Tadase ran back towards Amu, Kiseki following right next to him.

"Sorry Amu, it was really hard to find a fountai-"

Tadase stopped, shocked at the scene in front of him.

Amu, who had been waiting for him, was now lying on the lap of his arch-rival, Ikuto, one chocolate and vanilla ice cream in each hand.

"T-tadase-kun…" Amu stammered nervously. Ikuto on the other hand had an indifferent expression written on his face.

"TSUKIYOMI IKUTO!" Tadase and Kiseki shouted at the same time.

Ikuto just smirked in a nonchalant way, making Tadase's temper boil even more. "What do you think you are doing?" He said. "Let her go!" He continued, pointing a demanding finger at him.

Ikuto slowly looked up at Tadase with violet eyes. "Amu? Sorry little king, that's not going to happen." He grinned, flashing his pearly-white teeth.

Tadase cocked an eyebrow up in confusion. "What? No not her! I was talking about Vanille you thieving cat!"

This time, Amu and Ikuto were the ones who were confused.

"Wait, what?" Amu asked.

"Vanille? Who's that?" Ikuto asked, exchanging looks with Amu, who simply shrugged.

"Vanille…Isn't that a character from Final Fantasy 13?" Amu asked.

Tadase's angry expression immediately transformed back to his usual cheery smile. "Yeah, it's what I named my ice cream. Get it? Because "Vanille" and "vanilla" sound alike!" He finished off with a rather girlish laugh.

A sweat drop formed on Ikuto's and Amu's foreheads. Kiseki on the other hand had got a pillow from who knows where and started bopping himself on the head in disbelief.

Meanwhile from not so far away, the charas were watching this scene from above. Each one of them were wearing custom made t-shirts that either said "Team Amuto" or "Team Tadamu". Ran, Su, Daichi, Pepe, and Kusukusu were wearing "Tadamu" and Miki, Yoru, Musashi and El were wearing

Ran scooted closer to Pepe and said, "You know, I'm thinking about switching over to Amuto." Pepe nodded in agreement with a "dechu".

"I'm with you." Daichi said. "A guy who can't even see there is a fountain right behind him? I think Amu-chan deserves better than that."

I got bored :P Hope you guys enjoyed this stoopid story ^^