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Ring girl was sitting on his couch in what he assumed was an attempt at a seductive pose. He had taken her home with him after the fight hoping not only to get a good lay, but also to discourage Normal from trying to turn any of his gladiator fantasies into reality. Things were working perfectly to plan. Normal had gone home without a fuss and Ring Girl had waited patiently while he freshened up in the bathroom. She reached out to him now and pulled his shirt over his head. She lightly ran her fingers over Alec's bruises. He gasped and crushed her mouth to his. After a second he pulled away and led her to the bedroom losing clothing as they went. By the time they reached the bedroom they were both naked and Ring Girls attention was fixed on the lower portion of Alec's upper anatomy. "That mean girl really must have hurt you." She said huskily " Let Mommy kiss it better." And with that she went to work.

Max stopped outside Alec's apartment. *Why was she doing this again?* She was here to apologise and to find the reason why he had let her beat him so easily. Why this had to be done at 2 o'clock in the morning Max had no idea. But she was here and she might as well get it over with. Max easily picked the lock and was inside in an instant. She was surprised that Alec wasn't standing waiting to attack any intruder sneaking into his apartment. He should have heard her playing with the lock. *Maybe I hurt him worse than I thought...*Then she noticed the clothes strewn across the floor leading to the bedroom. Max calmly walked to the bedroom door and opened it. Alec and Ring Girl were on the bed, a tangle of limbs and sweaty sheets. Max stood in shock for a moment and then gathered her senses and said. "I see you've recovered from your… injuries"

Ring Girl yelped and jumped to cover herself, Alec stopped moving and looked up. He wasn't surprised. He had known she was in the apartment, Heck he had known when she entered the apartment building. " What do you want Max?" He said resignedly.

"I need your help" she replied.

"Um Max? Can't you see I'm a little busy at the moment?"

"I can wait 'til you're done." Max said calmly and continued to stand patiently. "If you hurry."

"Aren't you going to at least wait in the other room?" Ring Girl asked disgusted. Both Alec and Max ignored her.

" What makes you think that you have any right to ask me for help?" Alec replied acidly

" I'm mean not only did you deprive me of a large sum of cash tonight but you crossed a very serious line that should never be crossed. NEVER Max."

Max smirked " If you had thrown the fight when I told you to I wouldn't have had to resort to…desperate measures. Which brings me to the task at hand. Stop jerking around and help me or we may have a repeat of tonight's performance."

Ring Girl who had decided that she had had enough began to gather her clothes and replace them on her body. Alec didn't protest he just watched her go. "You'd better be willing to take her place." He said to Max grumpily.

" Alec, shut up! …And cover up! We need to talk." Alec pulled a pair of sweats off the floor and put them on.

"Why was I distracting you?"

Max growled at him. "You are such an idiot! What were you back at Manticore? The bait?"

" I was the field medic." He replied fiercely. The field medics were the most valuable and respected soldiers at Manticore. They were not only the brightest they were also the best fighters. They were the elitist of the elite that Manticore had to offer. "Were you a CO back at Manticore? No you wouldn't be." he quipped. Max glared. "Let me guess," He continued "you were second in command weren't you? And you're bitter about it. That's why you feel the need to boss every one around and make them behave like your little unit."

" I knew this was a bad idea." Max turned to walk out the door.

"That's it just run away!" Alec cried after her. "Just remember that you came here! And you obviously had a reason. What was it?"

"None of your damn business!" She stormed and grabbed the door handle.

" Why did you come here Max?"

Max turned the handle angrily.

"You wanted to know why I let you kick my ass." Alec stated matter of factly. Max froze. That was exactly why she had come but she wasn't going to let Alec know that.

" I beat you fair and square Alec. But if it soothes your ego you can keep deluding yourself. I could kick your ass in my sleep."

" Oh, so you want a rematch? Bring it on."

"I'm not fighting you Alec you're injured."

" That is not even a factor." He replied cockily.

She lunged at him. He moved aside faster than anyone she had ever seen. Max turned and sprang with a flying kick. Alec without apparent effort grabbed her foot and pulled her to the ground. None of her hits seemed to be going anywhere near him. Then quick as lightening she was pinned against the wall.

" Not only do I have ten years of training on you Max, I was the best Manticore ever made."

" And you sure haven't let it go to your head." she replied. " Now let me go."

Alec released her. She charged at him again. Quick as lightening she was pinned against the wall. She looked up into Alec's eyes and realised that it wasn't a fluke. She saw extreme power and control in them.

" Why did you let me win?" she whispered.