A/N This story contains rape, abuse, ooc, swearing, non-con, the works. If any of this offends you, please do not read any further. This will probably be one of my darkest works when it gets more chapters going.

"Senpai!" Tobi screamed, having heard the huge explosion and now feeling the ground shaking under his feet.

He looked back, seeing blinding white light chasing after him, and the boy knew that even if he tried he wouldnt be able to outrun the explosion. Instead, his body froze, his mind blank, terror taking over him, and the force of the explosion sent him flying.

Smashing into several trees and their branches on his way down, Tobi could feel his body breaking, becoming useless, and at last the deafening roar that hurt Tobi's sensitive ears died down, the heat of the explosion gone. It was over, and Tobi knew that his senpai was gone.

"No!" Tobi screamed again, tears spilling and leaving wet trails down his face.

The young boy tried to get to his feet but the second he lifted his left foot he came crashing down to the earth face-first; a tree-branch had impaled Tobi's right knee and his left leg was shattered; it was a miracle he had gotten to his feet at all. Tobi clutched at the ground, sobbing, as he mourned his senpai's untimely death.

"Senpai... why...?" He whispered, feeling the world going in and out of focus as blood dribbled out of the back of his head. "Sen...pai..."

Tobi coughed a little, feeling blood leaking from the corner of his mouth, but all he could do was lay on the ground, heartbroken and beaten. He forced himself to roll onto his side for the feeling of the sharp stones jabbing his cut, bruised and burnt stomach and chest was just too painful for him.

"Sen...pai..." he breathed out, his voice hoarse and breathy as his heart began to give out on him. "Sen...pai..."

He closed his eye at the sound of footsteps running towards him, but as hands went under him and picked him up, he yelped out in agony, looking up at the three that had found him. One boy with orange hair, the other, a female with red hair, and the last, a boy with sharp teeth and white hair.

"He's an Akatsuki!" One of them shouted, but Tobi's hearing was failing him, too, as he slipped in and out of unconsciousness.

"Bring him to Sasuke!"

Soon enough, their shoutings were like murmers to Tobi as he rocked back and forth in their hold, barely conscious but yet, able to know they were sprinting to someone in a rush.

"Senpai..." Tobi choked out one last time, feeling the tears running down his cheeks again but for the orange mask that hid his face, the others couldnt tell he had slipped into oblivion.


"What... with, him, S..."

"Dont... yet... Need him to..."

Tobi opened his lone eye, barely able to hear and make out the others.

"Nii-san... us..."

Tobi tried to sit up but the pain was still too great. He cried out, falling back to the pile of blankets he was laying on as his arm gave out from under him. The voices in the other room stopped and the door opened, the three from the forest entering the room behind Sasuke, the teenager who had made Deidara take his own life in hatred.

Tobi felt the tears coming again and he buried his face back into the pillow - wait... his face? Where was his mask?

"W-where..." Tobi coughed out weakly, "...Tobi's mask...?"

"Oh, that ugly thing?" Sasuke said, a sneer in his voice. "We took it away for inspection... I thought you would have been more worried about why you're naked."

"Huh?" Tobi looked down, and sure enough, as Sasuke had said, he was naked. He gasped. "Naked...! Bad boy...!"

Tobi tried to cover himself up with the blankets but it hurt too much to move. Sasuke laughed at Tobi's nervousness.

"What?" he taunted, leaning in close. "Never been naked in front of anyone before?"

Tobi shook his head; it was true; he never had been naked in front of anyone before. He was told it was bad to let people see his body and Tobi, being the naive young man he was, believed it.

"Dont worry," Sasuke taunted again, "I havent done anything to you; we were just checking your clothes."

Tobi whimpered, feeling terrified of these people; he had been with the Akatsuki since he was just a three month old baby and growing up he had always been told the dangers of letting people near him if they wanted him to take his clothes off.

"G-go away..." Tobi whimpered weakly, the stress of talking taking its toll on his injured body.

Sasuke sneered, leaning down and grabbing a handful of Tobi's hair, bringing the boy's face close to his own. "You're going to tell me where Itachi is."

"Tobi doesnt know..." he whimpered out. "Tobi swears...!"

Sasuke smashed the back of Tobi's head into the hard floor, making blood leak out onto the bandages that had been placed around his head.

"When was the last time you saw him?"

"Tobi hasnt seen him for a month! Tobi swears!"

Sasuke released Tobi, seemingly thinking over things. After a few minutes, his gaze intensified as he glared at Tobi. He finally appeared to have decided on something and reached down, grabbing Tobi roughly with one hand and throwing him against the wall. Tobi cried out as he felt his already broken body crumpling beneath him as he hit the floor.

"Please..." Tobi moaned out. "No more... Please..."

Sasuke smirked, walking over to Tobi and kicking the boy onto his back. Stomping on Tobi's throat, Sasuke chuckled as Tobi thrashed and choked beneath him, only letting the boy up when Tobi's struggles became weak and his face turned blue.

Sasuke knelt beside Tobi, whispering in the boy's ear. "Are you lying to me."

"No! Please, believe Tobi! Tobi doesnt lie! Promise!"

"For some reason, I just dont believe you, Tobi." Sasuke laughed as Tobi flinched violently, expecting another beating. He turned to his companions. "Put him in the spare room until it's time to move again. Hopefully we can lure Itachi out with him as bait."

Tobi screamed out in pain as his injured body was picked up again, shouting as he was literally thrown into another room and crying loudly in pain and distress as the door was closed and locked from the outside.

"Tobi wants to go home!" He whimpered out. "Go home!"

The young boy pulled himself into a ball as best he could in his broken state, knowing that no one from Akatsuki would come looking for him; they would all think he was killed in the explosion, and knowing how weak he was, no one would expect for him to still be alive.

He heard laughs and shouts from the other room and Tobi knew Sasuke and the others were happy. Why couldnt he be happy right now back at his home with his family?

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