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Title: He's My Bastard

Author: Karrissarella

Genre: Romance/Humor

Rating: T

Summary: Mikado is worried about his best friend's choice of boyfriend, who just happens to be a certain informant, but Masaomi has something to say about his apparent "beloved." Izaya/Kida, established relationship. Kink meme fill.

Orihara Izaya. There were many words Kida could use to describe this man. Informant. Dangerous. Cunning. Manipulative. Malicious. Psychotic. ...Bastard. So why was Kida sitting in said man's apartment once again? Simple. They had been dating.

Oh, you heard right. Izaya Orihara and Kida Masaomi were dating. For a year now, actually. It wasn't really publicly known, nor was it really secretive. Kida's friends knew (including his ex-girlfriend, not that she minded.), and well, Izaya's employees or close connections knew.

Their relationship was pretty casual to most people. They didn't show affection in public, mostly due to Kida's nervousness about someone catching them in the act. This didn't mean they were all over each other when they were in privacy either. Kida would give into Izaya's cuddling on the sofa or bed, or Kida would move over to hold Izaya's hand while they were watching a movie together.

Izaya wasn't one for a lot of affection anyway. He liked his space and he knew Masaomi did too. However, it was a lot of fun to tease the younger boy.

"Kida-kun~" Izaya sang as he sashayed over to teenage boy who was laying on the couch, listening to his iPod. He hummed to himself and pulled out one of Kida's ear buds as he hovered over him, grinning. "Masaomi~"

Masaomi frowned, noticing his boyfriend staring down at him. He took out his ear buds and sat up on the couch, facing him. Izaya grinned, reaching over to place a kiss on Kida's cheek and right on cue, Kida's face flushed a bright red and he automatically scooted away from his boyfriend, avoiding eye contact. "Get off, you bastard!"

Izaya chuckled, "a year with me and you still act so tsun-tsun, Kida-kun~" He mused which earned a glare from the ex-leader. "Sh-shut up!" Kida responded.

Izaya lifted his hands up in defense. "I was just trying to show you some love, Masaomi. It has been a little over a year since we started this relationship."

Kida sighed in defeat, wrapping his musical device up, placing it in his pocket. "What do you want, Izaya?"

"I just found out that a certain Taro-san seems a big jealous that his friend is going out with a certain informant~" he sang.

"What?" Masaomi said blankly. Izaya had to be lying. "Don't play your games with me, Izaya-san."

Izaya's grin grew wider, "I'm not lying, Kida-kun~" he said, before reaching over and gripping the blonde's chin to make eye contact. "You better go tell him you're not available, Kida-kun. You're mine." Izaya watched his partner's face change from child-like to the face of an adult.

Masaomi could think of a few more words that went with Izaya. Controlling. Protective. So why hadn't Masaomi left this man yet? He wasn't quite sure himself. He knew one thing though, and he had to keep his boyfriend from hurting his best friend again.

Tanaka-Taro logged on.

Tanaka-Taro: Evening!

Setton: Good evening!

Tanaka-Taro: Just us?

Setton: Looks like it. Kanra-san hasn't logged on yet today.

Mikado frowned, as he paused his typing. He knew what Izaya was probably doing, and it sickened him to his stomach. He wanted to support his best friend's decision in choosing who he wanted to date and love, because he wanted Masaomi to be happy, but he just felt like this man wasn't the right answer to all of his friend's problems. Ironically, this man was the one who started all the problems for Masaomi.

Setton: ...Tanaka-Taro-san?

Mikado turned his head back to his computer when he heard the messenger noise. He moved his fingers over his keyboard,

Tanaka-Taro: Ah, sorry. I got a little distracted. I'm just a little worried about Bakyura-san.

Setton: Bakyura-san? What brings him up all of a sudden?

Tanaka-Taro: He's...been dating someone that I don't really approve of. I know it's not my choice or anything, but...I just don't think he's right for Bakyura-san.

Setton: ?

Kanra has logged on.

Kanra: Hiiii everyone~!

Kanra: Ehh? I just read the log and Tanaka-Taro-san, you're worried about Bakyura-san? I happen to know personally that he's in good hands~~! No need to worry~

Private IM from Tanaka-Taro

Tanaka-Taro: Quit screwing around, Izaya. What are you trying to pull?

Kanra: Oh, Mikado, it hurts me so when you accuse me of things like such! Masaomi is my pride and joy~! Why would I want to do anything to hurt him?~~

Mikado glared at the screen in front of him, he couldn't believe this man.

Tanaka-Taro: He isn't safe with you.

Kanra: He's been with me for a year now, Ryuugamine-kun. If I wanted to do something to torture him even more – don't you think I would have by now? It's been a whole year.


Tanaka-Taro: You waited a year to try to break our friendship and make us enemies. Why would you planning anything different this time?

Kanra: If you really want to see that he's safe – why don't you just come over here right now?

Izaya turned from his computer to where his boyfriend sat on one of the couches, pre-occupying himself with a Rubix Cube. He smiled inwardly, watching him for a moment. Kida always wore this determined look on his face when he was presented with a challenge. No matter what.

Kanra: You think I'm forcing him to stay here and have prepared a ransom note like in one of those old cliché movies?

Izaya laughed at his own joke, before realizing what he had done and turned to see if Masaomi noticed. He had to keep his playing to a minimum now that Kida was nearly over here everyday. It didn't matter with Namie if he acted insane – but Masaomi was a lot closer to the toys he played with.

Masaomi had looked up from his challenging distraction, quirking an eyebrow over at his boyfriend. Izaya merely smiled over at him, the ex-leader shaking his head in response before turning his attention back to the cube.

Tanaka-Taro: I have a better idea. Why don't we meet at Russia Sushi tomorrow night?

Kanra: How are you so sure I won't tell Masaomi?

Tanaka-Taro: Because if you love him as much as you claim you do – I know you wouldn't want him to worry.

Izaya smirked, sitting back in his chair, staring at his computer screen. Ryuugamine Mikado. He was a conniving kid, wasn't he? This will be fun, he thought, smiling to himself.

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