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Chapter 15

"Come in."

The door opened with a loud screech as Myotismon entered the room. He knelt down swiftly to the hooded figure sitting in the shadows.

"My Lord, I'm here to deliver my report."

"I see. Go on."

"Devimon had apparently incapacitated Archangel as well as one of guerilla members relatively severely before his…elimination. All the others, though Devimon had inflicted injuries of various levels to them, had managed to heal each other, with the help of Project: Reflection."

"And the clean-up?"

"Well…we ambushed them successfully, forcing Blue Burn and March Hare to stay behind and intercept us, trying to buy time for their allies to attempt escaping into the forest. I sent my forces after them, but I am unsure of what exactly happened there. My subordinate, for some reason, came back mute, but due to the lack of prisoners, I presumed the enemy had…escaped."

"You do not believe that your forces were capable enough to kill a group of twelve?"

"While I do believe that my strike force is more than enough for those guerilla fighters, even with help from Project: Reflection, I must say they have an amazing knack for pulling rather unexpected tactics, such as, say, playing dead."

The hooded figure tilted his head back, the red eyes in the darkness of the hood rolling around in exasperation. "You mean, they were completely and utterly hopeless," He raised his hand, stopping Myotismon as he opened his mouth to respond. "It doesn't matter as of now. Tell me how things went on your end."

"It seemed that Blue Burn and March Hare, at the very least, are both much more powerful than we've been expecting. Etemon was defeated by Hare with relatively little effort, and I myself was paralyzed by Burn's tactics, despite his rather suicidal idea of a last stand."

"Is he dead?"


"I see."

The hooded being stood up menacingly, his robes billowing out from under him. He observed the vampire-like Digimon, still kneeling on the floor with his head down.

"Stand up."

Myotismon stood up slowly, almost as if he was hesitating to do so. While his face betrayed no sense of emotion, his eyes were still glued to the floor, not even flicking up to see ahead of him.

"It's okay." The hooded creature cooed. "Nothing would happen to you if you look up."

Myotismon hesitated for a second as he thought about his lord's words carefully, finally deciding that it was safe to raise his gaze up to the throne.

"Ah, good. It's easier to speak when you get eye contact, you know."

Easy for you to say, you don't have to wonder where the eyes are half the time.

"Now, let's see. Have you ever wondered why I decided to enlist your services, Myotismon?" The hooded figure coolly sat back down at his thrown before continuing. "Honestly, I'm interested in your opinion. After all, I'm pretty sure that I haven't made the dumb mistake of recruiting pieces of trash just yet."

He folded his hands in front of him as he peered down at the vampire Digimon. "I have to admit, you have a great potential in you. Given enough time, I'm sure you could become as powerful as any of the Dark Masters. You have the intelligence to back it up too, which makes you much more useful as a subordinate. Granted, that also mean I should probably be wary of you lest you decide to try and betray me for any reason, but if such a thing would happen, that would be carelessness on my part. But I'm never careless."

The hooded figure made a low chuckling sound as he paused to look in amusement at Myotismon's face, which had been warping progressively into a look of confusion and unease.

"Calm down, I already said I won't do anything to you. I'm just suggesting that you might want to bring back some results next time. Otherwise, I might have to go back on my word," The hooded one waved his hand at Myotismon in a nonchalant manner, as if he was shooing a fly away. "Dismissed."


One doesn't have to be a genius to know that something was majorly wrong.

He'll never do something like just letting the prey go. Myotismon thought as he furiously tried to assess the situation. And yet, there he is, waving me off like nothing ever happened. It was almost as if he already knew what I was going to tell him.

He bowed down deep as the gears inside his head continued to turn, buying himself all the time he can. "Thank you, my lord."

He said that he wasn't going to do anything to me, and knowing that he follows through with everything he says, I guess that means it's safe to turn my back to him. Though, what kind of mastermind keeps his promises anyways?

The door was getting closer and closer, and Myotismon couldn't help but get the feeling of unease as he continued walking. His eyes flicked around wildly, jumping at the slightest flutter. His arms shuddered slightly as his hand pushed open the door. Myotismon quickly glanced left and right along the corridor, and silently cursed as he realized that the corridor was way too long for him to tell if anything was hidden around the corners.

Wait a minute…why would he ever make a corridor like that in the first place? The lord is generally very cautious, so this is something unexpected out of him.

Now he was even more unnerved than before due to his thoughts. Myotismon breath became quick and ragged-sounding as he closed the door with a soft clang and hiss.

Wait, what hiss…?

His head whirled around, only to see trails of smoke flying towards him. He opened his mouth to scream-


Six small bangs resounded in the corridor, followed by a large explosion.

The smoke billowed out, filling the corridor and leaking to the corridors.

A puppet peers out from behind the corner, his eyes narrowing slightly as he tried to see through the smoke. He cocked his head and frown as he found his attempt unsuccessful.

"I THINK we got him." He ventured.

His companion, towering over him completely, merely grunted. "Hmph. You shouldn't expect that so easily. Such a badly planned surprise attack shouldn't work with someone like that vampire. He's simply just not dumb enough."

"Well, can we take a few more shots just to make sure?"

"No, we were ordered specifically to make only one attempt to kill him, although I have no idea why he would tell us to do it here of all places. I highly doubt it's to actually kill him though."


"I said no."

"Ok, ok…" The puppet sighed before peering around the corner again. "The smoke's clearing up."

He was greeted with another grunt. Taking that as positive sign, the puppet walked out of his cover and started walking through the now-fading smoke, his companion following along silently.

"I don't see him anywhere… maybe we got him?"

The giant shrugged slightly, though with his huge, mechanized body, it didn't seem like a small movement at all. "Perhaps. Perhaps not."

"You know, none of your answers make sense these days," the puppet sighed. "If you could've just said something like, 'Well, the smoke is just about gone, and I don't see any remains, so either we completely obliterated him and he's dead, or…' ARG!"

He yelped as the mechanized giant swung one arm around his waist and quickly pulled him back. His eyes widened as he saw a red flash snap around the spot that he was standing in just half a second ago. His eyes quickly followed the flash back up to the ceiling as he prepared his hammer head towards it in retaliation.

"Are you capable of even following simple directions?" His giant companion sighed as he squeezed the puppet in his arm even tighter. "No second chances," He shook his head in exasperation. "Now get down here, you bastard." This was directed towards the ceiling, where the red flash disappeared into.

Myotismon dropped down in front of the giant, having ended up wedged somewhat precariously between one of the walls and the ceiling in an attempt to escape from the bombardment. "I thank you for not trying to kill me a second time." He growled before spinning around and walking away in an icy silence.

"Oh, I would've tried, you- mmfmfmmff!" The puppet's mouth was then covered by his companion's arm.

"Hey, orders are orders. No hard feelings."

Myotismon stopped at that before turning to give the mechanized giant a look.

"…Fine, you can stop giving me that 'I can't believe you just said something so stupid' look and just continue walking along."

Myotismon only shook his head once before continuing on, his cloak disappearing around the corner with a faint swish. At this point, the puppet managed to get his face out of the mechanized arm. "Oh, come on, dino-brain. What the hell was that for? What a stupid hunk of metal, I don't know why-"

His words were cut off yet again as he was thrown across the length of the corridor.


The hooded figure sat in his throne, listening to the din outside with amusement. "Well played, Myotismon. Now come back with a better mission report next time, or just don't come back at all. I don't want to spend the effort to try any harder to kill you. There are other things to be done. Like… that." His eyes roamed onto a glass vial, the contents inside swirling around erratically, causing the vial to shake. It was as if the content knew that it was mentioned and was demanding to know exactly what the hooded figure meant.

"There's more than one way to win a war…isn't there?"

The vial only shook even more in response.


The Third Day

I don't know how I'm supposed to date anything during times like these, so I'll just resort to calling them the # of the day since I've been here. Saves me some headaches.

Apparently, I've been sleeping for two days, and woke up on the third. I've been having that dream again during my little nap though. Damn bastards. I didn't ask them to try and torture me, let alone leave me future trauma. You would think two or three years worth would've been enough, but no, it doesn't work like that.

I had a nice philosophical talk with a girl today. It was probably the longest talk I've had with a stranger of an opposite gender. Actually, probably stranger, period, would've been enough. Too bad it wasn't exactly the greatest talk in the universe.

Apparently, after my little…talk, I fainted due to exhaustion. Telepathic speech is really not what it's all cut out to be. At least, it definitely doesn't match the convenience that is shown in fiction books. Such a shame, too.


The Fourth Day

We started our usual card game tournament today. These card games are really the only way to kill time here. There's really nothing better to do. Matt tried to remedy the situation this time around by keeping a Playstation 3 in the storage of his Digivice. I'm still surprised that we have this Playstation 3 around at all. The Ebay auction held for it was pretty extreme, to say the least.

Matt's plan crashed to the floor when we realized one important thing: There's no outlet for the plug. Gennai suggested that we could consider pooling in our energy to make the console work, but without any clear knowledge of the machine's intake of electricity, we could very easily fail to make it run at all, or just as easily cause to explode. So, we returned to our daily ritual of playing card games.

Since Matt is always the one to carry the deck of cards around with him, he gets to choose the first game to play, as usual. First thing he suggested was "Strip Go Fish!" He gets kicked in the face. I don't know why, but he always suggested Strip something to start the marathon every time. Lily's response is more of an automatic reaction than a real warning by now. We ended up playing real games of Go Fish, in which Jake won nine out of first ten rounds we played because he was keeping track of all the cards in the game using a piece of paper. He only lost one round because I got a frankly ridiculous hand and won two turns afterwards. We have considered banning the use of pencil and paper but after looking at Jake's notes and failing to comprehend anything on that note, we decided that there's simply no point of the ban. I quit after the tenth round because I really didn't want to push my luck and try to go for a stacked hand a second time. Instead I wandered outside and walked around the house. It's really disturbing to look out and realize that all you can see is white. Don't even mention that I can't see what I'm standing on. I rather not think about.


The Fifth Day

Spent the day sitting out of the card game marathon. Why? Because today's game was BS. I don't play BS. You see, there's no point of playing BS when your brother just happens to be the master of cheating. I remember one time when he slipped a card into the pile every time we weren't looking. Actually, we only knew about it because he told us what he did after he won. Another time, he hid half of his cards in his sleeve and he only put the cards back in after the game was over and he was shuffling the deck again. The argument is that since we end up lying in BS, we might as well consider all cheating methods to be legal.

Instead, I took my time to throw some shots in a small garage next to the side of the house that we constructed a while back. We considered making it an outdoors basketball court, but the white surroundings is simply too disorientating. Walls have to be placed so we didn't confuse ourselves.

As I was shooting around, I was hearing some very distressing noises through the wall. From what I heard, I presumed that the brown-haired "Spikes" got pretty pissed at my brother for his tactics and flipped the table over, and apparently everyone started laughing while he was stringing along a huge line of expletives.

Now that I think about it, Willis mentioned something about a basketball team, if I remember correctly. I wonder if I should join. It might be fun. Then again, it might not.


The Sixth Day

No card games today. We all hung out and played some hoops outside. Jake, being the "funny" guy he was, spent the whole time grumbling. Apparently, he tries to avoid playing basketball when I'm involved because he, as he says it, "Tend to twist my ankle a lot more often than necessary."

We played a three-on-two: Lily, Jake, and Spikes VS Matt and I. Which means that it's really more of a three-on-one and a half. In my view, Matt counts as only half a player because he spends the whole game just strolling along the court. Sometimes he doesn't even move. I don't complain though, I have long since found out that Matt acted as a rather unpredictable and effective pick. He's also a pretty good shot when he's left open. Strangely enough, he is left open very often. I guess when you're just standing around, nobody wants to guard you. But then, there are plenty of three-point shooters all over the place who camp out in the corner… the people I know must simply be impatient, then. Certainly Spike-head was one such impatient person. Poor kid had to watch Matt drain five twenty-footers in a row, since he constantly lost his man. Eventually, Lily caught on and she made him help her guard me instead, and Jake happily went to keep an eye on Matt. Or happily stand on the side and chat with Matt while I play a two-on-one. Being double-teamed by myself was, as usual, annoying. I won this one, though only by a narrow margin of twenty-one to eighteen.

Now that I think about it, it seemed that while he was guarding me, I always saw him sprawled on the ground one way or another. Perhaps I really should take him more seriously when he tells me that he actually twists his ankle every time he guards me.

Gennai's been walking Spikey's sister around for the past couple of days. I think, as of now, she's capable of feeling things again, as well as talking, walking, and usage of limbs to some extent. Knowing Gennai, she can probably do more, but it's not like he'll ever tell me that. Still, at this rate, her recovery would be complete a few days before the end of the two weeks. I'll have to undergo combat training again soon. While such training has been going on for a long time now, I can't help but wonder still, even to this day, why Jake and Lily would have any knowledge on combat to begin with.


"The HELL, Athena!"

Izzy sighed as he drifted even farther from the chaos that he knew as about to erupt. But when he heard Mimi's giggles at his other side, he couldn't help but sigh again.

Of course I'm trapped.

"Izzy, why did you stop?"


"You were moving towards me…and then you stopped…"

Most people would be asking me why I'm moving towards them in the first place! Izzy's mind screamed as he tried to think of something suitable to say.

"Do you hate me?" His eyes widened as he heard that. This was going down a road that he did not like the looks of, and it was going down fast.

"What?" Real smooth, me.

"You hate me, don't you?"

Izzy was ready to smash his head into a pole at this point, but since there were none around, he instead watched the "chaos" develop, trying hard to not squirm under the gaze that was drilling a hole in the back of his head.

"…'hate' is a strong word," he muttered as he watched the currently bleached-blonde boy lift his head up into the sky, his hands over his face in obvious exasperation. Yolei and that other girl was laughing at his predicament, and Davis hung as close as he can around them while looking subtle, wearing a sullen face in the meanwhile. Sora, Cody, and Joe were up farther ahead, their expressions much more grim. Izzy suspected they were talking about what to do next, and he knew it was a good idea to join the conversation. But no, he was stuck between a rock and a hard place at the moment, and walking away would only make his situation worse.

"Don't avoid the question," she muttered back.

Izzy continued watching his juniors as David got dragged into the fray. He wasn't sure what was going on, but he assumed that "Athena" caused some sort of ruckus that the bleached-blonde boy was freaking out over. The fact that Yolei was fervently interested told him that it was probably a romantic issue. And since Yolei was also the one who dragged Davis into the conversation, it probably had to do with Kari as well. He has a couple of theories on exactly what's going on, but to be honest, he didn't think he really wanted to confirm them.

Then again, it might've gone better than the current situation.

He didn't see any other resolution other than answering. Not answering would be interpreted negatively. Attempting to answer in a subtle manner wouldn't go down well either. Izzy wondered why he would even care in the first place, but he already knew the answer to that: He couldn't force himself to be so heartless that he didn't even consider the consequences. He'll never forgive himself if he did.

"…Do you think I hate you?" Wait, no… that sounded…oh shit.

It was silent as they walked side by side, only a small gap separating them

"Yes." More silence.

"Well, you think wrong." Izzy squeezed his eyes as the words rolled off his mouth. Yet, that was what he thought. Who is to deny him the truth?

"When have I ever been right? Tell me that."

She stopped walking; hanging behind Izzy, acting as if she was his shadow, a shadow that didn't want to follow the owner anymore. He turned around, rolling his eyes before throwing a piercing gaze at her. Mimi was surprised that she didn't have to look down for him to look at her in the eye. That's how it always had been, her looking down at him because of his height, until today. She found it odd that she never noticed.

"I think that asking an honest question is the right thing to do."

Izzy turned back forward again and started walking, taking only two steps before noting that Mimi had not moved from her spot. He turned back with an eyebrow raised, questioning her.

"You avoided the question."

"Um, what does that have to do with staying on one spot?"

"Answer. The. Question." She said softly.

Izzy rolled his eyes. Does it really matter? Well, for her, maybe it does. I guess it's not right to keep her from getting an answer.

"If you really want to know, you're right to demand for an honest answer. Now, can we get moving or not?"

"…" She looked at her feet, still not budging an inch.

Izzy just shook his head as he grabbed her wrist, wrenching her from the spot. She stumbled along as Izzy dragged her back towards the group, who were now some distance away and looking back, wondering what was taking them so long.

"Look, if you're thinking about something, please think about it later. If you think about it here, you're going to be left behind. And I'm not leaving anyone behind."

Mimi said nothing, just letting him drag her along like a rag doll. And yet the silence between them seemed different to her this time around. She looked behind her as Izzy continued to drag her, her eyes widening as she realized two things.

One: He closed the distance

Two: The road was slanted upwards.


TK sighed as he closed his journal, rubbing his eyes as he struggled to not just crash and sleep right there on his makeshift desk. Then again, when his desk is actually his bed, who can blame him?

He rolled off the bed, setting his feet down on the floor as he blinked his eyes, getting the sleepiness out of his system. One can only be occupied for so long with card games and basketball, I guess.

Perhaps you can go occupy yourself some more by talking with the opposite gender more often.

TK held down the urge to slap himself as he heard that pervasive voice in his head again. Look, I don't believe your "I am you," statements anymore. I don't know who the heck you are, but would you mind leaving my thoughts in peace? This is really awkward, just saying.

I assume I hit a sore spot there.

…Fine, fine, you got me. I'm not you, I'm actually just some spirit holding refuge in your head. And sure, I'll leave you alone. Geez. People don't appreciate humor anymore these days…

That was humor?

Oh, come on, you need to get a life! Check out some girls, you know?

I swear, if I ever figure out how to get to you inside my head, you will not be happy after I'm done with you.

Yeah, yeah, whatever. I'll leave you alone now.

TK sighed as he walked out of his room, doing his usual job of bringing in a plate of food for the now-less paralyzed girl. I have to talk to Gennai about this "spirit" later, it's making me feel edgy.

Can do, I'll remind you.

TK flung his arms out, passed caring if anybody was around to see him act like what would be a crazy person to them. WHAT DID I TELL YOU?

Hey, I'm in your head, I can't help it. Besides, I'm trying to help this time, right?

"Yeah, whatever," TK grumbled as he walked into the kitchen, grabbing the plate of porridge with salted radishes from the counter.

He carried the plate in one hand as he walked back towards his room and knocked on the door across from it, waiting barely a second before for turning the knob with one hand and shoving the door open with the other, entering the room still mumbling about things like "dumb spirits" and…well, just "dumb spirits."

"Well, doesn't someone look pissed today," Kari said smugly as she looked up from the seventieth magazine that she had picked up and started reading.

"Yeah, well, not everyone deserves to be sent to a mental asylum for having voices in their head." He rolled his eyes as he grabbed the tray with utensils on the desk next to her and plopped it on her lap, then setting the plate on it.

"Hm?" She raised one eyebrow lazily as he threw himself into a chair, cradling his head in his head. "What's this about voices in people's heads?"

"Nothing, it's just that I apparently have some 'spirit,'" He rolled his eyes again as he made air quotes with his hands, "…residing in my head. And it is annoying."

I'm a "he," thank you very much.

Kari shrugged. "I don't know, I think I have voices in my head every once in a while too."

"…You're not worried?"

"I guessed it wasn't actually my brain screwing around with me, the voice sounded different after I thought about it. Besides, it hasn't bothered me since the day I almost…"

The final word hung in the air, unfinished. TK gazed at a corner in the room while Kari poked at her food with her chopsticks aimlessly, both of them thinking about the events that day.

Hey, you were doing well, why did you stop? Now this is getting awkward…

Shut up.

Sure, emo-boy.

"Anyways, is there anything else besides your worries over your sanity?" Kari shifted herself into a more comfortable position as she started eating. Swallowing some porridge and radishes down, she continued, "Not that you had any sanity to begin with, but…"

"You can act smart after you start walking without something to support you." TK deadpanned back, feeling a sense of quiet victory as Kari's smirk melted off her face.

Oh, I know, I know! You can…

Shut. UP.


"And yes, there are a few more things that you should probably be aware of. You're probably slated for recovery in three days or so. As soon as you're ready, we're going to put you under training for the remainder of the stay here." TK continued.

"Hm? Training?"

"Yes, we've decided that we had to put you and your brother under some training, even if it's for a few days. Hopefully it would help you guys stand against our adversaries on your own. Your brother is actually going to start tomorrow, since Jake deems himself ready to train with him by now."

Kari nodded aimlessly as she mulled over his words. Tai is going train with their leader. Good. He'll probably get something out of it.

However, Kari still found it odd that they would be getting assistance in the first place. "Remind me why you guys are bothering to do this again."

"You tell me. Try using that thing in your head called a brain for once." TK said lazily, stretching out his arms and legs from the chair.

"Hey, I don't know, I'm not the one who decided to turn traitor." She protested.

"Do I have to spell everything out for you?" TK grumbled as he dropped his head and arms into his lap. "I was looking forward to taking a little nap instead of having a pointless discussion with a paralyzed girl and watching her chow down on her food."

Kari shrugged. "Fine, don't tell me. Whatever."

TK only crunched his head within his arms tighter, and Kari returned to eating her porridge silently. At least, it was silent until the sound of strumming started coming out of the walls.

"Say, who's been playing the guitar here? I hear it every now and then,"

"That's my bro," TK replied, his voice muffled by his arms.

"He brought a guitar with him?"

"Actually, we had to completely reconstruct that guitar out of data. It was a little tough, but thanks to Ken, we managed, and Matt has stashed the guitar here ever since."

"Hm. He's not bad, I guess," Kari shifted her head as she thought intently. "I can't help but feel that it sounds familiar, though."

"He's the vocalist and bass player in the Teenage Wolves, what am I supposed to say?" She heard from the chair.

"…That explains it. Yolei always forces me to listen to their songs." She muttered. "I never knew why she would be so obsessed with them. They don't really seem that special to me."

"I can't blame you. Personally, I think Matt would do better in a genre outside of heavy rock," He shifted his head slightly, his face now completely covered in his arms, so that only his spiky mane of blond hair was visible. "Besides, he plays better with a guitar than with a bass."

"…why play the bass portion at all then?"

"The band needed a bass, and he didn't mind."

"I see."

Kari returned to her food as the two of them listened wordlessly to the strumming of Matt's guitar, quickly changing from random chords to a melody.

"Simple and Clean? Really?"

TK made a shrugging motion, head still buried in his arms. "We watched Kingdom Hearts gameplay videos when we were trying to look for fighting styles we can adapt, at least that was what Jake and Lily was telling us to do. We ditched keyblade-style combat though because the characters stayed airborne way too long, so we were not capable of many aerial techniques. The grounded ones weren't exactly practical either. I admit, we enjoyed the storyline somewhat though, so we watched the gameplay videos all the way through anyways. That's why Matt was able to pick up the song." TK winced as a note out of place floated through the wall. "He makes quite a few mistakes though, as you can see."

"But, still, that song is so…feminine."

"Huh? How?" TK looked up blearily, blinking his eyes rapidly to recover.

"…You honestly don't know?"

"I didn't get the lyrics. They contradict each other in my opinion."

"Well, try using that thing in your head called a brain for once." Kari said smugly as she set her utensils down next to her plate, her dinner complete.

"Ah ha ha, you're so funny." TK muttered as he collected the tray. "And now you finally finished your food, so now I can get the hell out of here."

"Say, why do we bother eating in the first place? We're just a digital rendition of ourselves here, and I don't think digital renditions of humans need to have food."

"Force of habit. We don't want to not eat here and then transfer that habit back into the real world, because you actually do need to eat back on Earth," TK paused at the door, one hand on the knob. "Any other questions that I'll regret answering?"

"Yes, do you use gel for your hair or not?"

"I'm not answering that." He grumbled as he opened the door. "Have fun sitting in one spot for the next six hours. Hopefully you'll be able to walk without a human support by then."

He stepped out the door, and began shutting it, stopping when he realized he was staring back at Kari's face. "…Do you want something from me?"

"No, I'm just showing you that I'm perfectly capable of walking."

"That's nice." He made to shut the door, but Kari's foot had jammed it already. "Um, do you want the door open…?"

"No, I'm just going to walk to the kitchen and back. Without support." Kari said airily as she opened the door.

"…The hell. Fine. But you better find something other than me to grab on if you screw up." TK rolled his eyes as he started carrying the tray back to the kitchen. What's with this girl? She's nuts…there's no point of overexerting herself. But no, she thinks she has to prove some damn point.

Much to TK's surprise, nothing worth noting happened as he made it to the kitchen, setting the tray in the sink as Kari watched from the doorway. Though he was still feeling somewhat uneasy, he hoped that it would be just as eventful on the way back anyways.

Instead, what happened was that Kari's leg froze halfway and she started to tip forward. TK sighed as she started to wave her arms around in an attempt to balance herself and grabbed her by the shoulders to help steady her.

"And of course this happens," he muttered, ignoring the glare that Kari shot at him. "Now I have to freaking carry you back…are your legs working again?"

"Yeah," she grumbled, obviously not happy with the mishap.

TK started walking her slowly back to her door, his hands on her shoulders, ready to grab her and hold her steady at a moment's notice. Ironically, that strategy failed him the second time around.

Kari's leg froze up yet again, so TK tightened his hold to try and steady her. It would've ended well right then and there too, if TK was just keeping track of where his feet were going as well.

"…Shit," he mumbled as one of his legs bumped into Kari's frozen one, somehow getting trapped in the process. TK leaned backwards, trying to balance himself on his remaining leg, just to have that one dragged into the mess as well.

TK rolled his eyes as he started toppling down, dragging Kari down with him. He twisted his body, forcing his body to take the full impact, and Kari crashed into him, cushioning her fall.

"…Well, that *hack* *cough* failed."

"No shit." Kari hissed back at the boy under her, just to keep her mind from thinking about how possibly awkward this position was at that moment. "And I still can't move. Can you get up?"

"Have to wait a bit, I've *hack* got the wind knocked out of me." TK wheezed out as he tried to catch his breath.

"So, um, what's going on…?"

Matt, having heard some commotion outside in the hall, had stuck one head out of his room, and was rewarded with seeing his brother in a…somewhat awkward position with someone from the opposite gender. TK squeezed his eyes shut and prayed that Matt was feeling merciful today as he heard his brother's voice.

"We fell. Can you help us up?"

Matt's head whooshed right back into his room. "Hold on," TK heard through the walls. "I'll help you guys as soon as I find my camera."

God dammit.

TK rolled his eyes at the face of his brother's antics as he put both arms behind his back, materializing his knuckles in the meantime. He furrowed his eyebrows in concentration as he set the knuckles right on the floor as best as he could and started streaming out a small steady stream of air, instead of the sudden burst that he was used to using as an attack.

K, that worked well…didn't look like I blew a crater in the floor… TK exhaled the breath he was holding in relief as he managed to push himself and Kari into a sitting position.

"Can you walk yet?"

"…Don't think so." Kari replied glumly.

"Great. I hope my brother forgot where he put his camera again." TK grumbled as he flung Kari's arm over his neck and held it in place. With his other hand, he aimed the knuckle at the floor, and pushed the two of them up with the same steady stream.

"Crap, where did I put my camera?" TK heard his brother complain from his room as he half-dragged, half carried Kari back to her door. Kari shook her head in amusement. "Good job, apparently he did forget."

"Yep," TK rolled his eyes as he opened the door and dragged Kari to her bed, plopping her down in a sitting position on it. "Can you move your leg now?"

Kari flexed her legs experimentally, looking satisfied with the results. "Yeah. What great timing though." She rolled her eyes as she slung her legs onto her bed, getting under the covers.

"That's good. Now I can keep you from getting out of this room until Gennai says you recovered one hundred percent." TK muttered as he opened the door, stepping out of the room.


"Yes?" He turned around, wondering what that crazy girl could've possibly wanted this time. Strangely enough, she was lying on the bed facing at the wall, only the back of her head visible to him. …Well, I wonder where this sudden meekness was coming from.


TK snorted at the answer. That explains it.

"Don't worry about it. None of this would've happened if you weren't so goddamn stubborn anyways," He flicked the lights off before shutting the door. "Good night."


Something bothering you?

Kari blinked as she realized that she had gradually dosed off after staring at a wall in the darkness for a good amount of time.

Ah, no, it's nothing. Say, now that I think about it, does everyone have a voice like you?

I think you're trying to change the subject.

No I'm not!

Whatever you say…

You can mock me later.

Alright, alright. To be truthful…I don't believe so. Would you mind if I keep my reasons to myself?

Kari frowned as she rolled back into an upright position, now staring at the ceiling. Sure, I guess…if it bothers you that much.

Thank you.

Say, you're not annoying at all. I wonder why Blondie would complain about his.

Actually, I wouldn't blame him… he's got a mischief maker for a voice, that boy.

You know his voice?

...I guess one could say that.

You don't want to talk about it?

I'm sorry to say I don't.

That's ok. I need to sleep anyways.

Sweet dreams, young one.


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