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Lily Potter, fifteen years old, proud Gryffindor, daughter of Harry Potter – oh, and lovely girlfriend of Scorpius Malfoy, seventeen years old, proud Slytherin, son of Draco Malfoy – was sitting, crouched in the Hogwarts stairwell, eyes red as the sun after a night in which blood has been spilled, tears running in small rivers down her face.

"Scorpius," she acknowledged sadly, sniffing softly. "Go away, please."

Scorpius slid down next to her. "Are you ditching class, you naughty girl?" he admonished jokingly.

Lily attempted a smile. "Oh, Scorp, it's ridiculous..really, it is..I mean I'm fifteen I shouldn't..I shouldn't..oh!" She broke into a well of fresh tears.

Scorpius patted her awkwardly on the back. Despite the two being together for almost a year, Scorpius was still a tad uncertain on how to deal with Lily when she was in tears – unless, of course, it had to do with someone he knew having her reduced to said tears, in which case he would promptly hex said someone until ferrets came out of their ears.
"Who was it?" he demanded, wrapping a protective arm around her. "Tell me, Lily, and I swear I'll make ferrets come out of his ears.."

"It's not.." Lily half-giggled, half-sniffed again. "Oh, Scorpius..no, it's just..my hamster..d-died..and it's really ridiculous, it's completely stupid..I'm..I'm fifteen but.." She broke once more into a fresh wave of tears. "He was my hamster!"

Scorpius had absolutely no idea what to do. "Um.." he said, bewildered, almost wishing that Lily had actually been made to cry from some boy, because that would be quite a bit easier to deal with, "um..I'm sure he's in hamster heaven, Lily!"

This only made Lily cry harder.

Scorpius inwardly killed himself. Hamster heaven! Hamster heaven! Of all stupid things I could say –

"Uhh..uhh..he was..he had a peaceful..ending!"

Lily was almost in hysterics.

Yeah, that beat it..

"Oh come on, Lily, I'm sure – um – he had a wonderful – life! You're being a bit – um – "

Lily was sobbing so hard that if either of her brothers had seen, Scorpius would be quite dead. "He was – he was only a baby! And – it's so stupid but – he was only a baby! A-and I know I'm being a bit, a bit, but he was ONLY A BABY!"

Good going, Scorpius. Oh, yeah, just wonderful, remind her of how stupid she's being! And then that her hamster was a baby! Ugh, who invented hamsters anyways? Can I sue them? Really, it's a good thing I took Muggle Studies! I knew it would come in handy! Now I can sue! Oh yes!
..But first I have to get Lily back from hating me forever..that would suck.

In a last-ditch attempt to cheer her up, he said feebly, "Um..I'll get you..a new one?"

Instantly, Lily was beaming. "Oh, would you? Oh would you? Oh thank you, Scorpius! Oh, I love you!"
She leaped to her feet. "I'd better get to Transfiguration. Bye, Scorpius! Love you!"

Scorpius blinked.

Girls are completely mad. Particularly this one.

She turned once more and grinned at him. "You're amazing, y'know that?" She bounced away.

I wouldn't have it any other way, though.

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