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Chrona had spent nearly two hours looking around the flower shop debating on what bouquet to get for Patty. He had left the house early this morning when the cops arrived to take his mother away. He hadn't expected it but there was a weight lifted from his shoulders at the sight of his mother being taken to the prison. All his life his mother told him it was his fault his father left them; that Chrona was so hideous and difficult to deal with that his father had jumped ship. "You're lucky I would never leave you like that, Chrona," His mother would say in a soothing tone while he sobbed. She was always smirking at him when she spoke. "I'll take care of you and then, some day when you're famous, you can take care of Mother."

He had a growing suspicion, however, that his mother had realized at this point that he had "taken care of Mother" in a way she never anticipated.

So here he was, standing in a flower shop while his only two family members were taken away by the fuzz. A young clerk approached him, a small smile on her lips. "Hey there, sir. Are you having trouble finding the right flowers?" She asked curiously.

"Eek! I-I'm sorry! I-I don't know how to handle this!" He yelped fearfull, crouching down and covering his head with his arms. Did this girl sense his confusion and see him an idiot? He didn't know how to handle that, either. The young clerk blinked, momentarily dazed by Chrona's response, before she knelt down beside him and gently rested her hand on his shoulder. He peeked at her curiously before swallowing and saying, in a meek voice, "I need to get some flowers to say I'm sorry to someone."

"Alright, I can help you with that," She said cheerfully while standing back up. Slowly, feeling a bit more relaxed now that he wasn't being mocked, Chrona rose to his feet and followed her through the many aisles of fresh flowers. "Now, the way we do bouquets here is that we have a main center flower and then three others that we place around it to help accent its beauty. You said you needed to apologize to someone, right? Well there's actually a flower that means "I'm Sorry"; the purple hyacinth." She said while plucking a handful of the flower and showing it to Chrona. He blinked then smiled lightly and nodded.

"They're very pretty. I think she'll like them," He said sweetly, blushing a bit. The clerk blinked then grinned impishly at him.

"She? Ah, it's your girlfriend, right?" She asked slyly. This caused the other to yelp, blush darker, and try to sputter out an explanation frantically. She giggled lightly in response, placing a hand over her mouth. "I was just teasing a little. I assume this is for a friend who just happens to be a girl, right?"

"Yeah… I was really mean to her once and I… I haven't felt right about it," Chrona looked down and scuffed the front of his sneakers against the concrete flooring. He shifted a bit, feeling slightly awkward for bearing his soul like this to a complete stranger. "I've been too afraid to tell her how sorry I am but I recently got some really good advice and decided to go with it."

"Well we'll help you too. Other than the apology, what other feelings do you get from this girl?" She asked curiously. Chrona blushed a bit and looked off to the side. His cheeks turned a bit pink as he thought.

Although he was closer with Maka than the others in the group, it was Patty he admired. He had always seen Maka as an older sister figure, guarding over him like it was her job; Patty, however, rarely even gave him the time of day. She was always so sure of herself, so headstrong and optimistic. He often times wished he could be like her, smile like her, and had enjoyed his time getting to be around her. They had rarely spoken but something about her simply made him feel… lighter somehow. "I… She's a really strong person. She's been through a lot of bad things in her life yet she doesn't dwell on it or let it get her down. She's always smiling and she… Reminds me a lot of the sun; always casting her light on other people and just letting them bask in her glow. She's just incredible," He said shyly, a smile crawling on to his face the more he spoke about the younger Thompson sister.

"It sounds like you like her a lot more than friends," The clerk commented. Chrona nodded shyly, his fingers twisting and fiddling around with one another anxiously. "Well, I think that the following three flowers would go great with what you're trying to express; gardenias, lavender heathers, and irises. Let me show you what they look like and then you can tell me if you agree or not, okay?" She asked cheerfully as she led him along.

Chrona jolted up as a sudden thought struck him. "Um… I- I don't want to be difficult but I was wondering if you could arrange the flowers in a special way," He said nervously.

She tilted her head at him. "You mean in a special way within the plastic wrap?"

"Um, I actually had something kind of different in mind," He said, still anxious. The young clerk, eager to help the young male in his quest for love, eagerly agreed to help him whatever it was. After they picked out the flowers, he told her what he had in mind and she was momentarily stunned. She'd never gotten such a request, but she did find a way to manage (although it took four separate attempts to get it to work).

After that, Chrona stopped by a small candy parlor and got a batch of sour apple gummy rings. He remembered that Patty had a severe sweet spot for the delicious treat; he specifically remembered her sharing them with him once. He had liked them too and, since they were alone, the two traded war stories about their parents. It was then that she told him the truth about her mother and he first realized how strong she really was. It was the first time he had ever seen Patty lose her smile for even a moment; the gravity of it left him unsure how to respond like usual so he decided to go with keeping quiet.

He had to keep his mind on that memory as he walked up to the door to Kid's family estate, where he knew Patty would be.

He knocked lightly and heard her call out "Just a second!" from the other side of the door. His stomach twisted into knots as he heard her approach closer. He was going to have to do this, going to have to steel himself. The door opened and Patty stood there, wearing her usual black and white maid's attire as she was obligated to wear while working. She blinked a few times, sky blue eyes twinkling in shock. "Chrona…" She said softly, stepping into the doorway.

"Um… Hi, Patty. I.. I-uh- I wanted to say I'm sorry for what happened," He said shyly, looking everywhere but at her. He then pressed his gifts to her, which she took in slight surprise. "I got you some sour apple gummies because I remembered you liked them. And I got some flowers… I had the clerk get them knotted up in the shape of a giraffe because I remembered you like giraffes too. So… Uh… Yeah, um… I guess I'll see you around." He said hurriedly, twirling to turn and run.

"Chrona, did you want to come in?" She asked suddenly, causing him to pause. He turned and looked at her, stunned, to find her smiling brightly. "I was making some tea since Liz and Kid were talking in the study privately. Want to join me for a cup to catch up?" He felt like weeping in joy at how eagerly she accepted him and the emotions left him too overwhelmed to speak; he simply nodded and followed her back inside.

Patty truly was an incredible young lady to him.

Liz had brought in a tray of snacks for Kid as he sat in his study, flipping through several books. Kid's father had been scouting out colleges for the young marquis heir to attend; thus, Kid had been forced to take his studies much more seriously. Band practice had been completely cut from his schedule and when he wasn't eating, sleeping, or using the restroom he was at his desk answering questions and writing essays.

Since the band had broken up, it wasn't like Kid was really neglecting anything in that sense.

"Kid, why don't you take a break?" She suggested gently, pouring him a cup before placing eight small spoonfuls of sugar into the cup and stirring. He made a small noise, not taking his nose from his book, and she sighed lightly. She lightly tapped the spoon against the rim of the cup, set the cup on the tray and then walked over. She set it down and finally his golden eyes shifted up to her curiously. "Don't worry, Kid; I put eight spoons of sugar in there for you."

"Thank you," He said softly, a tense little smile worming up to his lips. She gently rested her hand on his head, eyes darkening a bit in concern.

"Are you still upset about Maka?" She asked delicately. He blinked, eyes widening slightly, before he looked off to the side and cleared his throat.

"Maka has made her decision; though I may not approve completely, I will do my best to support her," He said before picking up his cup and taking a small sip. "It's perfect, thank you."

"I'm glad," Liz said before settling into a chair next to Kid. She took a deep breath before looking up at him seriously. "Are you really still in love with her?"

He blinked and tilted his head at her curiously. "I will always have some degree of love for her; she was my first love, after all. But no, I am no longer in love with her in that sense of the word. I know when I've been beat and have accepted Soul to be the better match for her. For now I'll focus on my studies and then on finding Miss Right. Who knows; she may be closer than I thought," He said gently, looking at her sweetly.

Liz blushed a bit but sat beside him quietly, smiling and just enjoying being around him.

Tsubaki had stopped by Black*Star's house very early that morning to make him breakfast. She had been surprised to find the whole place in complete disarray, with trash littering the floor. There was little to no fresh food in the refrigerator and there were tons of cobwebs and bugs scattered about. 'No wonder he never wants to be here; it's filthy,' Tsubaki thought before taking a deep breath and clapping her hands over her cheeks. "Okay; let's see if we can't get this place a little more presentable." She said aloud, smiling and getting pumped.

After nearly two hours of hard work, she had cleaned out the front room and kitchen of the Star clan manor; she had even called in a favor from a friend and had some groceries delivered so she could start cooking.

"What's going on?" Black*Star yawned as he walked out. He was clad in nothing but a pair of black boxers and looked rather tired. She blushed lightly and pulled out a frying pan.

"I hope you don't mind but I let myself in with that spare key you gave me. I did a little bit of cleaning and was just getting ready to make some breakfast for us both," She explained sweetly. He blinked, surprise bright in his forest green spheres, before smiling widely. Black*Star couldn't even remember his actual parents anymore; they'd passed on when he was much younger. He also couldn't remember the last time he'd had a home-cooked meal. Sure, he'd occasionally hi-jack a seat at the Evans family table but that was completely different.

Even he could sense the tension within the family and that always took away from the enjoyment of the meal.

"I don't mind at all. I am going to warn you, though; since I'm a God I have a huge appetite," He wanted her cheerfully. She blinked then smiled brightly at him in return.

"I think I can handle that," She said cheerfully.

Spirit smiled lightly as he offered Blair another bouquet of flowers. "These are from the fish merchant; he said he hopes you feel better soon," He explained calmly. Wesley, seated beside the indigo haired female, scoffed a little bit.

"How very kind of him. In fact, I think I may go by and thank him personally," He said blandly. Blair giggled and laced her fingers with his own, giving it a light squeeze.

"Oh, it'll be okay, Wes-Kun~!" She giggled happily. She leaned over carefully and dropped her head on his shoulder. She then looked over at Spirit. "So Maka leaves this morning, huh?" She asked gently.

He nodded quietly. "Yes, she and Soul are going off to Britain together. Once that book Maka wrote about the Evans family gets put on the shelves William Evans is going to want her head; they feel going there will protect them better from the backlash of it all," He explained gently. He looked down at his hands and let out a small sigh. "It's terrible to realize that I can't really protect my little girl from such a big threat but I'm also glad she's opened up her heart to someone. I just hope that Soul can take good care of her and that, someday, I'll get to see them again." He confessed with a small smile. Even if he wasn't completely happy about it, he was glad to some degree that his little angel had found a good man to help keep her strong.

"Aw, don't worry Spirit-Kun~! I'm sure Maka and Soul will call you to visit once they have some beautiful little grandbabies for you to see~!" Blair gushed excitedly. He paled and his eyes widened to the size of saucer plates.

"Wh-What? My Maka… Having babies? NO!" He yelled loudly, stumbling out of his chair and to his knees. His hands were clutched to his skull and he was laying on the floor, entire body shaking.

"Is that a normal occurrence with him?" Wes asked, pointing calmly at the other male.

"Pretty much~! You'll get used to it as we spend more time together, though~!" Blair giggled happily, yellow eyes all aglow with joy and mirth.

Maka took in a deep breath of the salty sea air. She and Soul had agreed that going by ship to Britain sounded more appealing than going by plane, so here they were. Soul was talking with one of the workers on the ship, making sure all their arrangements were in place. She stared out at the waves glistening in the light of the sun, the tide reaching up to her ankles and leaving her feet wet. She perked up when a large, warm hand fell to her shoulder. She glanced up to see Soul grinning at her.

She had to admit that she loved how Soul looked right now. He was wearing a regular long sleeved white blouse, regular black slacks and a black fedora. She eased into his arm and closed her eyes, a smile on her lips. She herself was wearing a light purple tube-top dress that reached her knees and a pair of white sandals. Her hair was let loose and she had on a white sun hat with a pink ribbon wrapped around it. "Are you ready to go?" He asked gently, lacing their fingers together. The light silver bands on their rings fingers clacked together with a soft chiming noise that wasn't too loud or soft.

"I'm ready when you are. And I am excited," She mused happily, leaning up and kissing his jaw lightly. He chuckled, angled his head downward a little more, and their lips brushed briefly. "Once we get settled in we'll have to have the others come visit."

"But of course," He agreed lightly. They turned and head toward the ship, ignoring how other smiled and giggled at their cute cuddling. "After all, you're going to need some bridesmaids at our wedding."


So long, So long, And
For all the fish~!