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Chapter 8

Bobby frowned in concern as he watched his boys in the yard. Since that first nightmare nearly a month ago Dean had been plagued every night by the sound of hounds baying for his blood. The disturbed sleep was taking its toll and so the brothers were still with him instead of back on the road hunting. Sam had adapted to daytime activity well enough and he didn't feel the urge to attack people so until this had started they had been planning to hit the road again. But with Dean becoming thinner and paler as exhaustion took its toll those plans had been scrapped.

It was very sweet to see the way Sam hovered over Dean, making sure he had anything he could want or need. Bobby could tell Dean was fighting the urge to snap at Sam a lot of the time but so far he'd managed to accept the mothering mostly graciously. It was just the way vampires were with their mates. He also knew Sam was pushing to turn Dean in an effort to keep him safe from Lilith and her hounds and he couldn't blame Sam for that. But would both the boys being vampires break the deal?

Dean sat at the table, pushing his eggs around on the plate listlessly. Bobby sighed and sat down opposite him. "Dean, I know you don't feel like eating but you have to. You have to keep your strength up." He urged and Dean looked up at him with dull green eyes. Bobby sighed and got up; making some herbal tea he had called a contact about. It should let Dean sleep without dreaming at all. It couldn't be drunk very often but if Dean didn't get some solid sleep soon Bobby feared what would happen. Dean pulled a face at the tea but obediently drank it and soon he began to slump even more in his chair, blinking sluggishly. "Come on Dean, let's get you somewhere comfortable." Bobby urged, pulling him up. Dean stumbled along, barely keeping his eyes open. Bobby helped him onto the couch and covered him with a blanket as Dean slipped into a deep sleep. Bobby sighed and just watched him sleep, seeing the worry lines fade away from Dean's features. He'd never heard or read of anything like what Dean was experiencing. He still had two months left until his deal came due, he shouldn't be hearing hounds until the last forty eight to twenty four hours.

"Dean?" Sam called in concern as he entered the room.

"He's fine, just finally sleeping." Bobby assured him softly. He watched as Sam walked over to kneel beside the couch, gently reaching out to run his fingers through short blonde hair.

"Why is this happening to him?"

"I don't know son, I can't find anything."

"Do you…do you think it's because of me? What happened to me?"

Bobby sighed. "It's possible. The deal was for you alive after all and well…"

"I'm not exactly alive anymore."

"But if anything that should have nullified the deal, not done this." Bobby finished and Sam flinched slightly, knowing he was in part the cause of his mates' pain. "What I gave him can't be used too often but at least he'll be able to occasionally get some good sleep." Sam nodded, just watching his mate as he finally slept.

Dean ate hungrily as Bobby and Sam watched him, smiling at the change a solid twelve hours of sleep had made. Dean's eyes were brighter than they had been in months and the bags under them had shrunk a lot. He was still too thin and pale but getting him out and about would hopefully help some of that. Dean caught them watching and glared so Bobby went back to his own dinner and Sam grinned before taking a sip from his mug of blood. When they had finished Dean headed upstairs for a shower and then Sam had his turn. Sam froze when he walked into their bedroom to find Dean sitting on the bed naked except for his towel. "Dean?" He asked and Dean smiled slightly.

"I'm sorry Sammy, I've just been so tired lately and I know….well. I want you Sammy."

"Dean…are you sure? One twelve hour sleep doesn't fix the last few months."

"I know but I've got more energy than I have in months and I don't know how long it will last. I want to do this while I feel better and…this might be the last time before…."

"You are not going to die." Sam growled pushing him down on the bed and straddling him, drops of water flying from his still wet hair as he glared at his mate. "That bitch is not getting you."

Dean stared up at Sam, seeing the fierce determination in his eyes. Looking at him Dean could believe even if for only a minute that they could do it, that he wouldn't be torn about by hellhounds in under two months. He grabbed the back of Sam's head and yanked him down to kiss him hard. Sam kissed back hungrily, hands moving to clutch at Dean even as Dean yanked their towels off, letting cold skin meet warm with no barriers. For the first time in months Dean was able to respond just as energetically without practically falling asleep part way through. It was a surprise when Sam flipped them over, offering himself but it wasn't an offer he could ignore as he reached into the drawer for a familiar tube. He looked at Sam who grinned and nodded so he went to work, he didn't want to risk hurting Sam, vampire healing or not. Dean didn't react at all as Sam lost control and his second set of death descended. Dean knew Sam was able to be careful. They moved together eagerly, kissing as their hands wandered familiar skin, searching out every place that gave pleasure. Dean cried out when he felt sharp teeth very graze his skin just enough to let a little blood well up and then Sam was lapping it like a cat. Dean relaxed on top of Sam and let him do as he pleased. Eventually the blood stopped and Sam let out a little whine of disappointment before kissing the skin and just cuddling with Dean.

Dean was exhausted but felt more content than he had in ages and for the first time since the dreams had started he managed to sleep the entire night through without being drugged.

Dean smiled as he wandered through the wrecks, his baby needed a part and he knew he'd be able to find one around somewhere. He leant into the engine of one of the better wrecks, fiddling around until what he was looking for but then froze as he realised just how quiet it had become. "Sam?" He called softly, Sam's presence did cause that sort of reaction after all but the only response he got was a low threatening growl that had the hair on the back of his neck standing on end. He pulled back out of the engine and then froze in terror, eyes locked on the monstrous form before him. All he had on him was a small silver knife and he knew that wouldn't do a thing to the beast in front of him. Saliva dripped from a mouth full of razor sharp teeth as blood red eyes locked on him. Dean tensed to run, praying the wards on the house may keep it out and the hound moved to pounce even as he turned to flee. Dean screamed.