In the Year of 2021…

The meeting of the Vongola's

"Is everyone Here ? "said Tsuna

"oh…where is Lambo?"ask Yamamoto

"THAT STUPID COW" yelled Gokudera

"I think he is still working on his new Weapon"said Ryohei

"since when did Lambo started creating weapon?"said the Bovino Boss

"You don't know ? since last year he started creating Weapon for Vongolo with Spanner"said Dino the Boss of Chiavarone.

"that piece Rubbish who upgrade my gun is Lambo?"scold Xanxus

Leviathan quickly ran to Xanxus side and said "Chill Boss!"

Creake… the door is open … …

"sorry im late !" said Lambo

"Nah,we just started . anyway what are you holding?"said Tsuna

"oh this is just a new weapon I just create . the function is just like the opposite of the Jū-nen Bazooka.the Jū-nen Bazooka is to go to the Future for 5min . but this weapon is to go back to the pass for 5min."said Lambo

"Let me show you how it works". say lambo while activating the machine . "Ready?"

The Machine seem to be Shaking real Hard and Hibari Has a bad feeling about it.

"lambo, is the machine safe ? the machine seem very weird"Tsuna ask

Hibari can't stand and ask "did you did this machine yourself?"

"don't worry Hibari-senpai , I made this machine with Spanner .

Dino Shouted "I think u should test it on someone before you test it on the Boss."

Suddenly, the Machine started to countdown 10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…

Poff…The room is covered with mist and the 7 of them has fallen in a black hole

"Errrmm,tsuna slowly open his is going on ."said Tsuna

When tsuna open his eye he found himself it the classroom when he was also saw Gokudera-kun and Yamamoto-kun fell on the is no mistake Tsuna think this is Namimori High .

He walk to Gokudera and Yamamoto and said " I think the machine works we are in the pass ten years"

Gokudera and Yamamoto looks very scare and tell Tsuna " Ju-daime , behind your back"

Tsuna turn his head and saw a sensei Standing behind them

The sensei open his mouth and said "would you mind explain this Sawada Tsunayoshi!" *dark aura around him*

Tsuna mind turn blank .and pull Gokudera and Yamamoto to a corner and say "do not ever let anyone found out that we are from ten years later"

Sha…the door slide and open . Ryohei,Hibari and Lambo walk in the class room and held to Tsuna and Said "I think the machine has a problem its been pass 5min but we are still not back yet .

"What do we do Now" ?Tsuna Ask.

"Oh yeah , since we went back to the past , can we used back the Jū-nen bazooka to go back to the Future" ? ask Yamamoto

"But the Jū-nen bazooka only work for 5 min"! said Ryohei .

"I got a plan We will send one people back to the future and ask Spanner to fix the machine . So , who will do it?we need somebody Fast" ! said Hibari.

"For Jūdaimen sake I will Do it"! Said Gokudera .

"Okay , Gokudera u do it" ! Hibari continue .

"Errrrr… guy even u have such a great plan But… I don't have the Jū-nen bazooka now …" Said Lambo slowly.

"What ! u Ahoshi(stupid cow) why u dint bring along the Jū-nen bazooka" ! Scolded Gokudera

"Im sorry , because I don't want to carry such a heavy thing around and I don't want to get stare by everyone since they often seen all these thing" .said Lambo

"Oh yeah , Lambo usually keep his Jū-nen bazooka in his Hair , but after Lambo change his style the Jū-nen bazooka cant fit in anymore" . said Yamamoto

oh yeah …think Tsuna , Gokudera , Hibari , Ryohei.

"Im Sorry" …Apology Lambo.

"It okay Lambo all we need to do now is think another way" .said Tsuna

"Kufufufu~~ Oya , u are here too Sawada Tsunayoshi-kun" . said Mukuro standing at the window, Chrome is behind him.

Another weird one has Come . the classroom full of Whispering.

"MURUKO" ? shouted Tsuna .

"Oya , its been a short while and u started to missed me already" . Smirk Mukuro

-_-||||||||| .sweat tsuna.

"Anyway why are u here" ?ask Hibari.

"Oh , I come here because I wanna ask Sawa…" mukuro mouth has been covered by Gokudera

"Are u Baka(stupid) please speak softly"! pulled mukuro to the classroom corner. followed chrome

It seem like the classroom corner has become their bass.-_-

"Continue , talking". Said Hibari.

"Oh …I come here to ask Sawada about why am I in the Pass"? Ask Mukuro.

"Ohhhh… ,that is because Lambo has Created a new weapon that will made us go back to the Pass , so he test the weapon while we have the Meeting . but why are you here ,since u dint attend the Meeting" ? said Hibari

"Um…actually we did attend , we Saw you and Lambo Was Doing something , so Mukuro-sama though of Scaring u Guys but suddenly Poff we Came here" .Explain Chrome

"Are u guy still a kodomo(children)! Haiz"… . said Tsuna

"Do u think we Can Find Irie to Help us Bacause u see last time Irie did bring us to the Future once rite , so we could ask for help frm him" .Said Ryohei

"But , I went to find Irie last 10 years before he seems very different …" said Tsuna.

"Well , we have to try it since he is a Genius when he was young" .said Hibari

"Okay ,I guesse we will give it a try". said Tsuna.

"But , guys we Have to think a plan to Escape frm Here" . said Yamamoto.

"Krmm… …Hmmm…*clear troat* I am still Here Sawada Tsunayoshi !'' Yelled sensei. "What's wif ur Tuxedo, are u a mafia or something" ? "and y are u so tall already"!

"Nooo .. .. we are not mafia! this is for the ceremony tonight , yyeah … the ceremony for my aunt daughter wedding . u see… the height is because I grow a lot since yesterday night." Explain Tsuna.

"LAME ! EXCUSE ! it wont be wrong that u all are mafia look at the scar on Yamato Takeshi chin ! and Look at the guy with Weird Blue Pineapple Head and he looks exactly like a Molester , I bet the girl behind him is one of the victims!and she is force to cut the same hairstyle like HIM!And U SAWADA , how can everyone GROW so fast is one Same Night ! It is totally a LIE !" said SENSEI!

"What did U say about my HANDSOME hair ! and did u just say Im a molester ! im gonna k…"Yelled Mukuro

"Stop Mukuro-sama , calm down" .said Chrome

"It cant be Help" .said Lambo

A flashlight suddenly appear .

Tsuna Opened his eye and saw everybody lying on the floor except the Vongola's , Mukuro and Chrome .

"What did u did to Them , don't tell me u …." Said tsuna.

"Nonononononoonnnononono, Boss . I just make them sleep for a few min oh and erase some of their memory hehe".explain Lambo.

Pfuuuu~~~~ Lucky ~~~ .think Tsuna.

Let's Go , Shouted Ryohei.

To be Continue~~~

Chapter 1 ~ End