By saicho_18

April 10, 2002


Hey, I decided to put this up because this is some I idea I have. Since I don't own anything in the Flame of Recca anime, don't sue me. I don't know who their respectful owners are and to tell you frankly, I kind of don't care. My bad!

Please don't sue me because I'm only a fifteen-year-old girl who doesn't have anything to do at home because it is already summer vacation in her country. I definitely am the type who doesn't have any money to pay you with once you sue me. And rest assured that I am not getting paid for this story.

In short, I am saying that I own nothing here except for a few characters that are made up and imaginary and the plot.

~*~*~*~*~*~AUTHOR'S NOTES~*~*~*~*~*~

Hey, first and foremost, I would like to thank all of those very, very nice people that had already reviewed this fanfic. I can never thank you enough because the feeling that I had when I first saw those reviews was priceless. But even so, I would like to thank you all from the very bottom of my heart for even taking the time to read and let alone review my very first (well, maybe not the first I have some unfinished stories I have lying around my notebook) fan fic.

I would just like to warn you that this fic will contain spoilers for the second season of the Flame of Recca anime. Because the second season wasn't aired in my country, I have absolutely no idea of what that was about. I just wanted to point that out so please don't flame me because I ruined the original plot of the series.

And also, I would like to apologize beforehand if ever my laziness got in the way or something big came up and I couldn't continue writing this fic. To tell you all the truth, I was just experimenting on this story and I just wrote it down because the idea had been nagging me for the past 2 years. Please e-mail me your ideas, comments or suggestions because at this point I could still make it Fuuko/Tokiya, Fuuko/Recca or Fuuko/Kurei. Who would you want to pair up with Fuuko? But if it is possible and my creativity juices pumps up, I really would like this to be a Fuuko-Kurei fic.

Any ideas will be gladly accepted and you will get the credit for it. I'm just running low on them.

All flames, comments, and/or suggestions are welcomed. Please e-mail me at SAICHO_18@YAHOO.COM.