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Hidden Truths

Chapter 1 - Arrival at the Lake House

"You're going to die William Scully starting with that red hair of yours!" Meredith Doggett ran up the stairs of her godmother's house. She didn't care about taking her coat or shoes off, or even dropping her duffle bag off. She was angry and it was thattime of the month, and it didn't help that her godmother's son was calling her "Blondie."

"Oh yeah Blondie?" She ran down the long hallway of the lake house. She turned into William's room. The lights were off, but when they suddenly flashed on, she was ready. She whipped around and grabbed William's outstretched hand ready to pull her half pony tail. She laughed a little. She dropped her bag on the ground and hugged her friend.

"Hey redhead." She joked, running her fingers through his moppy red hair, much like his mother's. He felt her smooth blond locks running down her back, curly and poofy. She hated her curly thick hair. He loved it, of course, he would never admit this to Meredith, or Mary as he called her when he wasn't insulting her thick, curly blond hair.

"So how have you been?" She asked him when they let go of one another. He shrugged. His bedroom hadn't changed on bit, the posters of rock bands on the walls, the bed unmade, the clothes lying all over the laundry hamper and had he been un prepared all over the room. She smiled her sweet, cute smile and tossed her hair onto her back. He smiled back at her.

"I still have the same room right?" He nodded. He was awegully silent. Meredith picked up her back off the hardwood floor and walked through his bathroom. She had missed William. With her last year of highschool coming up and him going to college, the two only got to see eachother when their parents decided to come to the lake house or rather a small cottage renteds by the two parents. She tossed her bag onto the bed. Her room was the same. Her bureau, her closet, her bed, and her bathroom unfortunetly shared with William.

William walked through the bathroom, as if stalking 16 year old Meredith. He didn't like her in the sense thatthey had a girlfriend and boyfriend thing, but they were definitely good friends. He had grown up with his blondie, and he wasn't about to let that change.

"So what have you been doing?" He asked her. For some reason they saw that she was distant. She tossed a newspaper onto the bed.

"Acting, school mainly. But acting a dn some singing." She looked at him. "And you?"

"School." He said. "Sorry I haven't called you in a while. Been busy."

"That makes two of us." She showed him the paper. Her picture was on the front page, donned in make-up and a long gown, her hand pointed out at another actor.

"Cool." He said and read through the article. "The stunning and prodominant actress Meredith Doggett as the amazing and beautiful Ophelia. Hamlet huh?" Meredith nodded. She looked down cast.

"What's wrong it looks great."

"I didn't want it to be this big." She said. He set the paper on the bed. "Is this all you've been doing?"

"Nope, I did some work on the Labyrinthe but I was the understudy. Ophelia was the biggest role I've gotten so far." He looked proud.

"I think you're great." She smiled.

"What about you?" She asked him. "What have you been doing?"

"School. I'm going off to Med school you know Blondie, but its either that or Law."

Meredith nodded. She took off her coat and tossed it onto the bed. She straightened her turtleneck. William came to the paper again. Meredith as Ophelia was unbelievable. For her whole life she had been an actress, always pulling gags and often getting away with them. He loved Meredith for that.

"Dinner's ready!" William heard his mother call upstairs. Besides, Meredith had basically started her visit with a chase up the stairs after William. She unzipped her knee high boots and slipped on her classy dress shoes to go with her lengthly black pants and red turtle neck. She was very pretty, her cat like blue eyes and long, curly blond hair bloth traights of her father and then her strong personality and perfect mouth like her mother. He held out his arm. Meredith looked up into his green eyes and moppy red hair from his mother and his strong chin and estranged mind from his father. She took it.

"Let's go reap the whirwind." He said sadly. Meredith laughed her pretty laugh, and the two friends walked down the stairs.