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Title:Vongola New Weapon Chapter 2

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"LAME ! EXCUSE ! it wont be wrong that u all are mafia look at the scar on Yamato Takeshi chin ! and Look at the guy with Weird Blue Pineapple Head and he looks exactly like a Molester , I bet the girl behind him is one of the victims!and she is force to cut the same hairstyle like HIM!And U SAWADA , how can everyone GROW so fast in one Same Night ! It is totally a LIE !" said SENSEI!

"What did U say about my HANDSOME hair ! and did u just say Im a molester ! im gonna k…"Yelled Mukuro

"Stop Mukuro-sama , calm down" .said Chrome

"It cant be Help" .said Lambo

A flashlight suddenly appear .

Tsuna Opened his eye and saw everybody lying on the floor except the Vongola's , Mukuro and Chrome .

"What did u did to Them , don't tell me u …." Said tsuna.

"Nonononononoonnnononono, Boss . I just make them sleep for a few min oh and erase some of their memory hehe".explain Lambo.

Pfuuuu~~~~ Lucky ~~~ .think Tsuna.

Let's Go , Shouted Ryohei.

On the Street Way to Irie House …

"WellI think is This way." Said Lambo .

Strangers started to whisper "Nee nee .. Who are they , But they are HOT ." whisper by the people who walk Past .

"Is It just me ? I feel like everybody is Staring at Us ?" said the Silver Head .

"They Just a Fan of The Handsome Me." Narcissism by the Blue Nappo Head while Sway His head Like (Justin Bieber xDD) "But the blue Nappo head is Just Weird" whisper by the Young lady's that walk past . "WHAT DID YOUSAID ABOUT MY AWESOME HAIR , YOU OLD FASHION OLD WOMAN !" said ANGRILY by Mukuro ."EEk , I just remeber i have to buy the groceries "said the woman while running away .

"Calm DOWNN ! " said Gokudera .

Irie's Condo ...

"Here we are . *knock the door* are you there ? Irie? " Shouted Tsuna .

-door opan- "HIEEE ! Who are you guys *shiver* " said by a nerd looking guy while falling on the floor .

"There's no time ! let me talk to him ! Irie Shouichi , we are you future friends and we need your help" ask Lambo.

Meanwhile in ten years later ...
In Vongola's Mansion.

"What sound is that ?" said by a guy with a husky voice.

"the sound sounds like a explotion " said by the other guy .

"It looks like it came from Lambo's Lab ! " said by the husky voice guy .

"Lambo's Lab ! Oh no, Boss is Inside and so the others ! said the guy with a worried sound.

"What are you still Chatting Faster and check weather boss is safe!" . said by a loud rough voice .

"Where am i ? " said the silver hair .

"Ohh , Tako head ! why are you here ! " said the broccoli head .

"STFU , Ahoshi ! Why are you here ."Gokudera Yelled .

"Ohh , you two relationship is so good :D " said Yamamoto .

"No we're Not ! you baseball Freak " Shout Gokudera .


"HELPPPPPPPP!~~ " Yelled by a young man .

"JUDAIMEE ! What Happen !" Shouted by gokudera.

"HELPPPP ! Im stuck up here T.T "Yelled Tsuna.

"Why are you there ! err no i mean ! i as you left hand people i'll you " said gokudera .

"i dont care who are you just help me T.T" said Tsuna.

"Oh , It look so fun up there :D" said Yamamoto .

"Why am i always the unlucky one T.T" Said Tsuna.

"Shut Up ,or i bite you to death " . Said Hibari .

" HEEE! EKK! Hibari-san ! " scream Tsuna.

"Stop shouting like a Girl " said hibari.

"oh , kyoya long time no see ". said by a golden head .

"Who's there ?" said gokudera .

"its me -trip over- " said dino .

"-_-" i guess its really him ... "think everyone .

"Ohh , its Misty to the Extreme here !" shouted Ryohei.

"Oni-san? " said tsuna .

"Anyway where are we ?" ask Yamamoto.

" Are you there Judaimee! " said by a husky voice guy.

" ? " think everybody .

"WHO ARE YOU ! Where's Our BOSS ! Said the husky guy as soon as he sees a bunch of unfimiliar face .

~To be Continue ~

End of Chapter 2 .