First came


She knew her mom could get her out of this, that annnny minute now she'd come bursting through the doors and rescue her. That the nightmare would be over. That they, the Sanctuary would win

B l a c k and W h i t e

Good triumphing over e v i l

How it's always happened

A n y d a y n o w.

But then crept


She didn't know whether or not her mom couldn't rescue her

Or wouldn't rescue her

If the day would be saved!

Or lost

They would




But worst of all, who was they?

Could she count herself Sanctuary anymore?

Did she want to?

Which brought about


Fear that the Cabal (they) would win, because it was looking to be the harsh reality.

(They) The Sanctuary was loosing.

She (who?) was loosing

she had this though


Her fault. Her fault.

The death and the carnage and the suffering.

All her fault

she k n e w that from the very beginning.

And when you're left alone in your own thoughts for weeksandweeksandweeks the guilt

e a t s y o u u p

leaves a SHELL mixed with the doubt-no one to tell her its okay its okay i forgive you

becuase there WASN'T

even if there was they COULDN'T

Guilt for tootoo long help spreades


which Stalked her

Apathy was a dangerousdangerous thing.

Willpower was strong

But the seductive desire to give in

To not care

To resign herself as a machine as a puppet as a robot

As not her (whoever that was)

And stop fighting

T h e m