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One Man's Gift is Another Man's Curse

Section Twelve- Penitentiary for Metaphysical Humans

Otto Octavius smiled as he was escorted into his cell, all was going according to the plan. There was no realistic strategy that would allow him to fight Spider-man and win, there were too many variables and since he was had a better physic then the aged doctor as well as having the ability to sense danger. It was sad but true but if he combined forces with the proper individuals, Spider-man would be exterminated. First he had to lose in a convincing matter and be arrested then he had to convince his soon to be allies to temporally join forces to crush Spider-man He went over the list in his head for his sinister six, Sandman, Electro, Shocker, Vulture, and last and least was Kraven. Each was gifted in one specific field of attack. Sandman had unpredictable attacks and Electro had range as well as electricity which could be used to disable him to some extent. The shocker being a hit man had the skill and experience that outmatched Spider-man's. The Vulture had flight which allowed multiple points of attacks and Kraven had his enhanced senses allowing them to know the general location of Spider-man And with his intelligence and tact leading them the six would be unstoppable. He had already found each soon to be member of his team and soon they would join forces.


Peter was web slinging when he found Black Cat hanging on the gargoyle cornered building that had become their meeting place.

"Hey Spidey, been hoping to would come this way", Black Cat smiled as she scooted next to the young Peter.

"Wasn't someone's Malaysian Tiger given back to the proper authorities", Peter smiled as Black Cat huffed.

"If your gonna tease me, I'll leave", she snapped not happy about giving back one of her favorite things.

"Hey I'm proud of you Cat really", Peter smiled as she kissed him.

"Hmmph", he tried to explain until he felt a weird feeling come over him.

A few minutes later Peter snapped back into reality, below him was a panting Black Cat. Remembering he was with Gwen he panicked and fled leaving the thief all alone

"Great, but he is too good to be pissed off at", she sighed as she found the climax so good she couldn't stand. She instantly knew she wanted him inside of her, hell if he was half as good with his dick as he was with her hands she would become a willing slave to him.

Peter was hauling ass, he's not sure why or even what happened but he knew that he had screwed her silly. Black Cat looked like she couldn't stand, if he wasn't with Gwen he could probably pursue a relationship with Black Cat. Then the full realization of the situation hit him he had just cheated on Gwen, it would break her heart. Maybe he could hide it from her. No, she needed to know and it would be what Uncle Ben would want. He yelled out as he called Gwen using the hands free blue tooth. After a few tries it wasn't working, he cursed as he headed for her house hopefully she was home.

Gwen was scratching that certain itch that needed scratching, while having yet another fantasy about Peter. However with a loud knock on her window as her man in a dual primary colored onesy entered the room with a very hungry grin on his face.

A couple of minutes later Peter laid on top of Gwen with a sated look on his face before quickly regaining control of himself once again.

"Oh my god, Gwen. I'm so sorry I never meant for this to happen really", Peter freaked as he jumped out of bed and covered himself with the spidey suit.

"Peter, look relax. I…I liked it…like a lot", Gwen called with a cherry red blush.

"Gwen, something is wrong and I need to find out what", Peter blushed as he went into here bathroom and quickly got changed.

"Peter, wait please", Gwen yelled but he fled out the window leaving the blonde in tears.

He dialed Dr. Connors and had asked if he could check him out and he had agreed that Peter should meet with him A.S.A.P. In the ten minute warning Connors' had already arrived at his lab and opened a window for Spidey before Peter had arrived.

"Doc, this is bad. Like I said I keep blacking out, it's happened twice", Peter sighed as he pulled down one of his gloves as the doctor already had a needle for the blood sample.

"You also mentioned being dosed in a liquid, can you describe it", Connors asked as blood began to fill the vial as soon as he was pricked.

"Yeah, it burned for a bit but other than that nothing, it was like very mucky and well arousing", Spider-man answered and blushed at the end.

"Hmm, I don't know of anything like that but with a few tests we should determine the cause. Gwen and MJ are worried about you, Peter just spend the day with them, nothing strenuous or demanding", Connors answered as the pair busted in.

"Right, but call me as soon as you find anything please", Peter asked as the girls looked at him sharing the same look of concern.

Doc Ock smiled as he had indeed gathered a few friends some of them were not the ones he wanted but this team could still easily destroy Spider-man Electro, Sandman, Kraven, Vulture, and the Shocker. And the best part tonight they would be free. In fact they were already escaping the pitiful holding facility, the boat was already in place as Sandman had killed a few of the guards with a laugh on his face. And soon the web head would be dead. Several police boats closed in around their escape route but Kraven with his enhanced abilities had literally ripped trough dozen police officers laughing at how easily they were felled by his bare hands. Montana was the first to reach the boat and put on his gauntlets as he fired multiple blasts at the boats. As Mysterio had covered them with a smokescreen made of dry ice and the water surround them.

"This marks the countdown to Spider-man", Doc Ock laughed as the Shocker took out the helicopter that filmed their escape.

Peter was with pair of ladies, both had knew his secret and they had gone to the movies to watch a zombie movie full of stereotypes. He did like that both girls were cuddling into him and hiding themselves from the scary parts that Peter himself didn't find scary. It was a zombie movie and you knew there were going to be deaths, he noticed Gwen was tightening her hold on his arm. He liked that she had forgiven him blaming the liquid but he still felt a bit guilty, but she told him not too. That deep down he had saved her father and lots of other people and the mere fact that he had told her proved that he wanted to be a good boyfriend. MJ had agreed saying that he was particularly mature in telling Gwen that he had sex with the former thief. In fact the pair wanted to meet with the white haired woman and explain the situation next to Peter, that they were a family and that as long as they stood firm and together they would persevere.

A loud ringing woke Peter up, he had tried to reach for his alarm but there was a weight on him. He tried to move his arms but they were asleep. Then it dawned on him, the three must have fallen asleep last night after they watched TV, only he didn't feel any clothes.

"The hell happened last night", he gasped as the two ladies jumped from his out burst.

"Peter", Gwen sighed as she stretched.

"Damn Tiger, you have some natural skills", MJ sighed as Peter jumped off the bed and held the sheets in front of his groin.

"Peter, relax. Look we told you yesterday, MJ and I are with you on this. We talked about after it took effect and decided that keeping you here was better than the letting you leave", Gwen sighed.

"Yeah, I mean aren't guys like obsessed with having a threesome", MJ smiled as she picked her clothes from the floor.

"Look, I kinda wanted it to be special alright, not just sex. Besides it's cause of that chemical", Peter protested as he searched for his clothes.

"Peter look both of us care a lot about you, more than even you know. Hmm, it seems like Dr. Connors has something", MJ shrugged as she handed him his phone.

"If I share something embarrassing about myself would you calm down", Gwen sighed as she covered herself with the blanket as she walked over to her drawer.

"How can you two be cool with this", Peter growled in defeat.

"Peter, look this is tough and you said that you owed me. You started acting different, you said some things and then MJ and I talked it over and decided that if we could keep you with just us instead of going somewhere else that it would be better", Gwen smiled as she handed Peter his clothes.

"Sorry, you want me to have sex with either of you two. YOU WANT ME TO CHEAT ON YOU WITH MJ", Peter shrieked as Gwen kissed him.

"MJ is someone I know we both can trust. And the three of us are rather close. It's not cheating if I let you", Gwen answered as she buried herself in his chest.

"Gwen, it is. Look letting me be with other people just isn't fair to you, either of you", he whispered.

"Damn, you do know him better that me, Gwen. Peter what if we were a threesome instead", MJ smiled as she stood next to Gwen.

"Huh", Peter whimpered as the pair of girls began kissing each other passionately for a few minutes.

"Look, let's go see what Dr. Connors has to say before anything else happens alright. Now use Gwen's shower and get yourself ready", Gwen answered

"We'll head to Connors' together and Tiger, leave without us and I'll tell everyone at school about who you really are", MJ growled as Gwen got clothes for them both.

After the three were showered up they headed for the lab, Gwen snuggled into his side and every time he looked at her, she gave him a look that he couldn't deny. Dr. Connors had been sleeping in his office as he was now divorced. He let the kids in and offered them the box of donuts as he sat down.

"Peter, the chemical that you got covered in boosted your pheromone levels to beyond anything I have ever seen", Connors sighed.

"Great, I'm now like a animal that can go into heat", Peter whined.

"Peter, we're here for you regardless of you", Gwen pleaded as she held his hand.

"Not right now, frankly I need time to study your condition", Connors sighed.

"Wait is there anyway that it can be managed till then", MJ smiled

"I really don't know, not without more testing", Connors answered in defeat.

"Wait, what about sex. He snaps out of it after he has sex", Gwen answered and blushed the moment she realized what she said she hid in his chest.

"Yes, of course the release of the endorphins might counter-act the pheromone", Connors smiled as he ran to his white board and jotted some notes on it.

"Wait what about last night, I didn't come back until this mourning", Peter argued.

"Think about it Tiger, You, Gwen, and I. The there of us tired you out", MJ smiled as Connors shook his head.

"So as long as Peter gets a release from time to time, he might not lose control while we search for a cure", Gwen asked as she looked at him with concern.

"Actually it would have to happen at a few times a day", Dr. Connors answered.

"For Peter I could do that,", Gwen nodded.

"Are those my only options", Peter sighed

"No, of course not. You can say yes or yes", MJ smiled as she leaned back.

"Such a large list of options", Peter asked.

"Please Peter, I know we can do this and she can help us keep the pheromone under control", Gwen blushed as she looked around his statement

"Gwen", Peter whispered shaking his head.

"Peter, look if I have to go through this to be with you. It will be worth it Peter, hell moving away to another planet would be worth it", Gwen answered as she leaned her head on his shoulder.

"Look Tiger, she's right. Having the occasional quickie with me is better than sleeping around with the entire female population of New York. Safer too, at least I'm clean", MJ answered as she took a glazed donut.

"Yeah but still", he sighed

"Peter and ladies can you…I need a blood sample from all of you", Connors smiled as he held three vials as the three nodded and gave their blood.

Why our blood", MJ looked at the vial.

"It might be shared through the sharing of um, well you know body fluids", Gwen answered with a blush.

"Peter, I hate to shove you out the door but you're needed", Connors smiled as he turned to Peter after putting their blood samples in a small case.

"Course, let me guess fifty foot robot destroying the city right", Peter sighed

"Sinister Six escape from jail, claiming they will have vengeance on Spider-Man", MJ answered as she lifted a newspaper off the desk

"Yeah of course, the something worse than what I said actually happens", he sighed as the girls giggled.

"Go get 'em Tiger", MJ smiled as Gwen was already on her laptop.

Manhattan skyline

Black Cat sighed she had spent last night looking for Spider-man till about four in the mourning. How could one man wearing red and blue pajamas be so hard to find. She had even stopped a few guys from taking some old woman's purse, which she found to be extremely cliche. She had hoped that the Sinister Six had not gotten a hold of him but she hadn't heard of any fights so it was safe to assume he were safe. Her prayers were answered in the form of a loud explosion and screams from a nearby bank. The spider was probably already on his way, she smiled as sped off towards the bank using her grappling hook to mimic the web-head and slingshot in between the buildings.

He had just slipped on the Spidey red and blue and was searching for the half a dozen criminals when he had heard the explosion. Fearing the worst he headed of towards the rising pillar of smoke, luckily it appeared that Electro had blown up a semi to draw attention and to kill a swat truck filled with police. He shot a web at Electro, the moment it stuck he pulled forward as the Shocker shot the web breaking it apart.

"Cool, a club can I join", Spider-man joked as he jumped in the air.

"Let's see if we can't shut the spider up", Vulture smiled as he slashed at Peter slicing the suit right under the shin.

"Yeah, I don't think we'll play well together", Spider-man laughed as he slingshot under the winged villain.

"Face, it Spider-man", Kraven laughed as he jumped up and threw Spider-man to the ground.

"Damn it", Peter moaned as Kraven tackled him into the smoldering truck causing the his back to heat up with the burning metal, "Yo Furball, get off!"

"What's wrong Spider-man, too much bang for your buck", Otto laughed as suddenly a black sphere shot at the ground shooting smoke seconds after making contact.

"Gas", Shocker yelled as Spider-man was swept up instantly by Black Cat.

"Need some help, Spidey", Black Cat smiled as she set him down on a near by building.

"Who the hell are you", Sandman barked as Cat smirked.

"A friend of the Spider, here.", Cat smiled as she dusted off his suit.

"Friends of the bug, die with the bug", Shocker answered as she shot a blast into the building.

"Hmm, nothing but net", Electro smiled as he followed with a blast of his own.

"Sorry was that supposed to hit us", Spider-man cackled as the pair easily dodged the attacks.

"Damn it hold still", Sandman barked as he managed to kick the pair with an enlarged foot.

"Too much to handle", Shocker said as he blasted the pair into the wall.

"Yeah, so much for spider-man", laughed sandman as he punched the pair through a wall.

"You idiot we lost 'em cause of ya stupid ass", Shocker growled as he ran to inspect the scene.

Luckily for the pair they two seemed to be more at odds with each other than working together, giving them the chance of victory as Kraven jumped onto the building.

"Now you die Spider-man", Kraven growled and jumped at the web head only to have several darts fly into his face.

Electro shot the group only to catch Kraven in the blast of lightning, as Doc Ock picked up grabbed the pair of masked hero and the former thief with his robotic arms. Black Cat twisted and turned to press the rather small button on her waist, releasing gas around her allowing her to free herself and Spider-man as Doc Ock stumbled around as the lower right arm seemed to short out.

"I don't know how you did that, but it seems you are indeed worth notice", Doc Ock smiled as the pair dodged another Shocker blast.

The Vulture flew by slashed Spider-man tearing his suit as he sliced his arm. As Shocker managed to hit Spider-man causing him to smash the brick building and Sandman picked him up off the wall and then slammed him into the ground.

"Spider-Man, I'm feeling a tactical withdrawal", Black Cat whispered as he nodded.

He nodded and lifted a manhole cover and the pair jumped into the sewers, as Peter used his web to hold himself and Cat up behind a support arch. After the villains past them the pair sneakily headed back to the Lab.

She smiled when he looked back and signaled when and where to turn as they headed for a small college laboratory, was Spider-man really a teacher He could take her to school anytime, oh god did she just make a lame ass joke like that. She stopped smiling when she saw several people waiting on a roof, was this his support team, the pair landed with Gwen and MJ glaring at the heroine.

"Wait, she saved me. Gwen, MJ", Peter sighed as he turned to Black Cat.

"Relax, I'm on the same team. Well now I am. Felicia Hardy, better known as the Black Cat", she smiled as she took of her mask and her hair seemed to change to a bright blonde.

"From, Empire Prep. As in Empire Prep's golden vixen", MJ dropped her jaw.

"Wait, she's on high school too", Peter ripped of his mask causing Felicia dropped her jaw.

"You're in high school, where? What grade are you in, Spidey", Felicia smiled as she looked at the hero.

"Sorry but he is taken", MJ sneered as Gwen was inspected his cut shin.

"Really, well I do swing both ways. You wanna share cause I don't mind sharing either of you with either of you", Felicia smiled as she inspected MJ's body.

"He's hers and I am just the squeeze on the side so sorry no room", MJ growled as she motioned towards the very worried blonde.

"Already sharing are we, I want in", Felicia smiled as placed her hand on MJ's shoulder.

"No way, Gwen's one of the best hackers, I've ever heard of", MJ snapped.

"Aren't hackers supposed to be not known", Felicia purred as she sat on one of the tables.

"No, she's right. You are Black Cat. Peter said you were really good, so you're a meta-human. I don't care if you a mutant or whatever, you have a power and you can help him come home safely so I'm all for any help he can get", Gwen answered.

"You have got to be kidding, you can hack and I can help with my acting", MJ growled.

"But what about when he is fighting, we can't fight or do we have special abilities", Gwen added.

"Please don't…ahhh, watch it doc", Peter answered.

"See look I am giving Spidey a partnership. I wanna be on his team and you need my help dealing with the sinister six right. Look at this like a audition", Felicia answered as she faced pulled a small container out of her wrist cuff and spread it on his bruises.

"Ahh….wait that feels better", Peter answered as he leaned back.

"It numbs it for only a bit, but it works crazy fast. I can make more, but it does take time", Felicia smiled as she sat on his lap to apply it to his other bruises.

"Fine, for now but the moment you screw up, you're gone. GET ME", MJ glared as she walked behind Gwen who was hacking into the police database to check out the members of the sinister six.

"Maybe we can play them against each other", Gwen answered as she finally looked up from her laptop finally.

"Wait don't all you heroes have some kind of club, can't we call an emergency and get back up or something", Felicia smiled as she cuddled into his lap.

"Actually no, most team-ups are usually one time things, besides I have no idea where the Avengers", Peter sighed.

"Okay, ignoring the weird crap, what about the fantastic four. Everyone knows they are based in New York", Felicia sighed

"Umm, fighting some silver guy on the surf board", Peter sighed.

"Okay, is every villain out there some freak", Felicia sighed as Peter started to feel the pheromone kicking in.

"That's why I wanted you to join me, my delectable and sexy little kitty", Peter purred as both Gwen and MJ felt the compulsion again.

Peter snapped back to reality with the three girls laying on a mattress in a closet. Gwen was passed out at his left, while MJ was cuddling into his right while she was reading a new script. Felicia seemed to notice the second Peter woke up as she rose off of him and smiled.

"Again, god dammit", Peter scowled as the two giggled.

"Damn, Petey you are one hell of a lay. You know that", Felicia answered as she looked into his eyes.

"I wish I could at least remember having sex, this is like getting raped", Peter groaned as he noticed he felt surprisingly well.

"She made more of that cream stuff, Dr. Connors gave us some privacy in a spare room he made for you in case you needed to rest", MJ sighed.

"Oh, sorry", Peter sighed as he noticed that he was holding onto Gwen and MJ and had his legs tangled with Felicia's.

"Peter you can relax, it was sweet that you wanted to cuddle after, most guys just bail after", MJ smiled as she slowly rose up and placed the script down.

"That's what I usually do, but this time you know I'm glad I stayed", Felicia smiled back.

"I'll get some regular clothes, we have some stashed here. I am not sure I have anything in your size", MJ answered first smiling at Peter and then glaring at Felicia.

"MJ, please just give her a chance", Gwen whimpered as she rose up.

"Whatever", MJ growled as she finished putting on her clothes.

"Never met a guy that can tire me out as bad as you can Petey", Felicia smiled as she stood up revealing her naked figure and her freed D-cup breasts.

"Wait can't you put some clothes on, at least some underwear", Peter blushed due top Felicia being nude while Gwen and MJ were being somewhat more modest as the were covering themselves back up as soon as they were able.

"My suit is too tight to wear anything underneath, besides I usually don't wear any, anyways", Felicia smiled turned giving both full frontal view of her nude body.

"Please Cat for me", Peter begged causing Felicia to huff.

"Fine, you're lucky you're good in the sack or else you'd be completely useless", Felicia huffed as she grabbed a sheet and wrapped it round her body like a toga.

"Wait, I'm good in the sack. Wait the hell does it matter with my luck, I'd probably suck the moment I have sex with out blacking out", Peter sighed.

"Hurry and get dressed, Dr. Connors wants to talk to us", MJ sighed as she threw the two duffel bags into the room.

Gwen smiled as she finished getting dressed from under the blankets and followed MJ out, as the glasses wearing blonde tossed him his boxers and gave him a smile. The pair quickly got dressed and were in Dr. Connors lab in less than ten minutes they immediately noticed the look on his face as one of joy.

"Peter, I gained some insight into your condition. It appears that your subconscious somewhat limits the women you can entice with the pheromone These three girls Gwen, MJ, and Felicia, the three of them are all extremely close to you. It appears that the pheromones will only take effect with someone who you care deeply about", Dr. Connors smiled as Felicia smiled and swung around Peter before she nuzzled into his neck nipping softly.

"Can't you take it easy", MJ sighed as she stood behind Gwen who was sitting at the desk.

"But I'm celebrating, this means that I'm in like all the way right. Like Gwen and MJ", Felicia smiled as she pulled back revealing a hickey.

"Cat, MJ please can you two please just try to play nice for now at least", Peter sighed as he faced them.

"Fine", both girls sighed as neither even attempted to do any other action.

Peter stepped out of the lab and walked outside, this was just his luck. He had some how gotten into a situation where he had three girls romantically or at least intimately involved with him. And the worst part he wanted this, no he needed this. The moment Gwen begged him to this weird relationship he couldn't turn her down. The same with Felicia now that she said she wanted him to join her, he wanted the same. He yelled out trying to vent his anger at the situation and his apparent inability to do anything about it.

"Tiger, you okay", MJ asked as she stood in the door way.

"Sure wonderful really, besides for the fact that I keep losing consciousness and screwing the hell out of the three of you", Peter sighed as he dropped his head on the table.

"Tiger look, I know this can be hard, but we finally got a way to manage(for a lack of a better word) this so you can relax", MJ smiled as she sat down next to him.

"No I can't look, I really do care about the three of you and if I could split into three people and give you each your own personal me I would. Look the thereof you deserve someone who loves each of you completely and that you don't have to share with.

"Look Tiger, I know this isn't how you pictured your life. Three girls throwing themselves at you, I am truly sorry. I have been trying to control myself and I admit that I take it out at Felicia every chance I get. But even with everything, I'm happy and although I kind of wanted you to myself but I Gwen is one of my best friends and I want her happy. Right now, I mean without being under the influence of the pheromone, I want to share you with her", MJ smiled as she gave him a peck on the cheek.

"But I should leave, I can affect anyone I am rather close to", Peter moaned as he raised his head just enough to look at her.

"That is exactly why I think you can. Most guys would jump at the chance to have three knowing and willing girls who want to be with you, not caring about how the would treat them. You are different and I know you care about us, so I am going to try and be better about this situation. I like Gwen so that's no big deal but Felicia I'll try but that's all I'm gonna say, okay Tiger", MJ smiled as she stood up and reached for him to take and walked with him back inside.

A secret lab, location unknown…

"It seems you were correct in your initial assumptions were correct", a boney bald doctor smiled as he stood next to Osborne.

"Indeed. You forget that I am a fellow scientist as well,", Norman laughed.

"It will be nice working for someone who truly has vision and who knows the uses for the mutant gene", the doctor laughed.

"Of course after how he drove this project into the ground, I can see how having proper funding could change this", Osborne smiled as he looked into the suitcase on his desk.

Midtown High roof

Peter sighed as he landed on the roof quickly took off his Spidey suit and hurried into his Chemistry class. . It had been two days since the initial attack of the Sinister Six and things had been rather quiet, despite the event that the six had bested him. He hurried into the building through a window in a restroom and then sped into his class. He had hoped that it would have been done quietly and the moment he tried to enter through the back door he accidentally slammed it shut.

"Mr. Parker, I'm glad your feeling better. I heard you were in the attack by the sinister six", the teacher sighed as his phone vibrated as he sat down.

Sent From: MJ

Mourning, Gwen's dad gave her a note. So you can take it easy.

He smiled as he looked back at MJ who blew him a kiss and smiled at him, before he checked his other message.

Sent From: Gwen

Good Mourning, Mr. Valdez says we have some new kid who is coming in a bit. So we haven't done much.

Then there was a knock on the door.

"Ah class, our new student has arrived please come in. Then every guy's jaws dropped as Felicia walked into class. The platinum blonde wore a extremely tight short tee with an extremely short skirt and four inch heels, leaving her mid drift fully exposed and her tone legs shown for the world to see. She smiled as Peter immediate saw Gwen and MJ both frowned at the appearance of Felicia, who smiled as she walked up to Peter's seat, bent over and kissed him in front of everyone in the class.

"I was hoping, I'd be with you", Felicia smiled after she pulled away and she licked her lips.

"What the hell, I thought Parker was with Gwen", Flash yelled as Felicia giggled while she played with his hair while she sat on his desk.

"No, man he's with MJ, saw them mackin it at the movies yesterday", another called out.

"Oh man, Parker's a pimp", another guy called out as the entire class watched hoping the girls would rip Parker apart.

"More than you know. What's up girls", Felicia smiled as she pulled her legs up and spun around and took the empty desk behind Peter and got a glare from Gwen and MJ.

Peter found it hard to concentrate in his class, first was Flash who was looking death at Peter, second was Felicia who was massaging his shoulders(good god it felt good), and the whispers that he was some kind of sex god. The moment class let out Peter grabbed Felicia's hand and took her off to his hideout in the library, her giggling as she was hoping it would lead to more. After they entered the privet room and he motioned for her to sit in the chair as he closed the door.

"I thought you were going to behave", he snapped as she shrugged her shoulders.

"What class was boring, I just wanted a bit of fun. Besides it's not like I had sex with him on the spot or something", she smiled as the door opened and the red head and blonde entered the room.

"Sure, is that why you caused a huge fuss about our relationship", MJ hissed as Gwen gave Felicia the same look.

"Yeah, Flash gives Pete a hard enough time already", Gwen added.

"Sometimes it sucks to be with me", Peter sighed as he looked down.

"Fine, for Petey. I'll tone it down, here at least but that's all. A girl's gotta have her fun, right", she smiled as she leaned back.

"Great, now the world thinks he was cheating on us with each other", Gwen growled as Peter sighed.

"No, the world knows that we are HIS", Felicia answered.

"You know today is still a good day in comparison with my usual luck", Peter sighed as the four left the small room were walking Gwen on his right, MJ on his left and Felicia draped over his back.

"So this Flash guy, he gives you a hard time. Why not just solve it by showing him whose really the boss", Felicia smiled

"I'd hurt him Cat, besides with great power comes great responsibility", Peter answered as she bit her lip.

"Great I fall in love with goody two-shoes", Felicia exhaled as she nodded, "Fine I understand but if he touches my ass or my tits, I expect you to stand up for your girl."

"Yeah, but only if he starts it", MJ blushed as Peter exited the room to head to next period.

"Look Petey has my leash not you", Felicia growled out as she clung to Peter's back.

"Girls, please stop fighting", Gwen gasped as the two remaining girls flanked his sides as they walked into the hallways.

"Parker, what are you like hung like a horse? What makes you so special", Flash snapped as Peter just walked by ignoring the insult.

"Everything", MJ whispered in Peter's ear as Flash tightened his fist as the girls giggled at the private joke..

"Face it Flash, we know he's better in every way. Compared with you", Peter smiled.

"Let's see how special he is", Flash smiled as he lunged forward.

His Spider-sense tingled as he sensed the punch coming, he took a step towards the attacker while spinning Felicia around setting her gently in between Gwen and MJ. He smiled as he side stepped the punch as flash stumbled a bit as the three stepped of to the side.

"Hell yeah, kick his ass. Go Petey", Felicia cheered as the hallway suddenly became very crowded with spectators.

"No, Flash stop this", MJ called her out.

"I'll show you all Parker's place", Flash growled out as he started swing wildly at Peter.

Peter smiled as he saw each blow coming and dodged them with ease smiling as the frustration on Flash's face until Gwen and MJ called out as he noticed that many of their school mates were cheering for them. But the look of almost ecstasy from Felicia as she watched and bit her lip as Peter felt a surge of confidence as he dropped back holding himself by one hand as Flashed tried a sweeping blow to knock Peter on his ass. He pushed himself up and smiled as he spotted Gwen and MJ both giving him a pleading look, Peter sighed as he willingly slipped to the ground and his head hit the locker and Flash hit him in the gut. Peter groaned as he slid to the ground and fell to the side.

Felicia sighed, how could the spectacular Spider-man allow such trash to walk over him. There was no way in hell her man would be someone's punching bag, let alone allow a weaker person that he could literally break in half. Flash lifted his fist to pummel to prone Peter until Felicia grabbed Flash's arm and in an instant he was on the ground and with a little nudge it would be dislocated and then she would have a thing to say to Peter.

"Felicia, STOP", Peter yelled out as she looked at Peter.

"But, he…he…FINE", she snapped as she felt her will to fight slipping away and she let him go, "You and me are gonna have a long talk later, Peter".

"What the hell you crazy BITCH", Flash snapped as Felicia let go of his arm and stomped away.

"You alright, Tiger", Mary Jane smiled as she helped him up.

"Yeah, I'll be fine. Sorry for making you worry", Peter sighed as he lifted the dusted his jeans.

"You did good Tiger, relax. She'll be back, just needs time to cool off. She doesn't like seeing you getting picked on ", MJ smiled as she kissed Pete before pulling and Gwen towards the theater stage to watch the play.

Felicia sighed, why did Pete have to be some goody too shoes. He was a god among men and could rule the city if he wanted and he wanted to help the common man. She knew all of this and chose to accepted him as a hero and hell she gave up crime for him. She needed to get laid, hell anyone on this world would be lucky to have her in the sack. She was going to over power this damned pheromone and then everything would go back to normal, its not like she needed him. She saw the first appealing man well someone she would have found a attraction too, but now he seemed lacking. She figured it was the pheromones from Peter and decided to press forward, she flirted a bit and in a record breaking time she was headed upstairs to the spare room the guy rented above the bar. She kissed him instantly dominating him as she pushed him onto the bed of the single room apartment. She took of her shirt as the guy ripped of his and then she pulled off his pants and slide out of hers. The moment her eyes were closed she pictured Spider-man and she knew she couldn't do it. Damn this whole super pheromone thing, and now that she thought about Peter the same feeling she hated was back. She sighed and threw the man off of her and quickly got dressed and left the crappy apartment. She shuddered at the thought of nearly having sex with them and she promptly banished the thought from her head. She sighed as she looked thought of Peter Parker, he was willing to let himself be scene as a loser and let others taunt him. She smirked when she remembered what she told Peter about his "pretending to be normal" and she had told him to stop being so immature. Yet he had saved her and even protected her, his statement was that she mattered to him and he would not let anything happen to her. She knew she loved his power, stamina, and all of his talents as Spider-man and pictured their life as master criminals. She thought she hated the idea of losing the mystery and thinking of the amazing spider-man as some normal person. But she found out that he was Peter Parker, super nerd and king of the dweebs and still found that if she had to be with the mask then as long as she was with Spidey in some way she would be satisfied. Peter Parker had she fallen for the dork even harder for him than her Spider? Could she give up all crime no more stealing to be with him, she found she knew the answer immediately. She would without batting a eye, she smiled when she heard the familiar sound she had once hated, sirens and she rushed off to get dressed to help the "suckers in blue" and hopefully Spidey would be there so she could apologize as many times as necessary.

Peter wanted to catch the damned criminals so he could get back to looking for Cat, he didn't want her to get in trouble. He landed on the building the crooks went into and if he would have been in a good mood he would have cracked a joke. But then the door shot open and the three bank robbers rolled outside wrapped in all too familiar cable.

"Freeze", the police called out as Black Cat exited the building with her arms up.

"Relax boys", Black Cat smiled as she held up her arms.

"She is with me, guys", Spider-man called as she dropped her arms.

"Spidey, look I'm sorry for snapping at you okay. But you know it's just I'm not used to feeling about someone this way, you know but look I'll make it up to you", Black Cat felt her metaphorical guts spill everywhere and with a blush she walked up to him.

"And you are", Captain Stacy smiled at Spider-man

"Black Cat, the Spider's partner", Black Cat smiled as she looked at Spidey.

"Partner", Captain Stacy asked she went to help the police untie her captives.

"She's the newest member of my little group", Spidey smiled as she watched her and was amazed that she didn't pocket anything from the criminals.

"All done", Cat smiled as she rejoined the pair.

"Well thanks for the help, Spider-man, Black Cat we'll take it from here", Captain Stacy answered as Spider-man looked back at Black Cat and shot into the sky web slinging towards the roof that had become their meeting place.

He headed for the gargoyle with the chipped tooth and hung upside down unsure if it was a good thing that he had grown accustomed to hanging upside down for prolonged amounts of time. As he turned and looked out at over looking city the laid itself out under him, the familiar form of Black Cat appear out in front of him.

"Spidey, I am sorry for everything", she started again.

"Cat", Spider-man dropped his jaw in shock.

"I need to for snapping at you and picking on the girls. And I'll do it over and over again until you forgive me, the same for them. Your other girls, I mean. You matter more to me than anything else and if that means sharing you then I can deal with it. As long as you love me, hold me, and let me be yours, I can do anything. But if you want I'll leave and never bother you again, and I'll never steal again or you can turn me in", Black Cat answered as she looked like a kid caught with her hand in the cookie jar and ashamed at her behavior.

"I thought I already forgave you", Spider-man smiled as he tightly hugged Black Cat

"Really, you really do. Thank you so much Peter. I won't need another chance, from now on I'll be better, at school, with Gwen and Mary Jane, in everything", Cat cried as she hugged him tightly and buried her face in the crook in his neck.

Next Mourning, Peter's bedroom

Peter slammed his hand on his alarm and felt weight on his left side and heard a groan as his eyes shot open. Felicia's hair massed on he left shoulder as she rubbed her eyes.

"Gah, Felicia", Peter whined as he jumped back and Felicia smiled as she rose to her knees.

"Time for school already, I hate school", Felicia moaned as she stretched as Peter froze as he saw the older blonde wearing one of his old buttoned white shirts and a pair of his boxers.

"What are you doing here, did…did we", Peter gasped as she shook her head.

"No, you fell asleep the moment we got here. And before you ask I got dressed all by myself and since you were already out I wanted put my suit in the wash and my clothes well I'd rather not wear my clothes from yesterday. I put on your clothes because I don't think you want me walking around your house naked, unless", she growled lustfully as she slid off his bed.

"No that's okay, Felicia", Peter sighed as he gathered his clothes to take a shower.

"Can I join you", she smiled as she followed after him.

"Cat", he whined as there was a loud knock on the door.

"Peter, you need to take a shower since you were out late", aunt May called out as the door opened.

"Right, well I ahh. I'm kind of busy", Peter cried out and blushed the as his aunt smiled at the fact she had caught a girl wearing his clothes and getting out of bed
meant she stayed over.

"So you're the pretty young thing he brought home last night. Would you like to stay for breakfast", aunt May smiled as Felicia walked towards the older woman.

"I would love too, names Felicia Hardy, um ma'am", Felicia smiled as she grabbed some of Peter's clothes.

"Call me aunt May, Felicia. To be young, breakfast will be ready in fifteen minutes", aunt may smiled as she left the room..

"I'll use the hall bath", Felicia smiled as she strutted of the room.

Peter came down the stairs a three minutes after Felicia and was greeted by both MJ and Gwen who were sitting across from his aunt May. Both gave him a good mourning peck to which his aunt May smiled and joked about how it was about time that he had brought a girl home and how he had actually brought three. Peter was glad to see that Felicia was actually trying to be friends with Gwen and MJ, which made the mourning incredibly peaceful. In fact the entire day was going well, Flash even avoided the group especially with Felicia who seemed to pull guard and managed to appear whenever one of the group neared Flash.

A NASA space shuttle orbiting around earth.

Three astronauts were collecting samples of a small meteor that had impacted a weather satellite Black ooze seemed to be on the inside of the now split in half space rock. They were to deliver the contents to a special research center in Manhattan later tomorrow. The five man team had recently been on the international space station and were eager to get their feet on the ground for a little bit. The leader of the mission Captain Jameson and JJ's son was eager to see his father again and finally meet this star photographer his father had who managed to take Spider-man's pictures. He had spoken fondly of the boy and how he was actually one of the best photographers he had ever met.

Peter sighed as he fell back on his bed as Felicia did the same, they had just lost another battle against the sinister six and needed to come up with a plan. They were waiting on Gwen and MJ who were on their way over with some surprise that would help them finally beat the six man team. Peter was wearing a sweats and a simple under shirt while Felicia got one of Peter's shirts and black lace panties.

"Nice Cat", Peter sighed as she started inspecting her figure in Peter's mirror.

"Want me to go back to being fully commando", Felicia smiled as Gwen and MJ entered the room.

"Hmm, not a bad thought but we should take care of business first", MJ smiled as both newcomers were holding a small white box each.

"These should help you take on them", Gwen smiled as she opened the box revealing two peach colored small ear buds

"Wow cool, I need a new hands-free", Peter smiled as he pulled one out.

"Not quite, our little genius over here designed closed circuit communicators allowing us to communicate and they are small enough that you can wear them under your costumes", MJ smiled as she opened her box and offered one to Felicia.

"Not to mention we can wear them during the day and no one would notice. Thank you Sweetie", Felicia smiled as she put it in her ear.

"Not….a problem", Gwen blushed as Peter sighed feeling that familiar feeling.

"Um guys, I mean girls I feel it", Peter sighed as the three shared an impish smile.

"Well we can't have that, can we girls", Felicia smiled as she jumped on Peter kissing him strongly and pressing him down before sliding herself down to his waist and pulling his sweats down to his mid thigh releasing his semi hard member.

Felicia places the tip of her tongue at the base of the underside kissing it until she reached the tip, she looked back at Gwen and MJ before devouring his cock. The pair split apart and joined Felicia as she pulled back, each licking and kissing his now growing cock. Gwen then looked Peter in the eyes as she took as much as she could which was only about half way before she gagged. She pulled back a bit blushing as Felicia nibbled on Gwen's ear while MJ managed it take it to the base and pulled back until it popped out of her mouth. Felicia kissed Gwen before she easily took him in her mouth before humming while keeping her gaze on Peter's, MJ whispered in Gwen's ear before both started to lick his balls until Peter moaned before Felicia caught it and released his cock with a distinctive pop.

"Cum on our face, paint us with your cum", Felicia moaned as she stared him straight in the eyes before being joined by Gwen and MJ.

Peter moaned as he blew a rather large load all over the three faces. The girls licked each others' faces clean as Peter first had Gwen, then MJ, and finished with Felicia. He had to admit now that was in control of himself, being with three women wasn't actually that bad. The three girls decided to shower tonight to give Peter the shower in the mourning do to him using the hot water to help with any bruises he had, which led to him taking long showers. It was good to know that Gwen and MJ still had each other when he had to go off and save New York with Felicia who could help him with everything in his superhero life. He had to admit his life had taken a turn for the better, he smiled as the three lingerie clad girls climbed into bed with him and the four drifted to sleep together crammed in Peter's queen sized bed.

Peter opened his eyes as he noticed his fellow three in his bed, Gwen laid on top of him while MJ was on his right and Felicia on his left. He smiled as he remembered last night and that he was actually in control during his eventful night. Then as if his aunt knew, there was a knock and then she entered causing Peter to pull up the sheets quite hastily revealing two feminine left feet.

"Now, now. Is there a lady under those sheets", aunt May smiled.

"Hi, aunt May", Felicia smiled as she pulled the covers down revealing her face.

"Gwen and I are here too", MJ purred as aunt May smiled.

"Atta boy, Peter. Well then hurry up and come downstairs for breakfast, you four", aunt May smiled as Peter moaned and the girls giggled.

"Like I said before, Tiger", MJ answered as aunt May closed the door and the four got dressed.

However downstairs there was a waiting group of people downstairs. Dr. Connors sat in the living room talking with a bald black man with a eye patch. Sitting next to him was a woman with a pixie style haircut both wearing closed black trench coats. Peter tensed as the girls all stared at the two intruders.

"Finally up, web-head. We need to talk, call me Fury", the black man smiled as he stood up.

"Director of Shield", Felicia gasped.

"Hmm, Felicia Hardy and apparently former thief known as Black Cat", Fury smiled as aunt May brought a tray filled with coffee cups.

"What do you want with Peter and Felicia", Gwen growled out.

"To help you. I know Peter about the pheromone This is Colonel Hill, my number two", Fury answered as he took a cup of coffee.

"And how are you gonna do that lock him up", MJ snapped.

"No, I am here to offer assistance with the sinister six as well. The avengers are occupied elsewhere and with the fantastic four gone, we need heroes to defend New York. In exchange for doing that, I will not only help with the pheromone problem, but fund you as well, and wipe a certain thief's past clear", Fury smiled as he approached Peter.

"Peter, you can trust him", Dr. Connors sighed as he stood up.

"What do you want from me exactly, I won't reveal my identity to the public", Peter sighed.

"You won't need to, actually the less number of people who know who you are the better. I only have so many men under my command", Fury sighed

"Breakfast is ready, may we discuss this at the table", aunt May smiled as the group followed her to the kitchen.

"Look you scratch my back, I scratch your, webs", Fury answered.

"So We fight crime and you help Peter with his infliction. Wait how do you even know about that", Felicia growled as Peter started stuffing his face.

"Peter, your manners", aunt May hissed.

"I don't mind and about Peter's infliction, we keep have been keeping an eye on him since his abilities manifested", Fury answered.

"Alright, so how can you help with the pheromone", Peter asked.

"First we know of it's effect. Second we were told you were aware of how it affects those close to you. Are you aware that it is likely that it may affect your aunt", Hill answered not eating a bite.

"SERIOUSLY", Peter blurted out.

"We have that taken care off, we know how to keep it under control", MJ growled.

"Do you want to take that chance, we have a residence already set up for you with more than enough room for you four but we will also pay for all of your aunt's expenses. Till we find a cure", Fury answered back as Peter looked at his aunt.

"And what if some one comes for her", Peter answered.

"She will be put under watch, several units watching her in exchange for your assistance is the least we can do", Fury answered.

"So what I keep being me and you will protect her then", Peter answered.

"In a matter of speaking, yes and you will have free reign over your team within a certain degree. But the only people who will know will be a small amount of people including Hill and of course myself", Fury replied.

"Who else", Felicia asked.

"It will be on a need to know basis", Fury answered.

"Does this mean I can meet the Avengers, X-men, or maybe the fantastic four", Peter smiled as he looked at the girls who giggled at his side.

"Wow, never seen Tiger geek out like that", MJ smiled.

"I know, right", Felicia smiled at Peter.

"But then I'd have to move out, I don't think I can do this ", Peter mumbled.

"I'll be fine Peter, you have to leave the nest sometime. I just want you to come over once a week for a good healthy meal, you can bring them if you want", aunt May smiled as she followed after them.

"We'll take you there after you finish your meal", Fury smiled.

After breakfast the four rode in a black sedan and to get a tour of their new home stopping at a rather tall condo building only about five minutes from Midtown High. The lobby was very elegant with multiple

"Wow, swanky", Felicia smiled as they followed him into the elevator.

"Here, Web-Head. This suite should have everything you need. The entire condo is yours and will be paid for by us as well as the bills as long as you are working for us. Since your still in school you will be based here in New York and will defend the city with your team. As Black Cat is now a member of your team, she will be pardoned for her former crimes, but she will be under tight watch. You will have access to all our criminal databases but not our heroes, so don't even try, if you need to reach me contact a agent that will later be named", Fury answered as the elevator stopped on the twentieth floor.

"Wow", Felicia smiled as the door opened revealing a large hallway.

"Not quite, I will trust you with who can have access with the exception of Shield Agents. Here I had the key already made, don't lose it. As you are going to be currently working for Shield we will contact you here instead of a command post. It has everything a normal apartment would have, with the additions of a training room, panic room, and ten additional rooms for whatever you see fit", Fury answered as he handed each of the four a plain looking key.

"Really, wow. And I thought crime paid well", Felicia smiled.

"Cat", the three scolded as she held her hands in defense.

"Just saying", Felicia smiled.

"One last thing, If you need a baby sitter I will assign one. Not a question and it's your only warning", Fury warned before Peter opened the door.

"Quite the bachelor pad, Petey", Felicia demanded as she grabbed one arm each from Gwen and MJ.

"You should know, I'm moving in", Felicia smiled impishly.

"Hope so, otherwise you'd break in every night", Peter joked

"What ever since we slept together, you pretty much own this", Felicia smiled as she slapped her ass while in entry room with had a small closet. As they pass the ten foot corner of the entry area a rather large room about thirty feet wide and twice as long led to a island bar and a kitchen behind it and a dining area to the left. As the group gave themselves a small tour the noticed that the kitchen and dining room both led to a another area. The kitchen led to a hallway about twenty four feet long with a ten by ten room at the end of it. Fury pointed out that the hallway had to secret rooms, the first when entering the hallway from the kitchen was a panic room meant to protect Gwen and MJ as well as guest from harm if the apartment was ever attacked. The secret room closest to the ten by ten room was meant a room to conceal their costumes from any guests. The dining area lead to two actual areas, the one along the back of the dining area and kitchen lead to a well light room with a rather large bathroom in the corner and a glass window revealing a balcony with a rather large swimming pool to which the high schoolers cheered about. The other along the dining area and living room was a hall way with stairs leading at the end and four doors on the right which lead to rooms about ten by ten with the exception of the master bedroom which had it's own bathroom. Up the stairs was another three similar rooms and a bathroom with a rather large room facing opposite. This was a hell of a first apartment, hell you couldn't count it as a apartment.

Suddenly Fury yelled that the sinister Six were attacking and for Peter and Felicia to engage the villains, as they were preparing to sling across the city Fury smiled and lead them to the roof and a awaiting helicopter.

They were there much faster than usual and for once had some one helping not screaming freak and running from him as well The six were attacking the hanger that housed the newly landed shuttle and it's precious cargo that had arrived only minutes later. Each smiled as they were tearing through the police officers that were as challenging as breathing until a loud roar of helicopter drowned out any noise. As Shocker shot a blast at the new target, Hill managed to turn it just enough to allow the attack to miss by mere inches. Fury responded by aiming a assault rifle and returned fire.

"Get down there, Web head", Fury growled.

"Geez, no respect", Spider-Man jumped down followed by Black Cat

"Don't talk to him that way, the only reason I'm here is because of him", Cat growled as she jumped after Peter.

The pair landed as the both lunged for the Kraven knowing he would be the easiest to take down first. Peter webbed a giant mace and swung it down as hard as he could while the hunter smoky jumped out of the way as Felicia clawed at his arm resulting in several gashes in his arm. The hunter snarled as he slashed at Black Cat who ducked under the blow. Spider-man shot a web at his face and as he ripped the webbing off only to have Black Cat fire gas into his face. Kraven roared as he felt his mind falter and reflexes slow and the a round house into his gut. He went to punch the white haired maiden only to have a her pulled back by one of Spider-man's webs. The pair were still new as a team but were quite good with their teamwork as well as knowing the others weaknesses. As Kraven was getting pummeled Electro shot a blast at the heroes and the hunter as the helicopter was much harder and if they could stop Spider-man then victory would be ensured. Peter smiled as the hunter was taken out by his own comrade, if they could fight the rest of the battles they would win and the way Hill was flying and with Fury's accurate fire they stood a good chance of victory. However that changed when Doc Ock ordered the others to separate the pair, and the dodged another blast from both Electro and Shocker which both barely managed to dodge by mere inches. Then the Vulture dive bombed them as they both dropped to the ground and were up the next second as Sandman managed to hit Spider-man into a rather the metal case which housed the container for the black ooze. Peter jumped up and knelt on the box before wrapping in Kraven in a mass of webbing. The Kraven fell Doc Ock sounded the retreat as each fled the lost battle. Doc Ock fled using a plane with the Shocker, while Sandman flew into the wind as a sand cloud, and Electro flew off using his electricity to glide away.

Shield Prison, Big House in front of Kraven's cell

"Director Fury, are you sure you should allow him such treatment, He should be under our watch", Hill asked.

"We're already keeping an eye out for us and we need him to trust us. The Avengers already don't trust Shield and we need people on our side when shit hit's the fan", Fury answered.

"But he should be trained, controlled, and waiting for us to give him the location of the other five", Hill demanded.

"Now that they have scattered since beastie's little solo attempt on the bug", Fury sighed.

"Sir, but allowing him to have relationships with multiple women", Hill sighed.

"He's happy, their happy. They could all pirate all the movies and music. As long as they kill, rape, or maim people I couldn't care less about what they do", Fury growled

"And what will ripping him away from his little sex pets do. I'll save you the breath Hill, he'll hate us just like Stark, Steve, Logan, and the rest of the Avengers. If we keep him happy, he'll be more trusting with us as well as more complacent with our orders", Fury answered as the pair walked away from the cell.

"I know sir, but I just think that it would be better if we kept someone with him", Hill stated as she looked at Fury.

"What makes you think I don't already have someone watching him and his little groupie club", Fury smiled as they exited the holding area.

"I meant no offense, sir. I know that you have America's best interests at heart", Hill blushed as Fury smiled.

Later that evening.

After Peter and the girls celebrated their victory and got cleaned up, they split into two groups. Peter and Felicia were going to borrow a truck from Gwen's dad to get Peter's furniture and then get some things from Felicia's apartment to furnish the apartment. While Gwen and MJ went out to stock the fridge and pantry, mainly due to the fact that Peter was addicted to junk food and Felicia was pretty much incapable of turning down Peter and the chance she would buy nothing but alcohol Gwen and MJ returned two hours later only to find a living room filled with stacked boxes and furniture piled everywhere without any real method of organization.

"Ugh, really they made no attempt to organize any of this", Gwen moaned as she held several bags of groceries along with MJ.

"Did you expect anything else from our former thief or our super powered lover", MJ teased as both entered the kitchen to find aunt May and captain Stacy preparing six thick t-bone steaks and a large bowl filled with various vegetables for a salad.

"Fuck", Gwen said as she dropped the bags of groceries.

"My bad", MJ answered as she dropped the bags she was carrying.

"It's okay girls I already know about your little thing with Peter, I don't like it but you made this decision together and I will trust you. The milk is spilling", he said as he looked at the bags one of which was now leaking milk.

"Ahh, dammit", MJ said as she picked up the leaky bag containing the broken milk jug and dropped it in the sink.

"Hello lovers", Felicia smiled as she entered the room with several more boxes.

"Cat, behave", Peter's voice scolded as she stuck out her tongue before nearly slipping on the hard wood floor covered in split milk.

"Agh, you dropped something. And he already knows, they came with us in the first trip", Felicia smiled as she reached into a box and pulled out a white towel and wiped her foot off as she gently put down her box.

"Yeah sorry, our phones died so had hoped to be done by the time you got here but well, she wanted to by this", Peter moaned as he brought in a large cardboard box.

"We have a terrace, so we should have a table for it. Fury gave us some money for furnishing and food", Felicia smiled as she helped MJ clean the split milk.

"Dad, thank you for trusting me", Gwen smiled as she turned to get more groceries.

"Gwen, stay and talk with your old man. The three of us will get the groceries", MJ smiled as she grabbed Felicia's arm.

"Yeah, alright. We'll take our time", Peter answered as he set the table down and the three headed left closing the door as aunt May rushed to follow after them allowing the father and daughter to speak privately.

"So Peter you have three girls now, ha ha if your parents could see you now", aunt May smiled as MJ and Felicia were at his sides each intertwining their fingers with his.

"Yeah, these three won't let me turn them away. Maybe if I took them into the forest and threw rocks at them", Peter joked as the girls snuggled into them.

"Sorry Tiger, but you wouldn't", MJ smiled as she snuggled into him.

"Joking aside, you really are just like your father, well apart from having super powers and being a costumed hero that is", aunt May smiled as the approached the elevator.

"Really did he have a have multiple girls too", Felicia joked as the door opened.

"Right, this was actually re-ordained by my genetics, my pre-spider infused awesome genetics", Peter laughed.

"Yes actually, I admit I was disgusted at first but I eventually came around. Your father and mother were filled with love not only for each other but for their shared lovers as well. Their assistants, they were their lovers", aunt May smiled.

"Well that explains why your okay with this. Aunt May, I want you to know that I truly do care about Peter and that I will always be there for him and you. If either of you need anything that is, same with you MJ", Felicia smiled as she looked aunt May in the eyes.

"I know dear, I can see it in the look you all give him and the one he gives back", aunt May smiled back.

"Really, did Captain Stacy, Dr. Connors, and Dr. Brock know about it", MJ asked knowing Peter was dyeing to know.

"Yes, Peter. Although originally he hated the idea, being your mother's brother and all that. He came around sooner than I did at least", aunt May smiled as Peter looked up.

"We need to let Eddie know. He's my bro after all, can we…can we invite to dinner too, aunt May", Peter finally asked.

"If you want to, it's your home Peter. But we do have more than enough food for everyone including Eddie", aunt May smiled as she the elevator reached the bottom and the doors opened.

"I'll send him the address then, MJ smiled as she pulled out her phone and started texting before she shoved it into her pocket.

"So Felicia, can I ask how you change your hair color", aunt May asked as MJ opened the black sedan's trunk.

"Oh that, it's a wig. When I was well you know, playing for the other team. I used to keep my real identity a secret, you know people angry at what I used to do", Felicia smirked as she grabbed several of plastic bags with each hand.

"Peter's a good boy, he'll take care of you and I hope you do the same", aunt May smiled as she took a few bags herself.

"Don't worry, she can't tell Peter no. It's kind of funny actually, he can't say no to any of us", MJ smiled as she took her share of bags.

"Hey I can say no, you all just don't listen", Peter sighed as he took the remaining bags and headed back into the lobby and into the elevator.

"Hey I gave up crime, like hundred percent for you", Felicia teased before she nipped at his lower lip.

"Hey can wait till after dinner, or else we'll all be a bit antsy", MJ scolded playfully.

"Can't wait", Felicia smiled as she leaned away from Peter.

"Hmm, that's probably Eddie now", MJ smiled as her pocket rang out a bit before the door opened up revealing Gwen smiling as she hugged Peter.

"Is this the rest of it", Gwen smiled.

"Yeah, Petey got the last of it, here can you hold these", MJ smiled as she held out some bags.

"Sure, my dad said that if you break my heart, he's breaking yours physically", Gwen joked as MJ pulled out her phone and read the text.

"Eddie says cool and he's coming", MJ answered as Gwen opened the door for everyone.

"Yeah, Peter let's set up the table, we can have our first meal on it tonight", Felicia smiled as she set the bags down and opened the patio in the fading twilight.

"She's right we do need a table", MJ smiled as she started putting groceries away with Gwen.

"And we'll worry about dinner", aunt May smiled as she returned to cooking with Captain Stacy.

When Felicia had brought up the sixth and final chair for the terrace, Gwen and MJ had finished the groceries and were in the process of piling the boxes either in the room they belonged or near it in the case of the kitchen. Eddie had also arrived and after Peter had told him that he was romantically involved with the three, Eddie only laughed saying that dating more than one woman would be more of curse than a blessing and had been forcibly volunteered to help Peter put the table together. After getting lost or forgetting several steps they had finally built the metal and glass elongated table dinner was ready and most of the things had been moved out of the living room. And the girls were bring Peter's folding chair that he used as his desk chair outside.

"So Pete, have you hook up with all three yet", Eddie asked.

"Raped is more like it", Peter smiled.

"Can't rape the willing", Felicia smiled as she pushed the six chairs around the table.

"Busted, is he gonna get cut off", Eddie laughed as he took a seat.

"Not really, cutting him off from sex would be just as much of a penalty to us", Felicia smiled as she held several glasses filled with soda in her arms.

"You transferred to Midtown to be with Pete then,", Eddie smiled as she passed out the glasses to the five on the terrace.

"Dinner is served, everyone please sit and we'll say grace", aunt May smiled as she held a bowel of salad and a bag of paper plates.

"Steak and salad, I'll get you a good grill so we can do this right next time", Captain Stacy smiled.

"Totally I'll bring drinks next time too", Eddie smiled as the food was put down on the table.

"Ooh, think you can bring a some alcohol too", Felicia smiled causing Captain Stacy to clear his throat.

"Alright, everyone ready. Heavenly lord, we thank you for the food we are about to receive and that we are all quite healthy and unharmed. I would also like to thank you for blessing Peter with the love of not one but three beautiful, smart, and charming girls and that they always remember their true feelings for each other and lastly that Peter's apartment will always be a safe haven for him and everyone whom he cares for", aunt May smiled before everyone answered "amen".

The dinner was pleasant and entertaining for everyone and Peter was now not only being teased by his aunt but now Eddie as well. As they were leaving Gwen and MJ decided to leave with aunt May and Captain Stacy and gave Peter a good night kiss and a promise to come tomorrow before school. Eddie left saying that later they would hang out and he would get him a gift for the apartment. The two adults left telling them that they would call the school and be allowed to play "hookie to allow him to unpack and set everything. After saying their good-byes, they decided to call it a day. They decided since they were getting the day off they tacked a blanket to act as a shade for the window. The pair went to laid on the mattress cuddling each other more that happy with the day.

Felicia smiled as she pushed herself up and climbed up nipping at Peter's neck leaving various marks as she went down to his groins smiled up at him as her face reached his now hard cock. She smiled seductively and before devouring his dick. Peter moaned at the sudden pressure and grabbed her hair. The blonde vixen pumping back and forth eager to earn the "reward" she craved. Peter moaned that he was nearing his limit as she simply looked up at him before he shot his load into her mouth. She smiled and rose up to ride him while Peter instinctively reached for her breasts groping them as she began to quicken her pace. After a few minutes Peter decided he want to try and change positions and with ease flipped to where he was over top and she was on bottom before briefly pulling out and rising on his knees. She got the message and got on her hands and knees and he quickly resumed the pace she had set. As he was near his limit she moaned she was near his and both finished.

The next mourning both were woken by a bright blast of light as Gwen pulled down heavy blanket blocking the window. As both moaned and stretched they say Gwen smiling and MJ holding a box of donuts. Felicia smiled as she leaned up on the bed and put on the shirt and pair of boxers she had claimed.

"Have a good night, then", MJ smiled as she opened the box.

"Like only you two could know", Felicia smiled as Peter pulled on his boxers and Gwen tossed him some sweats.

"I gotta call myself in", Felicia yawned as she went into the living room for her now charged phone.

"Ooh responsible, I'm playing hookie", MJ smiled as she set the box on a stack of another boxes.

"Well we should try and finish as soon as possible, in-case of-"

"The Sinister Six", a red faced familiar brunette girl answered from the open terrace door.

As she entered the condo, Peter and MJ instantly remembered her from Peter's brief fling while Gwen was interning in England for the summer. She wore a long sleeved creme colored blouse, with a soft blue jacket over her blouse. She wore form fitting khaki slacks and creme blue flip-flops, with a star of David hung by a silver chain around her neck. Her eyes red, puffy, and looking rubbed raw. She slammed in his arms and cried her eyes while letting Peter comfort her, he gave the three a look and they nodded as Peter took her to the bedroom for a private talk.

"I'm sorry to come crashing in on you like this", Kitty finally managed to say.

"It's fine, your still a close friend. If you didn't come, I would have gone after you", Peter whispered back softly.

"You can't, you have your new girlfriend", Kitty answered back softly flicking his forehead.

"Actually I need to fill you on on that, which we'll talk about later. Since your mother is away on leave and your fathers a racist prick, I'll let them know your staying here", Peter answered as Kitty ran after her.

"Peter, it's sweet but I have some cash on me, I can rent a crappy hotel. I just really needed a shoulder to cry on", Kitty answered with worried frown.

"Like hell", Peter answered back as he walked into the living room and the girls gave him a odd face.

"What's going on", Gwen asked as Kitty reached the living room.

"Kitty needs a place to say, I offered here", Peter answered back.

"I think they knew I was staying here, Spider. But thanks for the declaration, I guess", Felicia answered back.

"I think the neighbors know, Ms. Screamer. I mean Kitty as in her, I dated her for a little bit during the summer last year", Peter answered back.

"Does she know", Gwen peeped.

"We'll she does now, not that I mind. It's just what if Peter wanted it kept secret, at least until Felicia screwed his brains out in the closet", MJ sighed.

"Hey when your right, your right", Felicia giggled as she gave Peter a quick peck.

"Look you tell her, alright. I'll put her things in a room", Peter answered before setting out to let him complete his task.

After he put her things in another room, he waited a bit before rejoining the others. However after only about five minutes, Kitty found him. He forced a smile, as he feared she would actually hate him. She simply slowed her approached to a near crawl, stopping mere inches from him.

"Thanks for letting me know you were in trouble jerk. And here I thought we decided to be friends", Kitty snapped.

"Look I never meant for it to happen, but now that it has I don't regret anything", Peter countered as she grabbed his neck and kissed him, effectively shutting the hero up.

"We agreed, since you hid this from me with no reason. I'm your newest girl", Kitty answered as she kept her arms around his neck.

"You know MJ's little catch phrase is right, he did hit the jackpot.

"You misunderstand Cat. I'm the jackpot, you'll all just icing on the top", MJ quipped back as the girls all shared a collective giggle.

"Wait, if MJ is the cake and you're all just the frosting. Am I a cannibal", Peter joked as the girls shook their heads.

"Well, we should do some work, MJ has her car so let's all head to the store, this place needs some furniture badly. I'm feeling three couches and the coffee table for game night and a TV, not for porn Felicia. So you two get dressed and then we'll all go shopping, I have Peter's card, since we should get the essentials first", Gwen answered as Peter and Felicia all got dressed.