Kurei was getting weirder and weirder by the second, Fuuko thought. And why didn't he even ask her where she spent the day? Did he somehow know? Or did Joker and Aki squeal? But that really wouldn't make sense, on account of the fact that they were the ones who thought of the whole thing anyways.

Fuuko stood up and walked over to the huge window. She pushed aside the white linen cloth that was her curtain and peered at the view outside. People were still working, putting up chairs and tables for the big event tomorrow night. She looked at her wristwatch, to see that the time was quarter to five.

She briefly wondered what time Kurei came home. What was his reaction when he found out that she was out? Did he even care? She shook the vicious thought out of her head. No way.

She had decided to go downstairs where all the commotion was going on, just to kill time by bugging the hell out of the workers. She got out of her room, and walked through the now somewhat familiar corridors. Upon the end of one of the halls in the third floor though, Fuuko came to a halt.

What was that? Music that's what it was. And it's coming from one of the rooms. Fuuko, never one to believe that curiosity did kill the cat (she kidded herself that it was indeed just food poison) followed the sound.

As she got closer to the source, she figured that it was indeed a piano {A/N: Strife, did you really NOT see this coming?) that was playing. Beautifully, she might add. Fuuko didn't know what the piece was but whoever made it probably made a fortune with it.

Her pace slowed down because she was listening far more carefully where the sound was coming from. She leaned in closer on the door to her right, putting her ear on the wooden surface in order to hear well. Fuuko unconsciously gave a smirk once she found out that she indeed had picked the right door.

Her hand went lower to the golden doorknob, being extra careful on turning it. The knob clicked and she eased the door open, though not fully for she was somewhat afraid to intrude on the pianist, whoever it is.

Her eyes widened in shock once she saw who was on the stool in front of the piano. The piano and the player was facing sideways towards the door, so there was a big chance of her being caught.

"Kurei?" Fuuko silently mouthed the name. The person in question was sitting on the black bench; his eyes closed in what she could only guess as concentration. His body was not in the least bit rigid, on the contrary, it was relaxed and was swaying to the music that his fingers were gracefully making.

The two of them stayed like that for a couple of minutes: with Kurei playing beautiful music while Fuuko listened to it. The sound was drawing to a halt, as the last part of the piece was being played in Ritardando.

As Kurei's graceful hands pushed onto the last notes, Fuuko eased the door closed.

Only his voice stopped her.

"Don't bother," he started. "I'm just going out myself."

And in one fluid movement, he was up and out of the bench in front of the black piano (exquisite, she might add) and was walking towards the door.

"I didn't know that you played the piano," she said, walking after Kurei down the corridor. She would have usually let go of any chance that would have involved her talking to Kurei Mori but this is one fact that she is just so curious about.

The Right Things

By saicho_18

June 13, 2003

He turned around and looked at her pointedly. "Of course I would know how to play the piano," he started. "My father enrolled me for lessons when I was seven years old. Speaking of my father, he would come to the party tomorrow and meet with you. Be nice to him."

"Wait, doesn't he know that this is all just an act?" she asked at his back.

"Unfortunately," Kurei started. "I didn't have the time to explain the whole thing to him. I will tomorrow, after the whole thing. Until then, I would advice that you would be on your best behavior."

Fuuko was still walking behind him, contemplating his words. "So after tomorrow, the experiments will take place?"

"Most likely."

"Just what kind of experiment anyways?"

"Your questions are beginning to annoy me, you know,"

"Right. Like I would even care," Fuuko said as the two of them walked off the last step of the newly carpeted stairs, standing on the large marbled floor of the ground floor. She stopped talking and realized that some kind of music was coming from somewhere in the room. "Where is that music coming from?"

"The ceiling," Kurei said as he turned to face her. "The house was built with an internal sound system."

Fuuko was speechless. Wow. What a stupid thing to spend money on. She was startled when Kurei stepped closer. No way, she thought, he wouldn't go all freaky on her again, wouldn't he? She glanced up to see his eyes, only to see that they were in their usual unreadable state. Fuuko, to say, was startled when she was swept into Kurei's arms.

"Wha-" she started to ask.

The Right Things

By saicho_18

June 14, 2003

Kurei put his arm around Fuuko's waist and his hand captured her palm in his. Fuuko instinctually pulled away, but Kurei only held her closer.

"What are you doing?" she asked angrily, averting her eyes and looking for anyone in the room who might have caught the slight blush on her cheeks.

"You're blushing," he said eerily. They stood like that for a few seconds until Kurei apparently found the cue in the music that he was waiting for.

They started dancing.