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It was a moment.

Their bodies fused together and their mouths met in a fierce kiss, teeth scraping soft lips, bruising them.

Gibbs's hands loosened their grip on Jenny's wrists, sliding further up to find her hands. Fingers entwined, bodies pressing harder against each other, seeking impossibly more contact.

There was no gentleness, no elegance, but only the animalistic urge to possess, to mark as own.

Gibbs's lips left Jenny's mouth, trailing a path of wet kisses down her chin to her neck, biting, sucking at the soft skin of her throat while her own hands moved to his torso, tugging at his tie, frantically undoing the buttons of his shirt.

The need to feel hot skin under her hands was overwhelming, and she didn't even bother pushing the shirt off his shoulders, content with running her hands over his bare chest.

His mouth still leaving marks on her neck, Gibbs let his hands descend to her thighs, bunching up the silky fabric of her dress and kneading the supple flesh he uncovered. The thong she wore was barely enough to cover her, the meshy material so thin that it almost felt like skin on skin when his fingers touched her centre.

Her fingers raked his chest with unexpected force and Jenny groaned, pressing herself into his hand and grazing his nipple with her nails, the sound he made – muffled into her neck – and the way he bit her neck in retaliation sending a shock of pleasure straight to her core.

The need for completion was almost unbearable, her eyes turning a darker shade of green as her hands struggled to undo his belt. When finally she reached her goal and her hand wrapped around his erection, a groan of partial satisfaction escaped both of them.

One hand stroking him and the other fisted in his hair, Jenny pulled his head up to hers, looking into his eyes for a moment before she pressed her mouth to his.

They didn't break the kiss while Gibbs ripped off her underwear and she pushed his boxers and trousers past his ass, the bed appearing just too far away to even think about leaving the wall.

Gibbs's strong hands grabbed her thighs and Jenny laid her own hands on his shoulders to balance herself. His eyes met hers for a second, seeking permission, and Jenny bucked her hips in return, biting her already swollen lip in anticipation.

She cried out when he entered her in one smooth thrust. Her fingers dug into his shirt-clad shoulders, head falling back against the wall, mouth open in a silent gasp as Gibbs stilled for a moment to let her adjust before he started to thrust rhythmically, falling into the familiar pattern they had made their own.

It wasn't long before their breathing became shallow and erratic, all thoughts leaving Jenny's mind as her thighs quivered and her hands clasped Gibbs's upper arms spasmodically.

There was no Hollis Mann anymore, no Samantha Carter. It was all about the here and now: the strong hold of his hands on her hips, his skin hot on hers, his lips kissing her neck again, teeth nibbling, tongue soothing the spots he bit. It was a rush of fierce possessiveness, letting him take what was rightfully his because he was rightfully hers. The knowledge that she was never going to share him and he wouldn't want it any other way.

Jealousy, anger… love. It all added up and resulted in a heady mix that made her want to cry and hit him and kiss him until the turmoil of emotions inside of her gave way to the rationality she was used to.

The sensations almost swept her away, her thighs tightening around him, her feet digging in his ass. His mouth sought hers, tongues sliding against each other, moans swallowed by passionate kisses.

Then the pace Gibbs had chosen changed abruptly, Jenny's hips slamming against the wall with the force of his thrusts, both of them seeking the release they needed.

A few hard thrusts and one of his calloused fingers rubbing her clit was all it took for Jenny to crash, her toes curling and thighs trembling as her body went rigid and her orgasm hit her with wave after wave of delicious bliss.

Gibbs's groans echoed in her ears as he climaxed shortly after her, her inner muscles still clamping around him, his arms shaking with the effort of holding her up, fingers digging in her hips, no doubt leaving dark bruises on her fair skin.

Their eyes met, and for the first time the need for words hit them full force; for once their special kind of silent communication was not enough, the urge to talk about what happened was too strong to ignore.


A perfectly timed kiss shut Jenny up and she had to fight the urge to sigh at his transparent attempt to delay the conversation.

Nevertheless, she answered to his hard kiss in kind, her hands moving from his shoulders to his neck to keep his head in place.

"Later." He whispered against her lips when they broke apart to breathe.

"We need to talk." She murmured, her eyes gazing into his, their breath mingling.

Gibbs nodded, burying his face in her neck to inhale her scent, "Later." He pressed a gentle kiss to the underside of her jaw and Jenny closed her eyes, drawing a deep breath.

"Okay. Later."

For once, she was not going to argue.