The young Hispanic man sighed as he entered the dark home, turning on the lights then shut the door. "Ciao, Antonio. I was wondering when you'd get here." Antonio gasped and turned quickly, coming face with a young, brown haired man dressed in a black, Armani suit, a black fedora covering his eyes, sitting backwards in a chair. Flanking him on either side were two large men, dressed in dark gray suits both wielding .22mm guns. They stood stock still, awaiting the smaller man's word.

"L-lovino, h-how did you g-get in?" Antonio stuttered, hand gripping the door knob.

"Backdoor," Lovino replied simply, removing the hat from his head, a haphazard curl falling over his face.

"I changed the lock," Toni said, slowly turning the knob, preparing to run. Lovi scowled and snapped his fingers, the two gunman aiming their weapons at the Spaniard.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you, Toni. I suggest you lower your hands unless you want a face full of lead." Antonio swallowed and did as he was told, eying the large men. "That's better. Now," Lovi smoothed the curl away from his face and folded his arms over the back of the chair. "You really thought a locked door could stop me?"


" know what your problem is, Toni? You don't think. And that's how you got yourself in this situation."

"W-what...what do you want?" Antonio suddenly found his mouth dry, tongue sticking to the roof of his mouth.

"You know exactly what I want. You stole something that belonged to my family and I want it back." Finally the Italian rose from his seat and sat the hat in his place, pulling out a silver Beretta from inside of his blazer. Antonio made a strangled noise and tried to take a step back but was pinned against the door.

"I-i don't know w-what you mean." The green eyed man said, his heart racing as the shorter man stopped in front of him. Lovino gave him a level looked before swinging his hand forward, smashing the butt of the gun against his face.

"I don't play that fucking shit, Antonio! You know exactly what I mean!" He shouted, placing the barrel of the gun right under Toni's chin and lifted his head up. His temple was bleeding and his left eye was beginning to turn red, a possible broken blood vessel. "Unless you want your face splattered all over this door you better tell me where it is right now!" His eyes blazed and Toni might have tried to move if he knew he wasn't going to be shot.

"I don't have it," He said, earning him another smack in the head with the gun before the Italian pulled him by his hair and put his face right by his.

"I don't like liars, Antonio." He growled, baring his teeth like a wild animal. "You have one more time to tell me the truth. Where is it?" He cocked the gun in his hand and let the Spaniard go.

"I'm telling the truth. I don't-" Before he could finish the sentence Lovino pressed the gun against his shoulder and fired, blood spraying over the door and onto Lovi's suit. Toni screamed out in pain and dropped to his knees, clutching his bleeding shoulder.

"Fuck!" He shouted, shaking in pain and rage. He glared up at the Italian, hatred filling his green eyes. "Fine!" He growled between clenched teeth. "I'll give it to you." Leaning against the door he slowly rose, gritting his teeth against the pain in his shoulder, his arm hanging limp at his side.

"Good. Now was that too hard?" Lovino said, following after the man as he slide across the wall to steady himself. "Move it, you bastard. I shot you in the shoulder not the leg."

"You try being shot in the shoulder and moving!" The Spaniard growled, stopping near a bucket with two canes and an umbrella.

"Is that a threat?" Lovi asked, shoving him forward.

"'s a suggestion." Antonio swiftly reached into the bucket and pulled out a gold cane, swinging it at the Italian. Lovi gasped, raising his arms to block the attack a few seconds too late. The cane smashed into his head then clattered to the ground as Toni tried to run off.

"You damn tomato, planting bastard!" Lovino screamed, aiming and firing the gun at Antonio's back, emptying out the cartridge.

Antonio fell to the ground, four bullets lodged into his back. He was bleeding profusely yet somehow still breathing-just barley. His breathing was shallow and he seemed to be muttering something under his breath. The angered Italian stalked toward him and flipped him over with his foot, looking to see the Spaniard smiling.

"Why are you smiling, you fucking idiot? Happy you're going to die?" Antonio coughed, blood coating his lips before he spoke, voice weak and hoarse.

"I'm won't find" His world was starting to fade to black, the pain beginning to numb. Lovino ground his teeth together and aimed the empty gun at the man's head. "Where is it?" He growled. Toni coughed again, whispering a word before closing his eyes. "Answer me! Where is it?" Lovino screamed, hopping he wasn't gone yet. He bent down close, putting his ear to Toni's lips. "Where is it?"

"Francis..." Toni whispered before his breath finally stopped. Lovino stood up and snarled before kicking the dead man in the side repeatedly, screaming 'damn it' each time his foot made contact. Finally when his fit was over he turned to the two goons who had not moved.

"Clean this up then search the house." He growled, grabbing his hat and placed it back on his head. "If you don't find anything we're paying a little visit to Francis."

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