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Charlie lied awake, listening to Ryan downstairs watching tv as he couldn't sleep like a lot of the time lately. So Charlie twiddled her thumbs, wondering when would be the best time to break it to her boyfriend that she was pregnant with his baby.

After all that had happened in the last couple of months, it would seem that nothing could tear the two apart, but maybe this one thing could?
Charlie had no idea how Ryan felt about kids – He had a niece who he adored ,but nieces and nephews are completely different to your own children.

Calleigh Duquesne, one of Ryan's colleagues was the only other person who knew about Charlies pregnancy and had warned her to tell Ryan straight away or else he would find out by someone else. So with Calleigh words rummaging through her mind, Charlie got up out of bed, heading down stairs. Ryan wasn't dealing with the arrest of his former high school best friendl. As she passed a mirror, Charlie turned to the side and studied her stomach in the satin nightgown, lightly tracing the tiny bump.
Ryan was startled when Charlie emerged out of nowhere as he sat watching the repeats of old movies on the Classics channel.
"Hey" Charlie said, sitting down next to him on the lounge, lying her head on his shoulder and taking his hand.
Ryan put his arm around her body, pulling them closer together "What are you doing up so late?" Charlie traced her fingers along his arm, staring up at him "I should be asking you the same question".
Ryan sighed loudly, looking at the time on his watch "We've got work in a couple of hours, should try and get some sleep" he said releasing his grip on her.
Charlie sat in silence as Ryan got up and turned the TV off, making his way up the stairs to their bedroom
"You alright?" he said turning back when she didn't follow. For a split second, Charlie was going to tell him about what was going on but she could see how warn out and tired he appeared so be so Charlie forced a smile and shook her head as she got to her feet "Everything's fine, lets just get some sleep"

The next day, Charlie was exhausted from hardly getting anything sleep from the night before. As her colleagues around the office were worrying about deadlines, she sat staring into thin air at her desk in the law firm where she had been working for the past 6 months. Her boss, who had hired her without any experience was an old friend of her late father and started to notice her odd behaviour.
"Are you alright? You don't seem likes yourself" he asked after giving her some filing to do. Charlie nodded, once again forcing a smile upon her face but inside she felt terrible and put it down to morning sickness which had started this morning before work.

Meanwhile at the Crime Lab, Ryan and Delko were in the DNA lab going through some samples for their case when Delko noticed Wolfe kept looking at his phone.
"What's up Wolfe?" he asked. Ryan looked back at Delko, scratching his forehead with his index finger "It's nothing, just a bit worried about Charlie, she wasn't feeling so well this morning so I told her to go home early from work but she won't" As Ryan finished, Calleigh's head popped up from under her microscope joining in on the conversation
"I'm sure Charlie would tell you if she was sick" she said emphasising on the last word "Anyway, what have you got Calleigh?" Ryan asked, changing the topic back to their case.

"Well by the looks of it, the victim was hot by a 22? But I'm not sure, there was a lot of damage done to the bullet so I'll need to do some more tests upstairs"

Natalia, the other female member of the CSI's walked into the lab holding a white folder in her hand, showing Delko what was in it.
"Well well, looks like our victim was an aspiring actress and was recently on a Reality TV show…" he read from the paperwork as Natalia walked over to Calleigh and Ryan.

"Yeah so you know what this means right, we're going to have the Press watching us like hawks. Speaking of Press, an old friend of yours is waiting in the lobby for you"
Ryan raised an eyebrow, but headed off to the lobby anyway to see who Natalia was speaking about. As he turned the corner, straight away he knew who it was.

Erica Sykes the News reporter for the Miami CBS channel WFOR TV had been causing trouble for the CSIs for a while now with her annoying antics. True, she had helped the CSI's with a few of their cases but in general, she got in the way and caused drama which didn't need to be there.
"Hey Ryan, long time no see" she said with a flirtatious smile, which made him feel a bit uncomfortable but he kept his cool, casually leaning up against a wall with his arms crossed over his body and asked "What do you want Erica?".
Erica flipped her newly cropped blonde hair over her shoulder, once again flirtatiously smiling at him, this obviously meant she wanted something from him, Ryan thought.
"I heard about the young lady who was shot this morning, care to share any details?" she asked wipping out her tiny recording device.
Ryan rolled his eyes, turning to walk away from her.

Calleigh was talking back down to the lobby when Charlie appeared, not looking her best "Hey, I got your text" Charlie said once the two blondes met.
Calleigh nodded, looking around for Ryan "I told you, its now or never and he's already starting to suspect something is wrong with you. Believe me Charlie" she said with her southern charm "Ryan will be over the moon".
Charlie smiled and they both turned into the lobby, discussing how Charlie was going to tell Ryan.

"Come on Ryan, just a little insight into the case, any suspects as of yet?" Ryan couldn't help but admire Ericas determination to get something out of him but he continued to shake his head.
"Well if don't want to tell me here" she said looking around at the Crime Lab "We could always go back to my house…" she added, stroking his arm seductively. Just then Charlie had seen the show and did not like it one bit. Calleigh was too slow at stopping her, Charlie by Ryan and Erica's sides in moments
"Get your hands off him" She said grabbing Erica's hands and throwing them off Wolfe. By now, everyone had heard the commotion and was watching.
"What the hell are you doing?" Charlie demanded but Ryan tried to play innocent but he knew what it must have looked like from a distance.
"He was just giving me an inside scoop on his case" Erica answered for him with a hint of sarcasm. Charlie snapped her head around, looking as though the claws were about to come out when Calleigh came over, getting between them as Natalia and Delko had joined the crowd in watching the scene unravelling in front of them.

Suddenly, Charlie felt woozy and went a little bit white and Calleigh touched her forehead with the back of her hand.
"It must be the hormones…" Calleigh gathered, leading her friend away from Ryan into the Womens bathroom
"Hormones?" Ryan asked, looking from Calleigh and Charlie back to Erica who simply shrugged, walking off towards the exit.
In the bathroom, Calleigh was patting Charlie's forehead with a wet towel as Natalia entered, looking worried
"Are you okay?"
Charlie nodded, hopping off down the bench, looking at her reflection in the mirror. Calleigh put her hand on her shoulder for support and Natalia still looked confused but smiled widely "I really enjoyed the show by the way, someone needs to take that girl down a notch"
Calleigh giggled, looking back at the Latino beauty "Charlie's not the only one who's had a go at her" She said remember once a long time ago, Natalia giving her a piece of her mind.
Charlie slowly breathed in and out, nodding "It's time, I have to tell him".

Outside the Womans bathroom, Wolfe and Delko stood talking about what had just happened
"I don't know what happened…" Wolfe said, scrunching his eyebrows together, trying to think if he'd done something wrong. Delko rolled his eyes with a 'can't believe you don't know what you did' face.
"Wolfe, your girl came to your work and saw some other blonde putting the moves on you. She was pissed"
Just then the door opened and the three girls stood looking at the two guys. There was an awkward silence between the 5 of them until Natalia and Calleigh gestured for Delko to join them back in the lab, so they left.

Charlie walked into the next free lab with Ryan following, as she leant against a table looking down at her feet.
Ryan stood once again in his usual stance – arms crossed over his chest looking at her with confusion
"Just tell me what's going on" he finally said, moving to lean next to her but she instinctively got up, starting to walk around in circles.
"How do I say this?..." she said aloud, but more so to herself. Ryan kept watching her but was starting to get impatient so he got up and grabbed her arms but in a comforting way so she would stop fidgeting.
"You can tell me anything" he said, looking straight into her eyes. Charlie took one breath and then blurted "I'm pregnant".

How will Ryan react? Stay tuned.

Authors Note - Sorry for the late update! I've been busying working and writing some of my other fanfics. To be utterley honest, I'm finding it very hard to continue on with this story... so if you'd like me to keep going let me know or else I may just finish it very soon. I'd love it if you guys gave me some ideas so I wouldn't have to finish because I actually do love this story.