I could not resist. So here it is, Chapter III.

Victor was beside himself as to what to do. He knew he had to do something though, so Larisa wouldn't end up like his sister. "Oh Bea. I have no idea what to do!" Victor said to no one.
"Help her Vic" an otherworldly voice said. Victor cautiously turned around. It was the spirit of his sister Beatrice! "Bea?" he said "But you're...". "Dead?" Bea asked. "Yes" Victor said.
"Well, I am allowed to come to you sometimes" Bea said. "So why now?" he asked. "You need me. And I've come to see my brother once more". "Why would anyone want to see me now?"
Victor asked coldly. "Because I miss you brother dear" Bea said gently, pressing a hand to his cheek. "I have so many questions for you. Like, why did you kill yourself?" Victor asked.
"I felt like there was no other way out of our father's cruelty" she said, regret tinting her voice. "But. One more year and I could have got you out. You hurt me" Victor said, his eyes started to tear up "You hurt me" he repeated. "I am sorry Victor" Bea replied "I wasn't thinking at the time". It was at that time, Victor let go of his pride and let it flow like rain.
After he cried, he said "Look what I've become" he said to his sister. "I feel kind of responsible" Bea said. " No, no. It was not your fault. It was damn father's fault. His obsession became mine. And I was corrupted. I became the thing i hated most" Victor said "What do I do?". "Help her Victor". "But How can I help her when I can't even help myself". "You'll find your way. You're a good man Victor" Bea reassured him "And I love you". "And I you". And Bea vanished in his arms, leaving him to think.


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