Alec released her and she slumped to the floor.

" You wanted to win so badly. You would never have forgiven me if I had beaten you." He said softly.

Max knew he was right she never would have forgiven him. Her head nodded in acceptance. Alec was much stronger than she had previously believed. *What else was he hiding from her?* She wondered. Max looked up and met Alec's gaze. For a moment she wanted to take him into her confidence and talk with him until the early hours of the morning. Then she felt a slight twitch at her eye. One that warned of an impending seizure. * He must already think I'm so weak.* Max thought * I can't let him see me like that.* She rose and made a hasty excuse, her hands already beginning to shake. Alec said nothing he just watched her go.

Max made it out onto the street before her seizures became violent. She tried to climb up on her bike but found herself falling to the ground. She tensed her muscles in preparation for the cool hard concrete. It didn't come and she realised that she was no longer falling but rising, wrapped securely in strong arms. Alec.

Alec had been watching Max slumped in the corner. His medical mind had recognized the seizures before she had realised she was having one. He had stood there silent knowing that she wouldn't accept his help. Hoping against hope that she would ask for it. She hadn't. Alec had watched her walk out of his apartment knowing that she would become incapacitated within a couple of minutes. He had followed her and caught her as she tumbled from her bike. He carried her gently back into his appartment and lay her on his bed. She was shaking violently.

Alec rubbed his hands together and applied pressure to her head with his thumbs while sliding his fingers down her face. Max's breathing steadied. His fingers moved deftly to the base of her neck pinching slightly. Her heart rate returned to normal. He pulled off her shoes and grabbed her big toes. He yanked on them and the shaking stopped. Max stared at him wide eyed.

"How did you do that?" She demanded.

"I told you I'm a medic."

"But you didn't even use tryptophan."

"You should get some rest." He said avoiding the question.

" Alec…Thankyou." Max stuttered. "For everything."

Alec smiled. Max had never thanked him for anything. Now she was thanking him for everything. She definatly needed some rest.

"Night Max." he said "I'll be on the couch if you need anything."

Max closed her eyes and was instantly asleep.

Alec wandered into his living room with a bottle of rum. He sat down on his couch next to a bright pink g string. He picked it up with a single finger and dangled it infront of his face trying to decide who's it might have been. It wasn't ring girl's or that blonde girl from last night. It might have belonged to that red headed Texan he had picked up last week. What was her name? Sidney? Shannon? He didn't know or care. A long line of nameless women whom he had bedded paraded in front of Alec. He realised that he didn't know or care a single thing about any of those women. Not since Rachel…or more correctly not since he had laid eyes on Max. He threw the ownerless piece of fabric into the garbage in disgust. He didn't want to think about his meaningless relationships or how Max made him care about the fact that they were meaningless. And he certainly didn't want to think about how scared he had been for Max even though he knew he could fix her easily. He took a swig of liquor hoping it would ease the pain. He needed to get some sleep. But first he had to make sure that Max was ok.

Max awoke in a strange bed feeling better than she had felt in recent memory. She glanced around the room and discovered Alec sleeping in the chair beside the bed. His bruises had healed almost completely and he looked almost cherubic with dark blonde hair curling at his forhead. Max smiled at the sight. She reached out and touched Alec's arm gently. He awoke and smiled back at her.

"How are you feeling?" he asked.


There was a silence.

"Alec what you did yesterday was amazing."

"It's just training Max. That's not even my specialty. I liked to focus on bio war agents…" Alec trailed off realising what he had just said.

"You mean you found cures for new viruses that arose in a field situation?"

"Yeah I guess you could say that." Alec replied feeling a little uncomfortable.

"Could you find a cure for my virus?" Max asked.

Alec hesitated. "Maybe…It would take a while…"

"But you could." She persisted.

"Yes." Alec said finally. "Hey how 'bout I make some breakfast?" He said changing the subject. He got up and abruptly left the room.

Alec leaned against the counter. His heart racing. *Of course he knew the cure for the virus! He had designed it himself. That was why he had been sent with Max in the first place. To make sure that it didn't infect her. How could he give Max the cure? She would never love him then. He would be doomed to continue his string of meaningless one night stands forever. But then again how could he keep it from her? Especially when she wanted it so badly. Alec lay his forehead against the cool countertop and debated.