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Chapter 6

"Do you realise how much of a pain you are Sammy?" The blond asked as she walked inside.

"What?" Sam asked in confusion.

"Daddy dearest wants you hunting, honing your skills and instead you're a pathetic stay at home Dad." She explained with a sneer. Sam tossed Holy Water over her and she shrieked but then they were both slammed into walls and pinned there. "That wasn't nice!" She began walking towards them only for them to be suddenly released and she slammed into a solid wall.

"Devil's trap." Bobby stated as he got to his feet.

"Very clever." The demon spat.


"Who are you?" Sam asked, clenching the bottle of holy water.

"Oh I've got plenty of names Sammy but right now you can call me Meg." She told them, eyes flashing black.

"What do you want with me?" Sam demanded and she laughed.

"Personally? Your throat slit would make me happy. Unfortunately my Father wants you alive."

"Your father?" Bobby asked as he got out an exorcism.

"Of course, he's watched you closely over the years Sammy, ever since he burned poor Mommy." Meg taunted and Sam froze.

"Why?" He whispered and she laughed.

"And spoil the fun? No." She answered so Bobby began reading the exorcism. She screamed as she was forced from the body, the poor girl collapsing, dead, to the floor.

"Bobby?" Sam asked and Bobby sighed.

"Go check on Mary, I'll deal with this." He answered and Sam nodded, heading down to the panic room to collect his daughter.

"Hey baby girl, why the tears?" Sam whispered and she reached for him. Sam picked her up and cradled the toddler close. Mary clung to him and Sam rocked her gently. "Shh its okay, Daddy's here." He kissed the top of her head and Mary slowly stopped crying. Sam stayed down there until Bobby called that it was clear. Sam carried her upstairs and the toddler reached for her uncle who took her.

"She okay?"

"She was crying but she's settled now." Sam answered, getting her some mashed pears and Mary smiled, reaching for the food.

"Sam?" Dean called as he ran into the house and Sam walked out of the kitchen.

"Dean?" He asked and then was nearly knocked off his feet as his brother collided with him.

"Are you okay?" Dean demanded.

"I'm fine; she just banged us into a wall before the trap caught her. Mary was in the panic room the whole time." Sam assured him, hugging him tightly.

"And where is my niece?" Dean asked, stepping back reluctantly.

"De! De! De!" A voice called and Dean turned to scoop the toddler up, tossing her into the hair gently, making her squeal in delight.

"How's my favourite girl?" Dean asked as he settled her on his hip and Mary cuddled into him.

"Hungry." She stated and Dean laughed but went and got her a snack, relieved she didn't seem to realise anything had happened. How had a demon found them? It must have tracked him or Dad back to Bobby's at some point.

"It's not your fault." Sam whispered and Dean looked at him. "I know you Dean; you're thinking it followed you here. Doesn't matter, what happened wasn't your fault. It was after me and Mary and it would have found us somehow." Dean sighed but nodded and Sam smiled at him.