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Should Bobby end up turned as well?

Chapter 7

Bobby watched as Sam and Dean sparred in the yard, Sam obviously holding back a lot of his strength to keep from hurting Dean. While it was good he didn't want to risk hurting his mate he really did need to get used to fighting at his full capabilities. But how could he do that? Sure if they found a hunt Sam would get practise but that could be very dangerous. Bobby laughed when Sam literally tossed Dean over his shoulder and then spun around to cushion his landing. Sam looked up, hearing him and grinned sheepishly, helping Dean back to his feet. Bobby tossed them both a bottle of beer since Sam could still drink alcohol. They both moved out of the sun, Sam sighing in relief as the constant burn faded, and sat down to relax and drink. Sam leant into Dean's side and Dean wrapped an arm around him, totally used to the coldness of Sam's body now.

"We gonna start hunting soon?" Sam asked and Bobby looked at him.

"You still want to hunt?" He asked curiously.

Sam shrugged. "Why not? Dean loves hunting and it means I can get better at handling my strength and stuff."

Dean licked his lips. "And what about you Sam? Do you want to hunt again? Help people?"

Sam frowned, thinking. It was hard seeing people as anything but food these days. "I…I guess so?" He saw the sadness and in Dean and Bobby's eyes and looked away, he hated making them sad. He looked back when he felt Dean gently stroking his cheek.

"It's okay Sammy." Dean whispered, kissing him gently. "You're doing great." Dean praised him and he was, Sam was different from any vampire they had ever met, even Lenore and her group. Dean gently stroked his side and kissed him again and Sam relaxed against him. He hated disappointing Dean and Bobby.

"Sam asleep?" Bobby asked and Dean nodded, leaning back in his chair as he drank a beer. "You okay?"

"I…I don't know." Dean shrugged listlessly.

"He's doing better than we could have hoped Dean. He's still Sam where it counts. It's to be expected, humans are a vampires natural food source, the fact he doesn't want to be out there hunting for his own food is incredible." Bobby told him and Dean nodded, he knew that. Sometimes though it was hard to look at Sam and know what his baby brother had lost because of that stupid hunt. "Dean….you're not rethinking…"

"No!" Dean shook his head in denial; he was not rethinking his decision to mate with Sam. He loved him and yeah at first it had been awkward and all but now…it wasn't. "Guess…..he turns me and this'll happen to me too huh?" he whispered and Bobby winced, giving him all the answer he needed. "Then what'll happen to us?" Bobby moved to stare at him.

"No matter what Dean, you will still be Dean and Sam Winchester. And this is much your home as mine." Bobby told him firmly.

Dean blinked at him before nodding slowly, getting what Bobby wasn't saying. "Thanks." He whispered before finishing his bottle and heading upstairs to strip off and crawl in with Sam who immediately latched on in his sleep. Hazel eyes fluttered open briefly even as Sam nuzzled his throat before going still again. Dean smiled and ran his fingers through Sam's hair for a while and then bit back a chuckle as Sam practically purred in his sleep. "Sleep Sammy, I've got you." He whispered and Sam settled into a deep sleep. He hadn't lied before, he was scared over how much becoming a vampire would change him but he would do it for Sam. He just prayed that between them they would be able to hold onto enough humanity not to hunt down humans for food because if they gave in then they would end up the hunted. He figured as long as Bobby was around they would stay on the straight and narrow for his sake, like Sam did it for them. But when Bobby died? Dean closed his eyes, forcing those thoughts away in an effort to relax. If he didn't he would wake Sam and he didn't want to do that. The young vampire had been forcing himself to adjust to being up during the day and it had finally caught up with him.

Sam woke hours later, wrapped safely in Dean's arms and smiled sleepily, cuddling into his mates hold. Dean shifted slightly in response, mumbling in his sleep and Sam nuzzled him gently. He pulled back to watch Dean sleep, happy to see him totally relaxed and deeply asleep. Dean didn't sleep enough. Sam frowned at the small noise Dean made; it was not a happy noise. Sam shifted in his arms to run his fingers through Dean's short hair. "Shh Dean, sleep." He whispered, kissing his cheek softly. Dean actually whimpered and Sam sat up in alarm. "Dean? It's okay, you're safe." Sam pulled Dean into his arms, nuzzling him gently. Dean never reacted vocally or physically to nightmares. Dean's head thrashed and Sam tightened his hold on him, stroking Dean's arm and whispering to him and Dean's eyes snapped open, searching wildly for a threat. "Easy Dean, it's okay." Sam soothed and Dean looked at him, relaxing. "Nightmare?" Dean grasped his arm and nodded, still looking shaky and Sam nuzzled his cheek before kissing him. "Must have been bad."

"Hounds." Dean choked and Sam froze.

As dumb as it sounded over the last few months since he had been changed he'd sort of forgotten the deal and the deadline that was steadily approaching. Sam tightened his hold even further, growling softly at the thought of losing his mate and Dean stared at him. Sam took a deep breath, inhaling Dean's scent. "They won't take you. I'll fight them." He stated and Dean gave him a small smile.

"You won't be able to see them Sammy."

"But I bet they stink." He pointed out calmly and then a thought hit him. "Will they still come?"

Dean frowned at him. "Why not?"

"Well it's not like I'm alive anymore and the deal was for me to be alive." Sam pointed out and Dean blinked in surprise. He hadn't even thought that was possible.

"I…I don't know."