legs, his arms around her "I can't believe Lee challenged Kuro to a barking contest" Hinata giggled and said "That's your Lee"

Sasuke smiled "Of course Kuro won" Hinata shrugged "Lee umm he did okay" Sasuke laughed, yes he knows how to laugh "He did okay" Hinata rested her head on his shoulder "I love you Hinata" Sasuke said as he kissed the top of her head "I love you too, Sasuke" he smiled and told her "I'll always be here for you"

Hiashi watched his daughter smile and laugh with Sasuke from inside with the kitchen window that led to the back when he heard Kuro growl "I know they grow up so fast huh?" he said Kuro growled again "Okay I'll stop spying-" Hiashi smiled and petted Kuro before he took his leave upstairs. Kuro happy he head back to the living room with his pups and Kimi.

Today had been said but Hinata knew that her mother would want her and everyone to be happy and she is. She has Sasuke, her father, her sister Hanabi and very good friends. Hanako wouldn't want to see her daughter Hinata or anyone sad. Hinata smiled as she looked at the sky 'I love you mother'

Tenten and Neji were walking back to Tenten house from Kiba house, "Lee lost to Kuro, no surprise there" Neji stopped and gently grab her hand and looked at her brown eyes "I love you Tenten" with a small blush on her face that night covered she smiled "I love you Neji" and a kiss said it all.

"W-what?" she asked with a smile on her face and tears running down her face "I've always had feeling for you Ino-" the blonde hugged him "Oh Chouji!" he closed his eyes and smiled "Is that a yes?" he asked as he hugged her back? "Yes, I'd love to be your girlfriend!" the long haired blue eyed Ino told him.

She was now walking down the village, keeping in mind what the semi-quiet Sai had told her just after she had finished bandaging him and all three were talking among each other, of course she did most of the talking.

"Naruto-" it was her turn for her to listen to Sai "-how do you say…has emotional feelings for you" Sakura looked down "You mean he likes me?" Sai shook his head "No. I believe he said he loves you" Sakura smiled as tears fell "Did I make you weep?" he asked concern as her closest female friend cried "They're happy tears Sai"

"He loves me?" she smiled, thought she felt bad, I mean you could say she was somewhat of a bully with him, she admit it she's hit him a few times, and he never got upset with her, not even once. Sakura isn't the type…actually she did emotions but she tried not to. I guess she covered her feeling with punches.

"I'll have the same Ayame-" she heard his voice, looking up she saw she was just in front of Ichiraku ramen, with a smile she entered "Naruto" she said getting his attention when he saw her his smile widen "Sakura-"

He had bought her a bowl of ramen and once down he offered her to walk her home. She'd been quite enjoying the night with him. "Sakura-" all of a sudden her heart began to beat faster "Yes?" she asked

"You have a small spider on your shirt-" he leaned in closer "No. wait, it's just a small ladybug" he blew on it and the lady bug was nowhere to be seem. "Naruto-" he looked up at her "Hm?" blue eyes met green once.

Sakura smiled "Thank you" he saw her smile, which made him smile "No problem" Naruto began walking but he stopped felling Sakura' hand on his "Hm? Is something wrong Sakura?" he asked looking at her once more. She bit her lower lip "I-" she looked at him and stood in her tippy toes.

Naruto' blue eyes widen but slowly began to closed and relax, taking Sakura into an embrace he deepen the kiss, the kiss he'd been craving for years.

Hana smiled at one of her trios pushed Iruka away "I think he's jealous" Iruka looked at the wolves eyes "He's friendly" she told him with a smiled "I love you Hana" the trio whined and walked ahead leaving them alone. Hana kissed him "I know. I love you too, Iruka"

The night was filled with love. Who have thought that among themselves they would have love? She would have never thought anyone would see her more than a friend but Sasuke does. He never thought that anyone would love a jerk like him but Hinata does.

"Good to have you back, Itachi-" he bowed to his general "Good to be home general Morino"

Ibiki Morino; he is Head of Konoha Intelligence Division and Konoha Torture and Interrogation Force.

"Orochimaru is dead?" Itachi nodded, though he felt uneasy "Leader of Akatsuki; Nagato also known as Pain had killed him after he found out he had raped one of his own members and his lover and only female member of the Akatsuki, Konan"

~9 months later~

High school was done with…Iruka didn't even bother on collect it; you know the paper everyone was assigned with their week partner, anyway some if not all were relieved though some complained because they actually worked on it but that was 9 months ago, who cares.

The Rookies were now going on 19 or 20 and were now in the ANBU military. Female ninja are known as Kunoichi'. Many Kunoichi existed in the village in Konoha, thought your female rookies weren't Kunoichi in battle they were Kunoichi were medic-nin field so they would aid the fallen (injured) ANBU.

Everyone was surprise to hear that Shikamaru had made it to captain after the so called Chuunin exams, it proved that he is a great strategist, that he is three steps of the enemy. he was also know to be a Chuunin proctor, meaning he along with many other Chuunin (captains) and of course the Hokage would chose who would be eligible to become Chuunin (Captain) or Major general (Jounin).

The rookies were all surprised but proud of their now not so much of a lazy friend Shikamaru. Neji had been promoted to Major General a few months back. Hinata was happy for Shikamaru. Hinata and Tenten were happy and proud of their Neji.

The relationships of the rookies…Hinata and Sasuke relation had long been out on the open and everyone is happy for both and as well as Ino and Chouji, Neji and Tenten and of course Naruto and Sakura.

Itachi was and still is under covered as Akatsuki and is still in progress; he had to leave Konoha after reporting to his General, General Marino. Nine months had passed, though he would stop by whenever he could and report to the Hokage.

Sasuke as well as Itachi had become big brothers to Hanabi, who she seemed to really grow attached too. Neji and Sasuke still have their differences but…well their relationship had been and still is rocky from time to time.

Sasuke and Hiashi had 'the talk' a few days after the funeral. A three hour talk two of those hours were more of the things he would do if he ever did anything that would make Hinata cry. Sasuke respected that, though the mad had send goosebumps and well let's just leave it at that.

Fugaku and Mokoto had given the surprise to their boys. Itachi and Sasuke of course were surprised and annoying that they were back in Konoha. They didn't hold anything agaist their mother Mokoto, it was all taken out of Fugaku. The man thought they would forgive him for leaving them, he was wrong. They had spent three day and two nights before leaving again to Kumo.

Hiashi said his farewells to both before they left without making peace with their boys. Mokoto was disappointed yes but she knew they would come back…someday. Yes both Sasuke and Hinata were surprised to hear that their fathers knew each other and had gone to high school and collage together.

Ai along with his brothers; Yuji, Eiji and Keiji were now a little over nine months old and had done a lot of growing. "You are the next generations of fine Dobermans" Hiashi told them and they sat in front him, ears erect they wagged their tails.

The pups were old enough to be given away, thought they would be use as K9. Speaking of which, in a few more months the center in Suna would open. Anyway back to the dogs, Yuji now belonged to Itachi.

Hinata had giving Yuji to Itachi and he was out of words, he had grown to the little mucking who had lost Sasuke' keys when he was little. Eiji was given to both Tenten and Neji. Tenten was happy to have a dog of his own.

Last but not least Keiji was given to Sasuke as a three month anniversary present and when she heard he too was now a Major general. Now he could say he own a dog of his own, well two with Itachi in his undercover mission with Akatsuki he has to take care of Yuji.

Which he didn't mind he would visit Hinata daily so the dogs went with him as well, keeping Ai and of course their Kimi, Kuro and their uncles some company.

Sasuke walked back from the Hokage' tower, time wasn't really with him; he still couldn't believe Itachi was an ANBU…

"I don't understand you Itachi" Itachi knew what this was going to lead to "If you're an ANBU-" so he cut him off "I cannot talk to you about this right now, everything will be explained when the time is right"

Sasuke gripped the steering wheel that his knuckles turned white "When? When Hidan gets Hinata again, is that when you're going to tell me!" Itachi looked at his brother's ghost knuckles and said "When Captain Hatake-"

Okay yeah you know what happened next…skip all that. After reporting to the Hokage and before he left him and Sasuke had a talk "I am an ANBU. I'm undercover. Orochimaru had plans with an organization to destroy Konoha" Sasuke just looked at his brother 'Destroy Konoha?'

Sasuke never did like that bastard of a snake but hearing that Pain had killed Orochimaru after he couldn't contain himself with Konan. Itachi had found out from Konan herself after that Orochimaru was no more.

Itachi eyes had sadden "Konan had shut herself away after that-" his jaw had clenched, I guess he felt bad for Konan and after hearing that Hidan had done the same to Hinata…"I guess he cares" he said to himself.

He sighed; the day was going by fast and his last mission sure had taken a toll on him. He was coming from the Hokage' tower after reporting this team mission, he clenched his hand 'Orochimaru!' anger boiled inside him but he smiled as he saw her sitting under the cherry blossom tree with her beloved dogs.

"Hina-" lavender eyes met dark ones "Sasuke-" she stood up, a light blush on her face "-welcome back" she said smile on his face he walked towards her and hugged her…"I've missed you" he whispered in her ear. She felt his warm breath on her neck, sending warm goosebumps down her spine.

"I've missed you too-" she told him "Arf" Kuro barked "Oh hey Kuro" Sasuke told him "Yuji and Eiji have they been behaving?" she asked him. Sasuke looked at both his dogs "Yeah-" he smiled "-they have" Sasuke held on to her "I bet you're tired" she said told him

He smiled "A bit" he confessed to her the mission of escorting some old drunk to his village seemed simple as 1, 2, 3 but no. Guess he was more important since some Zabuza guy tried to kill him…but right now he really didn't want to talk about mission, he just wanted to be with the girl he loves; Hinata Hyuuga.

"I made some riceballs-" Hinata stuttering had vanished; I mean nine months dating Sasuke had changed that for the better. "How about we go out-" she shook her head "You need to rest-" sure he was exhausted but being with Hinata is so much better than being in bed; hm on second thought being in bed with her doesn't sound that bad either…

Okay let's talk about food; with some missions that had last almost two month they would rarely eat at home, usually they would go out. Even eat at one of the rookie's house, invited of course but them alone not so much…he smiled "I'll be fine?" she smiled "You owe me one, Sasuke"

"Huh?" she smiled knowing he'd gotten him. "When I kind of kicked you out, I mean after you kissed me" a blush appeared "-Neji appeared and well I am a bad liar so I had to cut onions and well I had made dinner but you didn't I mean couldn't stay"

He smirked 'Right' he thought "I remember-" he told her "You kicked me out-" she bit her lip "Sorry-" she smiled as she hugged him.

"I d-didn't mean to k-kick you out. I'm s-sorry Sasuke." She really was "No, I should be the one that is sorry Hina-" what else could he say? He really was sorry.

"I just can't control myself when I'm around you Hinata" which wasn't a lie. He'd kissed her and he'll probably want to do it again and again but he would have to resist himself, he didn't want to bring back pain back to her.

"Y-you p-p-promise?" He looked at her with curiosity "-that n-next t-time you'll s-stay f-for dinner?"

"I promise" he nodded, which made smiled. He grinned at her.

"Right-" he said, her smile never left her face "So then dinner?" he smiled and kissed her forehead "Yeah" they walked inside "The house sure is quite without father or Hanabi"

This is why he didn't want to go to the mission, knowing Hinata was alone, Hiashi and Hanabi once again had left to Suna. Some last minutes things for the K9 training center.

"When will they be back?" he asked her, "I think tomorrow." he smirked "What?" she asked him "-so that means I could sleep over?" she blushed "You'll have the coach" she told him "Hm"

Once inside Hinata took out some rice balls she had made earlier "I stuffed them with tomatoes-"

Hinata sure is one of a kind, great cook, she's good with both animals and little kids "Thanks you" she didn't even bother on reheating them; Sasuke said he likes them cold.

Once done, he offered to do the dishes and after that they both heading to the living room "Want to watch a movie?" Hinata asked him "Sure, it okay if I shower first?" she nodded.

He'd packed extra clothes and well the necessary things for a mission that would last at least 3 days or so. He kissed her before leaving to the downstairs bathroom. He let the cold water hit his back, his muscles flexed as he rubbed his neck. The cold water sure fell good, his day had been hell…but after seeing Hinata…made everything better.

He heard his phone vibrate but didn't even bother on answering. Once he finished he put in his black pants not bothering to put on his shirt he ruffled his hair, letting the water droplets fall down his angelic face down to his shoulders and his back that flexed as the cool droplets made contact with his skin.

He put his uniform in the bag and into his bag, leaving the bathroom the way it was when he entered he slept outside. Sasuke couldn't help himself and looked at Hinata. Hinata had changed for the better and well changing meant clothes wise as well, sure she would wear her XXL sweaters but under that…she'd wear a long or short sleeve shirt that hugged her perfect body.

'Control yourself, damn it' he thought, his eyes fell to her…perfect backside and you know what behind you? Your butt! NOT yours, Hinata' (perfect butt) as well as perfect shaped legs.

Standing back up from her crouching position after she grabbed the movie and looked at Sasuke and smiled, he of course smiled back with a blush, I mean he was half naked but asked "Are you okay?" he shook his mean and took deep breaths "Yeah" he lied, he wasn't I mean he's a man, he has NEEDS but he loves Hinata, so he'd wait until she is ready.

He sat on the couch, Hinata walked towards him "Better?" she asked, he knew she was referring to being exhausted from his mission "The shower relaxed me a bit" she smile again "I'm glad" she sat next to him in the two seat couch.

They heard growling and Hinata looked over Sasuke broad shoulder and smiled seeing Kuro and Yuji tug-a-war with a lavender blanket "For us?-" she asked him he barked at Yuji who released it. Smiling she took it and put it over both herself and Sasuke. Sasuke pulled her on top of him, so pretty much she was sitting on top of him.

He didn't mind she is very light. He kept one of his arm around her waist so she wouldn't slid down and fall, "What movie are we watching?" he asked "50 first dates" she said pressing the play button. Hinata felt the warm of his bare chest on her shoulder.

"Can I have one last first kiss?" (From 50 first dates) Hinata dug her head on his chest "Hinata?" Sasuke asked "This-" he couldn't hear what he was saying. He gently pulled her face off his chest "You're crying?" she smiled "This part always makes me cry" she confessed as she once more dug her face into his chest, this time being of embarrassment.

"Sasuke?" he looked down at her after she pulled her face off his chest "Hm?" he said to her "Would you make me fall in love for you over and over if-" he didn't think twice for that he had or wanted to say he nodded and said "I'd do anything to make you fall in love with me hundred times if I have too"

Hinata smiled and kissed him. Sasuke leaned forward and deepened the kiss, his tongue wanted entrance and he won which made her moan; hearing that Kuro lifted his head and growled, they parted "I'm not hurting her Kuro" Hinata blushed to Kuro' reaction, lately he'd been doing that, growling at whenever they well…moaned in pressure.

"Want to watch another movie-" Sasuke looked at her, he didn't mind another movie or three or five but he wanted something else, something in 3D. However ne nodded after all he does enjoy her company, he saw her eyes on him "-you should probably rest though."

He smiled and whispered into her ear "You need your rest as well-" he told her. Having her on top of her, he picked her up, bride style "Sasuke!" she said surprised as she held on to him "I won't drop you, unless you want me too" he smiled "No!" she told me "Then I won't" he answered.

Kuro saw both leave and didn't follow, he didn't need too all he did was pull the blanket off. He and his family stayed back, Yuji and Eiji playing with both Kira and Kilo. Sasuke walked up the stairs, luckily Kuro had pulled the blanket off, and she didn't want Sasuke tripping over it as he walked up the stairs.

"I Love you Hina-" he told her she smiled at this words "I love you too" he opened the door, holding to Hinata with only one arm. Once he had successfully opened it, he entered her room and walked towards the bed "You can put me down-" she smiled and he nodded, she felt the softness of her mattress and blankets.

Now what? Where did this lean to? Hinata heart was beating like crazy. Sasuke smiled and bent down, he kissed her and Hinata responded by wrapping her arms around his neck, pulling him down. She was now lying on her back, both breathing somewhat hard after the kiss. Sasuke supported himself with both his arms he looked down at her. he moved her up so her head was resting on her pillow.

"S-Sasuke" she stuttered, which only meant she was nervous. "I'm not going to do anything you don't want me to do Hina-" she blushed and looked at him "I-" curse this nerves of her "-but I…I want to be your first-" he blink in surprise.

Surprised, well whatever! Yeah he's virgin but not for the reasons you think! He had girl before but never has he had sex with them. His mother and Itachi raised him better than being a sex machine.

"If you ever get a girl pregnant you better know how to change a dirty diaper, this doesn't mean that you should get a girl pregnant!" he mentally shook his head. "Don't go around having sex with every girl, do you understand?" Itachi was worse than his mom "Having sex and losing your virginity is like losing and finding a toy!-"

He looked at Hinata "Never have the birds and the bees talk with Itachi" Hinata looked at him "Hm?" he smiled "Nothing-" his facial expression then changed "Hinata are-" he wanted to but if she wasn't ready "I love you and all but-" Hinata smiled "Thank you for waiting for me, Sasuke."

With that she pulled him and kissed him. He left kisses trailing from her jaw line down her neck and to her collarbone; his hands caressed her body in the most gentle of ways. Hinata felt his gentle touch.

"Sasuke-" she said almost out of breath her long dark blue (Indigo) tresses sprawled onto the pillow below her head as she arched a little while moaning his name with every touch of his rough but gentle hands.

Sasuke felt the zipper of her sweater and began to unzip it "Hinata" he said as he kissed her collarbone and began to trace up again. The sweater revealed a porcelain body that was being covered by a beige color shirt, he looked at her, smiling she nodded.

He felt bottom gem of her shirt and with one hand he began pulling it up. He loved her so much! She'd change him for the better! He and Itachi had begun to talk again, because of her. He has many good friends because of her. Sai…he was accepted of his past because of her. Hinata truly is one of a kind.

He'd gotten her shirt of, exposing her white bra. Hinata face was red as a tomato but she smiled.

"Hinata are you sure?" he asked once more to make sure he wasn't forcing her "Yes, I want too." she said.

Sasuke nodded "Okay. I love you" Hinata told him that she loved him too. Her kisses began to do something more than send goosebumps down his half naked body. He began to take his pants, she smiled and nibbled on his earlobe "H-Hinata" he didn't mean to stutter but that was…well that was a weak spot.

She giggled "You stuttered" revenge is sweet because he kissed her and made his way down to her collarbone and sucked on it making her moan his name "S-S-Sasuke" he kissed her soft lips "You stuttered too" Hinata pulled him down and kissed him, his tough once again fought to enter, which it did and their tongues fought for dominance.

Victory! Sasuke had taken his pants off and was now in the process of taking Hinata' to his surprised she helped, which made it easier for both. She exposed white panties and he exposed black boxers. 'Ying and Yang' he really didn't want to give the definition, so look it up! "You're so beautiful"

Two souls became one that night.

"I'm sorry I hurt you-" he whispered in her ear. And he was, entering her was painful for her "Its fine. I love you" she told her.

After he was inside…making love was the most beautiful thing for both. She was now asleep; he wasn't tired of watching her sleep. Her chest rose with the rhythm of her breathing. He touched her cheek "I love you" he closed his eyes, falling asleep next to her.

*Vibrate sounds* he was a light sleeper, hearing he phone vibrate he got up gently so he wouldn't disturb Hinata, he put on his boxers and pants and he dug threw his right front pocket. It was a number he didn't recognize. Probably the loser Naruto changed his number again.

"What do you want?" he answered. "My my, Sssasuke-" that voice! "It'sss been long hasn't it?" he looked back at Hinata, opening the door and closing it behind him he headed downstairs.

"Orochimaru!" he said "Glad you remember me Sssasuke" no it couldn't be! It was Orochimaru! The Hokage was right

"What do-" he didn't even finish "Sssimple, I want you" Sasuke' anger boil. He heard his sinister laugh that sent chills down his spine "You wouldn't want your preciousss mother to get hurt, would you?" No, he was bluffing. He didn't have "S-Sasuke, don't listen o him!-" that was her! His mother!

"Mom!" Sasuke yelled "You sssee." Orochimaru said "I'm not playing gamesss. You are already fatherless. You wouldn't want your mother to die!" His world had just stopped. 'Fatherless?' had he killed…he heard his mother again "He killed your father!" he was crying.

'Did he just say?' he heard Orochimaru laugh "He was a fighter!"

"I'm ganna kill you" he said, tears fell. He never got along with Fugaku and now Fugaku…no, he couldn't be dead.

"I almossst forgot, your beautiful girlfriend Hinata-" his eyes widen "Sssurprise that I know about your lover, Hinata Hyuuga?"

"Don't mess with her or my mom!" he snapped. Kuro ears went up as he and his family ran upstairs "Hinata is ssso beautiful when she isss asleep" he was up there! He was upstairs "Hinata!" he ran upstairs and cold wind hit him. He saw the window open. Kuro and them got up and the bed and stood in their alert mode.

"Stay with her!" he said heading down stairs. How was he here and where ever he was? He put his phone to his ear "Three way call, I know you're curious" he laughed. "What's up Sasuke!" he heard his voice "Hidan!"

"Hang up Hidan" Orochimaru ordered him. Now it was only Orochimaru and Sasuke "Your village sure is full of loved ones isn't it?"

"What do you want?" Sasuke asked "Leave the village and join me"

"I'll be waiting for your anssswer" then he hung up. Orochimaru was watching Hinata, everyone! He ran back upstairs and looked at her, at Hinata. She was sound asleep, his heart ached "The Hokage was right-"

"Zabuza Momochi was working under Gato' orders to kill Tazuna" Sarutobi let his smoke disappear in the air before he said "I see" not the he didn't want to be there, he had to go see her "Is that all Lord Hokage?"

"Sasuke-" Sarutobi said "Yes?" he looked at one of Konoha' fine ANBU and said "Orochimaru is alive-"

"What?" He'd shaken his head "Itachi, he killed Orochimaru"

"I'm afraid he didn't, seems thought a medic-nin managed to revive him." before Sasuke asked he said "It is unknown who. Sasuke, Orochimaru and I were student and teacher once; I know Orochimaru will be back in Konoha when he is better-"

"I'm not following, Lord Hokage" Sasuke told him "You are the only one who can do this mission-"

Sasuke heart fell as he nodded.

~End of flashback~

"I have to leave Konoha as a missing-nin (Rough ANBU) and join Orochimaru" He redialed the number "Ssso?" he heard his voice "When?" he asked the snake man "Tonight. Meet me by gate fifteen in the forest of death"

Sarutobi looked out his window "Your mission has started, Sasuke"

He grabbed his belongings "Eiji-" he said. Eiji stood next to him "You aren't staying?" he asked his beloved mutt. He saw Kimi and Kuro whine, his brother Yuji and sister Ai as well as Kira and Kilo "-Im sorry Kuro-" Kuro tilted his head "I won't let Eiji get hurt. Please promise me you'll protect Hinata?"

Kuro gave him a paw "Thank you" he took out his head protector and took out a piece of paper…

Kissing her forehead he told her "I'm sorry Hinata. I love you…" he didn't look back as he opened the door Eiji walked in front of him as Sasuke closed the door behind him. Leaving the person he loves most behind…


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