"Simon-san!" Masaomi waved, smiling brightly. "Long time, no see!"

The sushi chef turned to the blonde, and smiled happily, "Ah, Kida! Good to see you. You come for sushi?" He said, offering his plate to the teenager.

Masaomi smiled, waving his hand. "Ah, no. I just came to pick up some ootoro for the bastard. He's out."

Simon blinked, "You mean Izaya? He here, with friend."

Kida blinked, with a friend? Izaya didn't have friends. "Oh? A client...?"

Simon shook his head, "No, friend. Ah, he your friend too. That...Mikado?"

"Izaya...and Mikado?" Kida knew that was wrong. Something was wrong if that was true. Those two despised each other ever since he started to date Izaya. Simon had no reason to lie about this though. He turned to the chef, "Simon-san – did Izaya-san pay you not to tell me anything?"

Simon's eyes seemed to widen a bit, and he shook his free hand that wasn't holding the large tray. "Ah, no, no. A man who takes bribes is a man who is shameful." He nodded, agreeing with himself.

"Alright. Can you show me where they're seated?"

"Well, they chose a private room, but Izaya always takes a closed-off room. Is everything okay, Kida?" Simon asked, "I don't want no fight. Fighting makes you hungry."

Kida shook his head, "No...I won't fight anyone. At least not physically." He promised Simon, and Simon seemed to have bought it as he made the way towards where the two men were sitting. "Excuse me, Izaya-san. Mikado. Someone is here to see you." He said, before bowing out.

Izaya grinned as he saw the familiar blonde walk in. "Ah, Kida-kun~ what brings you here?"

Kida frowned, "I came by to pick up your stupid ootoro." He said, flinging the bag into the informant's lap. "I thought you said you were meeting with a client."

"I am, Kida-kun. Ryuugamine-kun is my client for the night." He told him, looking up at the ex-leader.

Kida turned to his best friend, "is that true? Did you ask for him?" He knew the two were not very fond of each other ever since Kida decided to go steady with Izaya. Izaya became more protective and found more entertainment in teasing his best friend about it and Mikado, well, would worry himself silly about him – even if Kida said everything was fine.

Mikado lowered his head for a minute, before looking up at his friend. "Y-yes. I asked for him to come have dinner with me so we could talk."

"You wanted information about...?"

Mikado fell silent and Izaya's grin spread across his face in amusement. He knew Mikado would have to admit he came here to get more information on their relationship. He was winning this game.

"And you," golden eyes locked onto red ones, "I told you I would take care of it." He said, reaching down to grab Izaya's hand. "Now, let's go." He said, but was pulled into Izaya's lap, Izaya gripping Kida's chin, kissing him softly. Kida reluctantly kissed his boyfriend back, only because he knew what his boyfriend was doing – not that he didn't like it.

Kida glared over at him, before standing up, sighing softly. He looked over at Mikado, "if you have something to say about our relationship – talk to me. You know I won't play games with you, unlike this one." He tugged on Izaya's hand, and the older man eventually brushed off his knees and got up.

"How do I know you won't after spending so much time with him?" Mikado muttered, staring at the full plate of food on the table.

Masaomi's grip on Izaya's hand was getting tighter as his free hand was forming into a fist at his side. He was sick of his boyfriend being put down by his best friend and his best friend being put down by his boyfriend. "Don't act like you know him." He hissed softly. "You don't know anything about him."

Mikado stood up from his place at the table. "Masaomi. He ruined your life twice! How can you go back for a third time?"

"What did you come here for? Why did you tell Izaya to meet you here? What information were you trying to get!" Kida seemed to be talking louder each sentence, and he could feel his body shaking with anger.

"To figure out if Izaya is just playing a game." Mikado replied calmly. "I don't want you getting hurt. Again. By this same bastard."

"He may be a bastard, but...he's my bastard."

Izaya's eyes seemed to light up, grinning. He pulled Kida into a tight hug, "Aww, Masaomi~ That's the nicest thing you've ever said to me!"

Kida shoved the informant off him, hands still linked. "Get off, bastard."

"There!" Mikado frowned, standing up from his seat. "You clearly don't want him around you. What is he threatening you with? Your life, your friends, your past?" He was panicking, but he really felt that this wasn't right for Masaomi or...

"You just don't get it. You never will, because half the time I don't get it." Kida answered, and he frowned once he heard Izaya begin to speak.

"If I didn't know any better, Mikado, it sounds like you're jealous that I have Masaomi."

Mikado balled his hands into fists, clenching his teeth, glaring over into red eyes. "He's my best friend." He argued. "I just want him to be happy and safe." He frowned as his gaze dropped to the floor.

Kida let out a soft sigh and his hand unlinked from the informants as he stepped over to his friend. He reached up and placed his hands on the raven's shoulders, flashing him a huge smile. "I'm fine, man. How many times do I have to tell you? Geez, it's like you're my mom." He replied, a few weak chuckles slipping from his lips as he scratched the back of his neck.

Mikado's eyes locked on with Kida's, the cerulean orbs were filled with worry, and Kida could tell he was nervous for him being in this relationship. The raven-haired student didn't respond after Kida's reassurance which now was making the blonde feel uneasy.

"Look. He hasn't done anything to hurt me in a year, and I know it sounds crazy as hell coming from me, but I believe him when he says he's done playing with me," Kida sighed.

Mikado moved his glance from his friend to the broker, who only gave him a smirk that could have come straight from the fox's mouth. "You may be beginning to trust him, but I don't. Not with you. He's hurt you too much!" He argued.

"I'm a masochist!" Kida joked, but as always, Mikado wasn't laughing. This time it wasn't because his jokes weren't funny, but that Mikado wasn't joking around.

Mikado let out an exhausted sigh and left a tip on the table for his nearly untouched plate of food. "It's getting late. I better get going," he ended the conversation at hand, staring at the couple. The elder purposefully playing his hands like a instrument on his best friend's body at the moment while the blonde struggled to get him to stop - but you could tell Masaomi was just embarrassed by it not that he was uncomfortable with it.

And that small moment that seemed like centuries passing to the anonymous gang leader hit him the hardest because he knew the informant was right. He was jealous that an asshole like Izaya had Masaomi and he didn't want that. He wanted Masaomi to live happy and be safe, but in his gut, he knew what he really wanted was for Masaomi to live happy and be safe with him.