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Chapter 9

Dean smiled as he watched Sam helping Bobby in the kitchen, well trying to anyway. Sam had never been the best cook and hell hadn't improved them at all. Sam looked over and saw him, smiling happily. "Dean!" He called and Dean moved closer, Sam flinging himself at him. Dean held him close and Sam burrowed in happily. "Hey Bobby, any problems?"

"Other than this one being a terror without you here?" The hunter asked and Dean sighed, he'd sort of expected that since he hadn't left Sam's side since bringing him back.

"You being naughty for Bobby?" Dean asked teasingly and Sam shook his head in denial, biting his lip to keep from laughing. "Uh huh." He didn't believe that for a second. He tickled Sam who laughed happily. Sam stared at Dean and Dean stilled, not sure what was going on. Sam cocked his head to the side as he stared at Dean before reaching out to touch a small scar on his face. "Sammy?"

"Hurt you." Sam whispered and Dean swallowed. Did Sam remember their fight before Lilith's death?

"It's okay Sammy." Dean whispered, hugging him. "It's okay."

Sam shook his head. "No! Hurt you." He tried to pull away and Bobby slipped from the room, giving them privacy.

Dean tightened his grip on Sam, gently rubbing his back. "Shh, calm down Sammy. It's not your fault." He soothed, refusing to let Sam pull away. He wished Sam's memory would come back in order or something, why was it all the painful ones that came back first? Dean moved a hand to gently run through Sam's hair. "You did nothing wrong kiddo." He smiled as he felt Sam slowly begin to relax a bit in his hold. Dean just kept whispering soothing words and holding him until Sam finally relaxed totally.

"Everything okay?" Bobby asked when Dean joined him in the living room later that night.

"Other than Sam's worst memories coming back?" He asked as he collapsed on the couch.

"Bad memories tend to be pretty strong so it makes sense. But he remembered us too."

Dean just nodded and closed his eyes. "So other than Sam apparently misbehaving everything's been okay?"

"All quiet. Whatever you and Cas were doing went well?"

"Yeah. Everything should be right."

"Do I get to know what you two were doing?"

"Making sure hell was more securely sealed off. Shouldn't have too many more demon problems."

"That'll make life a lot easier." Bobby nodded and Dean shrugged. They'd even managed to keep his presence hidden while doing so which was good since he really didn't want to deal with the rest of his so-called family for a long time yet. Not after what they had tried.

Sam sat on the window seat, staring out at the sun soaked lawn thinking. He knew there was something….wrong with him. He could tell by the way they acted around him. It was so hard to make everything make sense and there was something….a big abyss and he was terrified to try and go near it, he knew it was bad. Sam pressed his head against the cool glass and closed his eyes, smiling happily when he felt Dean wrap his arms around him. Sam tilted his head back to see him and Dean grinned. "Hey Sammy."

"Dean….what wrong?" He asked and Dean frowned, sitting down and Sam curled into him.

"What do you mean Sam? Nothing's wrong."

Sam shook his head and then put a hand to his head. "What wrong?"

Dean's eyes widened in shock and he pulled Sam back into a hug, lost as what to say. He hadn't even realised Sam was able to tell something was wrong. Trust Sam to be able to though. "There is nothing wrong with you Sam, nothing at all." He whispered.

"Is too." Sam mumbled and Dean chuckled weakly.

"You….you were hurt really badly Sammy, it's just taking time for you to get better, that's all." He finally said and Sam frowned, hurt? He didn't remember getting hurt but everything was all jumbled up and scary. "It's okay Sam, it doesn't matter. All that matters is we're together, right?" Dean asked and Sam nodded.