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Chapter 1: Oops.

Naruto sat in his office, blankly staring at the papers strewn about in front of him. He just could not bring himself to think today. What perfect timing, he thought sarcastically, exactly at the time I need my brain power too. The blonde Rokudaime stood up and turned around, looking out his window at the blending colors while sun set upon the horizon.

So much had happened in the year after the end of the 4th great ninja war. Naruto was nominated as the new Hokage merely weeks after the fighting had ceased. This was either extremely bad timing or very devious of Tsunade, for it interfered with him chasing after Sasuke who had fled the battlefield after their last destructive fight. Still, he reconciled with the fact that Madara was dead, and the large portion of threats upon his life and his village were gone along with the Akatsuki.

Still, about a month ago, Sasuke had shown himself, carelessly waltzing in through the front gates of Konoha in midday unarmed , and put up zero effort to escape the clutches of the 12 ANBU guards that surrounded him. Sasuke only gave a note, which was handed over to Naruto that read "This better be one hell of a present dobe." Naruto Kept that piece of paper in his drawer, taking it out now and then, and chuckling to himself at his friend's antics. Naruto had kept him in high security prison for the past month, but the council was breathing down his neck. He couldnt get away with letting the Uchiha off scott-free, but he didnt want to execute his friend either. However, Sasuke had been a great help in building a case against the former advisory team Homura and Koharu, who were to be executed tomorrow for genocide and conspiring against the village. Naruto turned back around from surveying his village thoughts swirling in his head, and he cast another spiteful eye upon his paperwork.

I've done enough for today. You'll be here tomorrow you persistent bastards.' He looked up at the clock on his desk. I suppose its time to let him know.

Naruto walked to his door, Sage cloak flowing in the air behind him as he tugged the door open. He walked through the hallways with his hands in his pockets, as he usually did when he was leaving the building. He had recently renovated a home in the Namikaze compunds, which had been a ghost town since his father died. He preffered it anyways, as opposed to his room in the Hokage mansion. He just felt more at home in the compund. He had also taken his fathers name, Namikaze, in place of his old one, Uzumaki. It fit him better, considering hhe was the spitting image of his father. His hair had grown out, and he wore his black cloak the majority of the time now, and had earned his father's title of 'Yellow Flash of Konoha'. He couldnt return to his home yet, however, he still had objectives to accomplish.

Naruto descended the steps of the stone staircase to Prison level 4, where the most dangerous of criminals and rouge shinobi were kept. He stopped at cell 115 and met onyx eyes with his own. A familiar voice reached out from the darkness behind the bars.

"Hello dobe."

"Hey Sasuke, Im actually here on business today. Not just a quick 'hi'"

"What you finally put up a date for my execution did you?" Sasuke said coldly.

"You know I dont want that. No, tomorrow we are scheduled to execute one Homura Mitokado and one

Koharu Utatane. Im sure you know those names well." Naruto stated matter-of-factly

Sasuke's mouth formed a crooked smile " Oh I see. Well it's such a shame I cant make it, with the whole me being in prison thing, you know how that goes."

It was Naruto's turn to smile. "Actually, you do get to be there Sasuke."

Sasuke's smile vanished instantly, and he slammed up against the bars of his cell "What in the hell are you talking about! Dont fuck with me dobe!"

Naruto stood quietly, a smile still tainting his lips. "You are the executioner Sasuke."

Sasuke's eyes shot open. He was speechless. How in the hell was this possible? There was just no friggin way!

Naruto's face became serious. "I'm not joking with you at all Sasuke. A guard will be here at to escort you to the grounds at 9 tomorrow morning. Have a speech prepared, and its your choice you to kill them. Youve even been given permission to use chakra. You better do what I say Sasuke, and only that. If you make any attempt to escape or kill anyone different, I wont hesitate to slaughter you. This took weeks to put together, dont screw it up. For you or for me."

Naruto began to walk away, when Sasuke caught his arm through the bars of his cell.

"Hey dobe, how come I never hear you call me 'teme' anymore?"

"Its highly unprofessional for the Hokage to be on such friendly terms with a criminal dont you think?" Naruto had a slight smile tracing his lips, "and besides," Naruto moved closer to the bars and stated in a barely audible whipser, smile still on his face "You hurt her Sasuke, you almost killed her. Not like you hurt her mentally when she was 13, but you physically ran her through with your sword, which apparently had the same effect. You know what she means to me, and until you earn my trust back, I hate you for that, Sasuke Uchiha. When were actually friends again, and you stop hurting the people I love, then ill call you 'teme'."

Sasuke expected that of his friend, but still, he kept his cool even though it really struck a chord with him, and managed to put out "Oh thank you that's SUCH a reward." sarcasm oozing from his voice.

"Speak of the devil." Sasuke muttered, looking over to the staircase. Naruto turned toward the staircase, and saw Sakura Haruno walking towards both of them. Naruto wore a well hidden scowl towards his former teammate. And apparently nothing more. Despite several events.

"Sakura-chan! Come for your tri- daily visit?"

Sakura frowned. "Naruto-kun you know its only once every other day."

Naruto put on his fox grin "Yea, but lets not forget who gave you level 4 clearance."

Sakura laughed at him "You gave me nothing baka. Im head of the medical staff and your assistant, I have the same clearance as you."

"Ah, but lets not forget who gave you that position." his smile grew wider. "I think you owe me something for that!"

"Pervert. No way in hell are you getting me to do that." her cheeks flushed red on her angry face.

Naruto laughted. "Look who's the pervert! I was only thinking about you joining me at a restaurant I was going to go to right now." God why do I do this to myself. She's not going to say yes, she never does.

"Ichiraku's is not a restaurant Naruto-kun. But sure ill go, just wait for me outside."

WAIT, WHAT? Crap I almost yelled that. "Um, ok ill be waiting."Naruto said, slightly confused, but still screaming 'YES' in his head.

"But its not a date, were just having dinner. As friends."

"Right!" he replied with his fox grin Of fucking course it isn't. I knew it was too good to be true.

Naruto sauntered off up the staircase and outside of the building, leaving Sakura to talk with Saskue, who was very amused at the situation that had just unfolded in front of him.

Why do I even try. All she does is obsess over Sasuke, for what reasons escape me. He literally stabbed her in the back, but she still wants to be with him? I do not get women at all. She was 12. It was a crush, get over it! Theres someone here who would gladly stay by your side no matter what happened, and no way in hell would I leave you, even if you tried to push me away, and Kami knows youve tried that multiple times over the years Sakura-chan...

A few minutes later Naruto had made up his mind. He didnt want to go anymore. Sakura stepped outside and looked his way and smiled.

"Ready to go Naruto-kun?"

"Actually Sakura-chan I'm really tired from today, I had a lot to deal with. I think Im just gonna head home, eat some instant ramen then just crash." No way in shit am I gonna hang around, feeling like a dumbass and end up paying for both of us despite the fact that this isnt a date when it damn well should be. Id rather drink alone until I pass out, which I will when I get home, but you arent gonna know that.

"Are you sure? I come cook something for you if you want."

Naruto twitched SOLD! "If you want Sakura-chan, I dont have much at home though."

"That's ok, I'm a decent cook"

"Coulda fooled me." Naruto chuckled.

"What was that?" Sakura said with a death grin.

"Nothing, nothing!" Naruto shouted as he sped off towards his house.